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  • Tiffany antique sterling tea caddy spoon

    T7199 Tiffany Antique Sterling Tea Caddy Spoon

    A Small Tiffany antique sterling silver tea caddy spoon with fish handles circa 1890. The bowl is gilted. Length 2 3/8"

    Price: $185.00 HOLD

    Gorham antique sterling silver tea ball circa  1894

    T7217 Gorham Fancy Sterling Silver Tea Ball Dated 1894

    A Gorham antique sterling silver pierced teaball with hinged lid in perfect original condition. Length 1 1/2"

    Price: $395.00

    early Victorian English silver gilt tea ball in original fitted leather case circa 1855

    T7191 Victorian English Silver Gilt Tea Ball in Fitted Leather Case

    A rare early Victorian unmarked silver gilt tea ball with original chain and hook in a leather fitted box. A large egg shaped tea ball with folding chain that tucks into the interior of the tea ball. Measures 2 1/4" in length. Tested to ensure silver content.

    Price: $1,295.00

    Repousse floral spout strainer sterling silver

    T7048 Floral Repousse Sterling Spout Strainer

    A chased floral tea strainer for a teapot spout marked sterling on the base with no maker's mark. 1 1/2" tall. 1 3/4" diameter.

    Price: $235.00

    German 800 silver antique tea ball with ornate detail

    T7139 Ornate German 800 Silver Tea Ball Circa 1900

    A fine quality ornate German 800 silver antique tea ball circa 1900 in excellent condition with original chain and birds and scrolls. 2 1/4" long.

    Price: $395.00

    Dutch figural antique silver tea caddy

    T6977 Antique Dutch Silver Tea Caddy

    A Dutch silver tea caddy measuring 5" tall with a weight of 3.75 troy ounces. Ornate repousse detail and a pull cap. The caddy is raised up on four feet. Marked on the base and in good condition.


    Shiebler antique sterling filigree hand made tea ball circa 1900

    T7100 Rare Shiebler Hand Made Filigree Tea Ball

    A most unusual oversize antique sterling tea ball with hinged top and intricate hand assembled filigree work. There is a band of gilding to highlight the opening.

    In excellent condition and a superb large tea ball. 2" diameter.

    Price: $975.00

    Frank smith sterling tea caddy

    T7041 Frank Smith Sterling Tea Caddy

    An antique sterling silver tea caddy by Frank Smith with gadrooning on the body and lid and chased border around the base. Art Deco monogram on one side.

    Height 6 1/4"; weight 10.40 troy oz.

    Price: $975.00

    Gorham antique sterling silver tea ball with chased flowers

    T7099 Gorham Antique Sterling Tea Ball Circa 1890

    A Gorham antique sterling silver tea ball with chased floral panel and fine piercing. The hinged lid with a swirl has Gorham marks.

    Circa 1890. 1 3/4" tall.

    Price: $495.00

    Simons sterling kettle tea ball on stand

    T7038 Simons Sterling Tea Ball on Stand

    A sterling tea ball in the form of a kettle on a hand hammered footed stand with matching monograms CAD. The stand is numbered 2284 and the tea ball is marked 2207 Pat. Ap'd For along with the Simons mark and sterling on both. Stand 3 1/2" tall.

    Price: $325.00

    Mauser sterling tea spout strainer

    T7035 Mauser Sterling Spout Strainer

    Mauser sterling silver spout strainer for a teapot, gold washed in the interior with a chased border and piercing on the underside for straining. Marked with the Mauser logo, Sterling, A and 108, Theodore Starr. Diameter 2".

    Price: $225.00

    Shiebler floral pierced sterling tea spout straine

    T7025 Shiebler Sterling Poppy Tea Infuser Circa 1900

    A rare Shiebler antique sterling teapot spout strainer marked on the bottom and in excellent condition. Large diameter of 2 1/4". Done in the style and manner of Japanese silver of the same period.

    Circa 1900.

    Price: $675.00

    Stieff repousse sterling tea caddy

    T6981 Stieff Repousse Sterling Tea Caddy

    A tall Stieff repousse antique sterling tea caddy with decorative border around the lid and high relief flowers and leaves on the body. Marked with the Stieff logo, 925/1000, sterling and B.S.S. Co. Monogrammed under the base.

    Height 5 1/2"; weight 7.10 troy ounces.

    Price: $1,295.00

    Wood & Hughes medallion coin silver tea and coffee set

    C2934 Wood & Hughes Coin Silver 5 piece Tea Set

    A 5 piece tea set by Wood and Hughes with applied medallions and chased and engraved highlights. The set comprises and teapot, hot water pot, sugar, creamer with hinged lid and waste. Combined weight: 111 troy oz. The pots measure: 11" and 10". The cream pitcher: 7 1/4". Sugar: 8" with lid. Waste: 4 1/2". The handles and spouts are supported by applied cast fretwork typical of Wood & Hughes during this period. Engraved Victorian Gothic monogram on each piece.

    Price: $3,950.00 Set

    Howard sterling double tea caddy rectangular shape

    T6952 Howard Antique Sterling Double Tea Caddy

    An antique sterling silver double tea caddy of rectangular form, engraved border and two hinged compartments with finials. Monogrammed on one side. Length 4 1/2"; by 2 3/8"; Height 3 1/8"; weight 11.70 troy oz. Excellent condition.

    Price: $1,500.00

    Dominick and Haff antique sterling silver tea caddy with chased floral decoration

    T6954 Dominick and Haff Antique Sterling Tea Caddy Circa 1887

    A finely chased Dominick and Haff antique sterling tea caddy with floral decoration and a pull off cap. Dated 1887 in the Dominick & Haff mark and in excellent condition with a good patina.

    Weight 6.75 troy ounces

    Height 4 7/8"

    Price: $950.00

    Gorham antique sterling lion tea spout strainer

    T6915 Gorham Sterling Teapot Spout Strainer with Lion Heads

    A Gorham sterling spout strainer for a teapot with lion heads on each end of the strainer. Length 2 1/2". Marked lion, anchor, G, sterling and 25.

    Price: $225.00

    Simons art nouveau antique sterling silver teapot

    T6916 Simons Sterling Teapot

    A sterling silver art nouveau teapot by the American silversmiths Simons c 1900 with carved wood handle, finial and insulators and four protruding feet. Height 8" with finial. Width across 9"; weight 25.8 ozt.

    Price: $1,800.00

    Tiffany sterling cherub tea caddy

    RH6745 Tiffany Sterling Tea Caddy

    A small Tiffany antique sterling tea caddy with finish and chased putti. The pull off lid is chased with musical instruments. Weight 5.75 troy ounces. 3 1/2" tall.

    Price: $1,495.00

    A E Jones sterling tea strainer Arts and Crafts

    T6886 A E Jones Sterling Tea Strainer

    An English silver tea strainer by A E Jones with very finely pierced bowl and ornately chased handle. Length 4 1/4"; weight 1.40 troy ounces. Dated for Birmingham 1973. Never monogrammed.

    Price: $295.00

    Rare Porter Blanchard modernist sterling silver tea set and tray

    RH6862 Rare Important Porter Blanchard Sterling Tea and Coffee Set on Tray

    A rare sterling silver modernist tea and coffee set on a tray comprising a coffee pot 14" to the finial, tea pot 9", cream pitcher 6 1/2", sugar bowl 6 1/2", waste 3 3/4" tall, all hand hammered by the California silversmith Porter Blanchard. The tray has a sterling rim, is trimmed with wood and has a bakelite interior and dimensions are 20" long by 14 1/4" wide. The relevant pots have wood handles and finials. Total weight without the tray 106 ozt. Some of the pieces are signed and dated by Porter Blanchard personally in addition to the hallmarks. Set is circa 1960 and tray 1930s.

    Please inquire

    Neresheuimer oh Hanau silver tea caddy in a diamond shape

    T6872 Antique Neresheimer Hanau Silver Tea Caddy Circa 1890

    A large unusual diamond shaped silver tea caddy by Neresheimer of Hanau in Germany marked on the lip. Four romantic figural panels with swags and garden scenes and a pull of lid decorated with chased birds.

    Weight 7.55 troy ounces

    Height 5 3/4"

    Price: $950.00

    Webster sterling spout strainer in the form of a poppy

    T6838 Webster Sterling Tea Spout Strainer

    A sterling tea spout strainer by Webster in the form of a poppy. Diameter 2 1/4". Gold washed on the interior of the bowl.

    Price: $175.00

    Gorham  antique sterlling tea ball

    T6778 Gorham Sterling Tea Ball

    A rare Gorham antique sterling tea ball by the Gorham Company with good weight and finely detailed decoration. Good condition and patination.

    1 3/4" diameter. 1.3 troy ounces.

    Price: $575.00

    Antique sterling and porcelain handle tea infuser by Gorham circa 1900

    T6762 Gorham Antique Sterling and Porcelain Handle Tea Infuser Circa 1900

    A Gorham antique sterling silver and porcelain handle tea infuser circa 1900 with a hinged lid and pierced tea ball. The handle a Dresden hand painted porcelain with cobalt and hand painted flowers. Length 5 1/2"

    Price: $795.00

    French antique silver tea spout strainer

    T6758 Antique French Silver Tea Spout Strainer

    A French silver pierced tea strainer with a teapot spout insert. Very fine piercing on the bottom of the bucket shaped bowl, and lightly gold washed interior.

    1 3/4" diameter. Marked on the bowl and on the wire prongs.

    Price: $295.00

    Davis & Galt antique sterling chased tea spout strainer

    T6760 Davis & Galt Antqie Sterling Repousse Teapot Spout Strainer

    A Davis & Galt tea spout strainer with excellent high relief chasing of flowers and leaves.

    1 1/2" long. Retailed by J E Caldwell and Co, Philadelphia. Excellent quality.

    Price: $395.00

    Tiffany sterling spout strainer

    T6757 Tiffany Sterling Spout Strainer

    An unusual Tiffany & Co. sterling silver spout strainer very finely pierced. Diameter at top 1 1/2"; height 1 1/2".

    Price: $395.00

    Schultz repousse antique sterling silver tea  caddy

    T6751 Schultz Repousse Sterling Tea Caddy

    A large repousse sterling silver tea caddy by Schultz with pull off lid. Monogrammed under the base.

    Height 4 3/4"; weight 6.40 troy ounces.

    Price: $1,295.00

    Gorham sterling silver tea spout infuser

    T6730 Gorham Tea Spout Infuser

    This Gorham tea strainer fits into the spout of any teapot and was manufactured by Gorham in 1900. The prongs are inserted into the spout and the bowl swivels to catch the tea leaves. The edge of the strainer is embossed with scrolls and flowers and the bowl is finely pierced. Measures 3" by 2 1/4"

    Price: $195.00

    Gorham antique sterling silver tea ball circa 1900

    T6583 Gorham Sterling Tea Ball Circa 1894

    An unusual Gorham sterling tea ball with ornate chasing and piercing. 1 5/8" diameter.

    Marked with the Gorham mark and a date letter for 1894. Also marked 185 as the style number.

    Price: $595.00

    Dutch silver antique tea caddy spoon with engraved handle

    T6575 Dutch Antique Silver Tea Caddy Spoon

    An antique Dutch silver shovel shaped tea caddy spoon with engraved handle. Marked with the date letter for 1856 and Dutch silver marks. Length 3 1/2"

    Price: $150.00

    Gorham egg shaped sterling tea ball

    T6535 Gorham Egg Shaped Sterling Tea Ball

    A Gorham egg shaped finely pierced sterling silver tea ball with pull-through chain. Length 2". Marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling, B2972. Very good condition.

    Price: $325.00

    Tiffany Young and Ellis antique American coin silver chased tea caddy with bird finial

    T6488 Tiffany Young and Ellis Coin Silver Tea Caddy

    An antique coin silver hand chased tea caddy by Tiffany Young and Ellis made during the years 1850-1852 in excellent condition. The lid has an applied bird and chased floral decoration and is hinged to the oval caddy with a solid hinge. Never monogrammed. Height: 4 3/4. Weight: 13.55 troy ounces.

    Price: $2,750.00

    G Eoff coin silver tea pot with bird spout

    T6481 G Eoff Coin Silver Teapot

    An enormous American coin silver teapot in superb condition with hand chased decoration on a hand hammered surface. The spout has a duck head terminal and the finial is a basket of flowers. The manufacturer is Garrett Eoff, marked on the pedestal base. Active 1779 to 1845. Holds 10 cups. Small script monogram on one side only.

    Weight: 42.15 troy ounces. Height:11 3/4". 13" from handle to spout

    Price: $3,950.00

    Gorham sterling poppy tea infuser

    T6460 Gorham Sterling Tea Spout Strainer Poppy

    A Gorham sterling silver tea spout strainer by Gorham in the form of a poppy flower. Diameter 2"; height 1". Marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling, 23.

    Price: $235.00

    Simons Bros sterling silver tea ball with beading

    Simons Bros. Beaded Sterling Tea Ball

    A good quality sterling silver tea ball by Simons Bros. with beading across the middle and push button to open. Marked with the Simons logo, Sterling, 821, S.

    Price: $195.00

    English silver apple shaped tea set by Benson of London

    RH5751 English Naturalistic "Apple" Bachelor Tea Set

    A rare and unusual English silver hand hammered apple form four piece bachelor tea set comprising a tea pot with removable lid with stalk handle, a sugar bowl with tongs and a cream pitcher. Each piece is hand formed and has applied leaves complete with "worm holes." Combined weight 21.2 oz troy. Height tea pot 5 1/2". A Maker: James William Benson. Dated for London 1892.

    Price: $4,500.00

    Shiebler sterling tea strainer poppy flower

    T6288 Shiebler Sterling Tea Strainer

    A Shiebler sterling silver tea strainer with bowl in the form of a poppy and a curled handle. Length 6 1/4". Very good condition with no splits.

    Price: $325.00

    Schofield Baltimore antique sterling five piece landscape teaset

    H6068 Schofield Antique Landscape Five Piece Tea set

    A five piece tea set by Schofield in the Landscape pattern comprising a pot 12 1/4", teapot 11 1/2", sugar with lid 8 1/4", cream jug 7 1/2", waste bowl 4". Weight: 93.5 troy ounces.

    Price: $7,500.00 for the set

    Mauser repousse sterling tea ball

    Mauser Repousse Sterling Tea Ball

    A repousse sterling silver tea ball by Mauser with hinged lid measuring 1 1/2" in diameter. Marked on the lip of the lid with the Mauser logo, sterling and 200. Good condition.

    Price: $325.00


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