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Tiffany sterling nutmeg grater

N7324 Tiffany Sterling Nutmeg Grater

A rare Tiffany sterling nutmeg grater with alternating panels of floral decoration. Length 1 3/4". Excellent condition with a strong hinge. Small script monogram on the lid.

Price: $2,295.00

Sebastian Garrard silver kettle on stand

H7332 Sebastian Garrard Silver Hot Water Kettle on Stand

A sterling silver kettle on a stand with wood handles and finial, pull off lid and crest on the front. The maker is Sebastian Garrard of London and dates to1931. The burner is built into the stand and unscrews from the top. Height 14" with the handle and 11 1/2" to the finial; width 9" Weight 101 troy oz including wood.

Price: $4,500.00

mixed metals and sterling perfume flask

Mixed Metals Perfume Flask

A sterling and mixed metals perfume flask with applied Japanese style motifs depicting a copper frog, dragonfly and fish. Attached chain for a chatelaine. Length 3 3/4". A couple of dings otherwise good condition. Unsigned.

Price: $795.00 HOLD

Shiebler sterling pitcher floral

H7315 Shiebler Sterling Pitcher with Irises

A Shiebler sterling pitcher with panels of art nouveau irises, the base in the form of naturalistic pierced irises and chased waves around the upper and lower sections of the pitcher. Monogrammed on the front. Marked with the old Shiebler wings, 5 1/2 pt., Sterling and 1554. Height 10 1/2"; weight 33 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00

Kirk repousse sterling 128f bread plate

H7318 Kirk Repousse Sterling Bread Plates 128F

Kirk Repousse sterling bread plates with rope border style number 128F. Diameter 6 1/2". Never monogrammed.

Price: $225.00 each

Galt & Davis repousse sterling heart pin tray

N7319 Galt & Davis Sterling Repousse Heart Pin Tray

A sterling silver repousse heart shaped pin tray by Galt & Davis with rope border and diapered central area. Script monogramed in the cartouche. Length 4 1/4" by 4 1/4"; weight 2.10 troy oz.

Price: $195.00 HOLD

set of four caldwell sterling open salts with turtle base

Set of Four Caldwell Open Salts with Turtle Bases and shells

A rare set of four sterling silver open salts by Caldwell, a figural turtle forming the base of each salt. The rim of the bowls are chased with shells. Combined weight 29.75 troy oz. Height 2 1/4"; length 5"; width 4"; length turtle 3 1/4".

Price: $3,950.00 for the set of 4

International mid century sterling carafe

H7280 International Sterling Mid Century Carafe Style C382

A mid century sterling carafe by International with pull-off lid and wood finial, the neck wrapped in plastic. Designed by Edward Buchko c1955. Height 9 1/2"; capacity 3 pints. Never monogrammed.

Price: $975.00

Bpxed set of Reed & Barton sterling floral nut set style X404

N7208 Boxed Set of Reed & Barton Floral Sterling Nut Dishes

A seven piece boxed set of sterling silver nut dishes composed of one large dish and six smaller dishes. The box houses only the smaller pieces. The large dish is 6 1/4" long over the handles. The nut dishes are 3 3/8" long and are marked with the name of the various flowers i.e. Orchid, Cineraria, Wild Rose, Poppy, Clematis and Petunia. The box is good inside but shredded on the outside. The box is marked on the fabric inside Reed & Barton Co., 6 Maiden Lane, New York.

Price: $795.00 for the set

Gorham Saxon Stag coin silver gravy ladle

Gorham Saxon Stag Gravy Ladle

A Gorham coin silver gravy ladle in the Saxon Stag pattern. Length 7 7/8". Marked lion, anchor, G and Starr & Marcus. Monogrammed on the front of the handle.

Price: $395.00

Wood & Hughes aesthetic sterling salad bowl and matching spoon

RH7229 Wood & Hughes Aesthetic Sterling Salad Bowl and Spoon

An aesthetic sterling salad bowl and matching spoon by Wood & Hughes with textured surface and lobed panels. The handles are applied and mounted with leaves and cherries. Four applied ball feet. The spoon has a deep gold washed satin finished bowl and the same applied leaf on a naturalistic bamboo handle. Bowl monogrammed on one side. Spoon marked W & H, Sterling.

Price: $5,900.00 for the bowl and spoon

gorham st cloud fish forks

Gorham St Cloud Sterling Fish Forks Set 12

A set of twelve sterling silver fish forks by Gorham in the St Cloud pattern with gold washed engraved tines, all with the same monogram on the back of the handle and marked lion, anchor G, Sterling, Pat 1885.  Length 6 3/4".  Very good condition. More newly listed Gorham St Cloud

Price: $2,950.00 for the set of 12

Kirk landscape sterling kettle on stand

H7231 Kirk Landscape Sterling Kettle on Stand

A superb S Kirk & Co. sterling hot water kettle on a stand in the Landscape pattern with rams' heads on each corner of the square handle as well as on each leg of the stand. The final is in the form of an acorn. Height 14"; width 10"; weight 86.6 troy oz. The kettle retains the original burner.

Please inquire

Wood & Hughes Medallion coin silver centerpiece

H7222 Large Wood & Hughes Medallion Coin Silver Centerpiece

A tall coin silver centerpiece by Wood & Hughes with multiple medallions i.e. one on each handle, one on the front and one on the back of the centerpiece surrounded by chased flowers and engraving and in the interior of the bowl. Monogrammed on the base. Length of base 7 1/2". Height 11"; length of bowl 14 3/4" across the handles; weight 43.75 troy oz.

Price: $5,750.00

gorham special order sterling bowl with applied shells and turtlesgorham special order sterling bowl with applied shells and turtles

RH7232 Gorham Special Order Sterling Bowl with Applied Shells and Turtles

A Sterling silver bowl with applied shells and turtles around the top rim and handles and four large applied turtles on the feet. Marked with Gorham's logo, sterling, 7786 in a rectangle indicating this was a special order piece, and retailed by the Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co. 925/1000. Diameter 7"; height 3 1/2"; weight 26.70 troy oz. Monogrammed on one side.

Price: $3,850.00

Gorham Angelo sterling fruit forks

EX7287 Set of Twelve Gorham Angelo Sterling Fruit Forks

Set of 12 Gorham Angelo all sterling 2-tine fruit forks with engraved handles. Length 7 1/4".

Price: $1,800.00 for the set of 12

Kennard & Jenks antique sterling silver cracker jar with Japanese engraving

RH7288 Kennard & Jenks Boston Antique Sterling Cracker Jar

A rare large antique sterling cracker jar by Kennard & Jenks of Boston with Japanese style engraving on the pull out lid and on all four sides. There are two applied crackers bolted to the lid with the original silver nut. The engraving is of cat tails and birds with bright cut decorative bands. Circa 1870.

22.8 troy ounces. 5 3/4" tall.

Price: $7,900.00

Gorham mied century silverplate fruit bowl with colored plastic inserts

H7261 Gorham Mid Century Silver Plated Fruit Bowl

A Gorham 1960s fruit bowl composed of silver plated rings with sporadic colored plastic inserts to mimic stained glass. Marked Gorham, E, anchor, P, YC744 on the base.Diameter 9 1/2"; height 3 1/4".

Price: $795.00

German 800 silver figural drinking vessel

N7219 German 800 Silver Figural Drinking Vessel

A novelty German 800 silver figural drinking vessel with barrel shaped body holding a pitcher in one hand and a cup in the other hand. The top is removable at the collar for filling. German pseudo marks on the base, Hanau circa 1890. Height 9 1/8"; weight 18.86 troy oz.

Price: $3,950.00

Gorham mixed metals place fork

Gorham Mixed Metals Place Fork

A rare Gorham all sterling and mixed metal fork, hand hammered handle with applied copper Japanese style motifs including a bird. Length 7 1/2".

Price: $395.00

English silver gilt dessert or oval soup spoons by Chawner

Set of 12 English Silver Gilt Dessert Spoons

A fine set of 12 English silver gilt dessert spoons decorated on both sides of the handle and with a crest in the cartouche on the back. Length 6 1/2". Dated for London 1821 and maker William Chawner.

Price: $1,500.00 for the set of 12

Bailey and Kitchen five piece coin silver landscape tea and coffee set

H4365 Bailey & Kitchen Coin Silver Tea and Coffee Set Landscape Pattern

A five piece coin silver tea and coffee set in the Landscape pattern with rams' heads on the handles and three dimensional flower forming the finials. The landscape chasing is that of Chinoiserie with flowers. Height of pots 13" and 12 1/2" respectively at the handles; height cream jug 11"; sugar 9 1/4"; waste bowl 4" tall. Combined weight 155 troy oz. Maker is Bailey and Kitchen of Philadelphia. All pieces crested as shown.

Price: $8,750.00 the set

Gorham sterling bird's nest pattern 13 piece nut set

7226 Gorham Bird's Nest Thirteen Piece Nut Set

A thirteen piece nut set by Gorham in the Bird's Nest pattern composed of a nut server with pierced and bright cut gold washed and satin finished bowl and twelve nut picks. Length server 10 1/8"; length nut picks 4 3/8".

Price on request

Hamilton & Diesinger sterling salts chinoiserie

H5843 Pair of Antique Sterling Salts by Hamilton & Diesinger Chinoiserie

A fine quality pair of large open salts with cast applied feet with mandarin faces and chased fruit, butterfly and floral detail. Weight: 8.35 troy ounces. Diameter: 2 1/4". Height: 2". Monogrammed.

Price: $795.00 pair

Warner of Baltimore coin silver repousse and floral huge salver

H7285 Huge Warner of Baltimore Coin Silver Footed Salver

A huge coin silver footed salver by A E Warner of Baltimore with four applied paw feet, a repousse border and engraved and diapered central area depicting flowers, leaves and birds. Monogrammed with a single letter B in the cartouche. Diameter 17 1/4"; weight 61.50 troy oz. Very good condition.

Price: $4,800.00

German sterling decorative shoe with English import marks

N7206 German Sterling Shoe with English Import Marks

A sterling silver decorative shoe with German hallmarks as well as English import marks dated for London 1900 and maker JS with chased scenes and a bow on the front. Height 2 1/4"; length 5 1/4"; weight 3.55 troy oz.

Price: $375.00

Gorham coin silver saxon stag pie server with engraved blade

EX7236 Gorham Coin Silver Engraved Saxon Stag Pie Server

A Gorham antique coin silver pie server in the Saxon Stag pattern with a finely engraved blade. In excellent condition. Length 9 1/2"

Price: $1,495.00

T7294 Important George III English Silver Tea Caddy By William Pitts London 1814

A large ornate English silver tea caddy by William Pitts, London 1814 in the Chinese style with tea pickers and pagodas on the sides. The lid slides forward to open. Superb quality and condition. Engraved crests.

5" tall. 20 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Wood & Hughes medallion and bird centerpiece fruit bowl

RH7224 Wood & Hughes Centerpiece Fruit Bowl

An antique sterling silver centerpiece fruit bowl with applied birds and medallions. Spectacular satin finished gold washed interior. Circa 1860. Fine condition. Weight 28 troy ounces. 15 1/4" long by 9 1/2" wide by 6" tall.

Price: $3,750.00

Russian silver set of 12 spoons in original fitted oak case

7221 Russian Silver set of Twelve Spoons

In the original oak fitted case, hallmarked on the side and with a Moscow retailer on the box lining. Length of each spoon 5 3/4". Excellent condition. Niello on the gold washed bowls and on the handles.

Price for the set: $3,500.00

John Wendt antique sterling silver heavy medallion cup

RH7225 Heavy John Wendt Medallion Sterling Cup

A massive 9.55 troy ounce cup with applied medallions and engraved decoration. There is an applied band of beading at the base. Marked with 925/1000 in a shield. Circa 1870.

Height 4"

Weight 9.55 troy ounces.

Price: $1,875.00

Six Gorham sterling and gilt butter pats with scenes

Set of Six Gorham Parcel Gilded Butter Pats with Pastoral Scenes

A set of six Gorham sterling parcel gilded butter pats with pastoral scenes around the border depicting among other things cows in the meadow and a girl carrying a pail. Diameter 3". Each marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling, 1825, date letter O for 1882.

Price: $950.00 for the set of 6

Peer Smed sterling cup with handle

RH7263 Peer Smed Sterling Cup

A hand wrought sterling silver cup with applied handle and chased decoration around the base by the renowned silversmith Peer Smed. Chased into the foot is a name Susan Hockathon or similar. Height 3 1/4"; weight 3.65 troy oz.

Price: $1,350.00

Boxed set of Gorham bird's Nest demitasse spoons

7234 Gorham Bird's Nest Sterling Demitasse Spoons

A set of twelve sterling demitasse spoons by Gorham in the Bird's Nest pattern measuring 4 1/4" in the original satin lined box. The spoons have gold washed bowls and are monogrammed Fanny on the back. Retailed by N Matson & Co.

Price: $2,750.00

Dominick & Haff sterling aesthetic perfume flask

N7279 Large Dominick & Haff Perfume Flask

A large Dominick & Haff perfume flask with outstanding chased decoration depicting holly, flowers combined with embossed wrapped bands and a chain holding the twist off lid in place. Length 9"; weight 4.7 troy oz.

Price: $2,200.00

English silver novelty tongs c1885

N7271 English Silver Novelty Tongs

English sterling silver sugar tongs, the top in the form of a Chinese male and the back with a pony tail.

Length 3".

Marked for Sheffield 1885 and maker EH.

Price: $450.00

Fletcher & Gardiner early coin silver teapot

T7274 Fletcher & Gardiner Coin Silver Teapot

An early hand wrought coin silver footed teapot by Fletcher & Gardiner of Philadelphia with hinged lid and a band of floral decoration around the body and lid with a beaded rim on the foot and lid. The spout and handle are also chased. Height 10" to the finial and 10" across the handle and spout. Marked with the circular mark of Fletcher & Gardiner and Phila in the center which was used between 1815 and 1830. Very good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $1,895.00

Whiting hammered sterling sugar basket with swing handle

N7238 Whiting Hammered Sugar Basket

A Whiting sterling hammered sugar basket with swing handle and applied beaded starfish on each panel. Monogrammed on one side and inscribed on the base "Feb 24 1886." Retailed by Caldwell. Height 2 1/2" without handle, diameter 4 1/4"; weight 4.10 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Ball Black ladle with oyster shell

EX7338 Ball Black Sterling Oyster Ladle with Applied Oyster

A sterling silver oyster ladle by Ball Black & Co. with gold washed bowl and applied oyster on the handle. Length 12"; weight 4.50 troy oz. Marked Ball Black & Co. 925. Never monogrammed.

Price: $1,295.00

Shiebler Etruscan sterliing bangle

N7262 Shiebler Etruscan Sterling Bangle

A Shiebler Etruscan hand hammered sterling bangle with three different medallions marked with the Shiebler wings and sterling.

Price: $425.00

Gorham saxon stag macaroni server

EX7236 Gorham Saxon Stag Macaroni Server

A coin silver macaroni server by Gorham in the Saxon Stag pattern with pierced bowl and marked lion, anchor, G. Length 8 7/8"; weight 3.40 troy oz.

Price: $1,750.00

English sterling fish set with fan shaped blade and fish

George Angel Two Piece Fish Serving Set

A two piece fish set by George Angel with a fan shaped slice. The handles are filled and depict shells, fish and a terminal of a conch shell. The blades are hand pierced and engraved depicting various fish forms among reeds and pierced decoration. London 1870. Excellent condition. Length: 14 3/4" and 11"

Please check for availability and price

Whiting hammered sterling bowl with applied turtle and fish

RH7203 Whiting Sterling Bowl with Applied Turtle and Fish

A Whiting hammered sterling square bowl on a pedestal with an applied turtle and fish swimming amongst seaweed as well as an applied wave border. Length 8" square; height 3". Weight 22.80 troy oz. Marked with the Whiting logo, sterling, 1071A.

Price: $7,900.00

Gorham Cluny ice cream spoons

7176 Gorham Cluny Ice Cream Spoons

Gorham Cluny sterling ice cream spoons with gold washed and bright cut bowls. Length 6" and monogrammed on the back of the handle. (See Gorham Cluny for more recent acquisitions.)

Price: $125.00 each

George Sharp for Bailey set 12 sterling ice cream spoons

Gorham Sharp sterling twist handle engine turned ice cream spoons

7258 George Sharp Ice Cream Spoons

A set of 12 George Sharp sterling ice cream spoons with twist handle, shell bowls and engine turned handle containing a monogrammed shield cartouche. Length 5 1/2". Retailed by Bailey & Co. of Philadelphia.

Price: $495.00 for the set of 12

Dutch silver figural tea caddy different scenes

T7265 Dutch Silver Figural Tea Caddy

A Dutch silver tea caddy with different chased scenes on all four sides and pull off lid which has a chased medallion on the top.

Length 3 1/2" by 2 1/8"; height 5"; weight 7.60 troy oz.

Price: $595.00

Pair of Whiting hammered sterling terrapin bowls with sea creatures

RH7246 Pair Whiting Sterling Terrapin Bowls with Sea Shells and Sea Creatures

A pair of hammered antique sterling terrapin bowls by Whiting with chased shells, star fish, seaweed and crabs on the border. Diameter 8 3/4"; depth 3/4"; height 1 1/4"; total weight 29.05 troy oz. Retailed by J E Caldwell of Philadelphia.


Tiffany vine citrus spoons gourd motif

Twelve Tiffany Vine Gourd Citrus Spoons

Twelve sterling silver citrus spoons by Tiffany & Co. in the Vine pattern with gourd motif and gold washed bowls.

Price: $1,500.00 for the set of 12

Gorham sterling modern tea set Directional pattern together with tray

H6383 Gorham 1956 Directional Sterling Tea Set on Tray

A four piece modern Gorham tea set dated 1956 in a rare Gorham Directional pattern on a tray with ebony fittings in perfect condition. Weight 55 troy ounces without tray. Height of the large pot is 9". Never monogrammed. Diameter of tray 18".

Price: $4,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling Japanese style salad bowl and matching servers

RH7244 Tiffany Hammered Salad Bowl with Custom Matching Salad Set

A Japanese style antique hand hammered sterling salad bowl with servers by Tiffany and Company circa 1880 in perfect condition. Applied custom monogram on all three pieces together with insects and oak leaves joined by engraved tendrils. Gold washed interior. Diameter 8 3/4". Salad set 9 3/4" long. Combined weight 32.60 troy ounces.

Please check for availability

Large 800 silver German table box with chased cherub scenes

H7237 Large Heavy German 800 Silver Box by Friedrich Reusswig of Hanau

The box is of exceptional quality and has remarkable detail and presence being mounted on four cast feet. The box has a weight of 41.1 troy ounces and measures 9" by 6" by 4 1/2" tall. The box is most probably a cigar box for the table.

Price: $3,950.00

set of 12 English silverplate and kozuka fruit set

EX7212 John Neal London 1880 Silver plate and Kozuka Fruit Set

A twelve piece English silver plate fruit set with Japanese Kozuka handles applied with roosters and Japanese motifs on one side, the blades of the knives engraved in the Japanese style.

Length knives 8 1/8"; forks 7 1/4". Knife blades marked with the maker John Neal of London 1867 - 1880.

Price: $1,595.00 for the set

Kirk antique sterling silver sugar basket with swing handle and chased custom monogram

H7259 Kirk Antique Sterling Sugar Basket

An antique sterling silver Kirk sugar basket with hand chased floral decoration and a finely chased custom monogram on one side. Cast swing handle and a chased pedestal base.

Length 5 1/2" by 4" wide. Weight 8.75 troy ounces.

Price: $875.00

Tiffany antique sterling hammered Japanese style bowl with parcel gilded flowers

RH7260 Tiffany Antique Sterling Hammered Fruit Bowl

A fine Tiffany antique Japanese style hammered sterling bowl with parcel gilded decoration on the exterior and interior. Pristine condition. Circa 1880. Everything you would ever want in a museum quality Tiffany sterling bowl. Weight 25.60 troy ounces. 8 1/2" diameter. Height 4"

Please inquire

Tiffany Japanese sterling vase with applied decoration

RH7248 Tiffany Japanesque Sterling Vase

An antique sterling vase by Tiffany & Co. designed by Edward Moore with different Japanese scenes on all four panels including a bird in a boat and a male fisherman. There is an aesthetic border on the top and bottom edges and a later inscription on one panel.

Height 8 1/8".

Weight 15.65 troy oz.

Price: $6,900.00

Large Kirk repousse sterling salver 76 oz

H7215 Large Kirk Repousse Sterling Salver

A large Kirk Repousse sterling silver salver on four paw feet and diapered central area with monogram in the cartouche. Excellent condition. Diameter 18 1/2"; weight 76 troy oz.

Price: $4,900.00

Polhemus and Strong sterling silver fish serving tongs

7241 Polhemus & Strong Sterling Fish Serving Tongs

An antique sterling silver fish tongs by John Polhemus and Strong with engraved handles and upper and lower blades, monogrammed EHT in the cartouche (possibly re-monogrammed.) The top blade opens with a spring to use. Both blades are pierced. Length 12 1/2"; weight 8.45 troy oz. Marked P * S, Sterling, 4, Menard & Berghard (the retailer.)

Price: $1,395.00

Chinese silver cup with dragon

N7173 Chinese Silver Cup with Dragon

A Chinese silver cup with applied naturalistic bamboo handle and chased dragon around the body. Monogrammed 'George' in the front cartouche. Marked WH for Wang Hing, 90 and Chinese characters.

Height 3"; weight 3.50 troy oz

Price: $695.00

set six English silver triangular napkin rings

N7207 Set of Six English Silver Modern Napkin Rings

A set of six heavy English silver napkin rings of triangular shape marked with London import marks, four for the year 1997 and two for 2000. Length 2 5/8"; weight combined 13 troy oz. Wonderful quality and never monogrammed. Maker H S Ltd.

Price: $950.00 for the set of 6

English sterling silver engraved goblet

H7202 English Sterling Silver Engraved Goblet

A large English silver goblet with engraved decoration on both sides and around the top and foot of the goblet. Gold washed interior. Height 8 1/4"; weight 7.65 troy oz. Very good condition and never monogrammed.

Marked for Henry John Lias, London, 1872.

Price: $975.00

C J Vander English silver punch bowl made for Dunhill

H6500 English Silver Punch Bowl 40 oz

An English silver footed punch bowl by C J Vander made for the Dunhill Shop in London, decorated with an engraved oval cartouche on two sides, an engraved border and a beaded rim and foot. Gold washed interior. Dated for London 1973. Height 6 3/4"; diameter 11"; weight 40.30 troy oz. Very good condition with no monogram.

Price: $1,595.00

Shiebler sterling vase with applied frogs and Quezel jack in the pulpit flower insert

RH7200 Shiebler Sterling Vase with Applied Frogs and Quezal Liner

A rare sterling vase by Shiebler with multiple flowers chased to form the bases and three applied frogs holding onto the central column of leaves and cattails. The Jack in the Pulpit art glass liner by Quezal fits into the silver stem. The base is marked with the Shiebler wings and sterling. Excellent condition with good patina. Circa 1880

Overall height 14"; silver 8 3/4" tall; diameter of base 6"

Price on request

Tiffany sterling Jack and Jill nursery rhyme spoons

N7177 Ten Tiffany & Co. Sterling Spoons Jack and Jill

Ten Tiffany sterling youth spoons with a nursery rhyme theme and figural handles depicting Jack and Jill, each spoon having a gold washed bowl with a monogram and a date ranging from 1912 through 1921. Length 6 1/4".

Price: $195.00 each

Chinese silver round box with dragons maker KK

Chinese Silver Box Maker KK

A round Chinese silver box with chased dragons and clouds on the body and lid. Marked on the underside 90 and KK. Height 2 1/4"; Diameter 3"; weight 3.65 troy oz. Monogrammed in the cartouche on the lid. The interior is gold washed.

Price: $675.00

Tiffany special handwork 16 inch tray octagonal

H7182 Tiffany Sterling Special Handwork 16" Tray

A sterling silver octagonal hammered tray by Tiffany & Co. in their 'special handwork' line and marked as such, measuring 16" in diameter with a weight of 62.60 troy oz. It is in excellent condition with no monogram.

Price: $4,500.00

English silver wine bottle labels

N7059 Two English Silver Wine Labels

Two large English sterling silver gilt wine/liquor bottle labels by Francis Higgins, one for Claret and one for Port in the shape of an oak leaf with grapes on a branch. Length 3" by 4" across the branch. Hallmarked on the front with English marks dated London 1840.

Price: $595.00 each

early Victorian English silver gilt tea ball in original fitted leather case circa 1855

T7191 Victorian English Silver Gilt Tea Ball in Fitted Leather Case

A rare early Victorian unmarked silver gilt tea ball with original chain and hook in a leather fitted box. A large egg shaped tea ball with folding chain that tucks into the interior of the tea ball. Measures 2 1/4" in length. Tested to ensure silver content.

Price: $1,295.00

Pair large German 800 silver lions c1900

N7183 Pair German 800 Silver Lions

A pair of large German 800 silver lion figures, circa 1900 with cast detail and marked with the Reich mark, half moon, crown and 800 on one foot of each lion. Total weight 41.85 troy oz. Length 10 1/4" to the tip of the tails; height 6".

Price: $3,950.00 the pair

Shiebler sterling napkin ring with applied flowers and leaves

N7186 Shiebler Sterling Napkin Ring

An antique sterling silver napkin ring by Shiebler with applied lily pads, flowers and leaves inscribed Howard and dated Feb. 17, 1892. Width 1 1/4"; diameter 1 7/8"; weight 1.40 troy oz.

Price: $475.00

Tiffany repousse sterling butter dish

H7061 Tiffany Repousse Sterling Butter Dish

A square Tiffany repousse sterling butter dish on four feet with flowers, leaves and ferns and an inner pierced liner. Height 4" to the top of the handle; 6 3/4" square. Weight 19.7 troy oz. Monogrammed on the base.

Price: $2,950.00

A Jacobi antique sterling sauceboat with fish handle

H7170 A Jacobi Repousse Sterling Sauce-boat with Fish Handle

An A Jacobi hand chased antique sterling sauceboat with a cast applied fish handle in excellent condition. On a repousse pedestal base. Weight 13 troy ounces. Length 7"

Price: $1,495.00

Pair Kirk sterling shell dishes 402

Pair Kirk Sterling Shell Dishes

A pair of Kirk sterling silver dishes in the form of shells. Length 5" by 5". Marked S Kirk & Son Inc., sterling, 402. Combined weight 6.75 troy oz.

Price: $145.00 for the pair

Large Tiffany antique sterling and mixed metals hammered Japanese style water pitcher circa 1880

RH7120 Tiffany Larger Size Sterling and Mixed Metals Pitcher

A large Tiffany antique sterling hammered pitcher in the Japanese style with applied mixed metals and sterling. The applied motifs include oak leaves and butterflies. The applications are connected by engraved tendrils on the hammering. Perfect condition. Weight 28 troy ounces. Height 8"

Please e-mail your inquiry

Repousse floral spout strainer sterling silver

T7048 Floral Repousse Sterling Spout Strainer

A chased floral tea strainer for a teapot spout marked sterling on the base with no maker's mark. 1 1/2" tall. 1 3/4" diameter.

Price: $235.00

Tiffany antique sterling coffee pot with applied ivy and birds

JS100 A Fine and Rare Antique Tiffany Sterling Chocolate Pot with Applied Ivy and Birds

An unusual Tiffany three dimensional chocolate pot with applied ivy and birds intricately cast and tastefully arranged against an engraved textured background. 9" tall at the finial. In excellent condition. The lid hinges back to open. Never monogrammed.

Weight 19.25 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Tiffany Olympian sterling pitche

H7160 Tiffany Olympian Sterling Pitcher

A Tiffany & Co. sterling silver water pitcher in the Olympian pattern. Height 7 3/4"; weight 30.80 troy oz. In addition to the Tiffany marks, it is also marked '5 pts' on the base. Monogrammed on the front as shown.

Price: $5,900.00

Georg Jensen number 55 hand hammered vintage sterling fish serving set with fish handles

GJ7162 Georg Jensen Sterling Fish Servers

A pair of Georg Jensen hand hammered sterling silver fish servers with fish form handles numbered 55. These are the larger size of the two sizes made by Jensen and date from after 1940. Excellent condition. Hand engraved blades and tines. Length 10 1/2" and 9 1/2"

Price: $2,750.00

Tiffany enamel coffee spoon champleve

EX7093 Tiffany Enamel Sterling Coffee Spoon

A Tiffany enamel antique sterling coffee spoon decorated with multicolored champleve enamel measuring 4 3/8". Excellent condition.

Price: $295.00

Shiebler sterling demitasse spoons with applied creatures

EX7159 Set of Eight Shiebler Sterling Demitasse Spoons with Applied Creatures

A set of eight sterling silver demitasse spoons by Shiebler with and applied creatures on the asymmetrical hand hammered handles including crab, swallow, snake, butterflies, owl, sea horse, fish each spoon with a different bowl. Length 4". Never monogrammed.

Price: $1,100.00 for the set of 8

Gorham Narragansett sterling serving spoon

EX7104 Gorham Narragansett Serving Spoon

An antique Gorham Narragansett sterling serving spoon with applied shells, seaweed, fish and other sea creatures with scalloped gold washed bowl. Length 9 1/4".

Please inquire

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