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Pair of Gorham aesthetic salts Gorham antique sterling silver

N8419 Gorham Aesthetic Salts

A small pair of Gorham hand engraved square salts dated 1878 with Japanese style engraving and gold washed interiors. Monogrammed. The engraving is quite fine. Height 1". 1 1/4" square.


Gorham coin silver open salts with cast birds

N8417 Gorham Coin Silver Salts

A pair of Gorham antique coin silver open salts with cast and applied birds, monogrammed on one side and on a plain pedestal base. Length 4 1/2" across. 2 1/2" tall.

Price: $695.00 for the pair

Whiting water llily and lily pad open salts sterling silver gilt

N8420 Whiting Sterling Lily Pad Salts

A pair of parcel gilted open salts in the shape of water lilies with lily pad bases by Whiting circa 1900 in pristine condition. Height 1 1/4"


Chinese export siolver box

N8393 Chinese Export Silver Box Circa 1900

A Chinese export silver circular box with a pull off lid and chased chrysanthemums. Gold washed interior. Maker Wing Nam & Co., Hong Kong.

Diameter 2 1/2". Height 1 3/4".

Price: $395.00

Pair of Gorham antique sterling silver open salts dated 1881

N8421 Pair of Gorham Ruffled Salts

A pair of antique sterling silver open salts with ball and claw feet and engraved decoration. Dated 1881 and monogrammed. 3 1/8" diameter. Marked with the Gorham marks from the 1880s. Weight 4.15 troy ounces.

Price: $495.00

rare Gorham 1881 antique sterling silver paper knife with duck head

N8352 Rare Gorham Duck Paper Knife circa 1881

A rare antique sterling silver paper knife with a three dimensional duck head with red glass eyes on the handle and delicate Japanese style engraving on the blade and part of the handle. Length 12 1/4". Dated with the N date letter for 1881.

Price: $3,750.00

Tiffany pelican paper knife antique sterling feather blade

N8351 Tiffany Paper Knife

A rare and unusual antique Tiffany paper knife by Tiffany & Company with an early 1870s m mark. The top of the paper knife is a finely detailed pelican with realistic eyes and the blade is shaped like a feather and has a script monogram in the middle. Length 13 1/4". Weight 6.15 troy ounces.

Price: $3,950.00

Japanese silver cigarette case given by the Crown Prince of Japan 1921

N8323 Japanese Royal Presentation Case

A Japanese silver cigarette case with the royal emblem of Japan engraved with a presentation H R H the Crown Prince of Japan 1921 to John Gibb. The golden emblem of the sun is seen on pieces connected with Japanese royalty. The case has no marks but is silver. 3 1/4" by 2 1/2"

Price: $1,295.00

Whiting tamborine sterling silver ruattle

N8361 Whiting Sterling Rattle

An antique sterling rattle in the shape of a tambourine with original bells and discs engraved on one side with the date 1882 and monogrammed on the reverse. Length 6"

Price: $375.00

Samll Shiebler sterling silver frame

N8308 Small Shiebler Sterling Frame

A small antique sterling silver frame by George Shiebler with a sterling easel and fleur de lis symbols at the corner of the frame. 4 1/2" by 3 1/8". The picture area is 3 1/2" by 2 1/14".

Price: $150.00

Kerr antique sterling silver perfume flask

N8306 Kerr Sterling Perfume

An antique sterling silver perfume flask with original chains and detailed fish forms on both sides of the perfume flask. Circa 1900. Length 3"


N8281 Georgian Silver Match Safe 1806

A curved antique silver match safe by Mathew Linwood of Birmingham England dated 1806. Good clear hallmarks and a recessed hinge. Gold washed interior.

2 3/8" by 1 1/2" by 1/2" deep.

Price: $295.00

Georgian silver box c1797

N8281 Georgian English Silver Box

A Georgian silver oval box with tight fitting hinged lid ideal for use as a pill box. Crested with an arm bearing sickle. Length h3" by 1 1/4" wide. Gilded interior. Made by Phipps and Robertson of London dated 1797.

Price: $295.00

N8283 Chinese Silver Presentation Pin Tray

A Chinese silver pin tray by Hung Chong with border of cast and pierced chrysanthemums and presentation inscription from the Idle Hour Golf Course, Devin-No-Uchi, Ladies Single Tournament, December 1921 won by Miss Noble. Length 9" by 3"; weight 4.30 troy oz.

Price: $475.00

antique fish shaped sterling silver flask

N8270 Antique Sterling Fish Flask

An antique sterling hammered sterling silver fish shaped flask with screw off cap. Length 6". Weight 3.85 troy ounces. Marked sterling only.


Gorham antique sterling ssalt shovels

N8260 Six Gorham Salt Spoons

Six Gorham sterling silver salt shovel shaped spoons with twist handles. Length 2 3/8". these spoons retain the original satin finished gold wash in the bowls. Marked with the Gorham logo and sterling.

Price: $125.00 for the six

English hallmarked silver pig pierced paper knife

N8243 English Silver Letter Knife

An English hallmarked silver paper knife with four graduating pierced pig silhouettes measuring 11". London 1909. French touch mark.

Price: $475.00

Ubaldo Vitali for Bulgari sterling silver tennis ball holder

N8228 Bulgari Sterling Silver Tennis Ball Holder

A realistic sterling silver hand made tennis ball canister signed and designed by Ubaldo Vitali of New Jersey and made exclusively for Bulgari. The lid pulls off and the container holds three tennis balls. On the front is an engraved textured gold washed tennis ball together with the words 'Bvlgari Championship tennis balls.'

This container was auctioned off at a Los Angeles charity for disabled children in 1978 and a pair were sold for $6,000.00

Height 8 1/4"

Weight 12.70 troy ounces

Price: $2,200.00

Chinese export silver heart shaped perfume bottle on chain maker LH

N8245 Chinese Export Silver Scent Bottle

A rare heart shaped Chinese export silver chased ornate perfume flask on a chain by Luen Hing of Shangai chased on front and back in the Chinese style with a screw off cap. Circa 1910.

Length 2 1/4" without the chain.

Price: $375.00

pair of Tiffany antique sterling silver repousse salts with gold washed interior

N8182 Tiffany Antique Sterling Silver Open Salts Circa 1880

A pair of 1880s Tiffany sterling silver open salts with gold washed interiors and repousse sides. Each salt has four applied paw feet. Weight 6.05 troy ounces. Height 1 1/2". Diameter 2 1/2".

Price: $675.00 for the pair

antique German 800 silver cherub box Hanau circa 1900

N8215 German 800 Silver Box Circa 1900

An antique oval German 800 silver mark with makers mark S S H from Hanau Germany. The box is decorated with chased cherubs and an ornate background and has a hinged lid and gold washed interior. 3 7/8" by 3" by 1 1/4" deep. Weight 5.05 troy ounces.

Price: $395.00

Russian antique silver kovsh

N8146 Russian Antique Silver Kovsh Moscow 1859

A good heavy antique silver Russian kovsh dated 1859 Moscow clearly marked on the base and with additional marks on the handle. Fine hand engraved decoration and Cyrillic engraved letters with a textured background.

Length 6 1/4". Weight 5.8 troy ounces.

Price: $1,500.00

Barbour Silver figural silver plate napkin ring

N8149 Barbour Silver Figural Silver Plate Napkin Ring Tom Sawyer #8

A figural silver plate napkin ring by Barbour Silver depicting a figure of Tom Sawyer standing on a platform with the engraved ring behind him. Very good condition and never monogrammed. Height 3 3/4"; length 3".

Price: $250.00

AJohn Wendt sterling perfume flask with chatelaine

N8153 John Wendt American Sterling Perfume Chatelaine Circa 1870

An antique sterling silver perfume flask on the original chatelaine marked on the clip and engraved with 1870s style Japanese engraved decoration. The silver has a satin finish throughout. The flask measures 3 1/4". Extended measurement is 9 1/4". The cap unscrews to open.

Price: $750.00

N8134 Rare Durgin Trompe L'oeil Sterling Pepper Shaker 5 1/4"

A rare early Durgin antique sterling trompe l'oeil pepper shaker in the form of an Italian liqueur bottle. It is inscribed 'Marrascpino Fino Trieste' and engraved with a crest. That translates to a 'refined Maraschino sherry'; Trieste being a seaport in Northern Italy. The lid is removable for filling. Marked with the early Durgin bee mark, sterling silver, 925/1000, 110/1 and retailed by Shreve, Crump & Low. Good condition.

Height 5 1/4"

Weight 2.15 troy oz.

Price: $750.00

Baltimore sterling souvenir spoon by Armiger Co

N7881 Armiger Company Baltimore Souvenir Spoon

An antique sterling souvenir spoon by Armiger with turtles on the handle with other nautical motifs. Inscribed "Mary 1908". Measures 5 7/8". Baltimore Battle Monument in the bowl.

Price: $125.00

Dutch antique silver cow creamer circa 1891

N8108 Dutch Antique Silver Cow Creamer

A Dutch silver antique cow creamer with caboshon garnet eyes and a hinged door for filling. Dated on the tail with a symbol for 1891. Height 4 1/4". Length 6". Weight 6.45 toz.

Price: $950.00

Tiffany antique set of twelve salts with matching spoonsSet 12 Tiffany sterling open salts with spoons

N8070 Tiffany Sterling Salts with Spoons Circa 1880

A set of twelve small Tiffany antique sterling silver open salts with twelve spoons in excellent condition. The set is monogrammed with matching monograms on the spoons dating form 1880 with the large letter M. The salts are raised on ball feet and have gilded interiors and ruffled edges. A good quality complete original set of twelve Tiffany salts with spoons.

Diameter 1 5/8"; height 3/4"; length spoon 2 1/4"; total weight 8.50 troy oz.

Price: $2,000.00 for the set

N8073 Shiebler Etruscan Sterling Chatelaine

A Shiebler Etruscan sterling chatelaine with five chains and clips. Width across the widest point 2 1/8"; length 3" plus the longer chain which is 5" long. Very good condition. Marked with the Shiebler wings, sterling, D and the retailer, J E Caldwell & Co. of Philadelphia.


A E Warner repousse coin silver mustard pot

N7834 A E Warner Coin Silver Mustard Pot

A repousse coin silver mustard pot in the shape of a cauldron by A E Warner of Baltimore, MD on three legs with pull off lid. Diameter 2"; height 2 3/8"; weight 2.10 troy oz. Presentation inscription on the base an ddated 1884. Marked A E Warner 11-2.

Price: $425.00

English silver hallmarked place card holders London 1906 Samuel Jacob

N7901 Pair of English Silver Place Card Holders

A pair of English sterling silver place card holders hallmarked for London 1906 with the maker SJ (Samuel Jacob). The one is a duck in flight and the other a pheasant. 2 1/2" across. 1 1/2" tall.

Price: $350.00 for the two

Welsh Bros pair repousse salt and pepper

N7593 Pair Welsh Bros. Repousse Salt and Pepper

A repousse sterling salt and pepper set by Welsh Bros of Baltimore, MD with chased floral decoration and monogrammed in the cartouche. Height 4 1/4"; weight 4.80 troy oz combined.

Price: $350.00

Gorham antique sterling silver mustard pot with original spoon

N7691 Gorham Antique Sterling Mustard Pot

A Gorham antique sterling mustard pot with original spoon. The mustard pot is mounted on four hoof feet and has a hinged lid. Gilt lined interior. Circa 1874. Marked on the base with the Gorham logo and the G date letter for 1874.

Price: $795.00

Dominick & Haff sterling repousse heart box 1890

N7447 Dominick & Haff Heart Shaped Box Circa 1890

An antique sterling heart shaped box with pull off lid dated 1890 by Dominick & Haff of New York. Chased with birds, scrolls and flowers and with a ruffled edge. Monogrammed in the cartouche on the lid. Length 5 1/4" by 5" wide by 2" deep. Weight 8.75 troy oz. Good condition.

Price: $475.00

N7421 Dominick & Haff Sterling Mustard Pot

A puffy large hand chased mustard pot by Dominick and Haff with hinged lid and floral repousse throughout. Height 3 1/4". Weight 5.15 troy ounces.

Price: $575.00

pair of Gorham coin silver open salts antique

N7839 Pair Antique Gorham Coin Silver Salts

A heavy pair of coin silver open salts by Gorham with applied cast swags. Combined weight 7.25 troy ounces. Monogrammed. Height 2 1/4". Circa 1860.

Price: $595.00

German 800 silver bird spice box

N7910 German 800 Bird Silver Spice Box

A fancy German 800 silver bird spice box with pull off head and grill insert set with realistic blue stones as eyes and with hinged wings. The edges of the feathers have been twisted to give a three dimensional appearance. Marked on the back of the head. Circa 1900.

Price: $895.00

N8035 14K Gold Bangle with Diamonds

A 14K gold bangle with diamonds set in rows with a gold weight of 59.89 grams/38.5 dwt. The diamonds have a total carat weight of 2.75. Interior measurement 6 1/2". The bangle is oval in shape and fits a small wrist. Marked 14K.

Price: $3,600.00

Nathaniel Mills antique silver vinaigrette

N7782 Nathaniel Mills Vinaigrette

A Nathaniel Mills antique sterling silver vinaigrette with engraved cross hatched decoration in perfect condition. The interior gilted hallmarked Birmingham 1838. 1 3/8" by 3/4". Good clear hallmarks. Closes nicely.

Price: $355.00

Pair Gorham sterling figural open salts

N7718 Pair Gorham Figural Open Salts

A pair of unusual open salts by Gorham with scalloped edge, three applied feet with mythical bearded faces. They also have three applied fixed rings. Each salt is monogrammed Warnick. Style number and marked 895B together with Gorham marks. Height 2 1/4"; diameter 2 1/2"; combined weight 5.80 troy oz. Excellent condition.

Price: $750.00 the pair

Dominick & Haff sterling chamber stick figural

N7996 Rare Important Dominick & Haff Candle Holder

A most unusual and rare antique sterling arts and crafts candle holder by Dominick and Haff of New York dated 1881. Entirely hand hammered from the feet up with a heart shaped platform with ruffled edge measuring 12 1/2" tall and terminating in a comical two sided head with pony tail.

The candle is held in position with a flat bar which has a spring pushing against the candle from the rear in a ring extended from an arm and resting on the base. A large sterling arts and crafts example weighing 23.25 troy ounces making it the largest and most substantial piece of Dominick & Haff in this hand hammered series we have ever seen in 40 years.

Please inquire

French silver first purity antique wine taster 950/1000

N8037 French Silver Wine Taster First Purity

An antique French silver wine taster with Minerva head mark numbered 1 for 950/1000 purity. A good deep bowl with hand engraved grapes and an inscription "J. Granier". Diameter 3 1/2". Weight 4.05 troy ounces.

Price: $425.00

Samuel Pembertoon 1790 bright cut engraved vinaigrette

N7779 Samuel Pemberton Small Vinaigrette 1790

An early hand engraved vinaigrette by Samuel Pemberton hallmarked 1790 Birmingham. The bright cut oval cartouche on the lid has two engraved birds at the center. Gilt interior with pierced grill. 1" by 3/4".

Price: $425.00

Edward Smith silver gilt vinaigrette

N7787 Edward Smith Silver Gilt Vinaigrette

A fine quality silver gilt vinaigrette by Edward Smith of Birmingham, England. Hallmarked Birmingham 1847. Hand engraved ornate pattern on the reverse of the box and a river scene with sunset on the hinged lid. ornate pierced grill.

Price: $975.00

Edward Smith silver vinaigrette with fishing scene engraved

N7785 English Silver Vinaigrette By Edward Smith Birmingham 1843

A large English silver antique vinaigrette with an engraved fishing scene and willow tree. The ornate pierced gilted grill opens up on a hinge at the rear of the box. The sides of the box and the reverse are hand engraved and the cartouche has a B monogram at the center. Hallmarked Edward Smith, Birmingham 1843.

Price: $895.00

Joseph Willmore silver vinaigrette

N7781 Joseph Willmore Antique Silver Vinaigrette

An antique silver vinaigrette by Joseph Willmore of Birmingham hallmarked 1817. The rectangular box has applied cast decoration and engraved radiating lines with a central cartouche. Monogrammed. Ornate fine quality pierced grill. 1 1/2" by 1"

Price: $525.00

Pair Ford sterling silver open salts

N7833 Pair Antique American Open Salts

A pair of American sterling open salts by Ford with gold washed interior and satin finished exterior. Two rings are applied to the body and three vertical rods form the legs. Marked Ford, sterling. Height 2"; diameter 2"; depth of bowl 1 1/8"; total weight 5.45 troy oz.

Price: $595.00 for the pair

small bright cut engraved vinaigrette by Samuel Pemberton Birmingham 1790

N7783 Samuel Pemberton 1790 Vinaigrette

English silver vinaigrette by Samuel Pemberton with fine bright cut engraved decoration in the form of a purse with a tiny monogram in an oval cartouche on the lid. Pierced gilted grill and gilt interior. 7/7" long by 5/8" wide.

Price: $595.00

Large English silver vinaigrette nu John Shaw Birmingham 1814

N7957 Large English Silver Vinaigrette John Shaw Birmingham 1814

A large heavy antique silver English vinaigrette with gilt interior and a hinged pierced grill. Marked on the side of the box by John Shaw, Birmingham 1814. Excellent condition. 1 1/4" by 1 5/8". The vinaigrette is 1/2" thick.

Price: $750.00

German 800 silver bird spice box

N0004 German 800 Silver Bird Spice Box

A German 800 silver spice box in the form of a bird with removable head and detailed feathers. Length 8"; height 3 3/4"; weight 5.45 troy oz. Circa 1910. Pseudo hallmarks. Good condition.

Price: $575.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver mustard pot

N7836 Tiffany Antique Sterling Mustard Pot

A heavy sterling silver mustard pot with ornate die rolled band of decoration at the center and gadrooning at the rim and on the pedestal base. 2 1/2" tall. Weight 3.15 troy ounces.

Price: $695.00

Englisg antique silver mustard pot with original spoon

N7693 English Silver Mustard Pot

An English hallmarked antique silver mustard pot with original shovel shaped spoon. Christopher Dresser influenced square design with delicate engraving in an Eastern style. Hallmarked London 1881 with makers mark GP. The hinged lid and spoon also hallmarked.

2 3/4" tall.

Price: $575.00

Russian Niello silver cup

N7611 Russian Niello Silver Cup

A Russian silver cup with nielo buildings and cross hatched engraved decoration. 2 1/4" tall. Date mark obscured. St George and the dragon mark for Moscow. Circa 1870.

Price: $235.00

N7946 Large Pierced Gorham Antique Sterling Shoe

A large impressive pierced sterling silver show by Gorham circa 1900 monogrammed on the base of the sole. Fine piercing and lightly bright cut engraved on the edge. Marked with the Gorham logo and sterling with the style number on the heel. 9" long. 4 1/2" tall at the heel. Weight 9.2 troy ounces.

Price: $1,950.00

Shiebler ornate sterling pill box

N7929 Shiebler Sterling Pill or Trinket Box

An ornate circular sterling silver box by Shiebler with hinged lid and gold washed interior. Monogrammed on the base. Diameter 2" and diameter of lid 1 3/4"; weight 1.80 troy oz. Good condition. Marked on the lip with the Shiebler wings, sterling, XLIX D.

Price: $575.00

Large German silver sterling cow creamer import marked BM

N7950 Large German Sterling Cow Creamer

A large detailed antique sterling cow creamer with import marks by Berthold Mueller dated 1898 (Chester). 5" tall. 7 1/2" long. Weight 11.15 troy ounces.

Price: $1,895.00

small Gorham aeesthetic mustard pot with engraved butterflies

N7838 Gorham Aesthetic Engraved Mustard Pot

A small Japanese style mustard pot by Gorham with the date letter for 1879 engraved with cherry blossoms and butterflies. Hinged lid with engraved blossoms. The mustard pot has a satin finish. Height 2 1/2" . Weight 1.7 troy ounces.

Price: $395.00

pair of German silver shoes with romantic scenes by Neresheimer retailed by Berthold Mueller

N7947 Pair of German Silver Shoes Matching Circa 1898/1902

A large pair of matching antique sterling silver shoes by the Neresheimer Company of Hanau imported into Britain by Berthold Mueller in 1898 and 1902 and import marked accordingly. Decorated with figural romantic scenes and with a weight of 14.75 troy ounces. Length of matching shoes 7 3/4"

Price: $2,500.00 for the pair

German 800 silver hairy cow creamer

N7914 German 800 Silver Hairy Cow Creamer Circa 1900

An exceptional hairy 800 silver cow creamer full of expression and with remarkable detail markled 800 with a makers mark on the tummy. The large heavy cow weighs11.1 troy ounces. Height 5 1/8". Length 8".

Price: $2,750.00

pair of Gorham antique sterling silver open master salts

N7680 Pair of Gorham Sterling Master Salts

A fine quality pair of antique sterling open master salts by Gorham dated 1874 and monogrammed. The exterior satin finished and engraved with an applied parcel gilted rope with ribbon and the interior gilted. Height 1 7/8". Diameter 2 1/4". Weight 6.05 troy ounces.

Price: $895.00 for the pair

John Wendt sterling silver master salts with wall and applied ivy

N7899 Pair John Wendt Sterling Master Salts

A superb pair of large master salts by John Wendt of New York with a stone wall motif and applied ivy. Gilted interior. Hand chased base with small leaves. Diameter 2 1/4". Weight 7 troy ounces. Height 1 3/4"

Price: $1,950.00 for the pair

Mappin & Webb silver and pique box

N5886 English Silver Antique Box with Pique Insert

A fine quality Mappin and Webb box with pique decoration and original silk lined interior. The bottom is leather with gold leaf emblem of Mappin and Webb. London 1912. 3 3/4" by 2 7/8" by 2" tall. Particularly good condition.

Price: $595.00

German silver 800 chicken spice box

German 800 Silver by Weinranck & Schmidt Hanau Spice Box

A German 1900 antique 800 silver chicken form spice box with pull off head and hinged wings. the chicken is mounted on a chased oval disc which bears the maker's mark, 800 and Germany. Height 5 1/4". Weight 8.25 troy ounces.

Price: $1,500.00

pair of English silver salt spoons by Joseph Willmore Birmingham 1838

N7656 English Silver Master Salt Spoons 1838-9

A naturalistic pair of English silver salt spoons by Joseph Willmore of Birmingham, the dates a year apart 1838-1839. The flower form bowls are gilted and the handles are twisted vines with leaves. Length 3 7/8".

Price: $395.00 for the pair

Edward Smith antique sterling vinaigrette engraved John

N7919 English Silver Vinaigrette by Edward Smith

An antique sterling silver vinaigrette by Edward Smith hallmarked Birmingham 1859 with the mark of Edward Smith. In good condition with a hinged pierced gilted grill. Measures 1 1/2".

Price: $395.00

German 800 silver doll shaped trinket box circa 1890

N7939 German 800 Silver Trinket Box Doll Shaped

A pull apart 800 silver German doll trinket box with very good detail. The top half pulls off revealing a container in the skirt for storage of rings and trinkets.

Height 4 1/8"

Circa 1890

Price: $550.00

N7764 German 800 Silver Model of Fox

A nicely cast German 800 silver model of a fox measuring 7" in length and with a 3" height at the ears. A finely detailed fox face. Circa 1900. Weight 8.10 troy ounces.

Price: $1,250.00

Large Neresheimer 800 silver German model of an Irish setter

N7764 Large Neresheimer 800 Silver German Irish Setter Model

A large 11 1/2" German 800 silver model of an Irish setter by Neresheimer with excellent detail. Marked on the foot. Height 5 1/4". Weight 20 troy ounces. Circa 1900.

Price: $2,950.00

Tiffany sterling mint julep sip straws

N7812 Tiffany Sterling Mint Julep Leaf Straws

Tiffany sterling straws with leaf bowls for stirring and sipping mint juleps or cocktails. Length 8 1/2". Circa 1950. Nineteen straws available.

Price: $69.00 each

pair of English George III open salts by John Emes London 1807

N7714 Pair George III Silver Open Salts London 1807

A superb pair of open salts with crests engraved and three cast paw feet supporting the bowls. Gilted interiors. Maker John Emes, London 1807. 2 3/8" tall. Weight 10.5 troy ounces.

Price: $950.00 for the pair

Rawlings and Sumner English silver vinaigrette

N7786 Rawlings & Sumner Antique Silver Vinaigrette

A pristine English silver engraved vinaigrette by Rawlings and Sumner. London 1847. The surfaces hand engraved with a detailed pattern and a small scene in a cartouche on the lid. A quality item by a special maker. 1 3/8" by 1 1/8".

Price: $950.00

Nathaniel Mills silver ornate vinaigrette

N7784 English Silver Vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills

An English silver vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills with all over gold wash, engine turned lid and base surrounded by ornate floral borders and a beautifully pierced grill. Monogrammed in the cartouche. Hallmarked on the lid and interior for Birmingham 1826. Length 1 1/2" by 1" by 1/2" deep.

Price: $795.00

Joseph Willmore Birmingham locket shaped vinaigrette gilt

N7788 Rare 1824 Locket Shaped Vinaigrette Joseph Willmore

An unusual silver gilted locket shaped vinaigrette by Joseph Willmore dated 1824 marked on the interior grill and all in good condition. The front hinges to open revealing a pierced grill also hinged and covering a compartment for a sponge. Diameter 1 1/4".

Price: $950.00

N7595 Dutch Silver Cow Creamer

A Dutch silver cow creamer with applied fly on the hinged lid and garnets in the eyes. Length 5 1/4". weight 4.60 troy oz. Marked under the belly with a date letter for 1960 and maker KH.

Price: $795.00

Gorham antique sterling silver olive dish with applied leaves

N7610 Gorham Sterling Olive Dish

An antique sterling olive dish with the 1890 date letter and the original gold wash in perfect condition. Length 5 3/4". Weight 5.2 troy ounces.

Price: $1,100.00

pair of Gorham mustard pots special order

N7685 Pair of Gorham Special Order Mustard Pots

A fine and rare pair of matching sterling silver mustard pots with special order marks by the Gorham Company. Decorated with hand chased detail and a face on the ornate cast handles.. Hinged lids. Circa 1900. Monogrammed. 4" tall. Weight 11.85 troy ounces.

Price $1,595.00 for the pair

Pair French 950 silver open salts in the form of baskets by Fray Fils

N7623 Pair French 950 Silver Open Salts

A heavy pair of French 950 silver open salts in the form of a double basket with applied oak leaves extending to form the handle, parcel gilded and gilded interior. The maker is Fray Fils and each piece is stamped with the French 1st purity mark. Length 3 1/2" by 1 1/2" wide. Total weight 6.65 troy oz.

Price: $1,350.00 for the pair

Birmingham 1822 English silver vinaigrette Ledham and Vale purse shape

N7562 English Silver Vinaigrette. Birmingham 1822

A small bright cut engraved purse shaped vinaigrette by Ledsam and Vale 1822 in excellent condition with a hinged grill. Marked on the base and inside the hinged lid. Original silver chain handle.

Price: $495.00

Tiffany cigar holder silver and rock crystal cut glass

N7608 Tiffany Cigar Holder Circa 1890

An unusual Tiffany rock crystal cut glass and silver mounted cigar holder with hinged lid. 7" long. Tiffany manufactured a series of smoking accessories around the time of the Columbian Exposition for cigarettes and cigars.


Coin silver napkin rings with chased Chinese scenes dated 1851Coin silver Chinoiserie napkin rings

N7525 Pr Coin Silver Napkin Rings Circa 1851 Chinese Scenes

A large pair of coin silver napkin rings monogrammed and dated 1851 and chased with scenes of Chinese buildings and people. Unmarked Coin Silver. 2 1/8" wide. Wt 5.10 toz

Price: $1,250.00 pair

English silver vinaigrette John Tongue Birmingham 1893

N7607 English Silver Vinaigrette

An English silver vinaigrette engraved with scrolls with a monogrammed central cartouche on the lid. The maker is John Tongue dated for Birmingham 1893. Very good condition.

Price: $595.00

Gorham sterling garbage can mustard pot

N7684 Gorham Sterling Mustard Pot

A Gorham sterling mustard pot in the form of a garbage can with paneled body and twisted rope around the top edge extending down to form the handle. The lid pulls out. Marked with Gorham hallmarks and a date letter M for 1880. Good condition and monogrammed on the base. Height 4"; weight 3.90 troy oz.

Price: $675.00

Tiffany antique sterling hammered mustard pot with Japanese style monogram

N7687 Tiffany Hammered Mustard Pot

An antique sterling silver hand hammered mustard pot by Tiffany with a Japanese style monogram on the front. Lid hinges back to open. French import mark. 3" tall.

Price: $795.00

Wood & Hughes medallion condiment jar with lid and horse finial

N7688 Wood & Hughes Coin Silver Condiment Jar

A Wood & Hughes coin silver condiment jar with an engraved lid and horse finial. Gilted interior and pull off lid. Applied rope edge on the base and edge of bowl. Applied inward facing medallions on the handles. Height 4 1/8". Weight 8.5 troy ounces.

Price: $1,350.00

Boxed set o sterlingf Asprey & Co wine bottle stoppers bulls and bears

N7584 Boxed Set of Asprey Wine Bottle Stoppers BULLS AND BEARS

A novelty boxed set of modern English silver wine bottle stoppers with figural bull and bear attached to cork and finished off with a sterling plaque with hallmarks and one has the words Asprey. One is dated for London 1996 and one for 1998. They have the maker's mark of the individual craftsman at Asprey & Co., each one different but with full hallmarks (see detailed pictures.) Length of bear stopper 3 1/4" and bull 3".

Price: $795.00

Simons sterling crab claw serving tongs

N7546 Simons Sterling Crab Claw Tongs

A novelty sterling silver crab claw serving tongs by Simons. The mouth which has "teeth" on the top and bottom jaw, closes when pressed and works with a spring to grab food. Length 4 1/4".

Price: $395.00

Redlich antique sterling paper knife with chickens

N7531 Redlich Sterling Letter Opener / Paper Knife

Monogrammed and with a 1912 presentation date this antique sterling silver paper knife is by Redlich and has twin chicks as the terminal with a wood simulated shaft. Length 7 1/2".

Price: $595.00

Dominicvk & Haff sterling heart box

N7447 Dominick & Haff Heart Shaped Box Circa 1889

An antique sterling heart shaped box with pull off lid dated 1889 by Dominick & Haff of New York. Chased with birds, scrolls and flowers and with a ruffled edge. 5 1/4" by 4 3/4" by 2" deep. 8.45 troy ounces.

Price: $395.00

S Kirk sterling nut dishes number 420

N7407 Eight Kirk Sterling Silver 142 Nut Dishes

A set of eight matching sterling silver nut cups by Kirk of Baltimore, never monogrammed. Weight 13.20 toz. 4 1/2" by 3 1/4". Style number 142.

Price: $595.00 for the eight

Indian silver chased high relief cigarette case

N7480 Indian Silver Cigarette Case

An antique silver Indian cigarette case of exceptional quality and the finest high relief chasing. The scene depicts people in costume with monkeys in the foreground. 3 1/4" by 3". 3.90 ozt.

Price: $595.00

Thomas Johnson English hallmarked antique silver London 1886 children salt and pepper shakers

N7476 Important Figural Salt & Pepper Set Thomas Johnson Circa 1886

A detailed figural antique sterling silver salt and pepper set with hinged doors at the base. Hallmarked London 1886 by Thomas Johnson. The form of the shakers is two different small children executed in sterling with realistic facial expressions. 3" tall. Weight 9.30 troy ounces

Price: $9,500.00

Dutch silver cow creamer with garnet eyes and London import marks 1891

N7467 Large Dutch Antique Silver Cow Creamer London Import Marks 1891

A large Dutch silver cow creamer with garnet eyes and fine detail. Dutch hallmarks and London import marks for the year 1891. Weight 19.15 troy ounces. 11" across. Height 6"

Price: $4,500.00

Large German antique silver cow with London import marks for 1924

N7468 Large German Cow Creamer London Import Marks 1924

A large silver cow creamer with German marks and London import marks for 1924. The cow measures 6 3/4" to the tail and 10" across. Weight 20.85 troy ounces.

Price: $3,500.00

Silver and copper art nouveau seal

N7423 American Mixed Metals Sterling Seal Circa 1900

A silver and copper art nouveau seal with engraved initial seal. Maker Probably La Pierre but only marked silver and copper as are many of these pieces. Length 3 3/4".

Price: $495.00

Gorham pair mixed metals footed open saltsGorham pair mixed metals footed open salts

N7413 Pair Gorham Mixed Metals Sterling Pedestal Open Salts

A pair of sterling and mixed metal footed open salts with silver and copper applications, different on each one and depicting butterflies, salamander, fish and a bronze worm. Diameter at top opening 2 2/14"; height 1 3/4"; combined weight 3.25 troy oz.

Both salts are monogrammed with a single P on the foot. They are marked with style number 1700 and date letter M for 1880.

Price: $1,295.00 for the pair

pair large Gorham sterling repousse open salts

N2189 Pair Gorham Large Repousse Open Salts

A pair of large Gorham repousse sterling open salts with curled rim and three applied feet. Diameter 4"; height 2"; combined weight 12.50 troy oz. Marked with Gorham's logo, sterling and style number 3045.

Price: $475.00 pair

Set of six sterling leaf shaped nut cups by Shiebler

N 7340 Set of Six Shiebler Sterling Leaf Form Bon Bon Dishes

A set of six sterling bon bon dishes by Shiebler each in the form of a naturalisltic leaf with a branch forming the foot. Light gold wash and satin finish. Retailed by J E Caldwell & Co. of Philadelphia. Length of leaf 3 1/8"; overall length 3 3/4"; width 2 1/2". Total weight 7.45 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00

German 800 silver figural drinking vessel

N7219 German 800 Silver Figural Drinking Vessel

A novelty German 800 silver figural drinking vessel with barrel shaped body holding a pitcher in one hand and a cup in the other hand. The top is removable at the collar for filling. German pseudo marks on the base, Hanau circa 1890. Height 9 1/8"; weight 18.86 troy oz.

Price: $2,750.00

German sterling decorative shoe with English import marks

N7206 German Sterling Shoe with English Import Marks

A sterling silver decorative shoe with German hallmarks as well as English import marks dated for London 1900 and maker JS with chased scenes and a bow on the front. Height 2 1/4"; length 5 1/4"; weight 3.55 troy oz.

Price: $375.00

N7279 Large Dominick & Haff Perfume Flask

A large Dominick & Haff perfume flask with outstanding chased decoration depicting holly, flowers combined with embossed wrapped bands and a chain holding the twist off lid in place. Length 9"; weight 4.7 troy oz.

Price: $2,200.00

English silver novelty tongs c1885

N7271 English Silver Novelty Tongs

English sterling silver sugar tongs, the top in the form of a Chinese male and the back with a pony tail. Length 3".

Marked for Sheffield 1885 and maker EH.

Price: $450.00

set six English silver triangular napkin rings

N7207 Set of Six English Silver Modern Napkin Rings

A set of six heavy English silver napkin rings of triangular shape marked with London import marks, four for the year 1997 and two for 2000. Length 2 5/8"; weight combined 13 troy oz. Wonderful quality and never monogrammed. Maker H S Ld.

Price: $950.00 for the set of 6

Shiebler sterling napkin ring with applied flowers and leaves

N7186 Shiebler Sterling Napkin Ring

An antique sterling silver napkin ring by Shiebler with applied lily pads, flowers and leaves inscribed Howard and dated Feb. 17, 1892. Width 1 1/4"; diameter 1 7/8"; weight 1.40 troy oz.

Price: $475.00

Child's cup antique sterling silver English James Charles Edington London 1857

H7126 English Antique Child's Mug London 1857

A charming English antique silver child's mug by James Charles Edington, London 1857 with a cast spaniel on a pillow and a parrot on the front. The cartouche on the other side is blank and shows no evidence of having had a monogram removal. Gilded interior. Excellent detail and condition.

3 3/4" tall. Weight 5.5 troy ounces.

Price: $1,295.00

English silver wine bottle labels London 1832 by Edward Stammers

N7059 Two English Silver Wine Labels

Two large English sterling silver gilt wine/liquor bottle labels dated London 1832 by Edward Stammers, one for Sherry and one for Madeira in the shape of an oak leaf with grapes on a branch. Length 3" by 4" across the branch. Hallmarked on the front with English marks.

Price: $425.00 each

antique English vinaigrette horn shape S Mordan London 1872

N7057 Large Victorian S Mordan Antique Sterling Vinaigrette Perfume

A large horn shaped antique sterling vinaigrette perfume by S Mordan dated London 1872 and in excellent condition. Length 4 1/4". The lid opens to reveal a hinged pierced grill. The decoration comprises applied ornate silver bands on the lid and body.

Price: $1,795.00

Large Italian sterling decorative shoe

N7026 Large 925 Sterling Decorative Shoe 7 oz

A large Italian sterling silver hand made decorative shoe with gold washed interior. Length 7 1/2"; weight 7.10 troy oz. Signed on the heal and marked 925 with Italian hallmarks. Maker unknown.

Price: $750.00

Gorham set six serling flower place card holders

N7016 Set Six Gorham Sterling 3D Pansy Place Card Holders/Nut Cup

A set six Gorham sterling silver place card holders in the form of a pansy. These lay flat on the table and can be used for a few mints in addition to being used as a place card holder. Diameter of flower 3"; total weight 8 oz troy.

Price: $1,495.00 for the set of six

Marshall Fields sterling silver arts and crafts napkin ring Colonial

N6979 Marshall Fields Arts and Crafts Sterling Napkin Ring

An Arts and Crafts sterling silver napkin ring by Marshall Fields with a combination of acid etching and hand hammering. Length 1 1/4"; diameter 1 3/4"; weight 1.30 troy oz. Monogrammed. Marked with the Marshall Fields logo, sterling and Colonial.

Price: $225.00

Royal solid silver presentation soap box to HRH Alexandra Princess of Wales in 1900 Royal presentaion sterling soap box

N6931 Important Royal Antique Silver Presentation Soap Box

A rare and important English silver presentation box given to Her Royal Highness Alexandra Princess of Wales in 1900 (before becoming Queen Alexandra, Consort of Edward VII) by the National Bazaar as a gift. It has the original satin covered bars of soap. Engraved on the lid 'Exquisitely perfumed Sweet Lavender Cream of Lilies Violet Bouquet, the Throne Toilet Soap' by Edward Cook & Co. Ltd. London.

The interior lid of the box is inscribed in gold 'Presented to Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales on the occasion of her opening the National Bazaar in Aid of the Sufferers by the War May 24th 1900.'

The bottom of the box is velvet lined. Length 8" by 4" by 2" deep. Hallmarked for London 1899, maker Grey & Co.

Price: $4,950.00

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