Britannia Fine Antique Silver

Rare Hollowware

Tiffany Hexagonal hand hammered sterling tray circa 1880 with acid etched monogram

RH6440 Tiffany Hexagonal Hammered Sterling Tray

A substantial antique Tiffany sterling hammered hexagonal tray with a large acid etched monogram on the front. Six applied feet on the corners. Marked with Tiffany marks and M. Circa 1875.

Weight 60 troy ounces. Width 15"

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Tiffany hammered antique sterling tray with cactus etched on front hammered applied feet

RH6430 Rare Tiffany Hammered and Etched Salver Circa 1880

A large important 16" diameter hand hammered Tiffany antique sterling silver footed salver by Tiffany and Company with a hand chased detailed cactus complete with leaves on the front. The feet are hand hammered and applied visible from the sides and the back. Circa 1880

Weight 64 troy ounces. Diameter 16"

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Rare set of six Tiffany sterling and mokume and acid etched copper cups circa 1880 with French touch marks

RH6449 Tiffany and Co Rare Set of Six Cups with Mokume and Acid Etrched Decoration (French Touch Marks)

A rare set of six handled cups by Tiffany & Company circa 1880 sold in France with French touch marks on the rims. Three are decorated with mokume and three are decorated with acid etched copper designs. The construction is in sterling with the mixed metals being applied to the sterling bodies. Marked and monogrammed on the bases. Height 1 1/2"; diameter at top 1 3/16".


Tiffany antique sterling sugar bowl with textured surfaces and gilded decoration circa 1880

RH6471 Tiffany Antique Sterling Sugar Bowl

A Japanese influenced sugar bowl with parcel gilded decoration including birds and blossoms. The interior gilded. Pristine condition with a fabulous boar head crest and monogram on the base. Circa 1880. Weight: 4.65 troy ounces. Textured surfaces and trompe l'oeil basket weave handles. Width 5" across the handles. Height 2 3/4".


Gorham sample antique sterling and enamel vase Meiji period

RH6398 Rare Gorham Sample Antique Sterling and Enamel Vase Meiji Period

An extremely rare and important antique sterling silver vase by Gorham, the body with applied irises, fish swimming through water, chickens, flowers and water plants with applied enamel in the Japanese style of the Meiji period. Dated 1897 by the Gorham date letter on the base. The style number is surrounded by an oval indicating that this vase was manufactured as a sample of this technique and motif. The top of the vase has acid etched decoration in the Japanese style. Monogrammed on the base. There are some Japanese hand engraved signatures that extend downwards from the side of the vase.

Height 12 1/2"; width at its widest point 6 1/4"; weight 27.50 oz troy

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Tiffany and Co antique sterling chased pitcher with Indian style decoration circa 1880

RH6432 Tiffany Antique Sterling Indian Style Pitcher

A Tiffany hand chased antique sterling pitcher in the Indian style circa 1880. Superb custom engraved monogram on the base. The engraved bands are very finely executed and the handle resembles an elephant trunk with varying thickness.

Height: 8 3/8"; weight 30 ozt. Excellent condition.


P lie Christiania silver Norwegian drinking vessel with Viking decoration

RH6409 Rare Norwegian Silver Figural Drinking Vessel by Peder Arnesan Lie

A rare Norwegian silver drinking cup or vessel in the shape of a Viking horn with cast figure supporting the vessel attached to a decorated circular band around the circumference of the horn. The foot of the horn is a cast dragon head with impressed hallmarks P Lie, Christiania 13 1/4 which equates to 828/1000 and style number 139. The applied Viking decoration is of exceptional quality and is parcel gilded as is the interior of the vessel. There are four figures in archways in addition to bands of interlaced dragons with incredible detail. The circular band surrounding the horn has two dragon heads with rings through their mouths attached to the arms of the figure at the base. Circa 1870.

Weight 41.20 troy ounces

Height 10 3/4"; diameter of opening 3"


Tetard Freres French silver Art Deco vase

RH6441 Tetard Freres French 950 Silver Art Deco Vase, Paris

An important large French 950 silver Art Deco vase by Tetard Freres of Paris with segmented detail and eyecatching design. Tetard Freres, Puiforcat and Christofle were the premier French Art Deco silver manufacturers and this vase is a wonderful example of their work. Marked with the Minerva head and a 1 for first purity, also Tetard's logo in a diamond.

Height 13 1/4"; 6 1/2" wide at the bulbous point

Weight: 58.85 oz troy

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Museum quality Gorham vase with satin finish and enamel flower circa 1880

RH6333 Museum Quality Gorham Sterling Vase Circa 1880

A unique Gorham sterling vase with an applied gilded flower. The leaves of the flower are enameled with light yellow/green glaze. The workmanship is superb. The surface of the vase has a satin finish and there is a presentation on the reverse side dated 1880. Pristine condition.

Height: 11 1/2"

3 1/2" square

3" diameter at the top

Weight: 30.80 troy ounces

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Shiebler sugar and cream pitcher with applied spiders and bugs in a leaf form

RH6392 Shiebler Sterling Leaf Form Sugar and Creamer Circa 1880

A Shiebler sterling sugar and cream pitcher with light gilding and the original satin finish with applied bugs. The sugar bowl has an additional applied spider on the opposite side to the applied bug. Circa 1880. 7.75 troy ounces. Brooklyn, New York Circa 1880. Pitcher 3 1/4" tall, sugar 3" tall.

Price: $3,950.00 for the pair

RH6416 Large Sterling Etched Lined Table Jewelry Box Circa 1900

A large impressive sterling table box with green velvet lining with the retail mark of Black Starr and Frost of New York. The box which measures 9 1/2" by 6 1/2" by 3 1/2" has a sterling bottom and is decorated on the top and all sides with an ornate etched leaf pattern highlighted with hand engraving and incorporating two winged mythical griffins suporting a large central cartouche bearing an acid etced crest and motto.


Tiffany sterling pair sweetmeat baskets

RH6221 Massive pair of Tiffany Antique Sterling Sweetmeat Dishes

A rare and unusual very heavy pair of cast and pierced Tiffany sterling sweetmeat dishes with double bowls. The double bowls, pedestal bases and handles have a pierced floral design with each piece weighing 53 troy ounces. Total weight of the pair is 106 troy ounces.

Height 10 1/2".

Width 10 1/2". Circa 1900.

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Kirk Landscape sterling silver centerpiece

RH6317 Rare Kirk Landscape Sterling Centerpiece Bowl 143 ozt

A rare massive Kirk Landscape sterling silver centerpiece bowl on four paw feet with substantial handles, three dimensional grapes and apples around the top edge of the bowl and scenes depicting Chinese buildings, flowers, trees etc. on the body. Length 24" across the handles by 13 1/4" wide. Weight approximately 143 oz troy. Never monogrammed. In excellent condition.


Gorham antique hammered sterling and mixed metals vase

6393 Gorham Mixed Metals and Hammered Sterling Vase

A 7 1/4" tall antique hammered sterling vase by the Gorham company with applied mixed metals including copper and silver gilt applications with a weight of 7.95 troy ounces in pristine condition. The applications include butterflies and flowers with a crane and a Japanese female figure. Original patina. Date letter for 1882.


RH6428 Rare Wood & Hughes Salad Bowl with Salad Servers

An antique sterling silver salad bowl with matching servers by Wood and Hughes circa 1880 in pristine condition. The lobed bowl with gilded interior has a textured "skin" on the outside and applied vine handles with applied fruit. Four applied ball feet and three original applied buttons on the lobes to that the bowl sits perfectly square on a surface. Weight: 21.9 troy ounces. Length across handles: 11 1/4". Salad set 9" long. All original matching monograms.

Price: $3,950.00 for the set HOLD

French silver 950/1000 pure claret just with gilded applied decoration and casting and engraved crystal

RH6353 Superb French Silver Claret Jug Circa 1890

A massive exquisite French silver and engraved crystal claret just with thick heavy crystal and gilded applied ornate silver. Marked with the Minerva and first purity mark. Measures 14 1/2" tall and in excellent condition. The lid hinges back to open. Faces on the spout and handle, the casting is extremely fine. Circa 1890


Rare museum quality cracker jar trompe l'Oeil pull off napkin lid and basket weave bowl

RH6291 Rare and Important Gorham Cracker Jar with Trompe l'Oeil Napkin Lid Dated 1884

An extremely rare Gorham basket weave cracker jar with a pull of Trompe l'Oeil napkin shaped lid. The piece designed in the Russian style using similar techniques. Dated with the date letter P for 1884 and marked with the Gorham mark. In excellent condition with the original gilding in the bowl. There is a rope handle on the lid for lifting.

Weight 11.9 troy ounces.

Height 4".

Diameter 5"


rare German 800 silver square shaped picher with ghost face

RH6294 Unusual German 800 Silver Square Pitcher Antique Circa 1900

A fantastic German 800 silver square form pitcher with a ghost face on the front. Unusual applied cast leaves and ice crystals on the feet. The spout has a rather modern trough shaped design and the handle is ribbon shaped folding into the design on the base of the pitcher. Marked with the German Reich marks circa 1900 with 800.

Height: 9".

Weight 45.8 troy ounces.

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Unusual Elkington antique sterling stag on coronet and snake handle Birmingham 1897 Hand chased scenes of a stag hunt

RH6425 Elkington Sterling Stag Hunt Pitcher with Stag Snake and Coronet

An unusual English silver pitcher by Elkington with a heavy cast ducal coronet as the pedestal base with a pitcher with an applied twisted snake handle. The body of the pitcher has a hand chased stag hunt scene. Never monogrammed or inscribed. A full cast stag supports the ewer. Excellent condition. Birmingham 1897. Weight: 46.05 troy ounces.


Dominick and Haff antique sterling and mixed metals vase circa 1880

6359 Dominick and Haff Sterling and Mixed Metals Vase

An antique sterling textured vase measuring 5 3/4" with a troy ounce weight of 4.75 ounces. The body of the vase is hand engraved with a fine leaf design and there are copper branches, a butterfly and bugs together with an applied brass squirrel and bird in flight. Dated 1879 in the Dominick and Haff mark on the base. Excellent condition.

Price: $3,750.00

dominick & haff griffin sterling salt and peppers

RH6298 Pair of Superb Dominick and Haff Ornate Salt and Pepper Shakers

An unusual pair of salt and pepper shakers by Dominick and Haff of New York with cast paw feet and applied winged griffin corners. The finest hand chasing and applied work together with fine hammering make these most unusual quality. In pristine condition. Circa 1900.

Weight:12.4 troy ounces

Height: 5"

Price: $2,750.00 for the pair

set 12 english silver plates previously owned by Richard Curzon 4th Earl Howe

RH6316 Set Twelve Victorian Silver Dinner Plates

A set twelve English silver dinner plates with reeded border, engraved with coat of arms of Richard Curzon, 4th Earl Howe on top edge and crested on the bottom with the words "Curzon holds what Curzon held." Richard Curzon, 4th Earl Howe married Lady Georgiana Elizabeth Spencer Churchill, fifth daughter of the Duke of Marlborough. Diameter 10 3/4"; weight 303 troy ounces. Marked for London 1888 maker John Chapple and John Mantle. Excellent condition.

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antique sterling leaf form tray by George Shiebler circa 1880

RH6299 Shiebler Sterling Leaf Form Oval Tray Ca 1880

A hand hammered antique sterling oval tray measuring 15" by 9 1/2". Made by George Shiebler. Monogrammed on the reverse in a script monogram. Weight: 21.55 troy ounces.

Price: $4,500.00

Gorham mixed metals vase with bug

RH5309 Rare Gorham Mixed Metals Vase

A rare antique sterling and mixed metals vase by the Gorham Company dated 1879. The background is hand hammered with applied copper and brass bird, bugs, leaves and butterfly. The applied oak leaves in various sizes are joined by hand engraved branches.

Height 8"' weight 9.3 troy oz.

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Rare Gorham antique mixed metals copper tray with silver application in the Japanese style circa 1883

Rare Gorham Copper and Sterling Tray

A rare Gorham oval patinated copper tray with curled edges with the original patinated red finish and applied sterling Japanese motifs. Date letter for 1883. The silver is unpolished.

Price: $2,200.00

Hamburg silver teapot by Johann Heinrich Friedrich Viol circa 1815

RH6277 Rare Hamburg Silver Teapot by Viol, circa 1815

A rare early silver teapot by Johann Heinrich Friedrich Viol of Hamburg, Germany with figural spout and on four ball feet, lightly chased acanthus leaves around the body and hinged lid, monogrammed on one side. Excellent condition and patina, black wood handle. Weight 18.70 ozt; length 12" handle to spout; height 7 1/2" to finial.

Price: $3,500.00

Tane sterling wine cooler with dogs and cattails

RH6235 Rare Tane Sterling Wine Cooler with Dogs & Cattails

A rare massive sterling silver footed French style wine cooler with dual figural poodle heads as handles and three dimensional cattails. Trompe L'oeil basket weave decoration on the top and bottom of the body. Height 9 7/8"; weight 112.7 oz troy. Excellent condition. Marked with the Tane of Mexico City hallmarks as well as JMS.


George Shiebler antique cream pitcher with applied bug and leaf detailed decoration

George Shiebler Antique Sterling Cream Pitcher Circa 1880

An antique sterling cream pitcher hand hammerd and appearing in leaf form with veins and detailed folds. A large applied silver bug on the front. Circa 1880, manufactured by George Shiebler, New York.

Height: 3 1/2"

Weight: 3.35 troy ounces

Price: $2,750.00

Kashmir circa 1880 silver three piece tea service

RH6217 Rare Kashmir Antique Silver Tea Service

A rare unmarked antique silver three piece tea service from Kashmir circa 1880. The hinged lids have a basket weave dome covering a coiled snake. The bodies are chased with chinar leaves in fine detail. Wood handle. Excellent condition. Reticulated pedestal bases. Teapot 7 1/2" tall, sugar 5 3/4" tall.

Price: $4,500.00

important German sterling silver antique stein by Neresheimer of Hanau with Chester import marks

RH6083 Important Neresheimer of Hanau Sterling Stein 32"

An important oversize ornamental German sterling stein by the firm of Neresheimer of Hanau imported into Great Britain with Chester marks for 1909 by the firm of Berthold Muller. The stein is 32" tall and has a hinged lid decorated with a cathedral spire including a finial with a figural saint. The spire encloses a bird perched on a nest bolted to the domed cap with the original nut. The handle is in the form of a dragon with a tail that divides at the base complete with detailed scales and feet. Decoration includes cast and applied Arts and Crafts bands around the center with musicians complete with instruments in extraordinary detail. The body of the stein is entirely hand hammered in segmented swirls including the pedestal base which can be unscrewed. Fully marked on the base. Weight 125 oz troy.


Tiffany hammered sterling silver ice bowl with walruses

Important Tiffany Sterling Ice Bowl

An important Tiffany sterling hammered footed ice bowl with applied pine cones, a band of decoration around the foot and cast walruses and icicles. Probably designed by Eugene Soligny. A removable original pierced grille for drainage is inserted into the top of the pedestal. Diameter 11 1/8"; weight 93 oz troy.


Tiffany mixed metals antique sterling pitcher with applied leaves and engraved tendrils. Copper specks on the larger oak leaves

RH6056 Tiffany Mixed Metals Sterling Pitcher

A museum quality Tiffany antique sterling silver water pitcher with hammered surfaces and engraved tendrils. Applied copper, brass and gilt silver oak leaves and butterflies. On a few larger applied silver oak leaves there are copper inlaid specks which appear as natural imperfections in the leaves.

Weight: 27.2 troy ounces. Height: 7"

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Twentyman and Co Calcutta Indian silver cup

RH6179 Indian Colonial Silver Cup with Lid

An Indian colonial silver antique cup with the mark of Twentyman and Co of Calcutta circa 1836-1853. Hand chased floral bands of decoration on the cylindrical cup, the lid and on the finial. Crisp clean condition. Inscription of a presentation on the front of the cup in script.

Height: 4 1/4". Weight: 7.40 troy ounces

Price: $1,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling hammered mixed metals pitcher applied fish in copper and silver

RH5765 Tiffany Mixed Metals Pitcher with Applied Fish

A museum quality Tiffany mixed metals hammered water pitcher with applied copper and silver fish and engraved dragonfly and seaweed. The handle has additional copper applications. Excellent original condition and never monogrammed. Height 7 3/4"; weight 27.55 troy ounces.


Asprey large Sturgeon fish caviar server circa 1959

RH5904 Asprey Sterling Caviar Container

A twenty six inch long detailed sterling sturgeon shaped caviar container. 82.35 troy ounces. Made by Asprey of London in 1959. The panel on the top is removable and there is a hammered pull out container that is dropped into the top of the fish.

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Dominick and Haff sterling tea caddy retailed by Howard of New York

RH6001 Aesthetic Movement Sterling Tea Caddy

A sterling hammered and intaglio chased tea caddy circa 1882 with water related insects including bugs and a dragon fly with aquatic plants. The caddy was marked retailed by Howard and Company of New York and is most likely the work of Dominick and Haff. Howard and Company used to put their mark on the work of other manufacturers. The lid pulls off. Weight: 7.95 troy ounces. Height: 4 1/2"

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Tiffany mixed metals water pitcher with mokume

RH5768 Tiffany Mixed Metals Pitcher with Mokume

A rare early example of a Tiffany Japanesque mixed metals water pitcher by Edward Moore decorated with applied copper and gold metal leaves with mokume gourds. Also applied are a grasshopper, butterflies and a dragonfly. French import mark indicating that it was sold in France. Height 7 3/4". Circa 1878. Excellent condition.


pair of Tiffany hand hammered trays

RH6002 Pair of Antique Tiffany Sterling Trays Circa 1881

Two antique sterling hammered Tiffany footed salvers in an unusual rectangular shaped with crimped applied edge. Applied water lilies and pads. Wonderful original Tiffany monogram and date of 1881 on the reverse. 12" by 5". Combined weight: 25.9 troy ounces.

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Shiebler sterling antique bon bon basket circa 1880

RH5998 Shiebler Leaf Form Bon Bon Basket

A Shiebler antique sterling bon bon basket with an applied copper bug and a large applied spider at the junction of the canopy and loop handle. Circa 1880. Weight: 7.45 troy ounces. Length: 6 3/4" by 4" wide by 3 1/2" tall at the canopy.


Tiffany mixed metals water pitcher

RH6308 Tiffany Mixed Metals Pitcher, circa 1880

A Tiffany hand hammered sterling silver water pitcher with applied mixed metal leaves and silver butterflies with engraved tendrils. Height 7 3/8"; weight 28.8 oz troy. Pristine condition and never monogrammed.

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Whiting antique shell bowl with acid etched inscription on the base

RH5982 Rare Whiting Antique Sterling Nautical Shell Trophy Bowl Circa 1884

A rare Whiting sterling bowl with applied paw feet and chased shells. The base etched with a nautical inscription dated 1884. Gilded interior. Diameter: 8 3/4"Height: 3 1/2".Weight: 23.15 troy ounces.

Please inquire, price on request

Whiting sterling mixed metal bowl with copper fish

Whiting Mixed Metals 1880 Bowl

A sterling bowl chased with light ripples to resemble water with applied copper fish and lily pads. Lightly engraved in the background to highlight the applications. Weight: 18.7 troy oz. Diameter: 8 3/4". Height: 2 1/2"

Price: $4,500.00

Rare and unusual Gorham chased and etched salver with unusual feet engraved Westinghouse circa 1883

RH5981 Rare and Unusual Gorham Footed Tray

A very unusual antique sterling chased and etched tray by the Gorham Co dated 1883 once owned by the Westinghouse family who were serious collectors of rare silver during this period of the gilded age. See detailed page for more details on technique. Weight 28.85 troy ounces. Length 14" by 10"

Price: $7,900.00

Museum quality Gorham antique sterling and applied mixed metals plate with dragon fly and fruit each leaf has naturalistic worm holes

RH5905 Museum Quality Gorham Mixed Metals Plate

A massive antique sterling and mixed metals compote with applied leaves and fruit, a copper branch edge and applied dragon fly. The leaves have worm holes pierced giving the piece a naturalistic quality. Hammered surface, never monogrammed. Dated 1881. Diameter: 12 1/4". Wt: 39.5 oz


Shiebler leaf form antique sterling cream pitcher with applied spider

RH5810 Rare Shiebler Cream Jug with Spider

A rare Shiebler antique sterling cream pitcher in the form of a leaf with an applied handle supporting a detailed spider. Length: 5" by 3" wide by 2 1/8" tall. Weight: 3.65 troy ounces.

Price: $3,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver tropical pitcher circa 1890 designed by John T Curran

RH5767 Massive Rare Tiffany Sterling Tropical Cactus Pitcher

A rare and important Tiffany sterling silver tropical pitcher with applied cactus leaves and blossoms in three dimension together with banana leaves. Engraved cactus details on the handle. A large highly detailed pitcher designed for Tiffany and Co by John Y Curran in 1890. Exceptionally heavy.

9 1/4" tall. 53 troy ounces.


Dominick & Haff sterling hammered bowl with octopus handles

RH5821 Dominick & Haff Antique Hammered Bowl c1882

A fine quality fruit bowl by Dominick and Haff dated 1882 with faceted hammering throughout and circular protrusions around the circumference of the body. Height: 3". 10 1/2" across handles. Weight: 29.95 troy ounces. Price: $3,950.00

english silver bachelor tea sett apple form

RH5751 English Naturalistic "Apple" Bachelor Tea Set

A rare and unusual English silver hand hammered apple form four piece bachelor tea set comprising a tea pot with removable lid with stalk handle, a sugar bowl with tongs and a cream pitcher. Each piece is hand formed and has applied leaves complete with "worm holes." Combined weight 21.2 oz troy. Height tea pot 5 1/2". A Maker: James William Benson. Dated for London 1892.

Price: $5,500.00

Rare Gorham antique silver ice bowl

Rare Gorham Antique Sterling Ice Bowl Circa 1874

A rare antique sterling silver ice bowl by Gorham dated 1874 in the form of a barrel complete with staves and applied icicles bolted with original bolts to a base or rocks and ice. Pristine condition, the engraved detail on the barrel in perfect condition. 31 troy ounces. Height: 5 7/8" Number 140.

Price on request

Tiffany antique sterling hammered sauceboat

RH5750 Tiffany Hammered Sterling Sauce Boat

An antique spot hammered sterling silver sauce boat by Tiffany and Company with applied shells and seaweed on the base and neck. The handle is also hammered. A splendid acid etched monogram with the date 1882 on the base. Never monogrammed. Weight: 12.6 troy ounces. Height: 4". Length: 6 1/4"

Price: $5,500.00

Tiffany mixed metal tray

RH5342 Important Large Tiffany Mixed Metals Tray

A spectacular museum quality Tiffany mixed metal tray in the Japanese style, hand hammered and with copper tomato vine and branches and a gold and copper dragonfly with textured naturalistic wings. Some of the leaves are inlaid with copper. There is also a copper beetle tucked into the top edge of the tray. This tray has four applied feet. Length 17"; weight 61 oz troy. Circa 1880.


Gorham ornate sterling and gilded vase with floral applications

RH5666 Gorham Special Order Ornate Vase

A rare and important Gorham sterling silver and gilded vase with cast reticulated base, feet and top rim, hand made applications in gilded sterling of a multitude of flowers, wheat, leaves and thistle adorning two sides of the vase. Inscribed with an anniversary date of 1864-1898. Marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling, special order number 1067 and date mark for 1889. Height 12 1/4"; weight 60.2 troy ounces. Excellent condition.

Price on request

Important Gorham hand hammered martele style ewer with figural application and finely hand chased detail

RH5430 Important Gorham Art Nouveau Ewer

A massive important museum quality antique sterling silver ewer by Gorham circa 1895 with a martele surface depicting irises against a finely hammered surface. The hammering executed in circles simulating a pool of water. There are insects chased against this watery dreamy surface and a large dragon fly. The spout has a large cast female figurine applied on one side. The piece is in pristine condition and was preserved over the years with a lacquer minimizing the need to polish resulting in a surface that resembles the 1890 finish with a lovely dark patina.

Height: 19"

Weight: 75 troy ounces


Rare Gorham antique set of mixed metal sterling bowls

RH5754 Gorham Mixed Metals and Sterling Bowls

A set of three Gorham sterling silver bowls with applied copper decoration. The center of each bowl hammered and gilded with a smaller faceted hammering than the border. Various copper applications including birds insects and cherries. Combined weight: 46.25 troy ounces. One larger bowl with a 10 1/2" diameter and two smaller bowls with 8 1/4" diameter. Please check for price and availability

Shiebler sterling cabbage leaf bowl with grapes

RH5688 George Shiebler Antique Sterling Bowl c1880

An antique sterling leaf form novelty fruit bowl by George Shiebler, circa 1880. The leaf form bowl has detailed veins and a handle decorated with a cluster of hand made silver grapes. Weight: 17.85 ozt; length 8 1/2" by 6" wide.

Price: $6,500.00

Gorham antique sterling silver and applied mixed metals sugar and creamer circa 1882

5609 Gorham Mixed Metals Sugar & Creamer

A sterling sugar and creamer dated 1882 by Gorham with rippled textured surfaces and applied copper Japanese motifs including a cow and a frog on the creamer. Engraved decoration between the applications. Gilded interiors. Weight: 12.55 troy oz. Ht: 2 7/8"

Price: $5,900.00 pair

English antique silver toast rack by Charles Fox

RH5600 English Silver Antique Toast Rack Circa 1836

A fantastic quality gothic style silver toast rack by Charles Fox, London 1837. In wonderful condition. The ornate cast feet are reticulated leaf forms and are also of the highest quality. Weight: 13.95 troy oz

Height: 6" Length: 6 1/4"

Price: $3,500.00

Gorham special order antique sterling loving cup

RH5602 Gorham Special Order Sterling Loving Cup

A Gorham hand chased ornate loving cup with three handles decorated with satyrs. The body chased with flowers, shells and faces with horns at the top. Very high quality chasing and a great form. Acid etched monogram, the year 1898 and "Christmas" in the cartouches between the chasing.

Weight: 83.3 troy ounces. Height: 10 1/4"

Please check for availability

Tiffany antique sterling tazza with acid etched interior and gourd decoration

RH5598 Rare and Important Tiffany Tazza

Obviously inspired by the Mackay service this tazza is decorated with gilded acid etched floral panels and a large etched monogram at the center of the bowl. The base has four reticulated panels with one depicting gourds and vines and the others floral. In perfect condition with great patination and crisp detail. Circa 1880. Marked inside the base. Height: 7 3/8"; diameter 8 7/8"; weight 41.04 troy oz.

Price on request

Gorham antique celery vase sterling silver

RH5592 Gorham Antique Sterling Celery Vase

A rare Gorham antique sterling silver celery vase dated 1868 with applied busts and handles with swags and garlands. The surface is finely hand engraved and is textured with a satin finish in pristine condition. On a plain pedestal base.

Weight: 17.9 troy ounces.

Height: 8 1/4"

Price: $2,750.00

Antique sterling teapot from the Mackay service

Rare Mackay Service Teapot Ordered from Elkington 1899

A rare teapot, a later addition and part of the Mackay service ordered from Elkington in England and made and hallmarked by George Fox. The Mackay family lived in Paris and London and could have ordered additional or smaller teapots for the service. This teapot is hallmarked London 1899, much later than the Tiffany service made up for the Mackay family in New York. The pot bears Marie Louise Mackay's MLM monogram on one side and the applied family crest on the other side. Weight 29.55 troy oz. Height: 8" to the finial. The Mackay Silver Collection


Pair of rare Kirk 11 ounce tureens with cast heraldic finials

RH5538 Pair of Kirk 11 ounce Tureens All Silver Liners

A rare and unusual pair of Kirk tureens with heraldic finials depicting a bird perched on a globe with wings. The tureens are hand chased with flowers and birds and have a silver liner with handles that join the handles of the base as a double handle. All four parts marked with 11 ounce mark and in excellent condition with good patina. Taking into account the special cast crests these must be a special order or adaptation from a superior design at Kirk. Weight: 110 troy oz. 12" across handles. 7" tall with finials. Diameter of interior 7 1/2"

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Tiffany antique silver pitcher with applied shells and seaweed

RH5455Tiffany Antique Sterling Pitcher with Applied Shells and Seaweed

A rare and special antique sterling silver pitcher with applied shells and seaweed on the body and an applied crab on the top of the hand hammered handle. The surface is spot hammered. Never monogrammed. Marked with Tiffany marks. Circa 1880.

Weight: 36.35 Height:7 1/8"


Tiffany hammered rectangular salver with applied crabs

RH5403 Tiffany Antique Sterling Footed Salver

A rectangular sterling hand hammered footed salver/tray by Tiffany & Co. with two applied crabs and a bug. Four applied feet and etched and applied leaves in the Japanese style. Never monogrammed and fully marked. Circa 1880. Length 9 1/4" by 5 3/4". Weight: 10.45 troy ounces.

Price: $4,500.00

Pair of Tiffany tazzas with birds and ferns gilded

RH5558 Pair of Antique Sterling Tazzas by Tiffany & Co

Pair of Tiffany sterling gilded pierced compotes or tazzas with incredible detail of birds and ferns on the plates and pedestal bases. There is a crest monogram of a bird with a feather in mouth in the central cartouche of each plate. Pristine condition.

Diameter: 9" Weight combined: 40.25 troy ounces

Height: 4 1/2"

Please check for availability

Wood and Hughes bowl with cast turtle feet

RH5457 Wood and Hughes Turtle Bowl

A small Wood and Hughes hand hammered and textured bowl with cast turtle feet. Gold washed interior. Circa 1875.

Diameter: 4 1/2". Height: 2 1/8". Weight: 5.15 troy ounces.

Price: $1,895.00

Museum quality Gorham antique sterling silver lemonade set comprising a tray two goblets and a pitcher

RH5344 Museum Quality Gorham Sterling Antique Set 1881

A rare and important Gorham engraved set comprising a pitcher, two goblets and a tray. All pieces are engraved with Japanese scenes in the finest multi dimensional engraving by Gorham. Pristine condition. Applied decorative borders. Parcel gilded satin finished surfaces. Total weight: 82 troy oz. Tray 12". Pitcher 8"

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Gorham mixed metals water pitcher

RH5203 Gorham Mixed Metals Sterling Pitcher

A Gorham sterling hammered pitcher with applied copper birds, butterfly and a large copper tree. The handle is plain and there is a braided applied band of decoration at the junction of the neck and the body. Dated 1882.

Weight: 27.2 troy ounces. Ht 7 1.2"

Please inquire and check for availability

Dominick and Haff aesthetic movement covered tureen with butterflies

RH5351 Dominick & Haff Aesthetic Square Covered Tureen

An antique sterling silver aesthetic movement covered dish by Dominick & Haff with exquisite chasing in three dimension depicting flora against a textured chased background. The highlights are large butterflies on the body and handles. Removable twist off handle on lid. 7" square and 10" long across the handles. Height 6 1/2" at finial; weight 47.1 oz troy. Never monogrammed.

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Rare Tiffany antique sterling silver bowl and plate

RH5307 A rare Tiffany antique sterling bowl and plate with applied Japanese style decoration. The pierced handles have applied work and two square silver links suspended from the tips. Designed by Edward Moore and marked with the Union Square mark of Tiffany and Company. The plate is inscribed and dated 1886. Weight:15.25 troy oz. The plate is 6 1/4" square. Bowl Ht 3", diameter 5 1/2"


Liberty sterling silver kettle on stand by Archibald Knox 1902 Birmingham

Important Liberty Sterling Silver Kettle on Stand Circa 1902

A rare and important museum quality English silver Liberty kettle on stand designed by Archibald Knox. Circa 1902, Birmingham. Excellent condition. Height: 11" The burner is mounted in a pull out drawer that slides out on the side of the base. There are four large pad feet on each corner of the base. The kettle lifts off. The handle is made of wood and is original and in excellent condition. Fully hallmarked.


Rare and unusual Whiting sterling pitcher

RH5135 Rare Whiting Antique Sterling Pitcher

A rare and special sterling silver pitcher by Whiting with unusual filigree wire application. In a style we have not encountered before, this Whiting pitcher has flowers and branches made up of applied twisted filigree wire and inset cast sterling silver balls. The handle is just as exotic as the applied work and is in the Indian style resembling the decorated trunk of an Indian elephant. Monogrammed on the side of the top. Ht 7". Wt. 30.30 troy ounces.

Price on request

Shiebler antique sterling silver leaf shaped bowl with copper bug

RH5088 Shiebler Antique Bowl With Handle Circa 1880

A Shiebler leaf shaped bowl with handle and applied copper bug. Light single letter monogram. Excellent patina and condition.

Weight: 6.2 troy ounces. Height: 2 5/8". Diameter: 5"

Price: $2,500.00

gorham mixed metal bowl with applications antique silver

RH2964 Gorham Mixed Metal Footed Hammered Bowl

An antique Gorham mixed metal bowl with applied gold washed leaves with serrated edges, copper cherries, butterflies, bird and chicken. The interior is gold washed and the bowl is in pristine condition. Monogrammed under the bowl and dated with the date letter N for 1881. Weight 22.55 troy oz; diameter 8 1/2"; height 4".

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Large Gorham sterling silver antique centerpiece compote

RH4965 Huge Gorham Antique Silver Centerpiece Compote over
100 ozt

A huge museum quality antique silver centerpiece by Gorham with three cast classical female figures bolted to the center column and through the base. There are three cast masks on the bowl and hand engraved panels on the column, pedestal base and bowl. Applied border on the outside of the bowl. Weight 101.1 oz troy. Height 16"; diameter at top 14 1/2"; diameter of base 8". Marked lion, anchor, G and sterling. Circa 1865. A wonderful piece of antique silver with quality details.

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rare tiffany bowl with gold inlay and pierced decoration

RH4864 Tiffany Sterling Pierced Fruit Bowl with Gold Inlay

A rare and unusual Tiffany sterling silver fruit bowl with a pierced edge and inlaid yellow gold floral highlights in the pierced decoration. Art Deco monogram in the center of the inside of the bowl. Marked with the Tiffany m for 1907 - 1947. Weight 32 oz troy. Diameter at top 9 1/8"; height 4 1/4".

Price: $3,750.00

Shiebler sterling silver sconce hand chased

RH4655 Rare Antique Sterling Sconce by Shiebler

A rare hand chased Martele style sterling silver sconce with three arm candle holders and a mirror back. The sconce was definitely special ordered because the monogram in the cartouche was hand chased at the time of manufacture, The art nouveau chased decoration includes small flowers, leaves and flowing scrolls. The bobeches are removable. There is a hinged hanging ring built into the reverse and the ring folds into a concave area at the top of the back. Original mirror and back. 7 1/2" by 10 3/4". Marked with Shiebler logo and sterling. Retailed by J B Hudson

Price: $3,950.00

Gorham Mixed Metals sterling silver bowl

RH4699 Gorham Sterling and Mixed Metals Bowl

A 6" sterling silver bowl on an applied ring base. The bowl has a hammered background and applied butterflies and a bird. There are large applied copper blackberry leaves and gilded oak leaves with vines and copper cherries. Monogrammed on the base and dated 1882. Wt: 7.1 troy ounces.

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Tiffany antique silver sterling etched vase with handles

RH4786 Tiffany Antique Sterling Etched Vase

A Tiffany sterling silver bud vase with applied handles at the sides and finely acid etched decoration on the pedestal and the vase. Fine small script monogram at the top of the vase. Inscribed 1881-1906 on the reverse. Excellent condition and patina. The etching is sharp and finely detailed.

Height: 7 1/8" Weight: 10.9 troy oz.

Price: $1,750.00

Whiting mixed metals and sterling silver cup

RH4483 Whiting Mixed Metals Cup Circa 1880

A Whiting sterling silver cup with mixed metal application and fine hand hammered handle. Inscribed on the base with a presentation. Also a light inscription on the side of the cup on the hammered surface. Applications include a copper bee with silver wings and a large copper cherry branch with brass leaves.

Height: 3 3/8" Weight: 6.2 troy ounces.

Price: $2,300.00

gorham mixed metals bowl

RH4101 Gorham Mixed Metals Sterling Bowl

A hammered sterling silver bowl by Gorham dated 1881 in brilliant condition with applied leaves, a dragon fly and a large three dimensional cluster of green-yellow patinated leaves with a copper frog on the front of the bowl. Height: 3". Diameter: 7 1/2". Weight: 16.20 troy oz.

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gorham sterling mouse dish antique silver

RH3917 Gorham sterling dish with cast applied mouse

A Gorham antique silver cheese dish with fluted shell shaped bowl and shell feet. The handle and rear foot are made of wire with an applied cast leaf on the handle and a cast mouse complete with silver tail perched on the edge of the bowl.

Length: 8 3/4" Weight: 8.3 troy ounces. Monogrammed. Dated 1879

Price; $1,795.00

Tiffany hammered sterling loving cup

RH3887 Tiffany Sterling Two Handle Loving Cup

A large hand hammered two handle sterling loving cup by Tiffany and Company, circa 1880. Three dimensional handles are notched where a hand would grip and the interior of the handles is also hammered.

Weight: 40.90 troy ounces. Height: 7 3/4"

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John Wendt antique silver bowl with applied lobsters

RH3674 Wendt Sterling Lobster Bowl

An impressive oval bowl with gilt interior on a pedestal base circa 1870. Manufactured by John Wendt for D H Buell in Hartford, the retailer. The two cast sterling lobsters are screwed to the sides of the bowl and show remarkable realistic detail. The bowl weighs 22 troy ounces and measures 10 3/4" long by 6 1/2" tall at the sides. engraved "Taft". Also marked English Sterling.

Price: $2,500.00

Gorham narragansett sterling silver antqique vase

RH2219 Important American Sterling Vase by Gorham

An 11 3/4" tall sterling silver two handle vase by Gorham with a chased pedestal base with cast applied dolphin and applied shells and seaweed on the neck. Never presented or engraved and the cartouche on either side is an applied finely engraved large shell. The ornate handles are cast with ornate decoration to match the band of seaweed. Date letter for 1893. Weight: 35.3 troy ounces. We have the papers from the Gorham archives with details of the cost and hours involved in the manufacture.

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Tiffany antique silver tureen 550 Broadway

RH3553 Tiffany Antique Sterling Tureen 550 Broadway Mark

A fine Tiffany sterling silver tureen marked with the Moore mark of 550 Broadway in perfect condition. The finial is a finely detailed ewe. Greek Key border at the top of the tureen together with other beading and applied bands of decoration.The inscription on the side of the tureen reads: Presented by the The Hudson River Railroad Co to the Hon Samuel Sloan, president, New York 1864. Weight: 64.45 troy oz. Width: 15 1/2" across handles. Height: 10" at the finial.

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Gorham mixed metals bowl with copper base and handles

RH3281 Gorham Mixed Metal Fruit Bowl with Handles

A Gorham sterling fruit bowl with applied copper handles and cherries with leaves. Mounted on a copper base. Circa 1875. The top third of the bowl is comprised of a die rolled decorative band while the bottom two thirds is made up of a finely hammered faceted surface. Diameter at top 10" over handles. Height 4 1/2" at handles. Weight 30.8 troy ounces. Marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling and Other Metals, N, 1545.

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