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Gorham Martele sterling loving cup

RH7823 Gorham Martele Thistle Loving Cup

A Gorham three handle Martele silver loving cup dated 1905 with a custom chased monogram on one panel. Numbered H/VK. The top of the cup chased with thistles. British import marked. Weight 69 troy ounces. Height 10".

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Neresheimer German 13 silver pair of hen and rooster

Pair of German Silver Neresheimer Hanau Birds

A fine quality pair of a hen and rooster by Neresheimer of Hanau with exceptional detail and in excellent condition. Marked 13, Germany and with the N for Neresheimer of Hanau. Rooster 4" tall. Hen 3 1/8" tall. Weight 4.95 troy ounces.

Price: $750.00 for the set of two

William Forbed coin silver chamberstick and lighter coin silver for Ball Thompkins and Black

N7908 Coin Silver Antique Chamberstick and Lamp

A large unusual coin silver chamberstick for a small candle and cigar lighter lamp with wick compartment with the mark of William Forbes and the retail mark of Ball Thompkins and Black of New York. The handle is a cast angel with outstretched arms and the body is decorated with leaves against a stippled background. Weight 12.65 troy ounces. Length 6 1/4". Height 5 3/4".

Price: $2,950.00

Set of hammered sterling bread and butter plates by Clemens Friedell of Pasadena

H7819 Set Twelve Clemens Friedell Plates

A set of twelve hand hammered sterling bread and butter plates by Clemens Friedell of Pasadena, CA with applied monogram on each plate. Diameter 6"; combined weight 51.10 troy oz. Good condition.

Price: $2,750.00 for the set

Gorham sterling and enamel ice cream knife

EX7895 Gorham Sterling and Enamel Knife

An antique silver ice cream knife by Gorham with enamel handle and engraved blade.The back is plain with a monogram on the handle. Length 9 3/4"; weight 3.80 troy oz.

Price: $575.00

H7917 Whiting Antique Sterling Thistle Bowl

An large heavy antique sterling silver fruit bowl with four cast applied thistle feet and an applied foliate border at the rim of the bowl. Never monogrammed. 41.55 troy ounces. Diameter 10 1/4". Height 5 1/2". Circa 1890.

Price: $2,750.00

German silver 800 chicken spice box

German 800 Silver by Weinranck & Schmidt Hanau Spice Box

A German c1900 antique 800 silver chicken form spice box with pull off head and hinged wings. the chicken is mounted on a chased oval disc which bears the maker's mark, 800 and Germany. Height 5 1/4". Weight 8.25 troy ounces.

Price: $1,500.00

Whiting exotic sterling hammered  serving spoon

Whiting Hammered Sterling Berry Spoon

A Whiting sterling silver hammered berry serving spoon with gold washed bowl and applied raspberries on the handle. Length: 8 1/4". Weight: 3.25 troy ounces.

Price: $475.00

Frederick Elkington antique silver dessert serving set

EX7937 Frederick Elkington Dessert Service Birmingham 1888

A seven piece sterling dessert service by Frederick Elkington hallmarked Birmingham 1888. Ornate chased and pierced bowls and a fabulous figural pattern in parcel gilted detail. Front and back fully decorated. 8 3/4" and 6 1/4" (sifter). Weight 21.50 toz.

Price: $4,500.00

Kirk repousse sterling salt and pepper

H7778 Large Chased Repousse Kirk Salt & Pepper Shakers number 20

A good large sterling hand chased salt and pepper set by S Kirk and Son of Baltimore Maryland in lovely crisp condition. Height 5". Weight 7 troy ounces.

Price: $375.00

Dominick & Haff Kings all silver fish set

DH7940 Dominick & Haff Fish Serving Set

A fine quality Dominick & Haff two piece fish serving set in the Kings pattern with sterling blades and monogrammed hollow handles. Intricately pierced and engraved blades and tines. 11 1/2" and 9 1/2".

Price: $1,295.00 for the set

Huge Caldwell sterling engraved fish set aesthetic movementHuge Caldwell sterling engraved fish set aesthetic movement

Oversize Two Piece Hand Engraved Fish Serving Set

Two piece sterling silver fish set circa 1880 finely bright cut and engraved measuring 13 1/4" and 12" respectively. Additional fine hand hammering on the handles superimposed with Japanese style engraving of bamboo and blossoms. Retailed by Caldwell. Weight 11.8 troy ounces.

Price: $1,500.00

antique silver letter opener with duck head

N7887 Unmarked Antique Silver Letter Opener with Swan Head Circa 1890

An unmarked silver letter opener with chased detail on the blade in the shape of a large feather. The head is a three dimensional head of a swan. Realistic glass eyes. Length 10 3/4". Weight 6.75 troy ounces.

Price: $1,195.00 HOLD

George Shreve San Francisco

N7820 George Shreve Sterling Toast Rack Circa 1900

A novelty sterling toast rack made by George Shreve of San Francisco, California. The art nouveau design shows movement through twists and curls making up an oversize toast rack with no less than eight compartments for toast or letters. A most unusual design and a quality novelty toast rack. Height 5 3/4". Length 10". Weight 12.05 troy ounces.

Price: $1,295.00

Japanese silver mustard pot circa 1900

N7686 Japanese Silver Antique Mustard Pot

A Japanese silver mustard pot circa 1900 with hinged lid and large chrysanthemums on the lid and body. Marked on the base and lined with a silver liner forming a double skin. Good condition. Weight 3.7 troy ounces. Height 2 1/4"

Price: $575.00

Shiebler antique sterling silver mustard pot with ladle circa 1880 Georg Shiebler

N7690 Shiebler Sterling Antique Mustard Pot. Circa 1880

A Shiebler antique 1880s mustard pot with original matching ladle. The decoration is a combination of floral chasing and fluting. Hinged lid. The ladle is hand chased. The mustard pot has a single handle on one side. Weight 2.9 toz. Height 2 1/8"

Price: $695.00

Shiebler Chrysanthemum antique sterling silver tea caddy

N7792 Shiebler Chrysanthemum Tea Caddy

An antique sterling tea caddy with pull off lid, chased chrysanthemums and applied cast chrysanthemums on the lid. Monogrammed. Height 3". Weight 5.9 troy ounces. Circa 1889, and inscribed on the base.

Price: $695.00 ON HOLD

Tiffany antique silver 550 Broadway butter dish

H7854 Tiffany 550 Broadway Sterling Butter Dish

A Heavy Tiffany sterling silver butter dish with a weight of 21.9 troy ounces with an applied beaded edge of the dome and base. The most noticeable feature of this butter dish are the three large cast hairy hoof feet supporting the wide base. The dome has an engraved crest and a pine cone finial. Excellent condition. 6 1/2" diameter. Height 5 1/4"

Price: $1,500.00 ON HOLD

Ball Black 950 pure antique silver waffle server

EX7871 Ball Black New York 950 Waffle Server Engine Turned and Engraved.

A large unusual 950 pure antique silver waffle server with engine turned and engraved decoration. Monogrammed on the reverse. Length 9 3/4".

Price: $575.00

Tiffany sterling and glass martini pitcher

H7918 Tiffany Glass & Sterling Mounted Martini Pitcher

A glass and sterling mounted martini pitcher by Tiffany & Co. with handle. Height 8 1/4".

Very good condition.

Price: $395.00 HOLD

pair of English silver salt spoons by Joseph Willmore Birmingham 1838

N7656 English Silver Master Salt Spoons 1838-9

A naturalistic pair of English silver salt spoons by Joseph Willmore of Birmingham, the dates a year apart 1838-1839. The flower form bowls are gilted and the handles are twisted vines with leaves. Length 3 7/8".

Price: $395.00 for the pair

H7855 Tiffany Repousse Antique Sterling Butter Dish Circa 1880

A Tiffany antique sterling silver repousse butter dish with a pull off domed lid decorated with flowers and ferns. The base has a hand chased ornate fine floral band. Original pierced liner. Circa 1880. M Mark. Weight 15.50 troy ounces. Diameter of base 6". Height 4 1/4".

Price: $1,750.00

Important Tiffany museum quality salad bowl in the Japanese taste hand hammeredImportant Tiffany sterling punch bowl with Japanese peppers

RH7740 Important Tiffany 56 toz Sterling Bowl

A rare and important Tiffany hand hammered sterling silver bowl in the Japanese taste with applied peppers and acid etched leaves. The gilted interior of the large bowl mirrors the decoration on the outside using acid etched decoration in remarkable detail. Original custom acid etched monogram. Pristine condition. Weight 56.10 troy ounces. Height 7". Diameter 11 1/2".

Please inquire

Edward Smith antique sterling vinaigrette engraved John

N7919 English Silver Vinaigrette by Edward Smith

An antique sterling silver vinaigrette by Edward Smith hallmarked Birmingham 1859 with the mark of Edward Smith. In good condition with a hinged pierced gilted grill. Measures 1 1/2".

Price: $395.00

Tiffany blackberry pattern strawberry forks

TB7805 Tiffany Blackberry Sterling Forks

A set of twelve antique Tiffany & Company three tine berry forks in the blackberry pattern. Length 4 1/4".

Price: $1,595.00 for the set of twelve

Gorham 1895 antique sterling silver tureen

H7848 Gorham Antique Sterling Tureen

A puffy Gorham antique sterling silver tureen with an 1895 date mark. Decorated with fluting and a hand chased band of floral decoration at the rim. Applied cast feet and handles. In excellent condition. Weight 42.6 troy ounces. Height 6 3/4".

Price: $2,750.00

Kirk 11 ounce square form silver vase

H7911 Unusual Kirk 11 Ounce Square Form Vase

An unusual antique silver Kirk square form vase measuring 5" tall with a weight of 14.9 troy ounces. There are two fixed ring handles at the sides and the front and back panels are engraved with an embossed plant. The base has an applied decorative band. 11 ounce mark.

Price: $1,500.00

Tiffany antique 550 Broadway ewer neo classical engraved warriors on horseback

H7845 Tiffany Antique Sterling Ewer

An antique sterling silver ewer by Tiffany & Company with the 550 Broadway mark and English Sterling. The ewer is engraved with warriors on horseback with Greek Key borders. The handle has a bust terminal with applied beaded decoration. Height 12 3/4". Weight 39.05 troy ounces.


Russian antique silver kovsh dated 1877

N7904 Russian Antique Kovsh Circa 1877

A small antique Russian silver kovsh with chased decoration in the center and a cast ornate handle. Gold washed. Hallmarked with Russian marks and a French import mark dated 1877.


English antique silver salad serverving set by Charles Edwards

EX7767 English Partially Gilted Salad Set

A superb exotic salad serving set by Charles Edwards London 1879. Fantastic cast detail of soldiers supporting the handle and an additional face at the junction of handle and bowls. Length 11 1/4". 8.95 troy ounces.

Price: $1,495.00 for the set

International modernist sterling hand wrought bowl with green stone

H7921 International Modernist Sterling Bowl

A hand wrought modernist sterling silver bowl by International on a pedestal base with a ring of natural green hardstone between the foot and bowl. Height 3"; diameter 7"; weight 11.45 troy oz. Marked 'Palladiant' and AT2769 - 1W. Very good condition and no monogram.

Price: $875.00

Stieff art nouveau sterling serving spoon with irises

EX7885 Stieff Art Nouveau Sterling Spoon

An unusual art nouveau serving spoon by Stieff with irises on the front and back of the handle and gold washed bowl. Length 10"; weight 4.90 troy oz. Marked with the Stieff logo, 925, sterling and 1229. Monogrammed in the bowl.

Price: $595.00

French silver kidney shaped dishes with floral swags and scrolls

H7938 Pair of French Silver Kidney Shaped Dishes

A matching pair of French 950/1000 kidney shaped footed dishes hand chased with floral swags and scrolls. Raised on four applied cast feet with faces. Import marked. Weight 22.65 troy ounces. Height 4". Length 8 3/4".

Price: $2,750.00 for the pair.

Gorham Martele antique berry bowl circa 1900

RH7913 Gorham Martele Berry Bowl 1900

A Gorham Martele silver berry bowl circa 1900 with floral chasing including extra detailed chasing of the leaves on the border and four protruding feet from the base. Monogrammed on the base and inscribed with the date 1900. 10" across by 8 1/2". Weight 22.20 troy ounces.

Price: $4,250.00

7892 Wood & Hughes Sterling Byzantine Serving Fork

A large sterling silver serving fork by Wood & Hughes in the Byzantine pattern with a medallion struck at the center of the tines. Monogrammed. 10 1/2" long. Weight 4.15 troy ounces.

Price: $795.00

Bailey & Company antique sterling silver tureen repousse

H7844 Bailey & Co Sterling Repousse Tureen

A circular hand chased antique sterling tureen by Bailey & Company chased with large flowers against a stippled background. Weight 33.3 troy ounces. Length across the handles 11". Height 6 1/2" at the handle.

Price: $2,750.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver bowl with handles and applied decoration in the Japanese style

RH7754 Tiffany Antique Sterling Bowl

A small Tiffany antique sterling silver bowl in the Japanese taste with applied Japanese motifs and two handles with hanging square rings. Mounted on a decorated pedestal base and fully marked on the base. Gilted interior, all in perfect condition. Weight 10.3 troy ounces. 8 1/8" diameter. Height 3 1/8". Circa 1875.

Price: $2,750.00

Warner 11 oz coin silver repousse condiment bowl and under trayWarner 11 oz condiment bowl and tray

H7856 Warner 11 oz Repousse Condiment Bowl on Tray

A large unusual coin silver repousse condiment bowl with fixed under tray. The bowl has two attached handles and the boat shaped tray has four feet, a diapered central area and supporting arms on each end for two knives. Marked Warner and 11 oz. Length tray 9 3/4"; height 6 1/8"; weight 23.55 troy oz. Very good condition.

Price: $2,500.00

Tiffany Japanese sterling fish serving set

TJ7814 Tiffany Japanese Sterling Fish Set

A two piece sterling silver fish serving set by Tiffany & Co. in the Japanese pattern comprising a fish slice (12 1/4" long) with one ruffled edge and a fork (9 7/8" long.) Both pieces are engraved in the Japanese style. The set is in excellent condition with a beautiful period monogram on the back of the handles.

Combined weight 8.15 troy oz.

Price: $3,750.00

Frank Smith sterling silver cocktail set on tray with glasses

H7941 Frank Smith Cocktail Set 1920s

A complete set for cocktails by Frank Smith in sterling silver comprising a tray, cocktail shaker and six martini cups. Very well put together in sterling with smart faceting on the cocktail shaker and the cups. The border of the tray has the same design. Monogrammed with a single letter gothic "M" and in fine condition.

Price: $3,750.00

German 800 silver doll shaped trinket box circa 1890

N7939 German 800 Silver Tricket Box Doll Shaped

A pull apart 800 silver German doll trinket box with very good detail. The top half pulls off revealing a container in the skirt for storage of rings and trinkets. Height 4 1/8"

Circa 1890

Price: $795.00

Dominick & Haff sterling antique loving cup Japanese style hammered

RH7822 Dominick & Haff Loving Cup

A museum quality Dominick & Haff sterling loving cup circa 1881 in perfect condition chased with dragon flies, lily pads and pond related plants all in the Japanese taste on a spot hammered background. Together with the original presentation postmarked letter to a doctor in 1881 as a token of appreciation for work done. This all corresponds with the inscription on the base. Weight 29 troy ounces. Height 6 1/8".

Price on request

Rare set of 12 Frederick Elkington silverplate napkin rings

N7821 Rare Set of 12 Elkington Silver plate Napkin Rings

A rare set of twelve oval silver plate napkin rings with applied masks which are screwed on one side of the silver gilt satin finished rings. The back of the rings are hallmarked for London 1872 and numbered 1 through 12 and marked E & Co. for Frederick Elkington. Width 1 1/2". The diameter is 2" by 1 1/4".

Price: $2,750.00 for the set

A E Warner 11 oz repousse butter dish and cover

H7716 A E Warner 11 oz Butter Dish and Cover

An antique repousse coin silver butter dish by A E Warner of Baltimore, MD, with applied handles and three dimensional flower as the finial. The inner liner is pierced. Monogrammed in the cartouche on the lid.

Price: $1,500.00


7699 Gorham H Series Salad Set Style H 118

An antique Gorham sterling silver Art Nouveau salad serving set in the H series pattern with floral decoration on the handles and extending into the bowls. Gold washed satin finished bowls. Length 10"; weight 10.05 troy oz. Excellent condition. Monogrammed.

Price: $1,395.00

Tiffany sterling and enamel spoon

EX7710 Tiffany Sterling and Enamel Spoon

A sterling silver spoon by Tiffany & Co. with copper and black enamel on the handle and oval gold washed bowl. Length 4 3/8".

Price: $200.00

Gorham sterling and mixed metals chocolate pot

RH7519 Gorham Sterling & Mixed Metals Chocolate Pot Circa 1881

A sterling and mixed metals chocolate pot with applied copper Japanese motifs in abundance. Combined with hand engraved detail between the applied copper such as a strand above the spider and other engraved landscapes between the Japanese figures. Other applications include insects and birds. 7" tall. Weight 16 troy ounces. Circa 1881

Please inquire

N7764 German 800 Silver Model of Fox

A nicely cast German 800 silver model of a fox measuring 7" in length and with a 3" height at the ears. A finely detailed fox face. Circa 1900. Weight 8.10 troy ounces.

Price: $1,250.00

Large Neresheimer 800 silver German model of an Irish setter

N7764 Large Neresheimer 800 Silver German Irish Setter Model

A large 11 1/2" German 800 silver model of an Irish setter by Neresheimer with excellent detail. Marked on the foot. Height 5 1/4". Weight 20 troy ounces. Circa 1900.

Price: $2,950.00

Ravissant rose quartz sterling canslesticks

Ravissant Sterling & Rose Quartz Candlesticks

A pair of hand made sterling, silver gilt and rose quartz candlesticks by the Ravissant Company, a luxury goods manufacturer in India known for using exotic materials and splendid designs. With the original wooden box. 8 1/4" tall.

Price: $1,950.00

Canfield Brothers pair coin silver goblets

C7768 Pair Coin Silver Goblets

A pair of coin silver goblets by Canfield Brothers of Baltimore, MD (active 1850 - 1881) which chased floral decoration and inscribed in the cartouche on one side with a date of 1851. Height 5 1/4"; combined weight 9.10 troy oz.

Price: $1,150.00 for the pair

Tiffany sterling mint julep sip straws

N7812 Tiffany Sterling Mint Julep Leaf Straws

Tiffany sterling straws with leaf bowls for stirring and sipping mint juleps or cocktails. Length 8 1/2". Circa 1950. Nineteen straws available.

Price: $69.00 each

Gorham Hamburg silver ice  cream slice

EX7707 Gorham Hamburg "C" marked Ice Cream Slice

Marked only with the "C" mark this Gorham Hamburg pattern ice cream slice has deliberate distress hammering and a medieval coin or token as the terminal of the handle. Length 10 1/4". Weight 4.35 troy ounces.

Price: $950.00

Knowles Hammered sterling pie server

EX7709 Knowles Hammered Pie Server

A hand hammered sterling pie server by Knowles with bright cut decoration on the blade and handle similar to Shiebler's Etruscan pattern. Length 9 1/2"; weight 4 troy oz. Very good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $795.00

Barnard Brothers English silver antique tankard with grapes vines and leaves

RH7804 George IV English Silver Tankard

A fine quality English antique silver lidded tankard by Barnard Brothers of London dated 1826. The ornate tankard is chased with large leaves and has applied grapes and vines and an ornate handle. The lid hinges back to open. Height 8 1/2"; weight 29 troy oz. Excellent condition.

Price: $4,750.00 HOLD

Shiebler sterling and 14K etruscan medallion letter openers

EX7641/7642 Shiebler Etruscan Sterling and 14K Letter Openers Circa 1880

A Large Shiebler Etruscan sterling letter opener in the Etruscan pattern with 14K medallion, marked 89X, retailed by Bigelow, Kennard & Co. and monogrammed on the back. Length 12"; weight 4.95 troy oz. Price: $2,395.00

A smaller sterling and 14K letter opener marked 296X. Length 7 3/4"; weight 1.70 troy oz. Price: $750.00

George Sharp for Bailey sterling serving tongs with engine turning

7609 George Sharp Sterling Tongs

George Sharp for Bailey & Co. of Philadelphia sterling serving tongs with fine engine turning on the working. The top of the handle is engraved on an engine turned background. Script monogram on the back. Length 11 1/2"; weight 4.25 troy oz. Good condition.

Price: $795.00

Wendt Apollo sterling six piece tea set

H7454 Wendt Apollo Sterling Tea and Coffee Set

A six piece sterling silver tea set by Wendt in the Apollo pattern composed of two tea pots 7 1/2"" tall, hot water or coffee pot 9 1/2" tall, covered sugar bowl, creamer and waste bowl (5 1/2" across the handles.) All pieces have a cherub in a cartouche surrounded by engraving and applied dots on one side and a monogram on the other side. The set was retailed by J E Caldwell of Philadelphia and marked with style number 466. Total weight 118.95 troy oz. Good condition.

Price: $7,500.00

Tiffany sterling fish platter designed by Paulding Farnham circa 1900

RH7803 Tiffany Sterling Fish Platter Circa 1900

A large ornate antique sterling fish platter by Tiffany & Company designed by Paulding Farnham. The applied decoration of interwoven scrolls includes fish forms in the center of the border and in the center of the platter . Never monogrammed. 88 troy ounces. 25" long by 12" wide.

Please inquire

Danish silver bon bon bowl on pedestal by Kay Bojesen

H7765 Danish 830 Silver and Bakelite Compote. Circa 1920.

A Danish 830 silver compote by the A Kay Bojesen of Copenhagen, Denmark. The bowl is in the form of a large stylized poppy supported by a pedestal with a carnelian colored Bakelite insert. Height 5 3/4".

Price: $2,250.00

Boxed set o sterlingf Asprey & Co wine bottle stoppers bulls and bears

N7584 Boxed Set of Asprey Wine Bottle Stoppers BULLS AND BEARS

A novelty boxed set of modern English silver wine bottle stoppers with figural bull and bear attached to cork and finished off with a sterling plaque with hallmarks and one has the words Asprey. One is dated for London 1996 and one for 1998. They have the maker's mark of the individual craftsman at Asprey & Co., each one different but with full hallmarks (see detailed pictures.) Length of bear stopper 3 1/4" and bull 3".

Price: $795.00

pair of English George III open salts by John Emes London 1807

N7714 Pair George III Silver Open Salts London 1807

A superb pair of open salts with crests engraved and three cast paw feet supporting the bowls. Gilted interiors. Maker John Emes, London 1807. 2 3/8" tall. Weight 10.5 troy ounces.

Price: $1,200.00 for the pair

Rawlings and Sumner English silver vinaigrette

N7786 Rawlings & Sumner Antique Silver Vinaigrette

A pristine English silver engraved vinaigrette by Rawlings and Sumner. London 1847. The surfaces hand engraved with a detailed pattern and a small scene in a cartouche on the lid. A quality item by a special maker. 1 3/8" by 1 1/8".

Price: $950.00

S Kirk antique coin silver ewer

H7731 Samuel Kirk Coin Silver Ewer 1830-1846

An early S Kirk coin silver ewer with chasing of grapes and vines with leaves in fine detail. Ornate cast handle, Height 13". Weight 53 ozt. Circa 1830-1846

Good original Victorian monogram in the cartouche at the front of the ewer.

Price: $4,950.00

English silver mustard pot london 1820

N7695 William IV English Silver Mustard Pot London 1820

A quality hand chased silver William IV mustard pot dated London 1820 with fully marked hinged lid. Monogrammed on the edge of the lid. Maker AK for Abstainando King. A weighty 5.4 toz. 4" across the handle. Height 2 3/4".

Price: $950.00

Nathaniel Mills silver ornate vinaigrette

N7784 English Silver Vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills

An English silver vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills with all over gold wash, engine turned lid and base surrounded by ornate floral borders and a beautifully pierced grill. Monogrammed in the cartouche. Hallmarked on the lid and interior for Birmingham 1826. Length 1 1/2" by 1" by 1/2" deep.

Price: $795.00

Randahl Julius antique sterling hand hammered centerpiece bowl

H7797 Julius Randahl Chicago Sterling Centerpiece

A remarkable hand hammered sterling oval centerpiece bowl with handles by Julius Randahl. Superb weight, gauge and uniformity of hammering throughout. 50.45 troy ounces. 16" by 7" by 4" tall.

Price: $3,500.00

Set of three Cellini craft hand wrought sterling bowls

H7795 Set of Three Cellini Craft Hand wrought Bowls c1940

A set of three hand wrought Arts and Crafts sterling bowls by Cellini Craft of Evanston, IL, of rectangular form with applied decoration on the handles. Length 8 1/2" by 5" wide by 2" deep. Combined weight 32.80 troy oz. Good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $2,200.00 for the set

Shiebler Etruscan sterling tablespoon or serving spoon

EX7711 Shiebler Etruscan Sterling Tablespoon

A sterling silver tablespoon or serving spoon by Shiebler in the Etruscan pattern. Length 8 1/2"; weight 1.90 troy oz. Monogrammed on the back of the handle EF.

Price: $395.00

Joseph Willmore Birmingham locket shaped vinaigrette gilt

N7788 Rare 1824 Locket Shaped Vinaigrette Joseph Willmore

An unusual silver gilted locket shaped vinaigrette by Joseph Willmore dated 1824 marked on the interior grill and all in good condition. The front hinges to open revealing a pierced grill also hinged and covering a compartment for a sponge. Diameter 1 1/4".

Price: $950.00

Gorham heavy sterling silver bowl with ram's heads

H7791 Fine Gorham Cast Ram's Heads Bowl Circa 1900

A fine quality Gorham sterling silver bowl with cast ram's heads in four corners, fluted bowl and pedestal base and applied swags and bows. Perfect condition. Weight 67.65 ozt. 11 1/2" diameter. 5 3/4" tall. Monogrammed.

Please inquire



Gorham sterling hammered and mixed metals small bowl

Gorham Mixed Metals Sterling Bowl

A hand hammered mixed metal bowl by the Gorham Company circa 1880 with applied lily pads, copper and silver fish, all in good condition. Copper cat tails and leaves along the base of the outside. Weight 5.40 troy ounces. Diameter 4 3/4". Height 1 5/8".

Price: $1,250.00

boxed Gorham olive dish and serving olive spoon circa 1870

RH7738 Gorham Olive Dish and Server

A Gorham antique sterling olive dish with applied olive and the original serving spoon in a fitted case. Hand engraved detail finely executed in yellow gilt on a satin finish in the Japanese taste. Monogrammed. Dated 1881.

Price: $2,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling acid etched and applied pitcher

H7801 Tiffany Square Sterling Pitcher Circa 1900

An unusual circa 1900 antique sterling square shaped pitcher with acid etched and applied decoration in panels. Ornate handle. 9 1/2". 37 ozt.

Price: $5,500.00

Jenkins Baltimore sterling repousse sauceboat

H7741 Jenkins & Jenkins Sterling Sauce boat. Baltimore, Maryland.

A good quality Jenkins & Jenkins antique sterling floral repousse and cast sauce-boat. Weight 14.35 ozt. Length 7 1/4". Height 6 1/2" at the handle.

Price: $1,295.00

Hamilton and Diesinger repousse sterling silver tureen

H7698 Hamilton & Diesinger Sterling Tureen, Philadelphia.

A hand chased antique sterling silver tureen by Hamilton and Diesinger of Philadelphia. In pristine condition with wonderful color, Pull off lid. 70.10 ozt. 14 1/2" across handles by 9" wide by 10" at the finial.

Price: $4,400.00

George Adams English silver  gilt cup

H7745 English Silver Gilt Cup GA London 1872

A fine quality silver gilt English cup with cast cherubs and a figural handle. Made by George Adams in 1872. Inscribed with a later inscription and monogram. 10 ozt

Price: $1,595.00

Durgin sterling salad serving set with applied lobstersDurgin sterling salad serving set with applied lobsters

EX7743 Durgin Salad Set with Lobsters

An unusual two piece salad serving set by Durgin with applied lobsters and bright cut decoration depicting seaweed and sea creatures on the handles. The bowls are lightly gold washed and have a satin finish. Length 10 1/2" and 10 7/8" respectively. Monogrammed S on the back of the handles.


Kirk repousse sterling round drinks tray

H7591 Kirk Repousse Sterling Tray

A round sterling silver tray with repousse border by S Kirk & Son. Diameter 12"; diameter of smooth area 9 1/8"; weight 23.85 troy oz. Good condition and never monogrammed. Marked with style number 2322.

Price: $1,150.00

Kirk sterling tumblers 295A

H7673 Kirk Sterling Tumblers

Kirk sterling tumblers marked S Kirk & Son, sterling, 295A. Height 5 1/8". Good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $175.00 each

Shiebler sterling sardine fork with applied fish and seaweed

EX7637 Shiebler Sardine Fork with Octopus and Fish

A Shiebler sterling sardine fork with an applied fish and sea plants overlapping to the back of the handle and an octopus applied to the gilded tines. length 6 1/4"; weight 2.0 troy oz. Style 2551. Very good condition.

Price: $1,795.00

Kirk repousse 11oz mustard pot

N7689 Kirk Repousse 11oz Mustard Pot

A Kirk Repousse barrel form mustard or condiment pot with applied handles and hinged lid. Marked S Kirk & Son, 11oz, 158. Diameter 2 1/8"; diameter of base 1 3/4"; height 2 1/4"; weight 2.55 troy oz. Good condition.

Price: $495.00

Tiffany oval sterling silver butter dish  Union Square mark

H7715 Tiffany Union Square Antique Sterling Butter Dish Circa 1870

A fine quality satin finished sterling silver oval covered butter dish by Tiffany and Company with Union Square mark and the "M" for Moore. The dome is hand engraved with a Persian motif with a pine cone finial. Pierced oval liner. Length 7 1/2". Height 6" at finial. 23.6 troy ounces.

Price: $2,250.00

N7595 Dutch Silver Cow Creamer

A Dutch silver cow creamer with applied fly on the hinged lid and garnets in the eyes. Length 5 1/4". weight 4.60 troy oz. Marked under the belly with a date letter for 1960 and maker KH.

Price: $795.00

Presentation sterling and gold double inkwell and stzand by J E Caldwell

J E Caldwell Presentation Sterling and Gold Double Inkwell and Stand 60 oz

A rare sterling silver double inkwell in the form of a barrel with gold strap-work in a Russian trompe l'oeil style and bolted to a stand with a pen rest. Each gold band is individually finely bolted around the barrel. There is an applied shovel and pick on each end of the stand. This was probably a special order from J E Caldwell and presented to a mining magnate, John Brockman who was part owner of Commonwealth Mines in Pearce, Arizona. The inkwells have glass liners. Marked J E Caldwell. Height 4 7/8"; length 6" by 3 3/4" wide. Extremely heavy i.e. 60 troy oz.

Please inquire

Gorhama aesthetic sterling serrated cake knife

EX7661 Gorham Aesthetic Sterling Serrated Cake Knife

A Gorham sterling serrated cake knife with aesthetic cube at the top of the handle. Monogrammed on the the blade. Length 9 3/4". Weight 2.60 troy oz. Good condition.

Price: $595.00

pair of Tiffany sterling open salts with textured parcel gilded surfaces and rose gilt interiors

RH7678 Pair of Tiffany Sterling Union Square Salts

An unusual pair of Tiffany sterling salts with the Union Square mark on the base. Monogrammed. Textured mottled parcel gilded surfaces on the outside and rose colored gilt interiors. Sweeping handles that extend to the bowls. "M" mark for Edward Moore. 1 1/2" tall. Diameter 2 1/2". Weight 4.7 troy ounces.

Price: $795.00 pair

Made for Theodore B Starr of New York probably by Shiebler marine candlesticks with shells

RH7622 Marine Sterling Candlesticks T B Starr Circa 1902

A rare pair of hand chased sterling candlesticks with shells retailed by Theodore B Starr of New York inscribed as a presentation from the Atlantic Yacht Club. Weighted and sealed at the base. 11" tall. The maker is almost certainly George Shiebler who has the association with Starr and manufactured goods of this type.

Price: $3,950.00 for the pair

Jacobi sterling repousse butter dish with lion finial

H7721 A Jacobi Sterling Repousse Butter Dish

A large antique sterling silver hand chased butter dish with lion finial, pierced liner and cast applied paw feet. The handles are cast with rams heads. Original silver hardware hold the lion finial in place. Marked sterling and A Jacobi. Weight 28 troy ounces. Height 8"

Price: $2,500.00

Gorham antique sterling silver olive dish with applied leaves

N7610 Gorham Sterling Olive Dish

An antique sterling olive dish with the 1890 date letter and the original gold wash in perfect condition. Length 5 3/4". Weight 5.2 troy ounces.

Price: $1,100.00

Pair French 950 silver open salts in the form of baskets by Fray Fils

N7623 Pair French 950 Silver Open Salts

A heavy pair of French 950 silver open salts in the form of a double basket with applied oak leaves extending to form the handle, parcel gilded and gilded interior. The maker is Fray Fils and each piece is stamped with the French 1st purity mark. Length 3 1/2" by 1 1/2" wide. Total weight 6.65 troy oz.

Price: $1,350.00 for the pair

pair of Gorham mustard pots special order

N7685 Pair of Gorham Special Order Mustard Pots

A fine and rare pair of matching sterling silver mustard pots with special order marks by the Gorham Company. Decorated with hand chased detail and a face on the ornate cast handles.. Hinged lids. Circa 1900. Monogrammed. 4" tall. Weight 11.85 troy ounces.

Price $1,595.00 for the pair

Birmingham 1822 English silver vinaigrette Ledham and Vale purse shape

N7562 English Silver Vinaigrette. Birmingham 1822

A small bright cut engraved purse shaped vinaigrette by Ledsam and Vale 1822 in excellent condition with a hinged grill. Marked on the base and inside the hinged lid. Original silver chain handle.

Price: $495.00

George Sharp sterling serving spoon with applied bull

7668 George Sharp Serving Spoon with Applied Bull's Head

A sterling serving spoon by George Sharp with an applied bull's head on the handle. The bowl is scalloped and is gold washed inside. Monogrammed on the back with a single Gothic letter W. Length 9 3/4"; weight 2.15 troy oz. Good condition.

Price: $795.00

Schofield antique sterling covered tureen with pomagranate finial

H7723 Schofield Baltimore Sterling Covered Dish 48.5 troy ounces

An unusual covered dish by Schofield of Baltimore with a pomegranate finial and applied monogram on one side of the lid. Weight 48.5 ozt. 12" by 9". Height 5 1/2" at finial.

Price: $2,200.00

EX7665 Shiebler Applied Metals Bon Bon Spoon

A Shiebler sterling round bowl bon bon spoon with applied fish and bugs with multicolored gold wash. L. 4 3/8"

Price: $795.00

Tiffany 1880s antique sterling hand hammered coffee pot

RH7728 Tiffany Hammered Coffee Pot

An antique sterling 1880s coffee pot, hand hammered with a hinged lid and hammered finial. Posh monogram on the base with an 1883 inscription. Perfect condition. Weight 27.4 troy ounces. 8" tall.

Price: $2,750.00

English silver teapot London 1829 John Edward Terrey

H7735 English Silver Teapot London 1829

A fine quality English silver teapot with cast horse head finial, chased mermaids and thistles. Hallmarked London 1829 by John Edward Terrey. Ht 11". Weight 33.7 toz

Price: $2,500.00

Gorham pair of shell open salts

N7569 Pair Gorham Sterling Shell Open Salts

Pair of Gorham sterling open salts in the form of shells with an applied naturalistic twig forming the foot. Length 1 13/4" by 1 1/4". Lightly gold washed interior.

Price: $295.00 the pair

George Sharp sterling butter dish with 3D bird

H7632 George Sharp Sterling Butter Dish with Bird

A fine footed sterling silver butter dish with pierced gold washed liner and chased and engraved lid with a three dimensional bird as the finial by George Sharp for Bailey & Co., Philadelphia. The bottom section has finely engraved alternating panels of floral and ribbon decoration against a stippled background and applied griffin handles. Diameter 6 1/4"; height 7 1/4"; weight 20.30 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00

Krider antique bright cut sterling large macaroni server circa 1870

EX7706 Krider Sterling Macaroni Server

A large antique sterling silver macaroni server with gold washed bright cut bowl and engraved Japanese influences handle. Length 11 1/4". Weight 4.55 troy ounces.

Price: $950.00

Coin silver napkin rings with chased Chinese scenes dated 1851Coin silver Chinoiserie napkin rings

N7525 Pr Coin Silver Napkin Rings Circa 1851 Chinese Scenes

A large pair of coin silver napkin rings monogrammed and dated 1851 and chased with scenes of Chinese buildings and people. Unmarked Coin Silver. 2 1/8" wide. Wt 5.10 toz

Price: $1,250.00 pair

Hilliard and Thomason two piece fish serving set with lily pads Birmingham 1851

EX7662 Hilliard & Thomas Sterling Fish Servers Birmingham 1851

A pair of Hilliard and Thomason silver fish servers with chased lily pads and engraved highlights. Hollow handles and all sterling blades in pristine condition. Hallmarked 1851, the same year as the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace. 12 3/4" and 10" long.

Price: $3,400.00

English hallmarked spoon warmer nautilus shell Atkin Brothers Sheffield 1893

N7557 English Sterling Silver Spoon Warmer Sheffield 1893

An English hallmarked silver spoon warmer Sheffield 1893, maker Atkin Brothers. Hallmarked the cast base, the nautilus shell and the hinged lid. Weight 18 troy ounces. A rare example because the majority of these spoon warmers are silver plate. Height 5 1/8". Length 6".

Price: $2,250.00

Indian Colonial silver tray Kutch region c1890

H7606 Indian Colonial Silver Tray Kutch Region c1900

A very fine Indian Colonial silver trinket tray chased with animals, buildings and trees in the Kutch style, a pierced border and an applied bamboo rim. Length 9" by 6" wide; weight 8.25 troy oz. Unmarked. Excellent condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $895.00

English silver vinaigrette John Tongue Birmingham 1893

N7607 English Silver Vinaigrette

An English silver vinaigrette engraved with scrolls with a monogrammed central cartouche on the lid. The maker is John Tongue dated for Birmingham 1893. Very good condition.

Price: $595.00

Gorham Hizen sterling serving spoon with bird and drago

7703 Gorham Hizen Sterling Serving Spoon with Bird

A Gorham sterling serving spoon in the Hizen pattern with engraved gold washed bowl depicting a bird on a branch with leaves. The handle is chased with a dragon on the front. Length 9"; weight 3.40 troy oz. Excellent condition.

Price: $975.00

Haddock Lincoln & Foss coin silver pitche

C7719 Haddock Lincoln & Foss Coin Silver Pitcher

A coin silver water pitcher by Haddock, Lincoln & Foss of Boston with applied leaf spout and naturalistic twig handle with acorns and leaves. Applied beading decorate the foot and there is a band of engraving around the top of the body. Height 11 1/2" to the top of the handle. Weight 33.90 troy oz. Good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $2,500.00

antique Dutch silver candelabra

Pair Antique Dutch 833 Silver Candelabra

A pair antique Dutch 833 silver candelabra comprising ornate chased candlesticks with five arms and a central stem making six lights, all with removable bobeches. Height 16"; width 10 1/2"; diameter base 4 3/4". Total weight 90 troy ounces. Hallmarked with date letter for 1905 along with other Dutch marks. Also marked on the bobeches. NOT WEIGHTED.

Price: $2,750.00 for the pair

Gorham sterling garbage can mustard pot

N7684 Gorham Sterling Mustard Pot

A Gorham sterling mustard pot in the form of a garbage can with paneled body and twisted rope around the top edge extending down to form the handle. The lid pulls out. Marked with Gorham hallmarks and a date letter M for 1880. Good condition and monogrammed on the base. Height 4"; weight 3.90 troy oz.

Price: $675.00

Kirk Repousse 11oz butter dish

H7717 Kirk 11 oz Repousse Butter Dish

An S Kirk & Son Repousse 11oz butter dish with solid liner and three dimensional floral finial. Height 5"; overall diameter 7 1/2"; interior diameter 4 3/4"; weight 17.65 troy oz. Very good condition.

Price: $1,750.00

Shiebler Etruscan sterling and 14K cream ladle

EX7648 Shiebler Etruscan Sterling and 14K Cream Ladle

A Shiebler sterling cream ladle in the Etruscan pattern with 14K medallion on the handle and silver medallion in the bowl. Length 5 3/4"; weight 2.0 troy oz. Retailed by C D Peacock.

Price: $875.00

Gorham sterling ornate footed tray

H7588 Ornate Gorham Sterling Footed Tray

A Gorham sterling silver dish with a cast pierced border and chased art nouveau irises and sunflowers on an interior raised area with a monogram in the center cartouche. There is an applied band incorporating six feet on the underside. Diameter 13 1/2"; diameter of raised area 8"; height 2"; weight 36 troy oz. Marked with Gorham's logo, sterling, A2077M and a date mark (bell) for 1900.

Price: $2,400.00

Kirk repousse antique sterling cheese dish

7671 Kirk Repousse Cheese 11 Ounce Dish

A Kirk antique sterling cheese dish with repousse flowers and an engraved diapered insert. Marked with the 11 ounce mark. Diameter 5". Height 2 1/2". Weight 12.20 troy ounces.

Price: $1,350.00

Caldwell sterling scopp with bright cut bird

EX7605 Caldwell Bright Cut Sterling Scoop

A fruit or dessert serving scoop in sterling silver marked by Caldwell as retailer with hand chased handle and gold washed bright cut bowl. Japanese influenced engraving of birds and leaves. Circa 1870. Pristine condition. L 9 1/2".

Price: $595.00

Tiffany antique sterling hammered mustard pot with Japanese style monogram

N7687 Tiffany Hammered Mustard Pot

An antique sterling silver hand hammered mustard pot by Tiffany with a Japanese style monogram on the front. Lid hinges back to open. French import mark. 3" tall.

Price: $795.00

Wood & Hughes medallion condiment jar with lid and horse finial

N7688 Wood & Hughes Coin Silver Condiment Jar

A Wood & Hughes coin silver condiment jar with an engraved lid and horse finial. Gilted interior and pull off lid. Applied rope edge on the base and edge of bowl. Applied inward facing medallions on the handles. Height 4 1/8". Weight 8.5 troy ounces.

Price: $1,350.00

Elkington antique silver and glass claret jug Birmingham 1894

H7590 Elkington Sterling Silver and Glass Carafe

Birmingham 1894

A sterling silver claret just mounted on glass and hallmarked Birmingham 1894 with the Elkington hallmark. Cast lion supporting shield finial and grape vines and faces on the silver. 10 1/2" tall.

Price: $1,395.00

Durgin hand hammered sterling bowl art nouveau

H7597 Durgin 'Martele' Style Hammered Bowl Art Nouveau

An Art Nouveau sterling bowl, hand hammered and chased with irises by Durgin in the style of Gorham's Martele line. Retailed by Spaulding & Co., Chicago. Diameter 10"; height 4"; weight 22.20 troy oz. Excellent conditon and never monogrammed.

Price: $1,895.00

George Sharp sterling macaroni server with bugGeorge Sharp sterling macaroni server with bug

EX7669 George Sharp Sterling Macaroni Server with Bug

A George Sharp sterling silver macaroni server with gold washed blade (on the front) and ball with an applied bug on the handle. Marked Patent 1883, G.S., Sterling.

Length 11"; weight 4.45 troy oz.

Price: $2,250.00

Shiebler sterling picture frame

N7604 Shiebler Sterling Picture Frame

A small sterling silver frame by Shiebler with a cherub on each side holding a central round wreath to hold a picture 1 1/2" in diameter. Overall length of frame 4 1/2" by 2 1/4" tall. Weight 1.8 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Tiffany & Co. sterling stag stirrup cups

N7614 Two Tiffany & Co. Germany Sterling Stag Stirrup Cups

Two sterling silver stirrup cups made in Germany for Tiffany & Co. with realistically modeled stag heads. Height 7 1/4"; approximate weight of each 13.40 troy oz. Gold washed interior. Very good condition.

Price: $1,800.00 each

Stieff Repousse sterling butter pats

N7566 Six Stieff Repousse Sterling Butter Pats #1220

A set of six Stieff Repousse sterling butter pats with 'rope' border, diapered central area with monogram iin the cartouche. Marked with the Stieff logo, 925, sterling and 1220. Diameter 3 1/4"; diapered area 1 3/4" in diameter. Good condition.

Price: $595.00 for the set of six

Wood & Hughes aesthetic sterling bowl

H7576 Wood & Hughes Aesthetic Sterling Bowl 9"

An aesthetic parcel gilded sterling silver bowl on a low pedestal by Wood & Hughes with ruffled edge and acid etched and engraved roses, rose buds, leaves and stems on a stippled background in the interior of the bowl. A rectangular cartouche in the center bears a monogram. Diameter 9"; height 2 1/2"; weight 15.20 troy oz. Excellent condition.

Price: $1,100.00

Watson sterling fruit series fruit spoon with oranges

7573 Watson Fruit Series Sterling Fruit Spoon ORANGES

A Watson sterling citrus or fruit spoon by Watson with the Orange motif, lightly gold washed bowl and highlighted gold wash on the oranges. Monogrammed on the back of the handle. Length 6 1/8". Excellent condition.

Price: $89.00

American sterling silver saucepan cookware

H7581 Large American Sterling Saucepan 22 oz

A rare and unusual large American sterling cooking saucepan by Adelphi with applied handle and presentation inscription on the front dated 1857 to 1908 to The Mander Bros. Length with handle 13"; diameter 7"; height 4 1/2"; weight 22.60 troy oz.

Price: $1,850.00

Gorham sterling olive spoon and fork with applied crabs

EX7551 Gorham Sterling Olive Spoon/Fork with Crab

A Gorham sterling silver olive server with gold washed spoon on one end and a two tine fork on the other end. Applied crab in the center of a hand hammered feathered edge handle and another applied crab at the bowl. Length 10 1/8". Marked 272, Sterling and C.

Price: $495.00

C7574 Set of 12 Coin Silver Dinner Forks J B Jones Boston

A wonderful set of twelve coin silver dinner forks by J B Jones of Boston, MA. in the Kings pattern, struck on both front and back. Length 8"; combined weight 35.75 troy oz. Excellent condition. Monogrammed on the back of each fork.

Price: $1,500.00

William Gale coin silver large swing handle basket

C7560 Large William Gale Coin Silver Cake Basket 50 oz

A superb quality antique coin silver cake basket by William Gale of exceptional weight. Finely engraved with birds, flowers and leaves and monogrammed in a small cartouche. The handle shows fabulous detail. Applied bands of decoration on the pedestal base and on the rim of the basket. 13" by 11". 50.20 troy ounces.

Price: $3,750.00

Tiffany Indian Bon Bon Spoon with Enamel Highlights

A rare Tiffany Indian bon bon spoon with pierced gold washed bowl and Native American Indian on the handle. The motif is 'Slave Dance.' Highlights of colored enamel decorate the front and back of the handle. Length 6". Monogrammed in the bowl.

Please inquire

French solid silver elephant Bry & Cie Paris

N7568 French 950 Silver Elephant

A French 1st purity silver model of an elephant with fine detail and marked on one leg with a Minerva head, a 1 and counter mark. Retailed by Bry & Co of Paris, jewelers and clock makers. Weight 58.60 troy oz. Height 6 1/4" to the ear and 8 1/2" to the tip of the trunk. Length 7 1/2". Excellent condition.

Price: $5,600.00

Durgin ornate sterling water pitcher

H7583 Durgin Sterling Ornate Water Pitcher

An ornate sterling silver water pitcher by Durgin with applied medallions on two panels depicting crossed swords. Blue bells are chased between each panel and on the upper portion of the pitcher. The handle is encrusted with applied floral decoration. Marked with the old Durgin mark, 1814, sterling and the retailer Harris & Shafer. Height to the top of the handle 11"; weight 44.65 troy oz. Never monogrammed. Excellent condition.

Price: $3,900.00

Pair English silver tazzas by Garrard with crest

H7558 R & S Garrard & Co. English Silver Gilt Tazzas

A pair of ornate cast and chased English silver gilt tazzas by Garrard with tall stem and round open work bowl. The central column and foot have applied animal heads surrounded by pearling. The center of the bowl is crested with the latin words 'Omne Solum Forti Patria' translated to 'To the brave every land is his homeland." Dated for London 1887. Height 7 3/4"; diameter at top 7 1/4"; diameter of base 4 3/4"; combined weight 54.90 troy oz. Excellent condition.

Price: $4,900.00

Stuart Devlin hand hammered sterling champagne flutes with textured stem

Stuart Devlin Hammered Sterling Champagne Flutes

Two English silver hand hammered champagne flutes by Stuart Devlin with textured gold washed 'bark' stem and foot. Gold washed interior. Height 7 3/4"; cup 4" long and 2 1/4" in diameter at the top. Combined weight 14.40 troy oz. Hallmarked for London 1971

Price: $750.00 each

Gorham sterling and mixed metal pepper pot crab and salamander

7550 Gorham Mixed Metals Pepper Pot

A Gorham sterling pepper pot with applied copper salamander and silver crab on a textured surface. Height 3 3/4"; weight 2.55 troy oz. Date letter M for 1880.

Good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $695.00

Tiffany Japanese sterling serving spoon with ruffled bowl

TJ7545 Tiffany Japanese Ruffled Berry Spoon

A Tiffany Japanese antique sterling berry serving spoon with fluted gold washed bowl in pristine condition. Never monogrammed.

Length 9 1/4"

Price: $850.00

International Vision sterling flatware set for 8

3995 International Vision Sterling Silver Flatware Set for Eight

A 49 piece set of International Vision sterling for 8 designed by Ronald Pearson, composed of:

8 Dinner Knives 8 5/8"; 8 Dinner Forks 7 1/4"; 8 Soup spoons 7 1/4"; 8 Salad forks 6 1/4" 8 Individual butter knives 6 1/2"; 8 Teaspoons 6 1/4"; 1 sugar spoon wide bowl 6 1/4". Total 49 pieces. Never monogrammed and in good condition.

Price: $2,950.00

Pair Tiffany sterling shell dishes with figural squirrels and acornsPair Tiffany sterling shell dishes with figural squirrels and acorns

H7549 Pair Tiffany Sterling Shell Dishes Applied Squirrels

A pair of sterling silver shell form dishes with applied naturalistic branch feet and figural squirrel perched on acorns and leaves which are attached to the handle. Length 7 1/2" by 6 1/2" wide; height 2"; combined weight 21.45 troy oz. Good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $2,200.00 for the pair

Stuart Devlin sterling wine goblets

Stuart Devlin Sterling Wine Goblets

Three English hand hammered silver wine goblets by Stuart Devlin with textured stem and gold washed interior. Height 7 1/4"; length of cup alone 2 7/8"; diameter at top 2 1/2". Dated for London 1972.

Price: $695.00 each

Simons sterling crab claw serving tongs

N7546 Simons Sterling Crab Claw Tongs

A novelty sterling silver crab claw serving tongs by Simons. The mouth which has "teeth" on the top and bottom jaw, closes when pressed and works with a spring to grab food. Length 4 1/4".

Price: $395.00

Whiting aesthetic sterling bowl with applied crabs shells and seaweed

RH7547 Whiting Sterling Nautical Bowl with Crabs, Shells and Seaweed

A Whiting hand hammered sterling silver nautical bowl with undulating rim, applied crabs, seaweed and shells which form the legs. Fine hand hammering and pearling decorate four sides of the bowl with four applied crabs. Gold washed interior. Diameter 9"; weight 31.95 troy oz; height 4 1/2". Monogrammed on one side and retailed by Theodore Starr.

Please inquire

Gorham Bird's Nest sterling serving spoon large

7548 Gorham Bird's Nest Sterling Serving Spoon 9 1/2"

A Gorham Bird's Nest serving spoon, the top of the bowl being gold washed and an F monogram on the back of the bowl. Marked lion, anchor, G, sterling. Length 9 1/2".

Price: $1,895.00

Gorham sterling centerpiece with fruit bowl and naturalistic calla lily and leaves bugs on the base

RH7422 Rare Gorham Sterling Centerpiece with Applied Frog and Salamanders

A rare Gorham sterling centerpiece with naturalistic leaves and calla lily extruding from a central column, a silver wire gold washed fruit bowl and applied salamanders, a frog, leaves, berries and chased lily pads on an "icicle" form base. The three parts unscrew. Overall height 12"; diameter of bowl 10"; base 7" long. Weight 31.05 troy oz. Marked with Gorham's lion, anchor, G, sterling, 685 and C date letter for 1870.


Stuart Devlin sterling silver wine goblets London 1969

Stuart Devlin English Silver Wine Goblets London 1969

Nine sterling hand hammered and cast wine goblets by Stuart Devlin and hallmarked London 1969. Parcel gilded and gilded inside.

Height 7 1/8"

Price: $695.00 each

Alvin Majestic set of 12 sterling dinner knives with blunt blades

7518 Set of Twelve Alvin Majestic Dinner Knives

Set of 12 Alvin Majestic dinner knives with blunt blades and sterling handles. Length 9 3/4". Never mongrammed.

Price: $595.00 for the set of 12

Set of four Tiffany & Co sterling candlesticks

H6671 Four Classical Tiffany Sterling Column Candlesticks

Four pristine Tiffany sterling silver column form candlesticks cement loaded and sealed with sterling over the base. There is a single letter "H" monogram on each stick. Excellent patina. The height is 12". The sticks bear the Tiffany hallmark dating them between 1907 and 1938.

Price: $5,900.00 for the set of four

Redlich antique sterling paper knife with chickens

N7531 Redlich Sterling Letter Opener / Paper Knife

Monogrammed and with a 1912 presentation date this antique sterling silver paper knife is by Redlich and has twin chicks as the terminal with a wood simulated shaft. Length 7 1/2".

Price: $595.00

F S Boyden Chicago golf trophy hand hammered Chicago arts and crafts

H7534 Frank S Boyden Hand Hammered Golf Trophy Chicago

A finely hand hammered and dovetailed sterling silver golf trophy in the shape of a golf bag. The quality of construction and hammering is superb which is not surprising for this maker who was known for incredible quality. Height 8 3/8". Weight 11.8 troy ounces.

Price: $1,395.00

Edwardian sterling gilted tray in the Chased Vine pattern by Hunt and Roskell

H7529 Edwardian Hunt & Roskell Chased Vine Gilt Silver Tray London 1909

A circular sterling gilted tray in the chased vine pattern by Hunt & Roskell dated London 1909. Crest engraved at the center and lightly engraved with vines. Ornate applied vine border. Diameter 14 1/4". Weight 56.35 ozt.

Price: $3,950.00

Wendt antique sterling bowl with cast lobsters and shells

RH7532 Wendt Antique Sterling Lobster Bowl Circa 1870

An antique sterling silver centerpiece bowl with cast and applied lobsters in shells as the handle. Under the handles there are three dimensional cat tails and long leaves in silver supporting the castings. The lobsters are finely detailed. Satin finish throughout, and an applied ornate die rolled band at the rim of the exterior. Retailed by Starr and Marcus of New York. Weight 25.6 troy ounces. 13" across the handles. Height 4 1/2". Width 6"

Price: $3,850.00

Gorham antique sterling silver water pitcher

H7528 Gorham Sterling Pitcher Circa 1923

A fine quality sterling silver water pitcher by Gorham without monograms and with excellent weight. There is some chasing in the panels at the corners. 41.55 troy ounces. 9" tall.

Price: $2,250.00

pair of antique silver punch bowls by James Barclay Hennell London 1886 battle scenes

RH7514 Pair of English Silver Chased Punch Bowls London 1886 James Barclay Hennell

A remarkable and rare pair of large punch bowls hand chased with medieval battle scenes by James Barclay Hennell. The interior of each bowl is gilded with the original gilding and the condition is excellent. Hallmarked London 1886. Weight 105 ozt. Hennell was a quality manufacturer during this period and his work is highly regarded.

Please inquire

Robert Hennell antique silver gobler shooting scene London 1860

H7521 R Hennell English Antique Silver Goblet

An antique silver chalice with shooting scenes hand chased and dated 1860, London. The maker Robert Hennell. The cartouche never monogrammed. Interior gilt lined.

Height 7"

Weight 10.15 troy ounces.

Price: $2,250.00

Pair Garrard sterling silver candelabra ini the chinoiserie style

RH7512 Pair of English Sterling Silver Chinoiserie Candelabra

An unusual pair of English silver four light candelabra by Sebastian Garrard dated for London 1928 in the Chinoiserie style with pierced pagoda form columns, four leaf form feet and pineapple finials. Height 17 3/4"; width across the arms 8 1/2"; total weight 221 troy oz.

Please inquire

Peter and Ann Bateman silver tablespoons Old English Engraved pattern 1792

7517 Set of Six Peter and Ann Bateman Bright Cut Old English Tablespoons

A set of six English silver tablespoons or serving spoons by Peter and Ann Bateman in the Old English pattern with bright cut decoration. Length 8 3/4". Dated for London 1792. All with the same monogram. Excellent condition. Total weight 12.65 troy oz.

Price: $795.00 for the set of six spoons

Pair Kirk repousse sterling tazzas compotes

Pair Kirk Repousse Sterling Tazzas

A large pair sterling footed sterling silver tazzas or compotes by S Kirk in the Repousse pattern depicting ferns, flowers and leaves. The scalloped border curls over and has an applied edge. The interior is monogrammed. The foot of each compote is dated October 31, 1898. The overall diameter at the top is 9 1/4", the smooth area is 5" in diameter; diameter of foot 5 1/5"; height 4 3/4"; combined weight 48.05 troy oz.

Please inquire

Whiting mixed metals sterling cheese scoop with mouse

5692 Whiting Antique Sterling Cheese Scoop with Applied Mouse and Copper

A hand hammered antique sterling cheese scoop by the Whiting Company inscribed 1882 with an inscription on the reverse of the handle. Applied mouse and copper leaf on the handle with engraved decoration. Weight: 2.45 troy ounces. Length: 8"

Price: $795.00

Hester Bateman antique silver mug London 1786

H7506 Hester Bateman Silver Mug London 1786

A Hester Bateman antique silver mug with hand engraved later Victorian monogram on the front in excellent condition. 12.05 troy ounces. Height 5 1/4".

Price: $1,195.00

Gorham repousse antique sterling soap box

N7511 Gorham Antique Sterling Repousse Soap Box

A hinged sterling repousse soap box with monogram in the central cartouche. Circa 1900. 3 1/4" by 2 1/2"

Price: $195.00 HOLD

George III silver covered vegetable tureen by Richard Cook London 1805

H7505 George III Silver Covered Vegetable Tureen by Richard Cook London 1805

An English silver covered vegetable tureen by Richard Cook, London 1805 with dragooned border and raven finial. A Fine piece and English antique silver with two crests engraved on the sides of the dome. Weight 85 troy ounces. 10 1/2" by 8 3/4" by 8" tall at the finial.

Please inquire

Pair of English silver candlesticks by Ebenezer Coker c1765

H7504 Pair Early English Silver Candlesticks c1765

An early pair of English silver candlesticks by Ebenezer Coker dated for London 1765. The cast bases depict shells which are repeated on the removable bobeches. Crested on the base and bobeches. Height 10 3/4"; weight 43.55 troy oz. They are in excellent condition.

Price: $7,500.00

Pair Kalo hand wrought oval sterling entree dishes V1B

H7501 Pair Kalo Hand Wrought Oval Bowls

A pair of Kalo oval form sterling hand wrought bowls with applied rim at the base and around the top edge. Length 8 1/4" by 5 1/8" wide. Both bowls are marked with style number V1B and have script monograms ENB on one side. Combined weight 22.25 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00 the pair

Tiffany sterling ice bucket with swing handle

H7502 Tiffany Sterling Ice Bucket with Swing Handle

A Tiffany sterling silver ice bucket with engraved vertical panels and feathered engraving on the top edge and swing handle. Very good condition and never monogrammed. Circa 1920.

Weight 20.40 troy oz. Height 5 1/2".

Price: $1,895.00

Kalo Chicago set of six salt and pepper shakers

H7495 Kalo Chicago Sterling Hammered Salt and Pepper Set

A rare set of six sterling hand hammered salt and pepper shakers by the Kalo shop in Chicago. All have three letter applied monograms. Three tops have larger holes. 1 3/4" tall

Price: $750.00

S Kirk sterling nut dishes number 420

N7407 Eight Kirk Sterling Silver 142 Nut Dishes

A set of eight matching sterling silver nut cups by Kirk of Baltimore, never monogrammed. Weight 13.20 toz. 4 1/2" by 3 1/4". Style number 142.

Price: $595.00 for the eight

Tiffany large antique sterling hammered fruit bowl with applied shellsTiffany hammered bowl with applied shells and seaweed

RH7461 Tiffany Hammered Bowl with Applied Shells Circa 1880

A large Tiffany hand hammered bowl with applied cast shells and seaweed. 49 ozt. 4" tall. 10 1/4" diameter.

Please inquire

Indian silver chased high relief cigarette case

N7480 Indian Silver Cigarette Case

An antique silver Indian cigarette case of exceptional quality and the finest high relief chasing. The scene depicts people in costume with monkeys in the foreground. 3 1/4" by 3". 3.90 ozt.

Price: $595.00

Thomas Johnson English hallmarked antique silver London 1886 children salt and pepper shakers

N7476 Important Figural Salt & Pepper Set Thomas Johnson Circa 1886

A detailed figural antique sterling silver salt and pepper set with hinged doors at the base. Hallmarked London 1886 by Thomas Johnson. The form of the shakers is two different small children executed in sterling with realistic facial expressions. 3" tall. Weight 9.30 troy ounces

Price: $9,500.00

English antique silver gold washed tea ball London 1857

T7484 English Silver Antique Tea Ball

A rare fine quality English silver gold washed tea ball dated London 1857. Both hinged halves expertly pierced in an intricate pattern. The chain folds into the dome. Maker JH.

Price: $950.00

Charles Boyton English silver mug

H7477 English Silver Hammered Cup Charles Boyton

An English silver flare form hand hammered cup by Charles Boyton, the handle with applied leaf and grapes. Hallmarked for London 1948. Height 4"; diameter at the top 3 1/2" and base 4" in diameter. Weight 14.60 troy oz.

Price: $1,895.00

Bigelow Kennardr lobster hammered antique sterling bowl

RH7474 Bigelow Kennard Sterling Oval Bowl Circa 1880

An antique sterling hand hammered fruit bowl with a large chased lobster having one applied claw and chased seaweed on the reverse. Maker Bigelow Kennard. 28 ozt

Price on request

Reed & Barton Diamond sterling coffee set 1960s

H7417 Reed & Barton Diamond Sterling Coffee Set 1960s original stickers on the bases

A pristine 1960s sterling coffee set in the Diamond pattern by Reed and Barton. Weight 45.3 troy ounces.

Price: $2,950.00 for the three piece set

Gorham sterling mixed metals bowl with copper handles

3281 Gorham Sterling and Mixed Metals Bowl

An antique sterling silver hammered bowl with applied copper mixed metals applications including bamboo handles and a copper ring base. The bowl has a die rolled ornate band of decoration at the rim. 30.8 ozt

Please inquire

Dutch silver cow creamer with garnet eyes and London import marks 1891

N7467 Large Dutch Antique Silver Cow Creamer London Import Marks 1891

A large Dutch silver cow creamer with garnet eyes and fine detail. Dutch hallmarks and London import marks for the year 1891. Weight 19.15 troy ounces. 11" across. Height 6"

Price: $4,500.00

Large German antique silver cow with London import marks for 1924

N7468 Large German Cow Creamer London Import Marks 1924

A large silver cow creamer with German marks and London import marks for 1924. The cow measures 6 3/4" to the tail and 10" across. Weight 20.85 troy ounces.

Price: $3,500.00

Shiebler leaf bowl spoon with copper bug on handle mixed metals

EX7452 Shiebler Mixed Metals Serving Spoon Circa 1880

An antique Shiebler sterling spoon with hand hammered leaf bowl and leaf handle with applied copper bug. Length 10 1/4". Weight 2.75 troy oz

Price: $1,895.00

set of six Tiffany special handwork sterling goblets 64 oz

RH7481 Rare Set of Six Tiffany Special Hand Work Sterling Goblets 64 oz

A rare set of six magnificent sterling hammered wine or water goblets by Tiffany & Co. with octagonal panels on the cup and foot and flower form stem. These goblets are part of Tiffany's Special Hand Work series c1928. They are extremely heavy i.e. approximately 11 ozt each with a total weight of 64.80 ozt. Height 6".

Please inquire

Krider Philadelphia lidded antique sterling wine jog cast figures

Antique Krider Philadelphia Sterling Wine Jug

An incredibly heavy cast lidded jug with hinged lid and classical figures, grapes and vines. Marked on the base with the marks of Krider of Philadelphia. Unbelievable weight of 45.40 troy ounces. Monogrammed with a fancy custom monogram on the lid. Height 8 1/4".

Please inquire

German figural silver tea caddy

T7470 German Silver Figural Tea Caddy

A large impressive finely chased tea caddy with various figures and scenes below a large face of a lion. The lid with a floral finial slides sideways to open. Marked on the base, probably Hanau c1877. Height 5 1/4" to the finial; width 3 3/4"; depth 2 1/8"; weight 10.1 troy oz. Good condition with no monogram.

Price: $1,750.00

Rare Gorham Sterling and Mixed Metals Punch Bowl with Ladle

A large important hand hammered Gorham sterling and mixed metals punch bowl. Applied copper and brass cherries and leaves. Matching ladle. Click on picture for more details. 77 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Kalo arts and crafts sterling pitcher model G574

H7469 Kalo Chicago Arts & Crafts Sterling Pitcher 4 1/2 pint

A sterling silver hand hammered pitcher by Kalo of Chicago, paneled and octagon form with applied handle. Height 8 3/4"; weight 24.35 troy oz. Excellent condition. Monogrammed on the base with a date of 1931. Style number G574.

Price: $3,250.00

English Britannia silver salt and pepper set by crichton Bros.

H7406 English 950 Silver Salt and Pepper Set by Crichton

A fine quality heavy English Britannia standard silver (950 pure) salt and pepper set by Crichton Bros dated for London 1933. Height 4 1/2"; total weight 11.25 troy oz. Also marked on the base Crichton & Co. Excellent condition and monogrammed as shown.

Price: $695.00 pair

Gorham Martele floral vase with irises circa 1908

RH7486 Gorham Martele Vase Circa 1908

A fine Gorham Martele vase chased by George Sauthof in perfect condition with fine hammering and large irises and vines. Marked R/JO. Height 9 3/8". Weight 36 toz.

Please inquire

Gorham antique sterling silver wine bottle holders

H7482 Pair Gorham Sterling Wine Bottle Holders

A pair of Gorham antique sterling silver wine bottle holders with grapes and vines forming the frame to hold a wine bottle. The bottom hinges back to open and is closed with a pin on a chain. Height 8 1/2". Weight 32 troy oz. Marked with London import marks and the Gorham mark used in Great Britain for silver hallmarked and sold there,

Price: $6,900.00 for the pair

English sterling double tea infuser

T7471 Rare Expandable Silver Tea Infuser

A rare English silver tea infuser hallmarked Chester 1905 by JJ. The infuser comprises two cylindrical mesh cups that are inserted into one another. The bottom cup has a gear that the top cup pin locks into and expands the tea ball to different heights and therefore different amounts of tea leaves. Diameter 2". Expands to 3 1/4". Closed 2" tall.

Price: $975.00

pair Peter Krider sterling dessert plates with baskets of flowers

Pair Peter Krider Sterling Dessert Plates

A pair of heavy sterling silver dessert plates by Peter Krider of Philadelphia octagonal in shape with chased baskets of flowers, cornucopia and leaves on a textured border. Both monogrammed in the center. Length 8 1/2"; diameter of central area 5 1/4". Total weight 27.55 oz

Price: $2,950.00 for the pair

Gorham antique sterling silver sugar bowl with mixed metals applied

7457 Gorham Sterling and Mixed Metals Sugar Bowl

A sterling and mixed metals sugar bowl by Gorham circa 1880 (date letter M). The lid pulls off. Applied copper berries and sterling braided straps in a Japanese style. 5 1/2" across the handles. Height 3 1/2". Weight 10.6 troy ounces.

Price: $1,595.00

lTiffany sterling pitcher with applied shells nautical theme

RH6779 Tiffany Sterling Nautical Pitcher with Chased Shells Circa 1880

A rare and unusual Tiffany antique sterling pitcher with chased shells and seaweed in extraordinary detail. A large pitcher with exceptional weight.

Height 11" Weight 53.65 troy ounces

Please inquire

Wood & Hughes exotic sterling fish set nautical theme

Wood & Hughes Sterling Fish Set

A large superb exotic two piece fish serving set by Wood & Hughes monogrammed on the reverse. The blade has a combination of satin finish and plain gilt surfaces. Extremely fine detail. 13" & 11 1/2".

Price: $3,950.00

English silver Georgian London 1831 strainer crested

T7412 Georgian London 1831 Basket Strainer

An rare and unusual English antique silver strainer with swing handle hallmarked for London 1831. Engraved with a crest. The maker is John James Keith. Marked on the handle. Diameter 5".

Price: $595.00

Gorham art nouveau sterling silver cigarette case circa 1900

N7431 Gorham Figural Art Nouveau Cigarette Case

A Gorham detailed figural art nouveau cigarette case of above average quality with gilted interior. Excellent condition. An art nouveau maiden in an exotic garden of cat tails. Circa 1900. 3 1/4" by 2 1/2". Weight 3.25 troy ounces.

Price: $875.00

Odiot 950 silver leaf dish

H7416 French Silver Leaf Dish by Odiot

A fine quality parcel gilted leaf form dish by Odiot of Paris in the first purity i.e. 950/1000. The handle is a naturalistic branch with a fruit applied. Light script small monogram on the base. Length and width without handle 7 1/2"; weight 12.55 troy oz.

Price: $2,250.00

Tiffany sterling pitcher in the Indian style

RH7376 Tiffany Indian Influenced Engraved Sterling Pitcher

A superb hand engraved Indian style pitcher by Tiffany and Company monogrammed on the base. The handle resembles the trunk of an elephant and is engraved to match the pitcher. Height 8 1/4". Weight 30 troy oz.

Please inquire

Whiting sterling dandelion bowl

RH7448 Pristine Whiting Dandelion Bowl Circa 1884

An antique sterling bowl by Whiting circa 1880 probably designed by Charles Osborne in absolutely pristine condition. The inside is gilted and hand hammered and the exterior of the bowl has an etched finish. The applied panels show the various stages in the development of the dandelion. Inscribed on the base with a presentation dated 1884. Weight 36 troy oz. 11" diameter. Height 5"

Please inquire

Gorham martele 15 inch vase

RH7375 Large Gorham Martele Vase 15"

A 15" Gorham Martele vase with delicate floral chasing. Ruffled edges and base. Chased with pansies and leaves with a hammered background. Excellent color.

Circa 1905.

Weight 58 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Important Tiffany sterling vase attributed to Curran

RH6889 Important Tiffany Antique Sterling Vase

An exceptional Tiffany sterling vase attributed to Curran with applied, etched and chased detail. The two handles terminate in a cast rosette which is also applied to the base on the underside. Exceptional detail, and a remarkable effort on the part of Tiffany & Company to produce a unique piece of silver during the gilded age. Height 12 3/4" tall. Weight 106.9 troy oz. The diameter of the top opening is 6"

Please inquire

Tiffany art nouveau acid etched vase with lily of the valley

RH7379 Rare Tiffany Acid Etched Vase Circa 1900

An unusual Tiffany antique sterling silver art nouveau vase with acid etched decoration throughout depicting lily of the valley. The etching takes on a textured finish and the dark color contrasts with the pattern.

Height 10". Weight 19.55 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Gorham special order sterling vase with fretwork and gilded applied flowers and wheat

RH5666 Gorham Special Order Sterling and Gilt Vase

A tall sterling presentation vase by Gorham with gilded cast reticulated base and rim. Hand made silver gilt flowers including roses, carnations, daisies, leaves and wheat are attached to hooks and eyelets on the vase. Marked on the base with four numbers in a rectangle indicating a Gorham special order. A twenty fifth anniversary inscription dated 1864 to1889. Height 12"; diameter at top 7"; weight 59.60 troy oz.

Please inquire

Kirk repousse 11 oz coin silver salver

H7306 Large Kirk Repousse Footed Salver

A large impressive sterling silver antique salver by S Kirk with 11 ounce mark and empty cartouche. Diameter 14". Weight 37.45 troy ounces.

Price: $2,950.00

Tiffany sterling art deco bowl

H7233 Tiffany & Co. Portugal Modernist Sterling Bowl

A heavy stylish sterling silver faceted bowl by Tiffany & Co. Portugal. Height 4 1/2"; diameter 9 1/2"; weight 42.38 troy oz. Very good condition.

Price: $4,900.00

Tiffany antique hammered ice bowl with applied gilted tadpoles and engraved seaweed

RH7253 Rare Tiffany Sterling Ice Bowl Circa 1880

An unusual Tiffany hammered sterling ice bowl with applied silver gilted tadpoles and engraved seaweed. Ruffled pedestal base, all hammered. Weight 16.45 troy ounces. Height 4". 7 3/4" diameter.

Price: $5,900.00

Gorham sterling tea set with fine engraving and fretworkGorham sterling tea set with fine engraving

RH7309 Gorham Antique Sterling Tea Set Indian Style

An unusual finely engraved five piece sterling silver tea set by Gorham composed of a hot water pot, tea pot, covered sugar bowl, creamer and waste bowl, superb fretwork inset into each handle. Monogrammed on both sides in the central cartouche. Marked with Gorham's Union Square mark and date letter for 1876. Height of tallest pot 9"; combined weight 115 troy oz. Excellent condition.

Please inquire

pair of Elkington 1889 antique sterling silver gilt tazzas in pristine condition

RH7214 Elkington Antique Sterling Tazzas

A magnificent pair of silver gilt tazzas by Elkington with Birmingham hallmarks for 1889. Finished with polished mahogany plaques inserted into the base. Scenes of cherubs and swags and with a large mask at the center in incredible detail and absolutely pristine. Monogrammed.

9 1/4" tall by 12 1/2" long. 140 troy ounces. Please inquire.

RH7289 Whiting Acid Etched Bowl with Applied Seaweed Circa 1880

An antique sterling Japanese inspired fruit bowl by Whiting circa 1880 with a acid etched interior to simulate sea foam and applied seaweed. Japanese motifs decorate the pedestal base. 37.35 troy ounces. Diameter 10 1/4" Height 4".

Price on request

Warner of Baltimore coin silver repousse and floral huge salver

H7285 Huge Warner of Baltimore Coin Silver Footed Salver

A huge coin silver footed salver by Warner of Baltimore with four applied paw feet, a repousse border and engraved and diapered central area depicting flowers, leaves and birds. Monogrammed with a single letter B in the cartouche. Diameter 17 1/4"; weight 61.50 troy oz. Very good condition.

Price: $4,800.00

T7294 Important George III English Silver Tea Caddy By William Pitts London 1814

A large ornate English silver tea caddy by William Pitts, London 1814 in the Chinese style with tea pickers and pagodas on the sides. The lid slides forward to open. Superb quality and condition. Engraved crests.

5" tall. 20 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Tiffany special handwork 16 inch tray octagonal

H7182 Tiffany Sterling Special Handwork 16" Tray

A sterling silver octagonal hammered tray by Tiffany & Co. in their 'special handwork' line and marked as such, measuring 16" in diameter with a weight of 62.60 troy oz. It is in excellent condition with no monogram.

Price: $4,500.00

Large Tiffany antique sterling and mixed metals hammered Japanese style water pitcher circa 1880

RH7120 Tiffany Larger Size Sterling and Mixed Metals Pitcher

A large Tiffany antique sterling hammered pitcher in the Japanese style with applied mixed metals and sterling. The applied motifs include oak leaves and butterflies. The applications are connected by engraved tendrils on the hammering. Perfect condition. Weight 28 troy ounces. Height 8"

Please e-mail your inquiry

Tiffany antique sterling coffee pot with applied ivy and birds

JS100 A Fine and Rare Antique Tiffany Sterling Chocolate Pot with Applied Ivy and Birds

An unusual Tiffany three dimensional chocolate pot with applied ivy and birds intricately cast and tastefully arranged against an engraved textured background. 9" tall at the finial. In excellent condition. The lid hinges back to open. Never monogrammed.

Weight 19.25 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Gorham Narragansett sterling serving spoon

EX7104 Gorham Narragansett Serving Spoon

An antique Gorham Narragansett sterling serving spoon with applied shells, seaweed, fish and other sea creatures with scalloped gold washed bowl. Length 9 1/4".

Please inquire

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