Britannia Fine Antique Silver

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pair of Scottish English hand chased vases antique silver

RH9076 Pair of British Antique Silver Massive Vases

A huge pair of hand chased antique sterling silver vases with acanthus leaves and floral bands of chasing. The vases measure 16" tall with a weight of 120 toz. The interiors are gold washed. Hallmarked as follows: 1 Edinburgh 1892 Brook & Son. 2. London 1892 Charles Stuart Harris. These vases have a huge presence and are in excellent condition.

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Gorham arts and crafts antique sterling salad set

9179 Gorham Arts & Crafts Salad Set

An unusual Gorham hand hammered arts and crafts salad set with a grape motif handle decorated on the front and back. Hand hammering marks on the bowls and tines. Monogrammed with an art deco monogram on the front of the handle.

Length 9 1/4".

Weight 8.35 toz.

Price: $575.00


Dominick & Haff antique sterling and mixed metals cheese plate

9148 Dominick & Haff Mixed Metals and Sterling Cheese Plate Circa 1881

An antique sterling and applied mixed metals cheese plate by Dominick & Haff with butterfly and leaves on a textured border. The center of the plate has a crest with motto and an "M" monogram.

Dimensions 6" square. Weight 6.4 toz. Some light creases on the center of the dish.

Price: $795.00

Pair of Shreve California leaf dishes sterling silver old bee mark antique

H9171 Pair of Shreve Antique Leaf Form Dishes Circa 1880

A rare and unusual pair of leaf form shallow dishes with gold washed interiors and leaf detail on front and back of each plate. The pair have the old bee mark of Shreve. The surfaces of the dishes are textured adding to the detail of the design. Weight 19.65 toz. Length 7". Height 1"

Price: $1,895.00 for the pair.

Gorham lily antique sterling pierced pie server gold washed

9170 Gorham Lily Pierced Sterling Pie Server

A Gorham antique sterling silver pierced pie server with delicate piercing on a satin finished gold washed blade. Never monogrammed.

Length 8 3/4". Weight1.55 toz.

Price: $325.00

Irish silver teapot with dog spout and figural handle antique silver

RH9175 Irish Antique Britannia Standard Teapot Dublin 1821.

A rare Irish antique silver teapot with a dog head spout and figural handle. The body ornately chased with four applied paw feet. Marked J Fry for Alderman West, Dublin 1821. Weight 36.8 toz. Height 6". Length 11".

Price: $3,500.00

Gorham mixed metals copper tray with applied silver peacock and leaves

9165 Gorham Copper and Silver Tray Circa 1880

An unusual antique Gorham mixed metal tray with applied silver peacock and hand made leaves on a branch. The tray has the dark maroon color and is oval in shape. Detail of the applied work is very fine, the individual leaves hace serrated edges and fine veins engraved.

12" by 9"

Price: $1,750.00

Reed and Barton Intaglio sterling invidual asparagus tongs

RB9177 Reed & Barton asparagus tongs

Six matching large monogrammed antique sterling asparagus tongs in the intaglio pattern by Reed & Barton. Length 5 1/2"

Price: $295.00 each

Shiebler art nouveau sterling cast salad serving set with irises

9159 Shiebler Iris Sterling Salad Set Circa 1900

A superb cast antique art nouveau sterling silver salad set by Shiebler with irises on front and back of the handles. Perfect gold washed bowls all in pristine condition. Length 10". Weight 9.85 toz.

Price: $1,795.00

Unusual Mexican silver and mixed metals duck shaped bowl by Los Castillo

RH9156 Los Castillo Hand Hammered Sterling Swan Bowl

A sterling Mexican Los Castillo mixed metal swan shaped bowl with hammered surfaces and a copper bill. An impressive novelty item with quality silversmithing evident. The copper eye has a garnet caboshon insert. Excellent condition. 12" by 7". Weight 30.25 toz.

Price: $2,200.00

pair of Tiffany antique sterling silver candlesticks circa 1900

H9161 Pair of Tiffany Antique Sterling Candlesticks Circa 1900

A fine quality pair of Tiffany antique sterling silver candlesticks with embossed putti and pull off bobeches. The bases are engraved with a crest and a small monogram in a cartouche. Marked with the Tiffany mark on each base and the T. Circa 1900. Decorated with applied putti, and applied swags and bows. Perfect condition. Height 10 1/4". Weight 36 toz. Although the colums are sealed the candlesticks are not weighted and the scratch weight is 36 toz.

Price: $3,950.00 for the pair

Indian colonial George Gordon & Co Madras India covered silvder cup circa 1830

RH9166 Indian Colonial Silver Covered Cann George Gordon & Co Madras Circa 1830-1840

A rare large covered chased silver antique cann with lid in an English style made by George Gordon in Madras India. Hand chased with grapes and vines in bands on the lid, pedestal base and around the cup. Never monogrammed or inscribed. Circa 1830-1840. Marked on the base.

Weight 12.45 toz.

Height 7" at the finial.

Price: $1,500.00

Large heavy antique silver German cow creamer

N9149 Massive German 925 Silver Cow Creamer

A large heavy impressive cow creamer with German 925 marks and a makers mark on the tail. Hinged door for filling. Height 6". Weight 29.5 toz. Length 10 1/4".


Tiffany antique sterling salts circa 1880

N9140 Tiffany Antique sterling Salts Circa 1880

Seven antique Tiffany sterling salts with applied feet and gold washed interiors. Hammered surfaces. Length 1 1/2". Height 1/2". Circa 1880.

Price: $1,250.00 for the seven

German Konigsberg antique silver oval box with applied sheep

H9137 Konigsberg German Oval Box Circa 1800

An antique silver German oval sugar box from Konigsberg by Kraus with applied cast sheep on the hinged lid and a gold washed interior. There are chased scrolls and scenes of a shepherd and sheep on both sides. Marked with the Konigsberg marks on the base and the maker Kraus together with the assay mark. Circa 1780 - 1800. Weight 22 toz. Height 5 1/2". Length 6"

Price: $2,500.00

Vansant & Co antique sterling silver tureen aesthetic

H9127 Small Fine Aesthetic Vansant & Co Tureen circa 1875

An unusual fine aesthetic hand chased and engraved sterling silver tureen by Vansant & Company of Philadelphia. The feet are are in a Chinese style and the chasing is floral. the handles are naturalistic branch form. Weight 34.7 toz. Marked with the marks of Vansant & Company.

Length 10" across the handles. Height 5 1/2".

Price: $4,500.00

Gorham antique sterling two handle jardiniere with floral chasing

RH9144 Gorham Sample Sterling Jardiniere 1893

An unusual large antique sterling silver jardiniere by the Gorham Company of Providence with four applied reticulated cast feet and hand chased floral panels on each side. Ornate cast leaf form handles applied to the sides of the pot. Light gold washed interior. Weight 82.20 toz. Height 9". Width across the handles 14". Sample mark surrounding the number and the date letter for 1893.

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Indian silver Lucknow Coriander pattern silver teaset antique

H9147 Lucknow Indian Silver Teaset Circa 1890

A three piece Indian silver teaset from Lucknow in the Coriander pattern with fine detailed chasing and gold washed interior. The swing handle of the pot has a basket weave cover in excellent condition. Unusual abstact design with snake handles on the smaller pieces. The pot measures 7 1/2". Weight 24.45 toz.

Price: $1,750.00 for the set

Reed & barton antique sterling pitcher with chased thistles Martele style

RH9143 Reed & Barton Sterling Martele Style Pitcher Circa 1900

A rare antique sterling hand hammered pitcher by Reed & Barton with chased thistles on a hammered background in the Martele style. Very fine detailed chasing, including on the feet and on the handle.

Height 14 1/2". Weight 53.90 toz.

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Pair of Gorham antique sterling sample dishes on pedestals 1893

H9128 Pair of Gorham Sample Sterling Dishes 1892 & 1893

An unusual pair of Gorham antique sterling silver dishes on pedestals with hand chased floral borders. Dated 1892 & 1893 and with the numbers surrounded with an oval indicating a sample. Lightly gold washed interiors. Monogrammed on one foot of each pedestal. Weight 55.75 toz. 10" by 8 1/2". Height 4".

Price: $3,750.00 for the pair

Tiffany etched sterling bud vase

H4786 Tiffany Antique Sterling Etched Vase

A Tiffany sterling silver bud vase with applied handles and finely acid etched decoration on the pedestal and the vase. There is a small script monogram at the top of the vase. Inscribed 1881-1906 on the reverse. Excellent condition and patina. The etching is sharp and finely detailed.

Height: 7 1/8" Weight: 10.9 troy oz.

Price: $650.00

Heath & Middleton English silver grape stand and grape shears

English Silver Grape Stand and Shears

An English sterling silver grape stand with pierced border and vine leaf wrapped around the naturalistic handle. There are three applied feet. The maker is John Thomas Heath and John Hartshorne Middleton, London 1896. Length 11 3/4" by 9 1/8" wide. Height 11"; weight of grape stand only 21.25 troy oz. The grape shears are marked sterling and Kruslus, Germany on the blade. Length 6 3/4". Good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $1,350.00 for the set

Tiffany St Dunstan sterling silver salad set

Tiffany St Dunstan Sterling Salad Set

A pristine art deco sterling silver salad set by Tiffany & Company in the St Dunstan pattern with gold washed bowls, never monogrammed. Length 9 3/4". Weight 7.9 toz.

Price: $595.00

Shreve San Francisco antique pepper shakers with coins inset

N9138 Shreve Sterling Peppers Circa 1890

Three hand hammered Shreve San Francisco antique sterling pepper shakers with silver coins inset on the sides. Height 3 1/4". Circa 1890.

Price: $895.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver tureen chased with floral detail and Chinese influenced Chippendale style feet and handles

RH9121 Tiffany Ornate Antique Sterling Tureen Circa 1880

A superb ornate Tiffany antique sterling tureen circa 1880 in the Chinese Chippendale style with floral chasing. There are chickens on the four corners of the handles. This is the larger size tureen in the motif and it has a huge presence. The weight is 95.5 toz. Length 16" across the handles. 8" wide and 9 1/2" tall at the handle of the pull off lid.

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three Japanese block prints framed

N8905 Three Japanese Block Prints Maple Frames

Three bright and cheerful Japanese block prints all framed in quality Birds Eye Maple frames. Frames measure 9 1/2" by 13 1/2"

Price: $195.00 each

Jones Shreve and Brown antique coin silver chased fruit compote centerpiece

H9133 Antique Coin Silver Fruit Compote Circa 1860

A finely hand chased fruit compote on pedestal hand engraved and with a superb quality high relief band of chased fruit and flowers in the center of the bowl. Inscribed with a monogram presentation on the edge of the pedestal. Weight 24.9 toz. Length 11 1/4". Height 5 1/2". Jones Shreve Brown and Company, Boston.

Price: $1,750.00

Indian silver elephant with elevated trunk

N9129 Impressive Indian Silver Elephant Circa 1950 Unmarked

A large impressive Indian silver elephant with elevated trunk unmarked with a chased ornamental cover using Indian motifs. Circa 1950. Weight 39 toz. Height 7 1/2". Length 9 1/2".

Price: $2,950.00

Tiffany Blackberry antique sterling silver serving spoon

TB5090 Tiffany Blackberry Sterling Serving Spoon

An antique 1890s Tiffany & Company sterling silver serving spoon in the Blackberry pattern. Never monogrammed.

Length 9 1/4". Weight 4.25 toz.

Price: $375.00

Frank Whiting sterling tea set

H9124 Frank Whiting Sterling Teaset Circa 1900

A fine quality sterling silver teaset by Frank Whiting comprising six pieces in excellent condition. Ornamentation includes fine paw feet and gadrooning. Total weight 210.15.

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Gorham antique sterling tea caddy circa 1893 Chinese figures

T9134 Gorham Antique Sterling Tea Caddy Circa 1893

A rare Gorham 1893 Chinese influenced repousse tea caddy with figural decoration on all four sides and a pull off lid.

Height 5 1/2". Weight 6.5 toz.

Price: $2,750.00

Howard & Co antique sterling silver tea caddy

T9130 Howard & Co Antique Sterling Tea Caddy Circa 1885

A Howard & Co antique sterling silver ornately chased tea caddy with a pull off cap.

Dated 1885. Never monogrammed. Weight 7.15 toz. Height 4 1/2".

Price: $795.00

English antique silver spoon with Queen Anne coin in the bowl

English Early Spoon London 1767 Elizabeth Tookey

A small 6" long spoon by Elizabeth Tookey set with a Queen Anne coin at the center of the oval bowl. The edges of the bowl have been chased and the handle has feather edge engraving. The top of the spoon has been made into a T shape. The spoon decoration was probably later done in Victorian times. The purpose of the spoon could have been a wine taster or a medicine spoon.

Price: $225.00

Dominick & Haff antique sterling kettle on stand pond pattern

RH9126 Dominick & Haff Pond Kettle on Stand Circa 1880

A superbly hand chased kettle on stand decorated with pond creatures and plants such as dragon flies and cattails. The kettle sits on a hand hammered stand with the original burner. Excellent condition and patina.

Weight 26.7 toz. Height 9"

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Gorham sterling engraved child's plate

N9099 Gorham Sterling Engraved Plate

A Gorham sterling silver child's plate with beautifully engraved 'grandpa' and child in the central area. "Grandpa's Watch" is engraved on the edge of the plate. The back is inscribed with a presentation and dated May 21st 1881. Diameter 7"; weight 5.25 troy oz. Very good condition.

Price: $475.00

Whiting antique sterling silver bowl with turtles and marine life seaweed Charles Osborne

RH9113 Whiting Sterling Bowl Marine Life Circa 1880

A Whiting antique sterling silver footed fruit bowl designed by Charles Osborne circa 1880 with an applied turtle and acid etched seaweed on a textured surface. The reverse side has dandelions with etched detail. The surface of the bowl has graduated spot hammering and a heavy etched surface combined for an unusual effect. Monogrammed and with four applied paw feet. Gold washed interior. weight 26.35 toz. Diameter 10". Height 4 1/2"

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Dominick & haff antique sterling silver covered vegetable tureen dragon fly

RH9024 Dominick & Haff Sterling Covered Tureen New York 1882

A rare hand chased Dominick & Haff covered vegetable tureen chased with dragon flies and chrysanthemums on a stippled surface. Beautifully monogrammed with a Victorian ornate monogram on the base. The chasing is of the highest quality and typical of the 1880s when Dominick & Haff has the finest chasers. Weight 44 toz. Retailed by J E Caldwell of Philadelphia. Dated 1882. 11 1/2" by 6" by 6 3/4".

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Whiting  antique sterling silver triangular salt

N9101 Whiting Antique Sterling Triangular Salt Circa 1875

A single Whiting aesthetic hand engraved triangular open salt by Gorham. Each side engraved with a fish and a monogram. Marked on the base with the Whiting logo. Height 1 1/8". Width 1 1/2".

Price: $195.00

Gorham antique sterling silver grape shears with foxes on the handle

N9122 Gorham Antique Sterling Grape Shears Circa 1900

A heavy quality cast Gorham grape shears with two foxes on the handles and grapes and vines on the handle. All made in two long pieces, the one side having a steel blade screwed into the handle for good cutting.

Length 6 7/8". Weight 6 toz.

Price: $595.00

English antique silver dessert forks in the stag hunt pattern william IV

English Silver Dessert Forks Stag Hunt London 1836

Six antique William IV sterling silver dessert forks with finely engraved crests on the reverse of the handles in the cartouche. Hallmarked London 1836, William IV. The maker is Mary Chawner. Length 6 3/4".

Weight 14 toz for the six.

Price: $1,500.00

Tiffany & Company Union Square sterling silver sugar and creamer

H9093 Tiffany Sterling Sugar & Creamer Union Square

A Tiffany antique sterling silver sugar and creamer with cast applied birds on the handles and engraved and applied detail. Marked with the Union Square mark of Tiffany & Company which dates the set between 1870 and 1875. Monogrammed. Weight 9.60 toz. Height of creamer 4" at the bird on handle.

Price: $895.00

Ford & Tupper antique sterling silver figural fish set

EX9117 Ford & Tupper Japanesque Fish Set

An antique sterling silver fish serving set marked by Ford & Tupper and dated 1873 with a monogram. The handles have cast birds within an oval branch and the blades are engraved in a Japanese style with bamboo and bands of decoration typical of that period. The handles are cast as the foot of a bird with the claw holding the blade and tines. Lengths 12" & 9 1/4". Weight 9.5 toz.

Price: $2,750.00

Caldwell antique sterling silver repousse tureen

H9116 Durgin Quality Repousse Sterling Tureen Circa 1900

A chunky circular hand chased sterling silver tureen by Durgin retailed by J E Caldwell of Philadelphia. Excellent quality chasing and in good condition. Interior diameter 5 3/4". Outside diameter 9". Height 6". Weight 37.8 toz. Monogrammed on the base.

Price: $2,500.00

Tiffany antique hand chased ice bowl with liner

H9108 Tiffany Sterling Ice Bowl

An antique sterling ice bowl by Tiffany & Company with hand chased decoration and the original pierced liner.

Circa 1880. Weight 19 toz. Diameter 7". Height 5"

Price: $2,750.00

English hallmarked silver Birmingham 1892 racket shaped coffee spoons

N9079 Six novelty antique English silver spoons Birmingham 1892

Six antique silver English coffee spoons by JT Birmingham 1892 with finely detailed racket decoration in the gold washed bowls and on the textured handles. A real novelty for the period and in pristine condition.

Length 4 1/4"

Price: $750.00

Kirk repousse sterling sideboard dish

H7367 Kirk Repousse Sterling Sideboard Dish Grapes and Flowers

A Kirk Repousse sterling silver sideboard dish with 2 1/2" border depicting flowers and grapes on a stippled background. The center field is plain and has never been monogrammed. Total diameter 15"; diameter of center field 9 1/4" and 3/4" deep; weight 48 troy oz.

Price: $2,750.00

Tiffany sterling silver punch ladle circa 1930

9088 Rare Tiffany Sterling Punch Ladle

A rare heavy art deco sterling punch ladle by Tiffany& Company of New York with an applied monogram JDR on the handle and an embossed decoration on the reverse of the handle depicting a hand holding a tray with cocktail glasses on the tray. Very heavy weighing in at 12.30 troy ounces. Length 16". The Tiffany mark on the back of the handle dates the ladle to the 1930s.

Price: $1,500.00

Gorhan antique sterling silver cast grape shears

N9085 Gorham Sterling Cast Grape Shears

A fine quality antique sterling silver grape shears by the Gorham Company circa 1880 in fine condition. The two halves are cast in great detail showing grapes and vines and a steel blade bolted to the half for superior cutting. Length 6 1/4". Weight 5.4 toz.

Price: $495.00

Georgian silver sugar basket by Hennell London 1797

H9033 Georgian Silver Large Sugar Basket London 1797

A large antique silver Georgian sugar basket by Robert and David Hennell dated London 1797 with bright cut engraved decoration and gold washed interior. Packed in a box from Tessiers a Bond Street retailer. In superb condition with clear marks and a mark on the swing handle. Weight 9.45 toz. Length 7". Height 5".

Price: $975.00

Tiffany sterling chamberstick

N9086 Tiffany & Co. Sterling Chamberstick

A sterling silver chamberstick by Tiffany & Co. with scalloped border, removable bobeche and loop handle. Height 3 1/2"; diameter of base 5 1/2"; weight 6.25 troy oz.

Price: $750.00

Tiffany mixed metals hammered Japanesque pitcher antique sterling silver

8934 Tiffany Mixed Metals Sterling Hammered Pitcher

A rare Tiffany antique sterling hammered Japanese style pitcher with spot hammered surfaces and applied copper details. Decoration include a large dragon fly with engraved gold washed wings and copper body and irises. Taking the pitcher to a high lever are small inlaid copper and brass dots on the leaves, wings and branches. A superb piece of workmanship. The pitcher was in the hands of the original purchaser until offered for sale in 2009.

Weight 27 toz. Height 7 1/4" Inscribed on the base with an 1880 presentation.

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Arthur Stone sterling silver milk pitcher

Arthur Stone Sterling Milk Pitcher

A sterling silver hand wrought milk pitcher by Boston maker Arthur Stone. Height 4 1/2"; weight 11.20 troy oz. Marked with the Stone logo, sterling and T for Herbert A Taylor which dated the pitcher between 1908 and 1937. Good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $395.00

Rare Tiffany Salad Bowl with seaweed and shell feet

RH9022 Rare Tiffany Fruit Bowl with Marine Motifs Circa 1886

A large important Tiffany antique sterling fruit bowl with ornate repousse decoration and applied owl like faces on each side of the bowl. The feet are applied cast shells to the base. There is additional applied cast seaweed superimposed on the repousse surface. Gold washed interior. Monogrammed and with acid etched detail on the base. Weight 68 toz. Diameter 12 5/8". Height 5 5/8".

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Henri Louis Chenailler antique silver French forks

9039 French Silver Dinner Forks Henri Louis Chenailler

Twelve massive antique silver forks by Henri Louis Chenailler monogrammed in the ornate cartouche on the reverse of the handles. Length 8 1/4". Weight 29.15 toz. Marked with the Mercury head and the mark of the manufacturer.

Price: $1,200.00 for the set

Kirk antique silver tea caddy

T9083 Massive Rare Early Kirk Tea Caddy Circa 1860

A Kirk 11 ounce antique silver tea caddy with ornate cast feel and chased floral detail. Monogrammed in the cartouche on one side. The pull off lid has a finial comprised of wheat and the overall scale is impressive.

Weight 17.90 toz.

Height 7".

Price: $3,500.00

Pair of Gorham antique silver boxed salts in the original box

N9059 Pair of Sterling Boxed Salts by Gorham

A pair of antique sterling silver salts with spoons circa 1869 in the original fitted box. The salts are 2 1/2" tall at the handles and have a diameter of 1 5/8" with gold washed interiors.

Price: $595.00 for the set

Rare Gorham large facet sterling silver pitcher circa 1893

RH9063 Rare Gorham Sterling Pitcher Circa 1893

A rare Gorham antique sterling silver pitcher with the an 1893 date letter mark. The faceting varies from smaller facets on the handle base and neck to large irregular chased facets on the body of the pitcher. Marked sterling and with the Gorham logo stamped. #1215.

Weight 27.65 toz. Height 8"

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Gorham sterling figural celery vase

H8398 Gorham Sterling Celery Vase

A Gorham antique sterling silver celery vase with applied masks with ribbons and handles and hand engraved decoration. The vase has the date letter for 1870. Height 8". Weight 18.25 troy ounces.

Price: $1,850.00

Tiffany antique sterling porringer with applied squirrel and acid etching

H9058 Tiffany Sterling Porringer

A heavy Tiffany antique sterling silver porringer with handle, acid etched decoration and applied squirrels on the side of the bowl. Presentation from 1915. Weight 8.60 toz.

Diameter 5".

Length with handle 7 1/4"

Price: $750.00

Enamel sterling silver gold washed lettuce fork

EX9054 Sterling Lettuce Fork with Enamel

An unusual gold washed antique sterling silver lettuce fork with a cobalt blue and white quilted enamel cartouche on the front of the handle. The reverse has a large monogram A. Marked sterling only.

Weight 2.25 toz Length 9"

Price: $195.00

Massive English silver salver 24 inches by William Eley II 1824

RH6554 Large 24" English Antique Silver Salver

London 1824 William Eley II

A superb large ornate English silver salver by William Eley dated 1824. The cast pierced floral ornate border is of exceptional quality and the center is hand engraved with panels of flowers and other symmetrical designs. A large crest is engraved in the cartouche at the center. Weight 180 troy ounces. Large ornate cast feet are applied to the bottom.

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International sterling Vision pattern gravy ladle

International Vision Sterling Gravy Ladle

A sterling silver gravy ladle by International in the Vision pattern designed by Ronald Hayes Pearson. Length 7"; weight 2.50 troy oz.

Price: $95.00

Kalo hand wrought sterling silver bread plates

H9043 Kalo Sterling Bread Plates

A set of thirteen Kalo hand hammered heavy sterling silver bread plates with chased custom monograms on the borders. Marked Sterling hand wrought at the Kalo shop B B 6.

Weight 95.85 toz. Diameter 6"

Price: $3,950.00

Shiebler antique sterling enamel fork

9049 Shiebler Sterling Enamel Fork

A Shiebler enamel serving fork with satin finished gold wash and turquoise enamel on the front of the handle.

Length 7 1/2".

Weight 2.8 toz.

Price: $150.00

Irish silver antique berry spoons

9037 Irish Silver Berry Spoons

A pair of later chased Irish antique silver berry spoons with finely chased oval bowls and engraved handles. Marked Dublin, circa 1810. Length 8 3/4".

Price: $250.00 for the pair

Gorham antique sterling acid etched sugar bowl circa 1893

H9041 Gorham Sugar Bowl Circa 1893

A Gorham antique sterling silver sugar bowl with handles. The decoration is a band of acid etched flowers and there are two applied handles. Weight 4.65 toz. Height 2 1/4". Length 5 1/4" across.

Price: $375.00

Arthur Stone sterling silver bowl Taylor

H9019 Large Arthur Stone Sterling Bowl Herbert Taylor

A large lobed Arthur Stone bowl with the mark of Herbert Taylor. Hand hammered and engraved in one section with a presentation to a three letter monogram from a two letter smaller monogram. Diameter 9 7/8". Weight 26.20 toz.

Price: $2,900.00

Whiting mixed metals oval bowl antique sterling silver spot hammered applied copper crans and fish

9015 Whiting Antique Sterling Mixed Metal Marine Life Bowl Circa 1880

A spot hammered antique sterling silver bowl by Whiting with mixed metal applied decoration of crabs and fish together with shells and plants. Monogrammed in an area near the fish on the side of the bowl. Engraved highlights add to the detail. 9" by 7" by 3 1/4" tall. Weight 19.65 toz.

Please inquire

Dutch antique silver peppermint box in the form of a cabinet

N9051 Dutch Peppermint Box Circa 1911

A Dutch antique silver peppermint box with hinged lid in the form of a cabinet. Marked with the date letter for 1911 and Dutch marks on the base.

1 3/4" tall.

Price: $295.00

Elkington hand engraved tray with Japanese scenes

RH9068 Elkington Sterling Engraved Tray Birmingham 1877 25"

A large antique sterling silver tray with hand engraved Japanese scenes and an ornate border. Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1877 with Frederick Elkington makers mark. Weight 130 toz. 25" by 17". Superb engraving with remarkable detail depicting birds and cranes with foliage.

Please inquire

Wendt Moresque sterling serving spoon

Wendt Moresque Serving Spoon

Wendt Moresque sterling deep bowl serving spoon with satin finished bowl in pristine condition. The bowl is particularly deep and gold washed with a wonderful deep gold color. Monogrammed on the reverse of the handle. Retailed by Starr and Marcus. Length: 9 3/4". Weight: 2.85 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Whiting rare acid etched child's bowl and plate antique sterling silver

RH9014 Whiting Sterling Youth Set Circa 1880

An antique sterling silver youth set by Whiting with deep acid etched decoration depicting a donkey, frog, owl, and other animals in remarkable detail. Gold washed interior. Superb ornate monogram on the reverse of the bowl. Plate diameter 5 1/2" . Bowl diameter 4 1/2". Height 2 3/4". Weight 16.40 toz.

Price: $1,950.00

Tiffany Indian antique sterling silver vegetable serving fork

TI8974 Tiffany Indian Serving Fork

A large Tiffany Indian serving fork with cast acid etched figural terminal with Pipe Dance motif. Length 9 1/4". Weight 4.3 toz. Marked Tiffany & Co. sterling with a French control mark ET indicating that this piece passed through France at one time and by law acquired this French government mark.  It is also hand scratched with a number 991 with a line through which corresponds to the approximate year of 1893 which would have been the year of the Columbian Exposition.  Very good condition.

Please inquire

Austrian antique silver etrog sugar box

H9011 Austrian Silver Etrog/Sugar Box

An Austrian antique silver sugar box with a cast fruit finial and four cast applied feet. The surface is satin finished and engraved. Marked with the Diana head mark 3rd purity. Weight 13.95 toz.

4 3/4" by 3 3/4" by 5" tall.

Price: $795.00

Austrian silver sugar box

H9012 Austrian Silver Sugar Box

An Austrian sugar box with hinged finial or handle and hinged lid. Engraved surface. Marked with the Diana head mark.

Weight 15.20 toz.

5 1/2" by 4" by 5" tall.

Price: $795.00

Duhme of Cincinnati sterling toast rack

N9006 Duhme Sterling Heavy Toast Rack Circa 1900

A good quality heavy antique sterling silver toast rack by Duhme of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Height 6" at the handle. Weight 10.35 toz.

Price: $595.00

English silver Kings pattern tablespoons by Joseph and A;bert Savory

8141 Five Heavy English Silver Tablespoons

Five antique sterling English tablespoons with engraved crests by Albert and Joseph Savory London 1840. Kings pattern.

Weight 17.45 toz. 3.5 toz each

Price: $85.00 each

English shilver gilt ice crem spoons in the Stag Hunt pattern

English Silver Ice Cream Spoons Stag Hunt by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths

A set of six English sterling silver gilt Ice cream spoons in the Stag Hunt pattern by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths dated London 1918. Length of each spoon 5 1/4". Total weight 6.90 troy oz. Good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $1,500.00 for the set of six

Knowles Bug Rose sterling ice tongs

KN8860 Knowles Rose/Bug Sterling Ice Tongs

A pair of antique sterling Knowles Rose/Bug ice tongs with gold washed satin finished bowls. The top bowl is finely engraved. Length 7".

Price: $475.00

Tiffany antique sterling spot hammered pitcher with bugs by Charles Osborne

RH8938 Tiffany Sterling Pitcher Charles Osborne Circa 1879

A spot hammered antique sterling silver pitcher marked with Tiffany and Company and probably designed by Charles Osborne for Tiffany. The chased swirls on the sides are typical of Osborne's design as is the band of decoration circumventing the top of the pitcher which has applied silver bugs and dragonflies. Height 7 5/8". Weight 22 toz.

Please check for availability

Shiebler chrysanthemum antique sterling asparagus serving fork

Shiebler Chrysanthemum Asparagus Server

A Shiebler antique sterling asparagus serving fork with gold washed tines and ornate chrysanthemum handle. Monogrammed and inscribed on the reverse of the handle. Length

9". Weight 5.10 toz.

Price: $450.00

Egnlish silver glt dessert set in Chased and Pierced Vine pattern

8760 Chased Vine English Antique Silver Dessert Set

An antique silver gilt English dessert set in the chased and pierced vine pattern, a service for nine comprising nine dessert knives, 9 dessert forks, 9 dessert spoons, 9 ice cream spoons, 9 coffee spoons, 2 ladles, 1 nut cracker, 1 serving spoon. In perfect condition with engraved crests.

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French silver first purity dessert spoons Regence pattern

French Silver Dessert Spoons

Twelve antique silver French flat dessert spoons in the Regence pattern. Marked in the bowls with the first purity mark and the head of Mercury.

Length 5 1/2".

Weight 10.10 toz.

Price: $950.00 for the set of twelve

Gorham lotus pie server

8896 Gorham Lotus Sterling Silver Pie Server

A good Gorham antique sterling silver pie server with engraving in the bowl and in excellent condition.

Length 10 1/2". Weight 2.9 toz.

Price: $295.00

Gorham antique sterling fish platter with pierced liner

RH8998 Unusual Gorham Sterling Whole Fish Platter 24" 117 toz.

A large Gorham antique sterling fish platter with a pierced liner insert marked with special order letters on the base of the tray. Circa 1900. Length 24". Weight 117 toz. A heavy fine quality useful item by a quality manufacturer.

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Whiting sterling cattail sserving spoon

Whiting (attributed to) Cattail Serving Spoon

A sterling silver serving spoon with gold washed satin bowl attributed to Whiting and marked sterling and 8 with three dimensional cattail on the top of the handle. The spoon is in good condition. There are a few tiny dings in the bowl. Length 10 1/8"; weight 1.70 troy oz.

Price: $225.00

six Bacchanalian forks London 1834 and matching spoons

8987 Six Bacchanalian Spoons and Forks William IV London 1834

Six English antique silver William IV dessert spoons and forks in the Bacchanalian pattern hallmarked London 1834 WT. Spoons 7 1/8" Forks 7". All same maker and date.

Price: $2,750.00 for the twelve

English silver dessert set in the Bacchanalian pattern

8987 English Silver Bacchanalian Dessert Set 18 Pieces

An eighteen piece English silver gilt dessert set in the Bacchanalian pattern composed of six knives (8 1/2") maker Wakely & Wheeler dated London 1886, six forks (7") maker Wakely & Wheeler dated London 1886 and six dessert spoons (7") maker Wakely & Wheeler London 1887, the spoons and forks having a crest on the back of the handle and the knives with an small F monogram.

Price: $3,750.00 for the set

antique Georgian tea caddy spoon by Cox & Bettridge Birmingham 1811

Cox & Bettridge Tea Caddy Spoon 1811

An antique Georgian silver tea caddy spoon with square bowl engraved with bright cut patterns by Cox & Bettridge of Birmingham dated 1811. Length 2 1/2".

Price: $165.00

Barrett & Sherwood California coin silver landscape cup

Heavy Coin Silver Landscape Cup California Interest Circa 1860

A large heavy coin silver hand chased cup with landscape scenes. Made by Albert Coles of New York and retailed by the California retailer Barrett & Sherwood. Chunky base and a total weight of 7.2 troy ounces. Height 3 1/2"

Price: $795.00

Tiffany sterling tea caddy spoon with basket of flowers and bird

Tiffany Sterling Tea Caddy Spoon

A Tiffany antique sterling silver tea caddy spoon numbered 630 which puts it in the 1885 date period. Lightly gold washed and with a cast bird on a basket of flowers on the handle. Length 2 1/2". Weight .40 toz.

Price: $225.00

Kirk landscape antique sterling tea caddy with lion masks

H8971 Kirk Sterling Silver Landscape Tea Caddy Circa 1900

A crisp detailed antique sterling hand chased tea caddy by S Kirk and Son of Baltimore, Md. There are two lion mask handles with hanging rings on the sides and the cap pulls off. Height 5". Weight 8.75 toz

Price: $2,500.00

Pair of Chinese footed bowls wityh irises and birds by Wang Hing

RH8926 Pair of Chinese Export Silver Bon Bon Dishes Wang Hing

A fine quality pair of ornate Chinese Silver oval footed bowls with dragon feet and applied irises and birds and butterflies. The maker is Wang Hing. Height 6". Weight 38 toz.

Please inquire

English silver Mappin & Webb fish servers with pierced fan shaped blade

8997 English Fish Set by Mappin & Webb Sheffield 1905

An English antique sterling silver fish set by Mappin & Webb circa 1905 with a large Japonesque fan shaped blade finely pierced and engraved with multiple fish forms. Length 14 1/2" and 10 1/2". Hollow handles embossed with a marine design on both sides

Price: $3,500.00

Large American sterling silver serving fork

Massive Sterling American Serving Fork circa 1890

A large three tine serving fork with an ornate handle. The fork has the mark of a fleur des lis and is marked sterling.

Length 10 1/4" Weight 5.85 toz.

Price: $375.00

German oval antique charger Augsburg circa 1840

RH8990 Massive German Charger Augsburg 23" by 19"

A large oval antique silver charger with hand chased battle scenes and cornucopia with winged angels on the border. Marked in two places on the front. Circa 1840.

Weight 64.5 toz.

Please inquire

Tiffany antique sterling silver epergne in the Eastern style

RH8969 Rare Tiffany Sterling Persian Style Epergne circa 1895

An antique sterling Tiffany ornate Persian style epergne with three reticulated arms bearing sterling gold washed plates inscribed 1895 with monogrammed presentations and a larger central plate at the top. The silver plates have pedestal bases which cap a supporting mount to sit firmly on the supporting arms. The casting and decoration is in a exotic Eastern style incorporating paisley motifs in multiple dimensions. Total weight 113.5 toz. Height 18".

Please inquire

Taylor and Lawrie coin silver antique covered bowl

H8993 Taylor & Lawrie Coin Silver Covered Bowl

An antique American coin silver bowl on pedestal with a lid effectively ornately chased with what looks like sea foam and waves. There are two lion mask handles and rings from the mouths. Circa 1860. Weight 40.20 toz. Height 10" with the lid at the finial. Monogrammed on one side.

Price: $2,750.00

Gorham antique coin silver seal top spoon

Gorham Coin Silver Seal Top Spoon

A 9 3/4" Gorham antique coin silver serving spoon with a milled edge seal top terminal. A heavy quality item which feels good in the hand and weighs 2.25 toz.

Price: $295.00

George Sharp antique silver cheese knife

GS8888 George Sharp Cheese Knife

A George Sharp antique silver cheese knife with engraved blade and three heavy duty teeth at the tip of the blade. Never monogrammed. Length 8". Weight 2.30 toz.

Price: $625.00


Gorham elephant handle pitcher square antique sterling silver

RH8978 Rare Gorham Elephant Handle Pitcher Circa 1880

A rare Gorham square antique sterling pitcher with a soft satin finish and a cast elephant form handle. Marked with a date letter for 1880. The pitcher has an ornate band of applied decoration at the base and retains the original gold wash in the interior.

Height 7". Weight 24.2 toz.

Please inquire

French silver cheroot holder

N8994 French Silver Cheroot Holder

An unusual French antique silver cheroot holder with a reticulated base for inserting the cheroots and an engraved match holder at the rear. The figure is that of a female native of Tahiti in a grass skirt supporting a palm tree with palm fronds cascading in a umbrella form. French Minerva head mark of first purity. Height 8 1/4". Weight 9.6 toz.

Price: $2,200.00


Dominick & Haff antique sterling silver pitcher with hammered and chased detail

RH8937 Rare Dominick & Haff Sterling Pitcher Circa 1882

A hand hammered Japonesque antique sterling pitcher by Dominick and Haff dated 1882. There are dragon flies and leaves on a spot hammered surface and the handle is hand hammered. Height 7 5/8". Weight 28 toz.

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Mappin & Webb antique sterling asparagus tongs

8868 Mappin & Webb Sandwich Tongs Sheffield 1906

A pierced and engraved English silver Queen's pattern asparagus or wide sandwich tongs dated Sheffield 1906 engraved with a crest on the curve of the handle. Maker Mappin and Webb. Weight 5.7 toz. Length 7 1/2"

Price: $675.00

Tiffany Japanesque srterling pitcher with applied fish

RH8936 Tiffany Antique Sterling Pitcher

A rare tall Tiffany antique sterling silver pitcher with a Japanese influenced motifs including multiple applied detailed cast fish and engraved seaweed on a satin finished area. Bordered by ornate applied die rolled bands. The base and rim are smooth for a very effective contrast. A fine early example of the Japanese movement by Tiffany & Company. Circa 1876. Height 9 3/8" tall. Weight 37 toz.

Please inquire

Gorham antique silver Martele vase lily of the valley

RH8941 Gorham Martele 950 Silver Vase c1904

A hand hammered Gorham Martele vase with undulating top and chased floral decoration. Height 8 1/4"; weight 31 troy oz. Marked GZM and Martele marks as well as 950/1000.

Price: $5,500.00

Shiebler antique sterling silver fish serving set

Heavy Shiebler Antique Sterling Fish Set

A two piece antique sterling fish serving set by Shiebler. Ornate cast applied floral band on the handles. Length 12 1/4" and 11". Weight 11.25 toz.

Price: $595.00

Tiffany Young and Ellis antique coin silver teapot

H8939 Tiffany Antique Silver Teapot circa 1850

A Tiffany antique coin silver teapot marked with the earliest Tiffany mark of Tiffany Young & Ellis with the JCM mark. The pot has the unbelievable weight of 44.35 troy ounces. Chased with scrolls and flowers, the hinged lid has a cast bird finial and recessed hinges. Very fine quality. Height 5 3/4". Length 10".

Price: $3,250.00

Set of Gorham sterling and mixed metals cocktail forks

8812 Gorham Mixed Metals Cocktail Forks

A set of twelve Gorham antique sterling silver cocktail forks with applied copper Japanese motifs including sea creatures and birds. All mixed metal applications on a completely spot hammered surface. Length 6". Weight 8.55 toz.

Price: $1,795.00 for the set

Tiffany antique sterling silver match holder

N8831 Tiffany Japonesque Match Holder

A rare Tiffany antique sterling silver Japonesque match holder with the striker engraved into the base. Fully marked and circa 1880. The surfaces are spot hammered and applied with oak leaves and engraved tendrils. There is an applied bug and engraved partially gold washed Japanese motifs on the neck. The hollow area at the center is for used matches to be placed after lighting and extinguishing. Height 3". Weight 3.4 toz.

Price: $3,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling fruit serving plates with detailed acid etched borders

H8948 Tiffany Sterling Dessert Serving Plates

Six matching antique sterling 8 3/4" diameter plates with fine acid etched floral borders. Monogrammed. Circa 1910. Weight 86.7 toz. The plates are elevated on a ring foot and are for serving fruit on table. Fine quality. The etching shows nicely and is very well detailed and crisp.

Price: $7,500.00 for the six serving plates

Gorham medallion antique sterling chicken tongs

8859 Large Gorham Medallion Serving Tongs

A large pair of Gorham antique sterling silver serving tongs with medallion handles and long arms terminating in a bowl and a chicken claw. Gold washed bowl and tines. Perfect condition with excellent spring. Length 11 1/2". Weight 5.9 toz.

Price: $1,495.00

English antique silver footed pomander by William Comyns

N8863 Large English Footed Pomander by William Comyns

A large impressive Edwardian footed English antique silver pomander by William Comyns hallmarked London 1903. The hinged lid has a cast scene of a bridal carriage with wedding bells on either side. Dimensions 7" by 4 1/2" by 4 1/4" tall. Weight 12.35 toz.

Price: $1,595.00

Gorham chased ornate tureen

RH8931 Rare Gorham Sterling Tureen date letter 1885

A full size puffy antique sterling hand chased Gorham tureen with Indian motifs and design. The lid pulls off. The ornate feet have elements of Indian design also and the entire tureen has a stippled background to contrast the glorious chasing. The lid has a chrysanthemum finial. Dated 1885. Weight 75.7 toz.

Please inquire

Whiting mixed metals coffee pot

T8922 Whiting Mixed Metal and Sterling Hammered Coffee Pot

An antique sterling spot hammered coffee pot by Whiting with applied blossoms, a very large bug on one side and two bugs on the other side. There is a copper bug on the hinged dome lid. Engraved plants between the applications. Excellent condition. Height 7 1.2". Weight 11.05 toz. Museum quality.

Please inquire

Pair of Austrian silver tea caddies

T8792 Pair of Austrian Silver Tea Caddies Vienna 1832

A pair of Austrian 13 purity tea caddies dated 1832 from Vienna marked with multiple marks including the wheel mark and a maker TSMO. Marked in many places including on the lids. Height 6 1/4". Weight 13.45 & 11.35 toz.

Price: $2,750.00 for the pair

Canfrield Baltimore coin silver sugar Urn

H8928 Canfield Baltimore Coin Silver Sugar Urn

A hand chased coin silver sugar urn with swan finial. Given as an agricultural prize. Fine condition. Height 7". Weight 16.45 toz.

Price: $950.00

Lebkuecher hardsone box sterling

N8946 Lebkuecher Hardstone Mechanical Box

An antique hardstone mechanical cigarette box with rooster finial and sterling mounts by Lebkuecher circa 1896-1909. Measures 6 1/2". Excellent condition.

Price: $3,500.00

Dutch antique silver fish shaped spice box

N8851 Dutch Silver Fish Spice Box

An interesting Dutch antique silver flat fish spice box with red stone eyes. Length 4". Date letter 1903.

Price: $1,500.00

German antique silver fish shaped spice container

N8852 German Fish Spice Box

A German antique silver fish spice box with marks in the head. French import marks. Length 5"

Price: $950.00

Wendt Medallion sandwich tongs

8858 Wendt Medallion Antique Sterling Sandwich Tongs

A large John Wendt medallion pattern sandwich tongs with finely engraved blades and a lovely crest on the outside curve of the handle. Both blades are pierced as well as engraved on the outside.

Length 10 1/4". Weight 7.8 toz.

Price: $1,895.00

Loring Andrews antique sterling tea caddy with landscape scenes

H8796 Loring Andrews Landscape Tea Caddy

A Loring Andrews antique sterling silver tea caddy finely chased with high relief flowers and landscape scenes.

The tea caddy measures 5" tall and has a weight of 7.7 toz.

Price: $1,950.00

French silver antique spoons in fitted box

EX8872 French Silver Confectionery Spoons

Two French antique art nouveau confectionery spoons with English import marks in a fitted case retailed by Maple & Company of London. Length 6 3/8". Gold washed bowls.

Price: $1,395.00

Gorham antique sterling silver child's set

H8854 Quality Gorham Sterling Silver Child's Set

Including a cup, porringer and plate in heavy silver with applied cast flowers and a gold washed interior to the cup. The plate and bowl have a monogram. Weight 33.35 toz. Date letter for 1899. Cup 3 5/8" tall. Bowl 5 1/2" diameter. Plate 7 3/4" diameter.

Price: $2,750.00

Antique silver fish slice with pierced and engraved blade

EX8846 Quality American Silver Fish Slice in Original fitted Box

A fine quality American silver fish slice marked sterling on the naturalistic handle and with a pierced and engraved blade depicting a fish. Length 12 1/2". Weight 4.8 toz. Pristine condition.

Price: $750.00

Whiting antique sterling sugar caddy

H8793 Unusual Whiting Sugar Caddy

A Whiting antique sterling silver sugar caddy with pull off lid. The finial and feet have Egyptian influenced elements and the handle swings down for the lid to come off. Circa 1875. Weight 18.10 toz. Height 5 1/4" without the handle.

Price: $2,250.00

Tiffany acid etched sugar bowl

H8919 Tiffany Acid Etched Sugar Bowl

An antique sterling silver Persian style sugar bowl by Tiffany & Company with lid. The bowl has ornate handles and a decorated lid. Excellent quality with a weight of 11.10 toz. Height 3 3/4". Length across handles 5 3/4"

Price: $895.00

English antique silver and etched glass wine carafe

RH8773 English Silver Wine Carafe Circa 1870

An antique English silver and etched glass carafe by William and George Sissons of Sheffield circa 1870 in superb condition with a rampant lion crest in the cartouche. The decoration of the silver is done by hand and includes chasing and engraving. The decoration on the glass is very finely executed and depicts a Roman chariot with swags and bows in concentric bands. Height 10 1/2".

Price: $2,950.00

Italian sterling silver tray

H8758 Italian Sterling Silver Tray

A large Italian sterling silver tray with cast cala lily handles made by Calegaro of Padua, Italy. 26 1/2" by 16 3/4" . Weight 125 toz. Circa 1990.

Price: $3,950.00

Carrington and Company gold washed punch bowl with grapes and handles London 1907

H8748 Carrington and Company Silver Punch Bowl

An English Edwardian silver gold washed punch bowl chased with grapes and vines in a band at the top. Engraved with the crest of the Campbell clan and the boar's head representing the same on the reverse. Length 19" across handles. Height 9". Weight 95 toz. London 1907.

Please inquire

George Sharp cat tail set of spoons

GS8691 George Sharp Dessert Set

A thirteen piece dessert set by George Sharp of Philadelphia comprising twelve 5 1/2" spoons and one 11" serving spoon. All monogrammed on the reverse of the bowls. Lightly gold washed bowls. Cast cat tail and leaves applied to each handle.

Price: $2,750.00 for the set

eighteen Bailey & Kitchen coin silver forks fiddle shell pattern

8687 Bailey & Kitchen Coin Forks 37 toz

Eighteen 7 1/2" long Bailey & Kitchen coin silver forks in the fiddle shell pattern monogrammed on the front of the handles. Total weight 37 toz.

Price: $1,195.00

Tiffany hammered sterling water pitcher with chased sumac

RH8735 Tiffany Sterling Pitcher

A Tiffany antique sterling pitcher with apot hammered surface and applied sumac. Added dimension with acid etching of the leaves of the sumac plant. Graduated pearling on the handle together with the spot hammering.

Height 8". Weight 25.75 toz.

Please inquire

Rare Tiffany antique sterling silver tureen Indian style engraved with whippet finial

H8733 Tiffany Sterling Tureen circa 1880

Indian influenced engraving with incredible depth and quality and a large cast detailed whippet finial. Remarkably dense engraving on the pedestal base and handles. Weight 84.6 toz. Height 11".

Please inquire

Redlich antique sterling silver candlesticks

H8690 Redlich Sterling Candlesticks

An unusual pair of antique sterling candlesticks by Redlich (no maker's mark but this is a Redlich pattern) with reticulated bases decorated with roses. There are chased roses on the stems and art nouveau style engraved monograms on each base. The tops are solid cast sterling three dimensional roses. Height 10". The columns are weighted but the reticulated areas are open.

Price: $3,950.00 for the pair

Rare large Gorham martele vase

RH8640 Rare Early Gorham Martele Vase 18"

A rare Gorham Martele sample vase with delicate floral chasing and four chased dolphin face forming the base. Chased in panels on a finely hammered background.

Weight 78.45 troy ounces.

Height 18"

Please inquire

Peer Smed antique sterling hand hammered tea set

RH8660 Peer Smed Tea and Coffee Set

A rare hand hammered sterling silver tea set by Peer Smed in superb condition with applied monograms on the smaller pieces and pierced monograms inside the two pots. Reticulated bases. Weight 70.45 toz. Tallest pot 10".

Please inquire

Gorham mixed metals and sterling tea caddy hammered with applied spider

8510 Gorham Tea Caddy

A rare Gorham hammered and applied mixed metals tea caddy with a large applied spider and berries. On the other side is a large intricate spider web with an insect at the center. Deliberate indentations give the tea caddy added dimension. The lid pulls off. The base has a leaf applied with a date of presentation. Circa 1879. Height 4 1/4'. Weight 8.55 toz.

Please check for availability

Gorham coin silver saxon stag tongs 13"

EX8551 Gorham Saxon Stag Tongs

A large spectacular coin silver Gorham Saxon stag tongs retailed by Starr & Marcus of New York. In pristine condition and deacquisitioned from a museum. Pierced lower blade and claw upper arm. Length 13". Weight 9.10 toz.

Price: $4,500.00

Gorham Martele antique silver coffee set

RH8534 Gorham Martele Coffee Set

An art nouveau antique silver coffee set in the Gorham Martele series marked as a sample and numbered 1410 on the tray and 1411 on the other three pieces. Circa 1899. Weight 68.30toz.

Please inquire

pair of Tiffany antique sterling vegetable tureens

RH8492 Pair of Tiffany Vegetable Dishes

A fine pair of Tiffany antique sterling silver covered vegetable tureens in the Chinese Chippendale style. The tureens are chased with ornate floral bands of decoration. The handles have four rooster heads in the design. Weight 109 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Tuttle art deco sterling silver vases

RH8261 Monumental Tuttle Vases

Circa 1925

A rare pair of impressive antique art deco sterling vases by Tuttle with fish faces as handles on the side. Applied gadrooned edges on the base and lip.

Marked with CC in the crescent for Calvin Coolidge (President).

Height 16". Weight 110 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Tiffany pierced large nut scoop with squirrel terminal and gold washed bowl

Tiffany Large Antique Sterling Nut Scoop

A large pierced Tiffany sterling nut scoop with gold washed pierced bowl and squirrel terminal. Cast detail on the handle including detailed acorns and leaves. A heavy cast server measuring 10 1/4". Weight 5.55 toz.

Please inquire

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