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A E Jones sterling tea strainer Arts and Crafts

T6886 A E Jones Sterling Tea Strainer

An English silver tea strainer by A E Jones with very finely pierced bowl and ornately chased handle. Length 4 1/4"; weight 1.40 troy ounces. Dated for Birmingham 1973. Never monogrammed.

Price: $295.00

Tiffany sterling acid etched and engraved tea caddy

T6828 Tiffany Sterling Tea Caddy

A Tiffany sterling tea caddy acid etched and engraved with flowers and leaves on the body, lid and interior cap. Height 3 1/4"; weight 5.25 ozt. Monogrammed H on the lid.

Price: $595.00 HOLD

Rare Porter Blanchard modernist sterling silver tea set and tray

RH6862 Rare Important Porter Blanchard Sterling Tea and Coffee Set on Tray

A rare sterling silver modernist tea and coffee set on a tray comprising a coffee pot 14" to the finial, tea pot 9", cream pitcher 6 1/2", sugar bowl 6 1/2", waste 3 3/4" tall, all hand hammered by the California silversmith Porter Blanchard. The tray has a sterling rim, is trimmed with wood and has a bakelite interior and dimensions are 20" long by 14 1/4" wide. The relevant pots have wood handles and finials. Total weight without the tray 106 ozt. Some of the pieces are signed and dated by Porter Blanchard personally in addition to the hallmarks. Set is circa 1960 and tray 1930s.

Please inquire

Neresheuimer oh Hanau silver tea caddy in a diamond shape

T6872 Antique Neresheimer Hanau Silver Tea Caddy Circa 1890

A large unusual diamond shaped silver tea caddy by Neresheimer of Hanau in Germany marked on the lip. Four romantic figural panels with swags and garden scenes and a pull of lid decorated with chased birds.

Weight 7.55 troy ounces

Height 5 3/4"

Price: $950.00

Reed & Barton sterling tea ball horse shoe shape N695

Rare Reed & Barton Sterling Horse Shoe Tea Ball Number N695

A rare sterling silver horse shoe shaped tea ball with chased leaves by Reed & Barton marked style number N695. Length 2".


Webster sterling spout strainer in the form of a poppy

T6838 Webster Sterling Tea Spout Strainer

A sterling tea spout strainer by Webster in the form of a poppy. Diameter 2 1/4". Gold washed on the interior of the bowl.

Price: $175.00

William Comyns English silver tea caddy with birds

William Comyns English Silver Tea Caddy with Chased Birds

An oval shaped English sterling silver tea caddy chased with birds, flowers and scrolls. The lid is hinged and there is a cartouche in the front which has never been monogrammed. The caddy is in excellent condition but is missing the inside lock mechanism and there is no key. Marked for London 1888 and maker's mark of William Comyns. Height 4 1/2" and 4 3/4" wide.

Price: $795.00

Gorham sterlling tea ball

T6778 Gorham Sterling Tea Ball

A rare Gorham antique sterling tea ball by the Gorham Company with good weight and finely detailed decoration. Good condition and patination.

1 3/4" diameter. 1.3 troy ounces.

Price: $575.00

Antique sterling and porcelain handle tea infuser by Gorham circa 1900

T6762 Gorham Antique Sterling and Porcelain Handle Tea Infuser Circa 1900

A Gorham antique sterling silver and porcelain handle tea infuser circa 1900 with a hinged lid and pierced tea ball. The handle a Dresden hand painted porcelain with cobalt and hand painted flowers. Length 5 1/2"

Price: $795.00

French antique silver tea spout strainer

T6758 Antique French Silver Tea Spout Strainer

A French silver pierced tea strainer with a teapot spout insert. Very fine piercing on the bottom of the bucket shaped bowl, and lightly gold washed interior.

1 3/4" diameter. Marked on the bowl and on the wire prongs.

Price: $295.00

RH6745 Tiffany Sterling Gilded Tea Caddy

A small Tiffany antique sterling tea caddy with gilded finish and chased cherubs. The pull off lid is chased with musical instruments. Weight 5.75 troy ounces. 3 1/2" tall. Interior cap missing.

Price: $1,195.00

Davis & Galt antique sterling chased tea spout strainer

T6760 Davis & Galt Antqie Sterling Repousse Teapot Spout Strainer

A Davis & Galt tea spout strainer with excellent high relief chasing of flowers and leaves.

1 1/2" long. Retailed by J E Caldwell and Co, Philadelphia. Excellent quality.

Price: $395.00

Tiffany sterling spout strainer

T6757 Tiffany Sterling Spout Strainer

An unusual Tiffany & Co. sterling silver spout strainer very finely pierced. Diameter at top 1 1/2"; height 1 1/2".

Price: $395.00

Schultz repousse sterling tea  caddy

T6751 Schultz Repousse Sterling Tea Caddy

A large repousse sterling silver tea caddy by Schultz with pull off lid. Monogrammed under the base.

Height 4 3/4"; weight 6.40 troy ounces.

Price: $1,295.00

Gorham sterling silver tea spout infuser

T6730 Gorham Tea Spout Infuser

This Gorham tea strainer fits into the spout of any teapot and was manufactured by Gorham in 1900. The prongs are inserted into the spout and the bowl swivels to catch the tea leaves. The edge of the strainer is embossed with scrolls and flowers and the bowl is finely pierced. Measures 3" by 2 1/4"

Price: $195.00

Gorham antique sterling silver tea ball circa 1900

T6583 Gorham Sterling Tea Ball Circa 1894

An unusual Gorham sterling tea ball with ornate chasing and piercing. 1 5/8" diameter.

Marked with the Gorham mark and a date letter for 1894. Also marked 185 as the style number.

Price: $595.00

Dutch silver antique tea caddy spoon with engraved handle

T6575 Dutch Antique Silver Tea Caddy Spoon

An antique Dutch silver shovel shaped tea caddy spoon with engraved handle. Marked with the date letter for 1856 and Dutch silver marks. Length 3 1/2"

Price: $150.00

Gorham egg shaped sterling tea ball

T6535 Gorham Egg Shaped Sterling Tea Ball

A Gorham egg shaped finely pierced sterling silver tea ball with pull-through chain. Length 2". Marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling, B2972. Very good condition.

Price: $325.00

Tiffany Young and Ellis coin silver chased tea caddy with bird finial

T6488 Tiffany Young and Ellis Coin Silver Tea Caddy

An antique coin silver hand chased tea caddy by Tiffany Young and Ellis made during the years 1850-1852 in excellent condition. The lid has an applied bird and chased floral decoration and is hinged to the oval caddy with a solid hinge. Never monogrammed. Height: 4 3/4. Weight: 13.55 troy ounces.

Price: $2,750.00

G Eoff coin silver tea pot with bird spout

T6481 G Eoff Coin Silver Teapot

An enormous American coin silver teapot in superb condition with hand chased decoration on a hand hammered surface. The spout has a duck head terminal and the finial is a basket of flowers. The manufacturer is Garrett Eoff, marked on the pedestal base. Active 1779 to 1845. Holds 10 cups. Small script monogram on one side only.

Weight: 42.15 troy ounces. Height:11 3/4". 13" from handle to spout

Price: $3,950.00

Gorham sterling poppy tea infuser

T6460 Gorham Sterling Tea Spout Strainer Poppy

A Gorham sterling silver tea spout strainer by Gorham in the form of a poppy flower. Diameter 2"; height 1". Marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling, 23.

Price: $235.00

Simons Bros sterling silver tea ball with beading

Simons Bros. Beaded Sterling Tea Ball

A good quality sterling silver tea ball by Simons Bros. with beading across the middle and push button to open. Marked with the Simons logo, Sterling, 821, S.

Price: $195.00

English silver apple shaped tea set by Benson of London

RH5751 English Naturalistic "Apple" Bachelor Tea Set

A rare and unusual English silver hand hammered apple form four piece bachelor tea set comprising a tea pot with removable lid with stalk handle, a sugar bowl with tongs and a cream pitcher. Each piece is hand formed and has applied leaves complete with "worm holes." Combined weight 21.2 oz troy. Height tea pot 5 1/2". A Maker: James William Benson. Dated for London 1892.

Price: $5,500.00

Shiebler sterling tea strainer poppy flower

T6288 Shiebler Sterling Tea Strainer

A Shiebler sterling silver tea strainer with bowl in the form of a poppy and a curled handle. Length 6 1/4". Very good condition with no splits.

Price: $325.00

Schofield Baltimore antique sterling five piece landscape teaset

H6068 Schofield Antique Landscape Five Piece Tea set

A five piece tea set by Schofield in the Landscape pattern comprising a pot 12 1/4", teapot 11 1/2", sugar with lid 8 1/4", cream jug 7 1/2", waste bowl 4". Weight: 93.5 troy ounces.

Price: $7,500.00 for the set

Mauser repousse sterling tea ball

Mauser Repousse Sterling Tea Ball

A repousse sterling silver tea ball by Mauser with hinged lid measuring 1 1/2" in diameter. Marked on the lip of the lid with the Mauser logo, sterling and 200. Good condition.

Price: $325.00

Austrian silver tea set

H4934 Austrian Silver Art Deco Tea Set

A smart Austrian silver art deco tea set comprising a large tea pot and sugar and creamer. The set has never been monogrammed and is plain with the exception of the fluted art deco lines on the corners of each piece. Weight: 45.6 troy ounces combined. Diana head hallmark. Maker VCD. Pot ht 6", 11 1/4" across by 4 3/4". sugar & creamer ht: 2 3/4" Ivory insulators and an ivory washer beneath the finial.

Price: $3,750.00 for the set

Kashmir circa 1880 silver three piece tea service

RH6217 Rare Kashmir Antique Silver Tea Service

A rare unmarked antique silver three piece tea service from Kashmir circa 1880. The hinged lids have a basket weave dome covering a coiled snake. The bodies are chased with chinar leaves in fine detail. Wood handle. Excellent condition. Reticulated pedestal bases. Teapot 7 1/2" tall, sugar 5 3/4" tall.

Price: $4,500.00

Hamburg silver teapot by Johann Heinrich Friedrich Viol circa 1815

RH6277 Rare Hamburg Silver Teapot by Viol, circa 1815

A rare early silver teapot by Johann Heinrich Friedrich Viol of Hamburg, Germany with figural spout and on four ball feet, lightly chased acanthus leaves around the body and hinged lid, monogrammed on one side. Excellent condition and patina, black wood handle. Weight 18.70 ozt; length 12" handle to spout; height 7 1/2" to finial.

Price: $3,500.00

Eoff and Sheppard coin silver tea set for Ball Black of New York

C5983 Coin Silver Chased Tea Set

A fine quality coin silver tea set by Eoff and Sheppard for Ball Black in New York. Chased with flowers and with cast applied ornate feet. Lightly monogrammed. Weight: 103.05 troy ounces. Height: 10 3/4"(pot) 8 1/2"(creamer)

Check for availability

Tiffany oval antique sterling tea caddy in the English King pattern

T6231 Tiffany English King Antique Sterling Tea Caddy

An unusal variety of the Tiffany English King tea caddy in an oval form rather than the cylindrical style. Monogrammed on the pull off lid. Interior cap.

Height: 3 3/4". Weight: 8.35 troy ounces.

Price: $1,795.00

German 800 silver tea caddy with Austrian touch marks

T6200 German 800 Silver Floral Tea Caddy

An unusual German 800 silver tea caddy with chased high relief floral decoration in a arts and crafts style. The cap pulls off the octagonal base which is decorated on all eight sides.

Height: 4 3/4".

Weight: 7.45 troy ounces

Price: $950.00

German 800 silver antique figural tea caddy circa 1900

T6084 German Antique Silver Tea Caddy Circa 1900

A figural antique silver cylindrical shaped tea caddy with German hallmarks and the 12 mark on the lip. The ornate caddy chased with romantic figures bordered with a wreath. The cap pulls off and bears a large gothic style monogram. Height: 5". Weight: 4.15 troy ounces.

Price: $750.00

Tiffany hammered sterling antique tea caddy circa 1880

T5970 Tiffany Sterling Hammered Tea Caddy

A small antique sterling silver tea caddy circa 1880 by Tiffany and Company with removable lid and inner cap. Height: 3/8". Weight: 4.05 troy ounces.

Price: $1,250.00

German Hanau 800 silver tea caddy

T6010 German 800 Silver Tea Caddy Hanau Circa 1880

A German hallmarked Hanau 800 silver tea caddy with cast floral detail and a pull off lid.

Circa 1880.

Height: 4 7/8"

Weight: 7.6 troy ounces.

Price: $950.00

english silver  hand engraved teapot by William Smily

H5524 English Silver Antique Teapot

A large hand engraved teapot by William Smily dated and hallmarked London 1858. The finial held in place with the original nut inside the lid is a Chinese figure holding a pipe. Crest engraved in the cartouche on one side.

Weight: 32.65 troy ounces

Height: 9"

Price: $2,400.00

Tiffany Wave Edge antique sterling tea infuser

TWE5802 Tiffany Wave Edge Sterling Tea Infuser

An antique sterling silver tea infuser by Tiffany and Co in the Wave Edge pattern. Monogrammed on the handle. The pierced top lid opens backwards on a hinge.

Length: 6 1/8".

Price: $575.00

Stieff repousse sterling silver tea ball antique sterling silver

T5965 Stieff Sterling Repousse Tea Ball

A large puffy antique sterling chased tea ball by Stieff of Baltimore. Chased with flowers and leaves the measurement across is 1 3/4". the chain pulls through a hole in the top and the chased lid pulls off with the chain threaded through.

Price: $695.00 HOLD

German antique 800 silver tea caddy bombe shape

T5971 German 800 Silver Bombe Shaped Tea Caddy

An antique German 800 silver hallmarked bombe shaped tea caddy with pull off lid and classical scenes.

Height: 5"

Weight: 8.2 troy ounces


Repousse antique sterling tea ball with gilded interior

T5919 Repousse Sterling Tea Ball

A finely chased sterling tea ball marked sterling only. Hand chased floral decoration and the original gilded interior.

Diameter: 1 3/8".

Weight: 1 troy ounce.

Price: $395.00

La Paglia for International coffee set on tray sterling silver

H5820 International La Paglia Sterling Coffee Set

An American sterling coffee set by La Paglia for International with a total weight of 97.7 troy ounces, The tray is 17" by 10 1/4". The pot is 9" tall. The tray is also sterling.

Price: $8,900.00 for the set

La Paglia for International sterling silver coffee cups with porcelain liners

La Paglia Sterling Coffee Cups with Porcelain Liners

Eight sterling cups and saucers by La Paglia for International with white porcelain liners. Silver weight: 32.7 troy ounces. Diameter: 4"

Price: $2,500.00 for the set of eight

Tiffany English King antique sterling tea caddy

T5850 Tiffany Antique Sterling Tea Caddy

A heavy fine quality antique sterling tea caddy by Tiffany and Co in the English King pattern. Inscribed and monogrammed on the base.

Circa 1907-1938 mark.

Weight: 10.6 troy ounces. Height: 4"

Price: $2,950.00

Shiebler antique sterling silver tea ball

Shiebler Sterling Silver Tea Ball

A large unusual and uncommon Shiebler antique sterling silver tea ball with half moon and other fancy piercing. 1 3/4" diameter. Marked on the body near the hinge with the "S" and wings and sterling.

Price: $475.00

Grosjean & Woodward coin silver hand chased tea and coffee set for Tiffany & Co

H5606 Tiffany Coin Silver Tea Set by G & W

An impressive antique five piece coin silver hand chased tea and coffee service by Grosjean & Woodward for Tiffany & Co., 550 Broadway, NY, the handles and spouts with applied vines, leaves and fruit in three dimension. This mark dates to1854 - 1865. Height of largest pot 9 3/4"; tea pot 7 3/4", covered cream pitcher 6 3/4", covered sugar 7", waste bowl 4 1/5". Total weight 121.55 troy ounces.

Price: $8,900.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver tea caddy with applied leaves

T5834 Unusual Tiffany Antique Sterling Tea Caddy

An unusual sterling Tiffany tea caddy with applied leafs in swirls around the pear shaped body. Monogrammed on the pull off lid.

Height: 5". Weight: 8.35 troy ounces.

Price: $2,250.00

Frank Whiting antique sterling tea infuser

T5796 Frank Whiting Sterling Tea Infuser

An antique sterling silver tea infuser in a spoon form with hinged upper lid opening up for filling with tea. There is a small yolk that pulls upwards so that the spoon can be opened and this holds the closed spoon in place when in use. Length: 5 1/2". Monogrammed on the handle.

Price: $275.00

John Wendt antique sterling tea pot

H5614 Wendt Apollo Sterling Antique Teapot

An antique sterling silver teapot by John Wendt made for Bigelow Kennard Co of Boston. Circa 1870. Excellent condition. Monogrammed and inscribed 1868 lightly on one side. The cherub showing crisp detail in the other cartouche on the other side. Sharp engraving surrounds the cartouches and the finial. Weight: 24.35 troy oz. Height: 7"

Price: $1,895.00

H4365 Bailey and Kitchen Coin Silver Pot

An enormous coin silver coffee pot with the Bailey and Kitchen hallmark, pre 1848. The body has an engraved crest. Chased with repousse landscape scenes together with flowers and people. Three dimensional ram's head on the top of the handle. Height 13" to the morning glory finial. Weight: 49.75 troy ounces. Excellent crisp condition. Excellent quality chasing.

Price: $3,900.00

Samuel Pemberton antique sterling tea caddy spoon

T5703 Samuel Pemberton Tea Caddy Spoon

An antique silver tea caddy spoon by Samuel Pemberton hallmarked for 1810 in Birmingham, England. Lightly hand engraved decoration on the handle and in the large bowl. Pristine condition. Length: 3 1/4". Monogrammed in the cartouche.

Price: $195.00

Liberty sterling silver tea strainer designed by Archibald Knox

Archibald Knox Cymric Tea Strainer for Liberty & Co

A sterling tea strainer hallmarked by Liberty & Co and designed by Archibald Knox in the Cymric pattern. Birmingham 1902.

Weight: 1.85 oz troy Length 3 3/4"

Price: $875.00

Gorham strawberry shape sterling tea ball

T5565 Gorham Large Strawberry Shaped Sterling Tea Ball

A large sterling tea ball by the Gorham Company in the shape of a strawberry measuring 2 1/4" tall. Not seen too often.

Price: $395.00

Grosjean and Woodward for Tiffany coin silver teaset with animal finials

H5601 Coin Silver Tea Set by Grosjean and Woodward

A coin silver tea service made by Grosjean and Woodward. The two pots and basket retailed by Tiffany and Co and the covered sugar and creamer retailed by T W Tucker of San Francisco California. Exceptional quality with applied leaves and three dimensional applications of vines on the spouts. Figural finials on lids include a fox bear and stag. Monogrammed. Total weight: 115 troy ounces. Ht of lg pot: 9 3/4"

Please inquire by e-mail

German silver antique tea caddy

T5557 German Silver Antique Tea Caddy

A German silver tea caddy circa 1900 with pull out lid. The sides decorated with embossed cherubs in scenes within panels and swags. Marked on the base.

Height: 5"

Weight: 7.35 troy ounces

Price: $695.00

Fradley hammered antique sterling silver tea ball pot shaped

T5479 Fradley Hammered Sterling Silver Tea Ball

A Fradley sterling silver tea ball with a hammered finish and three supporting legs. The lid hinges back to open. Height: 1 1/4". marked on the inside lip.

Price: $325.00

Bailey and Co Philadelphia antique coin silver chocolate pot repousse with ram on handle

H5732 Bailey Antique Repousse 11 Ounce Chocolate Pot

A large impressive repousse 11 ounce chocolate pot marked by Bailey and Co of Philadelphia with a script monogram in the cartouche. The lid hinges back to open. Ram's head on the handle. The cylindrical body chased with flowers and leaves repeated on the lid and handle.

Height: 9". Weight: 20.95 troy ounces

Price: $3,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver teaset 5 piece

H5268 Tiffany Antique Sterling Hand Chased Tea and Coffee Set

A wonderful large heavy five piece hand chased sterling silver tea and coffee set by Tiffany and Co. in superb condition. The set comprises the following pieces: tea pot 8" tall, coffee pot 9 3/4" tall; covered sugar bowl with handles 6" tall; creamer 4 1/2" tall at the handle and waste bowl 3 7/8". The base of the teapot is 4 1/4" by 3 1/2" and 9 1/2" wide from handle to spout. Each piece is chased with flowers and foliage as well as a shell pattern around the bottom edge with extra engraving at the top and on the shells. Total weight 122.75 oz troy. Over the top Tiffany engraved monogram on the base of each piece. Circa 1881.

Please inquire

Frank Whiting sterling silver art nouveau tea ball

T5191 Large Frank Whiting Sterling Art Nouveau Tea Ball

A large sterling silver antique tea ball by Frank Whiting with hinged lid and art nouveau panel decoration. Diameter 1 7/8". The outside of the finger ring has some ornate decoration.

Price: $475.00

Kirk sterling antique silver tea caddy

T5009 S Kirk 11 oz Repousse Tea Caddy

A large oversize oval repousse hand chased 11 oz tea caddy by S Kirk & Son. Finely hinged lid and hand chased and engraved decoration of multiple flowers and leaves. Circa 1180-1890. Excellent condition.

Weight: 14.65 troy ounces. Height: 4 3/4"

Price: $2,750.00

Gorham antique sterling double tea caddy

T5082 Sterling Double Tea Caddy

A sterling silver basket form double tea caddy marked Gorham Man Co and Sterling. The lid hinges to open and there is a divider in the center. Never monogrammed.

Handle height 5" and it is fixed. Length: 4 1/2"

Weight: 10.85 troy ounces.

Price: $795.00

Gorham porcelain and sterling silver tea infuser

T4644 Gorham Sterling and Porcelain Tea Infuser

A sterling silver and porcelain tea infuser by Gorham. The handle is Dresden porcelain with hand painted flowers and gold highlights. The tea ball hinges to open and is pierced and chased with scrolls. Circa 1890. Length: 5 3/4"

Price: $1,195.00

antique silver tea ball

Sterling Tea Ball with Pierced Band

A sterling silver tea ball with pierced band around the middle, gold washed inside and 1 1/2" in diameter. Marked sterling only.

Price: $395.00

whiting repousse tea ball

T3560 Frank Whiting Sterling Tea Ball

A sterling silver tea ball by Whiting. Diameter 1 1/2". Marked with Frank Whiting's logo used pre 1896, sterling and 139. Excellent unpolished condition.

Price: $575.00

Antique silver tea caddy by Bigelow Kennard

T4507 Large American Sterling Silver Tea Caddy

A heavy fine antique sterling silver tea caddy with hand engraved bright cut decoration and a pineapple finial secured with the original nut on the inside of the hinged lid. Monogrammed in the cartouche formed by a hand engraved bright cut wreath on the front of the caddy. Circa 1880. Marked Bigelow Kennard and Co.

Length: 5 1/2" Height: 5 1/4" at the finial. Weight: 13.65 troy ounces

Price: $1,500.00

david andersen tea set 4 piece

H4061 Exciting 1950s David Andersen Norway Tea Set Four Piece

A sterling silver four piece tea set by David Andersen of Norway. There are two pots and a sugar and creamer. Ebony handles and knobs except for the creamer which has a slightly more pale wood handle which looks original. Weight: 63.9 troy oz. Never monogrammed. Tallest pot measures 7 1/2" tall and 6" for the smaller. Fine recessed hinges. Pours well.

Price: $4,500.00

T4226 Large Tiffany Sterling Tea Caddy

A large bulbous form Tiffany sterling silver tea caddy with a swirl decoration on the body, lid and inner cap. Height 4 1/2"; width 3 3/4". Excellent weight and condition 9.85 troy ounces.

Price: $2,200.00

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