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Tiffany enamel coffee spoon champleve

EX7093 Tiffany Enamel Sterling Coffee Spoon

A Tiffany enamel antique sterling coffee spoon decorated with multicolored champleve enamel measuring 4 3/8". Excellent condition.

Price: $295.00

Shiebler sterling demitasse spoons with applied creatures

EX7159 Set of Eight Shiebler Sterling Demitasse Spoons with Applied Creatures

A set of eight serling silver demitasse spoons by Shiebler with and applied creatures on the assymentrical hand hammered handles including crab, swallow, snake, butterflies, owl, sea horse, fish each spoon with a different bowl. Length 4". Never monogrammed.

Price: $1,100.00 for the set of 8

Tiffany lap over edge all sterling dessert knives with acid etched multi colored fruit

TL7138 Set of Twelve Tiffany Lap Over Edge All Sterling Fruit Knives Multi Colored

A rare set of 12 all silver Tiffany Lap Over Edge fruit knives with acid etched fruit on the handles inlaid with gold and copper and gold washed blades. Monogrammed with a vine style monogram on the back of each knife. Marked on the blade M, Tiffany & Co., Sterling, Pat. 1880.


Gorham Narragansett sterling serving spoon

EX7104 Gorham Narragansett Serving Spoon

An antique Gorham Narragansett sterling serving spoon with applied shells, seaweed, fish and other sea creatures with scalloped gold washed bowl. Length 9 1/4".

Please inquire

Gorham Morning Glory Dessert Set in original fitted case retailed by Tiffany and Company

EX7144 Gorham Morning Glory Dessert Set in Original Fitted Box

A Gorham Morning Glory thirteen piece dessert set in the original fitted case retailed by Tiffany & Company when Tiffany was on Union Square. There are twelve 5" pointed spoons and a 7" cream ladle all with fine gold washed bowls and three dimensional morining glory terminals.

Price: $2,400.00

Tiffany Dolphin croquette server

TM7145 Tiffany Dolphin Sterling Croquette Server

A rare sterling silver croquette server by Tiffany & Co. in the Dolphin pattern with gold washed blade. Length 12 1/2"; weight 8 troy oz. Double sided detail of cattails, fish and shells.

Price: $2,750.00

Duhme sterling strawberry serving spoon

EX7143 Duhme Sterling Berry Serving Spoon

A Duhme of Cincinnati sterling silver berry serving spoon with chased strawberries and textured surface in the deep bowl as well as flowers and leaves on the front of the handle. Length 9 5/8"; weight 3.20 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Gorham hammered sterling salad set with applied crab fish and lobster

DC001 Gorham Sterling Salad Set with Applied Sea Creatures

A Gorham hand hammered sterling silver salad set with applied crabs, fish and lobster on the handle and monogrammed lightly on the back with a single L or F. Marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling. Gold washed bowls. Excellent condition.

Length spoon 9 3/4"; fork 9"; total weight 6 oz troy

Please inquire

Tiffany antique sterling and mixed metals teaspoon

7092 Tiffany Antique Sterling and Mixed Metals Teaspoon Circa 1880

A 6 inch long antique strerling tea spoon marked Tiffany and Company circa 1880 with applied mixed metals decoration on the handle. Monogrammed on the reverse of the handle.

Price: $395.00

antique probably Whiting sterling pie server with cat tail handle

Whiting Unmarked Sterling Cat Tail Pie Server Parcel Gilded

An antique sterling pie server with cat tail handle, satin finished surfaces and gilded highlights including cat tails on the blade and all in pristine condition. 11" in length.

Price: $1,250.00

Gorham Hound sterling serving spoon

Gorham Hound Sterling Spoon

A Gorham sterling serving spoon in the Hound pattern with a hound applied to the top of the engraved handle. Length 9".

Price: $2,250.00

Set six Gorham sterling orange spoons with naturalistic oranges

EX7105 Gorham H Series Citrus Spoons

Six unusual cast Gorham orange spoons with cast detail of orange branch and parcel gilded oranges and bowls. Length 5 1/2" Leaf form bowls.

Price: $750.00 for the set of six

Gorham Hamburg sterling cocktai lforks with fish animals

EX7050 Set of 12 Gorham Hamburg Cocktail Forks

A set of twelve Gorham Hamburg sterling silver two tine cocktail forks, hammered with twist handles and motifs on the handle depicting lobsters, fish, squirrels, elephant, bugs, frogs etc. Length 5 7/8". Marked sterling and C.

Price: $1,895.00 for the set of 12

Rare T Starr antique sterling lily pad ice tongs circa 1900

EX7049 Rare Starr Sterling Ice Tongs with Lily Pad Motif

A rare and unusual large 8 3/4" long antique sterling ice tongs marked by Theodore Starr with the sterling mark and engraved with a crest on the curve of the handle. Length 4.7 troy ounces. Most likely the work of Durgin. Decorated on both arms and on the bowls. Very unusual. Circa 1900.


Huge Gorham sterling squirrel nut picks

EX6177 Eight Massive Gorham Sterling Nut Picks

Eight massive and unique over the top sterling nut picks by the Gorham Company with cast squirrels as terminals. Length: 6 1/4". Weight: 17 troy ounces,

Price: $495.00 each

Shiebler sterling leaf spoon with applied copper bug

EX7029 Shiebler Mixed Metals Sterling Spoon with Copper Bug

A Shiebler mixed metals serving spoon with lightly gold washed leaf bowl, looped naturalistic handle and a folded textured leaf with applied copper bug. Length 10 1/4".

Price: $2,250.00

Coin silver antique salad tongs by Gorham circa 1860

FH100 Gorham Mask Salad Tongs Coin Silver

A Gorham Coin Silver salad tongs measuring 11 1/2" with a weight of 6.7 troy ounces. Pristine condition with original gold washed bowls. The two masks are screwed to the top of the handles

Circa 1860

Retailed by A Rumrill and Company

Price: $2,750.00

John Wendt coin silver thirteen piece dessert set

John Wendt Three Dimensional Dessert Set

A thirteen piece coin silver dessert set composed of a large flat server with exceptionally detailed three dimensional strawberries at the top of the handle and satin finished bowl. Length 11"; with twelve matching individual dessert spoons with a single strawberry and cluster of two leaves. Length 6". All pieces are unmarked but attributed to John Wendt. Circa 1870.

Please inquire

Gorham Narragansett antique sterling serving spoon

EX6985 Gorham Antique Sterling Spoon Narragansett Pattern

A rare antique sterling silver Gorham Narragansett spoon measuring 9 3/4" in length with a weight of 4.45 troy ounces. Excellent condition with a lightly gold washed bowl. Each cast fish and shell individually applied. Marked with the Gorham mark and sterling.

Please check for availability

Ten antique silver novelty spoons by Gorham

EX6939 Ten Gorham Antique Silver Novelty Spoons

Ten antique silver novelty spoons by Gorham each approximately 4 1/2" long with various handles and gold washed oval bowls.

Price: $495.00

Norwegian silver three piece fish serving set with skate

EX6934 Three Piece Norwegian Silver Fish Serving Set with Skate

A three piece Norwegian silver figural fish serving set, one piece with the blade in the form of a skate (10 7/8"), the second a trident fork (9 7/8") and a spoon (9 1/4") all with a tail wrapped around the handle and marked 830S.

Price: $2,250.00

Shiebler Chrysanthemum sterling large bon bon server

EX6909 Shiebler Chrysanthemum Sterling Large Bon Bon Server

A large sterling silver bon bon spoon by Shiebler, the bowl cast chrysanthemums with a leaf applied to the looped handle. Lighty all over gold washed. Length 6 5/8"; weight 2.15 ozt. Marked with the Shiebler wings, sterling and 3341.

Price: $750.00

Whiting Bird's nest serving spoon with ruffled bowl

EX1263 Whiting Serving Spoon with Bird's Nest

An unusual sterling serving spoon by Whiting, circa 1870 with a gold washed satin finished fan shaped bowl and a bird in a nest on the handle. Marked sterling, 14 only but attributed to Whiting. Single letter Gothic monogram on the reverse of the handle. Length 10"; weight 2.2 ozt

Price: $695.00

Tiffany sterling ice cream spoon with pierced moon and bird

Tiffany Sterling Ice Cream Spoon with Pierced and Engraved Handle

A sterling silver ice cream spoon by Tiffany & Co. with gold washed satin bowl and pierced and engraved handle depicting a bird, moon and plants. Length 6". Never monogrammed. In addition to the Tiffany hallmarks, there is a French touch mark indicating it was sold in France.

Price: $295.00

Pierced silver gilt ice spoon by Hayward and Sweet

6029 Hayward and Sweet Pierced Sterling Ice Spoon

A large silver gilt pierced ice spoon by Hayward and Sweet in the original box measuring 10 1/2". Weight: 3.85 troy ounces. Inscribed "Parke". Twist handle, cast applied decoration.

Price: $425.00

Gorham Hizen figural cocktail forks in fitted case

EX6768 Gorham Hizen Set of Twelve Cocktail Forks Circa 1880

Rare set of twelve cocktail with figural handles depicting a parcel gilded fish and Chinese figure at the terminals. Length 6"

Price: $1,495.00

William IV English silver gilt and enamel fruit set in original box

EX6740 Set William IV English Sterling and Enamel Fruit Set for Six

A boxed set of William IV porcelain and silver gilt fruit set for six comprising six knives and six forks with enamel handles. The silver is all in very good condition with the gold wash intact. Some of the enamel porcelain handles have flaking of the green background and appear white where they have flaked (see picture below.) Five knives have perfect green enamel; one fork in perfect condition. The remainder have flaked enamel handles. Perfectly usable and wonderful quality. The terminal of each handle is capped with a silver gilt ornate cast top to match the ferules. Dated for Sheffield 1835. Length knives 9"; forks 8"

Price: $1,250.00

Wood & Hughes antique sterling silver long handle serving spoon

EX6763 Wood & Hughes Antique Sterling Serving Spoon Circa 1870

An antique American sterling silver serving spoon with long handle of twisted vines and two applied oak leaves at the terminal. The shovel shaped bowl has a gold wash and a satin finish in the center concave section. Length 11 1/4". Weight 3.20 troy ounces. Circa 1870.

Price: $895.00

Hector Aguilar Sterling and wood pie server

EX6663 Hector Aguilar Sterling and Wood Pie Server

A large sterling and wood Hector Aguilar pie server measuring 11" long.


Gorham Isis pattern sterling fish set circa 1870

EX6707 Gorham Isis Sterling Fish Set

A rare two piece pierced sterling silver and gilded fish serving set by the Gorham Company in the Isis pattern. Circa 1870. The set measures 12 1/2" and 10" and is in good condition with no monograms. Weight 8.15 troy ounces.

Price: $2,950.00 for the set

Gorham Narragansett punch ladle

EX6550 Gorham Narragansett Sterling Ladle 14" long

A rare and important Gorham Narragansett punch ladle with individually cast and applied sea creatures and shells. The bowl is a shell form and is gilded. A full size rare server in the Narragansett pattern possibly the most rare server in the series. Fully marked.

Length 14". Weight 8 troy ounces


Duhme coffee spoons with chain handles

EX6542 Six Duhme Coffee Spoons with Chain Handles

Six unusual sterling coffee spoons, the handles in the form of a chain linked together and gold washed embossed bowls. Length 4 1/8". Marked on the back of the bowls Duhme & Co., Sterling.

Price: $450.00 for the set of six

William Gale & Son sterling crumber with cornucopia handle

EX6514 William Gale Sterling Crumber with Cornucopia Handle

A sterling silver crumber by William Gale & Son, the handle in the form of a basket weave cornucopia with fruit and flowers extending into the blade. The blade is engraved. Length 12 1/2"; weight 8.70 troy ounces. Never monogrammed.

Price: $795.00

Shiebler Etruscan Sterling and 14K Serving Fork

A Shiebler sterling silver serving fork with 14K Etruscan medallion on the handle. Length 9 1/4"; weight 3.80 troy ounces. Monogrammed on the back of the handle and marked with the Shiebler wings, sterling, 14K.

Price: $2,200.00

Gorham antique sterling bamboo handle and clam shell salad servers

Gorham Bamboo Handle and Shell Bowl Salad Set

A Gorham number 330 antique sterling silver two piece salad serving set with gold washed bowls in excellent condition.

Please check for availability

Gorham sterling number 333 spoon

EX6362 Gorham Sterling #333 Spoon Circa 1880

An antique sterling silver spoon measuring 5" long with a Japanese naturalistic motif, entirely hand made with a bowl in the form of a flower.

The spoon is one of a series numbered 333.

Price: $375.00

Whiting antique art nouveau salad set with carnations circa 1900

EX6382 Whiting Cast Art Nouveau Salad Set with Carnations

A heavy cast art nouveau antique sterling salad set by Whiting with carnations at the terminal, decorated on both sides of the handle. The bowls are oval. The set measures 8 1/2" and weighs 10.55 troy ounces.

Price: $1,495.00 for the set

Ludwig Redlich sterling naturalistic cocktail forks

EX6369 Set Twelve Naturalistic Sterling Cocktail Forks

A rare set twelve sterling silver cocktail forks, each in the form of naturalistic stems with buds and leaves at the top. Length 6". Maker is Ludwig, Redlich & Co. of New York, NY, circa 1895. Ludwig was a designer for Shiebler before joining up with Redlich.

Price: $2,500.00 for the set 12

Gorham antique sterling oloive spear

EX6327 Gorham Sterling Olive Spear

A pristine gold washed sterling antique olive spear by Gorham with a finely pierced and engraved bowl. 11 3/4"

Price: $595.00

Whiting Fuschia three dimensional sifter spoon

EX6261 Three Dimensional Fuschia Sifter Spoon

An exotic beautifully pierced sifter spoon with gold washed satin bowl and three dimensional leaves and fuschia, probably by Whiting and marked only 8C and Sterling. Excellent condition. Length 7 3/4".

Price: $795.00

Whiting sterling and mixed metals sugar tongs with applied copper circa 1880

EX6228 Whiting Mixed Metals Sugar Tongs

Hammered sterling and mixed metals sugar tongs by Whiting with applied copper and silver berries, leaves and vines on a hammered surface. Monogrammed with a Japanese style Length 5 1/8".

Price: $595.00

Whiting mixed metals two piece fish serving set with applied copper crabs

EX6227 Whiting Mixed Metals Fish Serving Set with Crabs

A Whiting mixed metals sterling and copper fish serving set, hammered with an applied crab on each handle. Japanese style monogram on each piece. Length 12 1/2" and 9" respectively.

Price: $3,950.00

Gorham aesthetic movement sterling hammered grape shears

N4966 Gorham Aesthetic Movement Sterling Grape Shears

A pristine hand hammered sterling silver grape shears by the Gorham Company circa 1880 with applied decoration including a crane, fish, birds and other Japanese motifs.

Length: 6 1/2". Weight: 3.95 troy ounces

Price: $695.00

Gorham set of ten all sterling knives with wheat motif

EX6026 Ten Antique Gorham Wheat All Sterling Knives

Ten Gorham antique all sterling knives with a wheat motif on both sides of the handle. Circa 1900. Length: 6"

Price: $95.00 each 9 available

Danish silver fish serving set by Prahl of Copenhagen c1850

EX6148 Danish Silver Fish Set by Prahl of Copenhagen

A massive fine quality Danish silver fish serving set comprising a hand pierced and engraved fish slice with dragon at the junction of the blade and handle and measuring 13" long, and a finely engraved 11" fork. The maker is Prahl of Copenhagen, Denmark. The fish slice is dated 1850 and the fork 1855. Combined weight 15.5 troy ounces.

Price: $1,950.00

English silver trowel with Louisiana interest

N5950 Superb Spectacular Engraved English Silver Trowel

A spectacular English antique sterling trowel engraved in 1856 with an inscription of Methodist Church interest in Manchester, England. Purchased in London in 1958 and presented to the Acadia Parish in Louisiana by the donor. Manufactured by Elizabeth Eaton and hallmarked. Length: 12 3/4"

Price: $1,875.00

Wallace Nautical clam sterling spoons

EX6034 Twelve Wallace Nautical Clam Spoons

A complete set of twelve antique sterling spoons with gilded clam shaped bowls bearing a monogram at the center. The handles are decorated with mussels and small shells and barnacles on a naturalistic background. The reverse of each spoon is decorated with a nautical theme. Length 4 1/2". Excellent condition.

Price: $750.00 for set

Gorham aesthetic sterling server with berries

Gorham Aesthetic Server with Berries

A sterling silver server by Gorham with berries on a stippled background along the handle and an engraved blade. Monogrammed on the back of the handle EKC? Length 10 1/8". Weight 3.15 ozt.

Price: $475.00

Gorham number 5 Japanese style fruit knife

EX5872 Gorham Number 5 Japanese Style Fruit Knife

A single Gorham fruit knife with hand engraved sterling blade with satin finish. The handle is a Japanese bronze handle with Japanese figures on both sides. Length: 7 3/4"

Price: $295.00

Shiebler antique sterling silver youth fork with applied Japanese motifs

EX5869 Shiebler Applied Youth Fork Circa 1880

An antique sterling silver youth fork by George Shiebler with applied Japanese motifs including a crane and other Japanese plants and leaves. Satin finished handle.

Length: 6 1/4"

Weight: 1.30 troy ounces

Price: $295.00

Bailey banks and biddle sterling fish set with etched crabs

EX5812 Bailey Banks Biddle Fish Set with Crabs

A Bailey Banks and Biddle sterling fish serving set with etched motif on the handle and two large etched crabs on the blades and tines.

Weight 7.65 troy oz. 11 3/4" & 9" long.

Price: $1,450.00

Gorham sterling and champleve enamel spoons

EX5791 Gorham Sterling and Enamel Spoons

Eleven Gorham sterling and champleve enamel spoons measuring 4 7/8" long with gold washed satin finished bowl. The handles are inlaid with champleve enamel and engraved. Excellent condition and never monogrammed. Marked with style number 370.

Price: $950.00 for the set 11

Gorham ornate cast sterling silver grape shears circa 1880

EX5786 Ornate Heavy Cast Grape Shears

A finely cast and detailed Gorham all silver grape shears circa 1880 with a three dimensional handles. Monogrammed lightly with a single letter gothic mono on the blade. Steel reinforcement blades attached to the sterling blades.

Length: 6 5/8". Weight: 5.8 troy ounces

Price: $950.00

George Shiebler antique sterling cheese scoop in the Etruscan pattern

EX5658 Shiebler Sterling Cheese Scoop

A large chunky antique sterling cheese scoop by Shiebler circa 1880 in pristine condition with gilded bowl, crisp medallions and sharp engraved detailed highlights. Etruscan pattern.

Never monogrammed.

Weight: 4.05 troy ounces

Length: 9"

Price: $2,400.00

La Paglia Sterling Punch Ladle

An exotic Jensen style sterling silver punch ladle by Alphonse La Paglia for International with pomegranates, leaves and grapes on the top of the handle. Marked on the back of the handle La Paglia designed, International, Sterling. Length 16 1/2"; weight 7.8 troy ounces. Excellent condition.


Gorham mixed metals and sterling hammered youth spoon circa 1885

EX5672 Gorham Mixed Metals and Sterling Spoon

A good Gorham antique youth spoon measuring 6 1/4" long with a wide gold washed bowl, hammered handle and an applied copper chicken and silver granules beneath the feet of the chicken. Inscribed and dated 1885.

Weight: 1 troy ounce

Price: $375.00

Rare Gorham antique American sterling silver soup ladle with satin finish and parcel gilded details

Rare Gorham Parcel Gilded Soup Ladle

A large rare Gorham sterling silver antique soup ladle with an applied gilded band of cherubs on the bowl. The interior of the bowl is gilded and retains a fabulous satin finish.

Circa 1870.

Length: 14 1/4"

Weight: 6.5 troy ounces

Price: $1,250.00

Gorham Mixed Metals and sterling preserve spoon

Rare Gorham Mixed Metals Preserve Spoon

A rare Gorham sterling preserve spoon with copper inlay on both sides measuring 7 1/8". Weight: 1.7 troy ounces.

Price: $950.00

Antique sterling silver mut picks circa 1870

EX5637 American Sterling Antique Nut Picks Circa 1870

Five antique sterling nut picks with three dimensional handles marked sterling only. Circa 1870.

Length: 4 1/2"

Price: $95.00 each Four available

Coin silver engraved cheese knife

Coin Silver Engraved Cheese Knife

A coin silver cheese knife with hand engraved engine turned blade measuring 7 1/2". The terminal is a flat disc with a milled edge engraved "Mother from Henry" in light script. Circa 1860

Weight: 1.10 troy oz.

Price: $295.00

Gorham antique sterling olive spear

EX5101 Gorham Olive Fork and Spoon

An antique sterling olive fork and spoon by Gorham with applied leaves and olive on a twisted handle. Pierced gold washed satin finished leaf form bowl.

Length: 9 3/4"

Price: $275.00

Victorian American sterling silver spoon with pineapple

EX5584 Pineapple Sterling Antique Spoon

An unusual Victorian American hand made sterling silver spoon with a notched tropical branch handle with additional applied leaves and applied pineapple off to one side. In pristine condition with a satin finished gold washed pleated bowl. Length: 8 1/2". 3 troy ounces.

Price: $1,495.00

Shiebler Etruscan Cold Meat Fork

EX5563 Shiebler Etruscan Sterling Cold Meat Serving Fork

A heavy Shiebler Etruscan pattern cold meat fork in sterling silver with the 14K medallion on the handle. Never monogrammed.

Length: 8 1/2"

Weight: 3.45 troy ounces

Price: $1,795.00

Wood and Hughes sterling antique scoop with cherub holding ring

EX5569 Wood & Hughes Antique Sterling Scoop

A large antique sterling silver scoop circa 1870 by Wood and Hughes of New York with a gold washed bowl and cast cherub terminal.

Length: 10 3/4"

Weight: 3.85 troy ounces

Price: $1,395.00

Duhme antique sterling set of eight ice cream spoons

EX5393 Duhme Antique Sterling Ice Cream Spoons

A set of eight sterling silver ice cream spoons by Duhme of Cincinnati with hand engraved satin finished handles and chased and engraved bowls. An unusual swirl design with ruffled edges. Length: 5 3/8"

Price: $750.00 for the set

antique sterling silver serving spoon with cast bird

EX4987 Antique Sterling Spoon with Cast Bird

An antique sterling spoon circa 1870 probably by Whiting with a cast three dimensional finial of a bird above a nest with two small birds. The fluted bowl is gold washed and has a satin finish. Marked sterling and the number 17. Length 10"; weight 2.65 troy ounces.

Price: $1,100.00

Shiebler Japanese style applied sterling silver spoon circa 1880

EX5284 Large Shiebler Antique Sterling Spoon dated 1886

An antique sterling silver spoon by George Shiebler with applied Japanese motifs on the handle. Monogrammed on the reverse of the handle and dated 1886.

Length: 9 3/4". Weight: 3.85 troy ounces.

Price: $950.00

Six Gorham coffee spoons circa 1880 number 334

EX5263 Six Gorham number 334 Coffee Spoons

Set of Six rare Gorham 334 sterling silver coffee spoons in excellent condition with original gilding and hand crafted handles. Length: 4 1/4". Circa 1880.

Price: $1,150.00 Set

N3428 Whiting Youth Spoon

A Whiting sterling spoon circa 1880 with acid etched floral and hammered decoration on the front of the handle. The reverse of the handle is plain with a monogram. Gold washed bowl. Length: 6 1/2". Weight: 1.55 troy ounces.

Price: $225.00

Whiting unmarked pie server with applied bird and satin finished surfaces

EX5242 Whiting Unmarked Bird Pie Server

A sterling silver pie server circa 1870 with parcel gilded satin finished decoration and an applied cast bird with a berry in three dimension on the handle. Unmarked but probably the work of Whiting.

Length: 10 1/4"

Weight: 3 troy ounces.

Price: $1,275.00

2691 Frank Smith Sterling Engraved Two Piece Fish Serving Set

A two piece sterling silver fish serving set by Frank Smith with engraved blade and tines. The quality of the engraving is quite special and the fish is very realistic. Please view the pictures by clicking on the picture for details. Combined weight: 7.85 troy ounces. Length: 12" and 9" respectively. Monogrammed on the front of the handle. In the original box.

Price: $975.00 set

gorham dresden enamel porcelain and sterling fruit knives

EX5188 Five Gorham Sterling and Porcelain Fruit Knives

Five unusual Gorham sterling silver gold washed fruit knives with Dresden enamel porcelain handles. The front and back of the porcelain handles have gold fleurs de lis and pink and blue flowers. The sides are burgundy and gold. The blades are marked Gorham M'f.g. Co. Length 8".

Price: $125.00 each FOUR AVAILABLE

gorham sterling and dresden enamel porcelain fruit forks

EX5188 Six Gorham Sterling and Porcelain Fruit Forks

Six Gorham sterling silver gold washed fruit forks with Dresden enamel porcelain handles. The front and back of the porcelain handles have gold fleurs de lis and pink and blue flowers. The sides are burgundy and gold. Marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling on the back of the tines. Length 7 1/4".

Price: $125.00 each FIVE AVAILABLE

antique sterling silver ladle by Wood & Hughes circa 1865-1870

*Wood & Hughes Antique Sterling Giant Ladle

A very large full size antique sterling silver soup ladle by Wood and Hughes with a full figure classical female handle. The length is 16" and the weight 7.85 troy ounces. Gold washed bowl.

Price: $1,495.00

Gorham enamel set of 12 knives

EX5129 Rare and Important Set of Twelve Gorham Enamel Knives Circa 1880

A magical set of twelve knives with fantastic sterling champleve enamel block handles decorated on both sides with ornate symmetrical and angular panels of a combination of solid and shaded enamel in a Byzantine style and all in excellent condition. The blades are the original silver plated steel blades each marked Gorham Manufacturing Co. Hallmarked sterling on the satin finished handles which also have a single letter monogram R on the side of each block handle. Length: 8 3/4". Numbered style 65. Museum quality pieces.

Set of twelve $6,900.00

Whiting Gibney fish serving set

2667 Whiting Gibney Two Piece Fish Serving Set

A two piece fish serving set retailed by Ball Black of New York and patented 1867. The blades and tines are engraved and pierced. This pattern is listed in Turner as a Whiting pattern called Gibney. Combined weight: 8.9 troy ounces. Length: 12 1/8" and 9 1/2 (fork). Never monogrammed. Magnificently engraved blades.

Price: $1,150.00

Whiting Fuchsia sterling silver spoon in the original box

EX5145 Antique Sterling Boxed Fuchsia Spoon

A sterling silver serving spoon probably by Whiting marked sterling and #8 with a three dimensional fuchsia flower on the handle. The bowl has a satin finish and a slight gold wash. Circa 1870. Length: 10"

Price: $875.00

shiebler mixed metals serving spoon

EX5102 Shiebler Applied Metals Sterling Serving Spoon

An antique sterling silver Japanese serving spoon by Shiebler with a large oval bowl, circa 1880. Never monogrammed. The application on the handle is of Japanese flowers and a crane in yellow and pink gold.

Length 9 1/2"; weight 3.95 troy ounces.

Price: $1,595.00


caldwell sterling fish serving set japanese style

Oversize Two Piece Hand Engraved Fish Serving Set

Two piece sterling silver fish set circa 1880 finely bright cut and engraved measuring 13 1/4" and 12" respectively. Additional fine hand hammering on the handles superimposed with Japanese style engraving of bamboo and blossoms. Retailed by Caldwell. Weight 11.8 troy ounces.

Price: $1,750.00

dominick and haff mixed metals spoon

EX5095 Dominick and Haff Sterling and Mixed Metals Spoon

A mixed metals and sterling silver serving spoon by Dominick and Haff with an engraved gold washed satin finished bowl. Applied copper salamander and gold washed leaves against an engraved textured background. Circa 1880. Never monogrammed. Length: 8 7/8". Weight: 2.15 troy ounces.

Price: $875.00

Mauser naturalistic sterling spoons leaf shaped bowls

EX5052 Mauser Sterling Naturalistic Spoons

Seven unusual antique sterling silver leaf shaped spoons with vine handles by Mauser circa 1900. Good cast detail. The spoons measure 4 7/8" long and have a total weight of 5.8 troy ounces. Unusual to find flatware by Mauser.

Price: $975.00 for the 7

Dominick and Haff mixed metals fruit knives

EX5024 Dominick and Haff Sterling Mixed Metals Fruit Knives

A rare set of six knives with hand hammered handles containing copper applications of bugs and other Japanese motifs on both sides. Circa 1880. The blades are all silver and are marked with the logo and the Dominick and Haff mark. Length: 7 7/8" . Combined weight: 11.4 troy ounces.

Please check for availability.

gorham mixed metal flatware

Gorham Mixed Metals Flatware

Three pieces of rare mixed metal flatware by Gorham comprising two knives measuring 8 3/4" and one fork measuring 7 1/2" long. All pieces have applied copper and silver Japanese style motifs on both sides of the handle. The knives which have steel blades are marked Joseph Rodgers & Son and the fork is all sterling. The back of the handles on the knives have a smooth area where there was probably a monogram removal. Otherwise in very good condition.

Price: $1,500.00

Antique sterling silver American punch ladle by Fuchs

Antique Art Nouveau Punch Ladle by Fuchs Circa 1900

A fine antique sterling silver punch ladle with flowers and leaves on a naturalistic branch handle. The maker is Fuchs and the detail is very fine and three dimensional. The reverse of the handle is flat. Gold washed bowl in perfect condition. Length: 16 1/4". Weight: 8.05 troy ounces.

Price: $1,575.00

vansant medallion and bug cheese scoop

EX4902 Vansant Sterling Medallion Cheese Scoop

A sterling cheese scoop circa 1890 by the Vansant Company of Philadelphia. The surface is entirely hand hammered and has impressed primitive insects and sea creatures. There are two large Grecian medallions struck on the front of the handle. Marked V & Co and Sterling.

The scoop measures 7 3/4" long; weight 1.96 troy ounces.

Price: $1,100.00

Gorham Narragansett fish slice

EX4635 Gorham Narragansett Fish Slice

A rare Gorham sterling silver fish slice in the Narragansett pattern circa 1880. the handle and part of the fluted blade is decorated with applied seaweed, a large crab, fish and a multitude of different shells. Each individual shell and application is cast and applied and the decoration extends to the reverse of the handle. Length: 11 7/8" Weight: 5.5 troy ounces.

Price on request

Wood and Hughes antique sterling almond scoop

EX4755 Wood and Hughes Antique Sterling Almond Scoop

An antique sterling silver almond scoop by Wood and Hughes of New York in pristine condition with original gilding in the scoop shaped bowl. The handle is a cast leaf with cast and applied lily of the valley. There is some additional applied cast leaf decoration on the handle. Circa 1870. Length: 8" Weight: 1.05 troy oz.

Price: $595.00

Antique silver spoon qith applied strawberry cluster by John Wendt

Wendt Antique Sterling Berry Spoon Circa 1875

A sterling silver berry spoon by John Wendt with a group of finely cast strawberries bolted to the handle. The ribbed bowl os gold washed and satin finished. The handle is additionally hand engraved in the area of the strawberries. Retailed by A H Miller of Newark, NJ and Chicago IL.

Length: 9". Weight: 2.05 troy ounces.

Price: $525.00

Wood and Hughes dessert set antique coin silver

EX4636 Wood & Hughes Ice Cream Set

A coin silver 13 piece dessert set by Wood & Hughes of New York circa 1860 in pristine condition. The bowls are fluted and gold washed and the terminals have a milled edge band with a ball tapering down to the handle. The server has an engine turned gold washed blade hand engraved with a plant.

Length: 10 5/8" and 6"

Weight: 10.35 troy ounces

Price: $1,395.00 for the set

John Wendt Egyptian serving fork

EX4603 Unusual Antique Silver American Serving Fork

A heavy sterling silver serving fork with engraved tines measuring 9". The terminal is a cast Egyptian head with three dimensional detail. Weight: 3.25 troy ounces. Marked 925 Sterling. Probably the work of John Wendt of New York. Circa 1870


EX2161 Twelve Silver and bronze Fruit Knives

12 silverplate Japanese knives with Shakudo kodzuka bronze handles perfectly preserved with the original gold highlights on the figures on both sides of the handles. Inscribed with engraved Japanese lettering on the blades. Length: 8"

Price on request

Gorham mixed metals cocktail forks

EX3443 Gorham Sterling and Mixed Metals Cocktail Forks

Seven Gorham sterling silver hammered cocktail forks applied with copper and silver decoration. The applications include fish, cherubs, plants and butterfly mostly Japanese influenced. length: 6 1/8". Four monogrammed.

Price: $1,500.00 set

Wood & Hughes sterling silver scoop with applied leaf and vine

EX3633/6671 Wood & Hughes Sterling Serving Scoop

Large sterling silver fruit scoop by Wood & Hughes with a naturalistic branch handle with vines and applied leaves. The bowl is gold washed and satin finished. Never monogrammed. Length 11"; weight 3.25 troy ounces.

Price: $795.00 each TWO AVAILABLE

gorham mixed metals spoon

Gorham Mixed Metals Youth Spoon

A Gorham sterling silver youth spoon engraved "Marjory" , circa 1870. Applied copper bird and leaves with applied silver sand on the front of the handle. Marked with the Gorham mark and Sterling and other metals. Gold washed bowl. Length: 6". Weight: .85 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

gorham lady scoop server

EX3153 Gorham Lady Sterling Silver Shovel

A Gorham sterling silver shovel in the Lady pattern monogrammed with a script letter in the center of the bright cut decorated disc applied to the handle, decorated with a cast bow. Circa 1867. Marked on the back of the handle which also has a female hand at the junction with the bowl. Length: 10". Weight: 2.95 troy ounces.

Price: $1,595.00

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