Britannia Fine Antique Silver

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English hallmarked quality sterling silver tea ball pierced

T534 English Hallmarked Silver Tea Ball London 1856

An antique sterling pierced teaball with London hallmarks. Original silver chain folds into the tea ball when opened resting on a slot on the edge of the other half. Gold washed interior.

London 1856 by Thomas Johnson.

Weight 1.45 troy oz.

Length 2 1/4"

Price: $675.00

Gorham antique sterling centerpiece bowl with handles applied grapes vines leaves

H515 Gorham Centerpiece Fruit Bowl Circa 1900

An antique sterling silver hand hammered oval bowl with applied grapes vines and leaves. Gold washed interior. There are four applied cast feet decorated with grapes. Monogrammed on one side only. Weight 37.55 troy ounces. Length 15" across the handles. 7 3/4" wide. Height 5 1/2" at the handles. Height 4 1/4" to the rim of the actual bowl.

Price: $2,750.00

Danish sterling modern shallow tureen Hingelberg

H514 Danish Modern Sterling Tureen Hingelberg

An elegant Danish modern sterling silver tureen by Hingelberg in an oval form. The handles and large oval finial are wrapped in original braided wicker. Never monogrammed and with a perfect color and patina. Height 3 1/4". 14" across handles by 7 1/2" wide. Weight 46.35 troy oz.

Price: $4,750.00

Gorham antique sterling silver wine caddy Birmingham 1904

H9556 Gorham Wine Bottle Caddy Circa 1904

A Gorham antique sterling silver wine bottle caddy with grape vines, leaves and grapes in a reticulated design. The bottom opens on a hinge after removing a silver pin and the bottle slides into caddy from the base upwards. Marked with a Birmingham England import mark for 1904 and the Gorham Company's mark registerted in the UK assay office.

Weight 16.85 troy oz.

Height 9"

Price: $2,500.00

English antique silver William IV engraved salver

H516 English William IV Sterling Silver Salver London 1836

An antique sterling salver by John Welby dated London 1836 with a reticulated border and an engraved crest at the center. Engraved detail on the center field of the salver. Marked on the reverse of the salver with good clear marks as pictured. There are four applied ornate feet.

Diameter 17 1/2"

Weight 58 troyoz.

Price: $3,500.00

Ramsden & Carr hand hammered sterling silver beaker set with cabochon cut garnets

RH512 Ramsden & Carr Hand Hammered Sterling Beaker London 1914

A rare hand hammered sterling silver beaker by Ramsden & Carr London 1914 set with cabochon cut garnets. The surface shows fine hand hammering.

Height 4 1/2"

Weight 4.6 troy oz.

Price: $2,750.00

Tiffany antique sterling repousse teaset ferns and flowers

H511 Tiffany Repousse Small Bachelor Teaset Circa 1878

A small antique sterling hand chased teaset with floral motifs and ferns in crisp detail. Unusual shapes and extremely fine detail. Marked with the numbers for 1878 and the large M.

Weight 33.15 troy oz.

Height of pot 5 1/2"

Please inquire

Chinese export silver Luen Hing Cocktail shaker Shanghai

H513 Huge Chinese Silver Cocktail Shaker

An antique Chinese silver cocktail shaker with pull off lid and spout, hand hammered with chased and applied dragons on the body and handle. Marked with the mark of Luen Hing of Shanghai 1875-1930.

Height 11 1/2"

Weight 34 troy oz.

Price: $3.950.00

John Wendt for Starr & Marcus sterling silver antique tea caddy

T519 John Wendt Double Antique Sterling Tea Caddy Circa 1870

A John Wendt for Starr & Marcus of New York antique sterling silver tea caddy. Weight 22.85 troy oz. There is an applied band or decoration circumventing the rectangular body and two applied lion head handles bearing rings. Monogrammed on the front. The interior has a divider in the center.

6" by 3 1/2" by 5 1/4" tall at the finial.

Price: $3,250.00

Krider antique coin silver barrel shaped mug

H499 Krider Coin Silver Barrel Shaped Mug Circa 1865

An antique American coin silver barrel shaped mug by Krider of Philadelphia with considerable weight and with the original gold washed interior intact. Marked on the base with the Krider logo and retailed by J E Caldwell of Philadelphia. Excellent condition.

Height 3 1/4"

Weight 6.70 troy oz.

Price: $575.00

A E Warner coin silver coffee pot Baltimore silver

H492 A E Warner Coin Silver Coffee Pot

A large hand chased Baltimore coin silver coffee pot by A E Warner chased with basket of fruit and multiple birds in ornate detail. Vacant cartouche never monogrammed.

Height 12 1/2"

Weight 40.40 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

H481 Gorham Antique Sterling Bowl Circa 1892

A large Gorham rectangular sterling centerpiece bowl with four ornate feet and a chased border at the top of the bowl. In excellent condition with a date letter for 1892.

Length 13 1/2" by 11" by 5" tall. Weight 56.55 troy oz.

Price: $3,950.00

French Minerva head antique ecuelle antique silver

H496 French Silver Minerva Head Ecuelle with Underplate

A French silver ecuelle comprising tray, bowl and lid engraved with ornate detail and medallion heads on the finial and handles. First Purity. 950/1000.

Diameter of tray 10 1/2". Length across handles of bowl 12" Diameter of inside bowl 7".

Weight 51.10 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00

W W Harrison & Co Sheffield 1911 youth set engraved in box

494 English Youth Set In Box Sheffield 1911

Made by W W Harrison & Co of Sheffield a two piece sterling youth set dated 1911 engraved throughout with a leaf pattern this set is in the original fitted case. The items measure 6 1/4" in length. Retailed by an Edinburgh store. Weight 2.45 troy oz.

Price: $295.00

Pair of Marcus  New York French Border large 10" diameter compotes

H497 Pair of French Border Large Size Compotes Tazzas Circa 1900

Retailed by Marcus of New York a pair of French Border pattern large compotes weighing 41.55 troy oz. Diameter of the top is 10" and the height is 4". Never monogrammed. The top has some fine engraved decoration. Fine condition.

Price: $2,750 for the pair

S Kirk & Son antique sterling silver tea and coffee set landscape pattern hand chased

RH453 S Kirk & Son Sterling Landscape Tea & Coffee Set 169 troy oz.

A Samuel Kirk landscape hand chased tea and coffee set comprising a kettle on stand with two pots, a covered sugar bowl and a cream pitcher. All with landscape or castle scenes chased on both sides of each item.

Total weight 169.05 troy oz.

Height of kettle 13 1/2". Pot 13"

Please inquire

pair od English cast candlesticks D & J Wellby Ltd London 1969

H490 English Heavy Cast Sterling Modern Candlesticks London 1969

A pair of heavy cast English reproduction candlesticks, not weighted by D & J Wellby Ltd London 1969 in perfect condition.

Height 10 1/4"

Weight 40 troy oz.

Price: $1,850.00 pair

pair of George Sharp for Bailey & Company Philadelphia hand chased ornate goblets

H485 Pair of Hand Chased Silver Goblets by George Sharp for Bailey & Company

A heavy fine quality pair of hand chased sterling silver goblets by George Sharp with the retailer's mark of Bailey & Company of Philadelphia. Never monogrammed. Excellent condition.

Height 6"

Weight 19.05 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00 for the pair

Gale & Willis sterling antique silver pitcher with water lilies and cattails circa 1859

H484 Gale & Willis 1859 Sterling Pitcher Circa 1859

An antique sterling hand chased pitcher decorated with water lilies and cattails by Gale and Willis dated 1859 and marked sterling 925 with the mark of Gale & Willis on the base. The pitcher has finely detailed chasing, the bottom two thirds against a stippled background, and the top third plain with a fancy applied ornate leaf border. The handle is a branch form handle with leaves and buds applied.

Height 11"

Weight 30.85 troy oz.

Price: $4,750.00

Eoff & Shepard for Ball Black coin silver engraved tankard

RH486 American Coin Silver Tankard Eoff & Shepard

A large engraved antique coin silver tankard with engraved crest in the cartouche and an engraved lid opening on a hinge. Excellent condition. The handle terminates in a face at the bottom with applied beading in the center. Marked with the mark of Eoff & Shepard on the base together with the retailer Ball Black & Co New York.

Height 8 1/4"

Weight 36.05 troy oz.

Price: $4,950.00

John Wendt for Ball Black vase with butterflies English Sterling

RH488 Ball Black Vase by John Wendt Circa 1870

An unusual 10" tall vase by John Wendt for Ball Black of New York on four disc feet with reticulated lower section supporting an oval body and neck. There are four cast butterflies perched on ledges on the top of the body. Satin finished surfaces throughout. One side has a circular cartouche applied which has never been monogrammed.

Height 10 1/8"

Weight 19.15 troy oz.

Price: $3,750.00

English antique silver gilt dessert set London 1905 Charlie Jacques

493 English Silver Gilt 24 pc Dessert Set London 1905

An English antique silver gilt dessert service in original fitted case dated London 1905 by Charlie Jacques. There are 12 knives and 12 forks with ornate handles, sterling blades and tines and a "B" monogram on the handle in the cartouche.

Length 7 1/2" and 6 3/4".

Price: $2,950.00 for the set

Mappin and Webb sterling silver London figures dated 1973

Mappin & Webb London 1973 Figurines

Five assorted sterling silver hallmarked figurines with remarkable detail dated 1973. Marked with import marks on the base of each figure.

Height 4 3/4"

Price: $2,250.00 for the group of five

pair of French first purity silver muffineers

H491 French Silver 950/1000 Pair Muffineers

A heavy ornate antique sterling French first purity pair of muffineers. Maker's mark not clear. Minerva mark with first purity.

Height 6 1/2"

Weight 21.50 troy oz.

Price: $1,800.00 pair

Set 12 Shiebler cocktail forks with Asian motifs

Set 12 Shiebler Hammered Sterling Cocktail Forks Asian Motifs

A rare set of 12 Shiebler aesthetic sterling silver hand hammered cocktail forks with unusual Asian motifs on two applied rectangular plaques on the handles. Length 6 3/8"; total weight 7.75 troy oz,  Excellent condition and never monogrammed. Marked with the Shiebler wings, sterling and B. Circa 1880.

Price: $1,750.00

Tiffany Saratoga sterling fish server bright cut engraved

TS001 Tiffany Saratoga Fish Server

A Tiffany sterling silver Saratoga pattern fish server with beautiully engraved gold washed blade. There is a Victorian Gothic monogram on the reverse of the handle.

Price: $375.00

Shiebler sterling silver engraved tea knives antique silver

SH471 Shiebler All Sterling Tea Knives Circa 1880

Twelve all sterling heavy tea knives by George Shiebler with hand engraved handles and a large monogram on the reverse of the handle. The motifs include ivy and lily of the valley.

Weight 21.45 troy oz.

Length 8 1/8"

Price: $1,500.00

Wood & Hughes antique coin silver figural salts

N482 Pair of Figural Coin Silver Salts by Wood & Hughes New York

A fine quality coin silver Wood & Hughes salts with cast figures and finely detailed cast winged paw feet. In excellent condition.

Height 5 1/2"

Weight 9.70 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00 for the pair

Italian 800 silver three piece coffee set on oval tray with malachite

RH454 Italian 800 Silver Three Piece Coffee Set On Tray set with Malachite

A three piece Italian 800 silver coffee set on an oval tray with malachite inlay. The set is composed of a coffee pot, sugar bowl and creamer all with pull off lids. Marked 800 with Italian mark. Fine quality workmanship.

Total weight 100 troy oz. Height of coffee pot 7 1/4" with the finial

Length of tray 18" by 12 1/2" wide

Price on request

Gorham antique sterling silver pierced asparagus tray

H474 Gorham Sterling Asparagus Tray Circa 1900

An antique circa 1900 sterling silver asparagus tray with a pierced liner. Ornate floral border. The pattern resembles Gorham's Chantilly with the chased floral swags being additional. Weight 39.40 troy oz. 15" by 11"

Price: $2,950.00

A E Warner antique coin silver ewer landscape hand chased early

RH473 A E Warner Baltimore Coin Silver Landscape Ewer Circa 1865

An early tall coin silver ewer with a landscape scene on both sides and a crest inthe cartouche. The buidings chased are from the Orient. Marked on the base. The handle terminates in a cast ram's head. There is a light presentation inscription on the inside lip of the circular base dated 1865. Excellent condition.

Weight 53.90 troy oz.

Height 16 1/4"

Please inquire

Japanese paper knife all silver turtle and fish on handle

N352 Rare Japanese Meiji Silver Paper Knife Circa 1880

A rare fine Japanese silver paper knife with applied gold turtle and band on the handle and multiple fish on the reverse. Marked in Japanese letters translating to pure silver on the edge of the block handle.

Length 9"

Weight 5.95 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

Shiebler Etruscan antique sterling silver cheese scoop

SH176 Shiebler Etruscan Sterling Cheese Scoop Circa 1880

A massive heavy antique sterling silver cheese scoop in the Etruscan pattern by George Shiebler circa 1880 in perfect condition. Original monogram "S" on the reverse of the handle.

Length 8 1/2"

Weight 4.45 troy oz.

Price: $1,250.00

Tiffany antique sterling teaspoon with applied dragon fly and mukume gourds

Rare Tiffany Sterling Mixed MetalsTeaspoon Circa 1880

A rare Tiffany antique sterling silver teaspoon with applied mixed metal decoration including a dragonfly and mokume gourds. The oval bowl is satin finished and gold washed.

Length 6"

Weight 1.10 troy oz.

Price: $795.00

Towle antique sterling art nouveau pitcher with irises applied

H461 Towle Art Nouoveau Sterling Pitcher Circa 1900

A large heavy art nouveau sterling silver pitcher with applied daffodils by Towle. Never monogrammed. The applied decoration extends to the handle.

Height 9 1/4"

Weight 42.7 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00

pair of English antique silver aesthetic sterling salts Thomas Whitehouse

H455 Pr Superb English Silver Salts Circa 1864

The best quality aesthetic engraved Japanesque sterling silver salts dated 1864 by Thomas Whitehouse in pristine condition. The exterior surfaces engraved with birds and bamboo and mounted on a cast detailed leaf with engraved decoration on the underside. Weight 5.10 troy oz. Diameter 2". Height 1 1/2".

Price: $750.00 pair

Georg Jensen sterling covered tureen

Georg Jensen USA Sterling Covered Tureen

A sterling silver mid century modern covered dish by Georg Jensen Inc. USA with black finial. Diameter 7";  Height 3" to the finial; weight 14.35 troy oz.; Good condition and never monogrammed. Some scratches on the base.  Marked Georg Jensen Inc. USA, sterling, 13, 7 IN.

Price: $950.00

Black Starr & Frost antique sterling silver inkwell sphinx

N472 Black Starr & Frost Antique Sterling Inkwell

An antique sterling silver inkwell in the shape of a sphinx with hinged lid and glass liner. An unusual item in original fine condition. Weight 14.20 troy oz. Length 7". Height 4".

Please check for availability

Paye & Baker Daisy sterling master butter knife

PB328 Paye & Baker Daisy Sterling Master Butter Knife

A sterling silver master butter knife by Paye & Baker in the Daisy pattern. Length 6 3/4". Good condition and never monogrammed.

Price: $145.00

Gorham Japanese antique sterling silver soup ladle

GJ467 Gorham Japanese Sterling Engraved Soup Ladle Circa 1875

A large Gorham Japanese soup ladle with a finely engraved bowl depicting Mt Fuji in the corner of the bowl with a band of Japanese style engraving across the bowl. Marked with the retailer George Shreve and sterling with the Gorham logo.

Length 12 1/4"

Weight 6.20 troy oz.

Price: $950.00

Tiffany sterling fish server with applied fish and aquatic plants

Tiffany Sterling Fish Server Applied Fish and Aquatic Plants

A Tiffany & Co. sterling silver gilt fish server with applied fish and aquatic plants as well as bright cut engraving on a satin finish on the handle. Length 10 7/8"; weight 3.90 troy oz. Monogrammed on the back of the handle. Very good condition.

Price: $1,250.00

pair of Gorham open salts with butterfly

Pair of Gorham Butterfly Salts Circa 1871

A pair of antique sterling silver salts by the Gorham company dated 1871 with satin finished exteriors. Monogrammed.

Height 2 1/8"

Weight 4.05 troy oz.

Price: $475.00

Tiffany antique sterling mixed metals coffee spoons

Tiffany Mixed Metals Sterling Coffee Spoons Circa 1880

Two Tiffany antique sterling coffee spoons with mixed metal inlay. Pristine oval gold washed satin finished bowls.

Length 4 3/8"

Price: $275.00 each

S Kirk & Son repousse stuffing spoon

463 S Kirk & Son Platter Spoon

Unusual smaller size platter spoon by S Kirk & Son of Baltimore in excellent condition without monograms.

Length 11"

Weight 4.65 troy oz.

Price: $295.00

German 925 sterling mid century modern compote

H468 German 925 Sterling Silver Compote

A hand hammered sterling silver compote marked with German marks and an unknown maker.

Height 5 1/2"

Weight 12.80 troy oz.

Price: $1,495.00

Tiffany applied fish ice cream spoon

Tiffany Applied Ice Cream Spoon Circa 1880

An applied and engraved sterling silver ice cream spoon with engraved seaweed. Marked on the reverse with a French import mark and with gold washed decoration.

Length 6"

Weight .85 troy oz.

Price: $750.00

Gorham coin silver goblet

H464 Gorham Coin Silver Goblet Circa 1860

An engraved antique coin silver goblet by Gorham circa 1860 with original gilding inside. Never monogrammed.

Height 6 1/2"

Weight 6.75 troy oz.

Price: $650.00

Gorham antique sterling silver tea ball

T457 Gorham Sterling Tea Ball

An antique sterling tea ball by the Gorham Company with an embossed pattern depicting interwoven basket weave interrupted with flowers.

1 3/4"

Price: $395.00

English Barnard Brothers lily of the valley goblet circa 1856

H460 English Silver Goblet 4 3/4" Circa 1856 London

A small fine antique English silver goblet by Edward & John Barnard, London 1856 in perfect condition with a gold washed interior. The surface of the cup has chased lily of the valley. Holds 8 ounces or 1 cup of liquid.

Height 4 3/4"

Weight 4.10 troy oz.

Please check for availability

Scottish silver Edinburgh dessert set

442 Scottish Silver Dessert Set 24 pc

A Scottish silver dessert set by Wilson and Sharp of Edinburgh dated 1908 comprising 12 dessert spoons and 12 dessert forks. Length 7" and 6 3/4" (forks). Weight 35.4 troy oz.

Price: $1,450.00 for the set of 24

Durgin antique set of coffee spoons braided handles

Durgin Braided Sterling Coffee Spoons Circa 1880

Eleven Durgin antique sterling braided coffee spoons with textured gold washed bowls.

Length 4 1/4" Weight 3.8 troy oz.

Price: $795.00 for eleven

English antique silver salt spoons Sheffield 1879 pierced handles

446 English Silver Salt Spoons Sheffield 1879

Four matching salt spoons hallmarked for Sheffield 1879 with pierced handles and deep bowls. Length 3". Maker Jehoiada Alsop Rhodes.

Price: $235.00 for the four

pair of Dominick & haff antique sterling silver open salts

Pair of Dominick & Haff Sterling open Salts Circa 1880

A pair of hand hammered and chased sterling silver salts dated 1880 by Dominick & Haff retailed by T Starr of New York.

Diameter 2". Weight 3.05 troy oz.

Price: $525.00 for the pair

English antique silver elephant pin cushion

English Silver Pin Cushion Birmingham 1909

An English antique silver elephant shaped pin cushion hallmarked Birmingham 1909. Maker W J Myatt & Co.

Length 2 1/4". Height 1 3/4".

Price: $225.00

Durgin antique sterling silver sugar amnd creamer

Durgin Antique Sterling Sugar and Creamer Circa 1870

An antique aesthetic Durgin sterling silver sugar and creamer with applied Japanesque decoration against an engraved textured surface. Pitcher 3 1/2" tall Diameter of sugar bowl 3 1/2". Height of sugar bowl 3 1/4". Weight 13 troy oz. Gold washed interior of sugar basket. The handles are bamboo shaped. Applied are spiders birds, plants and butterflies.

Please inquire

Whiting antique sterling silver flask hammered etched

Whiting Antique Etched and Hammered Flask Circa 1880

A Whiting antique sterling hammered flask with etched floral detail and with depressions for the fingers to fit into on the body of the flask. The floral motif is in the Japanese taste.

Length 6"

Weight 5.95 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

pair of Redlich antique sterlin reticulated bon bon servers

Pair of Cast Sterling Bon Bon Spoons Circa 1900

A pair of cast reticulated antique sterling silver bon bon spoons by Redlich in perfect condition.

Length 7 1/8"

Weight 8.75 troy oz.

Price: $975.00 for the pair

Georgian antique silver English candlesticks set of four 1790

H435 Four Georgian Silver Candlesticks Circa 1790

Four English antique silver candlesticks Sheffield hallmarked circa 1790 in fine condition with removable bobeches dated 1790 John Parson & Co on the base of three and one with the date of 1796 by John Green, Roberts Mosley & Co. All four engraved with an intricate crest as shown on the bases. Weighted. Lean on right stick an illusion.

Height 12"

Price: $3,250.00 for the set of four

Rare Gorham shell motif flask seaweed marine

N440 Gorham Sterling Marine Theme Flask Circa 1888

A Gorham antique sterling silver flask chased with seaweed and shells with an 1888 date letter code. Marked with the Gorham logo and sterling. The cap swivels opens on a bayonet fitting.

Height 6 1/2"

Weight 5.70 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling cornucopia bon bon spoon

451 Tiffany Sterling Bon Bon Spoon Circa 1900

An antique sterling silver bon bon spoon with a cast cornucopia handle and heart shaped gold washed bowl. Marked on the reverse of the bowl.

Length 4"

Weight 1.0 troy oz.

Price: $250.00

Tiffany Moore sugar and creamer antique sterling silver applied birds and ivy

Tiffany Sterling Sugar & Creamer

An antique Tiffany sterling silver sugar and cream pitcher with applied ivy and birds. Monogrammed in the cartouche. Gold washed interior. Marked on the base of each piece.

Weight 20.30 troy oz.

Height of pitcher 5 3/4"

Price: $2.950.00 for the set

Gorham 334 set of aesthetic sterling silver coffee spoons

Rare Gorham Set of Coffee Spoons Circa 1880

A rare set of six sterling silver coffee spoons with shell shaped gold washed bowls and abstract designed handles. The spoons are numbered 334 and are marked with the Gorham logo and sterling.

Length 3 7/8"

Weight 1.5 troy oz.

Price: $795.00

Tiffany Indian antique sterlking silver bon bon spoon

TI445 Tiffany Indian Antique Sterling Silver Bon Bon Spoon

A Tiffany Indian antique sterling silver and gold washed bon bon spoon with a cast Indian terminal and acid etched reverse. Engraved detail on front and back of the circular bowl. Pristine condition.

Length 5 7/8"

Weight 2.30 troy oz.

Price: $2,600.00

Chinese silver engraved salver by Zeesung of Shanghai

H433 Chinese Silver Salver

A Chinese silver salver with engraved bamboo and an applied bamboo border by Zeesung of Shanghai with applied half ball feet. Marked on the base.

Diameter 11"

Weight 17.85 troy oz.

Price: $750.00

English antique silver card case with repousse stag

N426 English Silver Card Case with Stag Birmingham 1902

An English silver card case dated Birmingham 1902 with a stag on the front and repousse design on the reverse. The top opens on a hinge.

4" by 2 3/4"

Price: $395.00

A E Warner landscape salt and pepper set

H432 A E Warner Coin Silver Salt and Pepper Set

A coin silver A E Warner (Baltimore, Maryland) salt and pepper set complete with matching spoon for the open salt. The chasing of the pepper pot is in the castle or landscape pattern and the salt is decorated with a floral pattern with a gold washed lining.

Weight of set 6.35 troy oz.

Height of pepper 4 1/4"

Diameter of salt 2 1/4"

Price: $850.00 for the set

Whiting antique sterling oyster tray by Charles Osborne

RH428 Whiting Aesthetic Sterling Oyster Tray Charles Osborne Circa 1880

A rare Whiting antique sterling silver oyster footed tray by Charles Osborne with marine motifs including acid etched seaweed and starfish pearling. There are four hammered stylish applied feet. The edges are hand hammered and the faceting around the pearling is evident.

Weight 30 troy oz. Length 15" by 8" wide.

Please inquire

W Adams New York antique coin silver mustard pot

N437 W Adams Coin Silver Mustard Pot Circa 1860

An antique coin silver mustard pot by W Adams of New York with chased floral motifs. Hinged lid.

Weight 5.55 troy oz.

Height 4"

Price: $650.00

Pair of 800 silver horses with riders Hanau Germany Neresheimer

N434 Germany 800 Silver Neresheimer Horse and Rider Figures Circa 1900

A pair of antique 800 silver German horse and rider figures with excellent detail by Neresheimer of Hanau.

Height 6" Length 6 1/2".

Weight 26.70 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00 for the pair

Indian snake handle silver cream jug antique Indian silver

H439 Indian Silver Cream Jug

An antique Indian silver cream jug with a snake handle and reticulated rim. Heavy quality and fine detail on front and back. Unmarked.

Length 5 1/2" Width 3 1/2"

Weight 4.60 troy oz.

Price: $375.00

antique silver Chinese cocktail shaker

H429 Chinese Silver Cocktail Shaker

A hand chased Chinese silver cocktail shaker with an art deco monogram in the cartouche decorated with birds and blossoms against a hand stippled background. In excellent condition. Marked on the base with the maker and "silver".

Height 10 1/2

Weight 22.4 troy oz.

Price: $2,250.00

Tiffany Japanese antique sterling silver asparagus tongs

TJ427 Tiffany Japanese Asparagus Tongs with Yoke

A rare Tiffany Japanese sterling silver asparagus tongs with an engraved yoke. Length 10"; weight 7.55 troy oz. A Japanesque engraved monogram on the curve of the handle and satin finished gilded blades.

Price: $5,750.00

Gorham antique sterling mixed metals fish sterling silver hammered ladle oyster

Gorham Mixed Metals Oyster Ladle Sterling Silver

A Gorham antique sterling silver mixed metals applied oyster ladle with a hammered surface and applied copper fish. Lovely satin finished gold washed bowl.

Length 11"

Weight 5.10 troy oz.

Price: $1,950.00

Gorham antique sterling silver morning glory punch ladle

425 Gorham Morning Glory Sterling Punch Ladle Circa 1880 13 1/2"

A rare elegant Gorham antique sterling silver punch ladle by the Gorham Company in the Morning Glory pattern. Gold washed bowl and 3d terminal. Fine condition.

Length 13 1/2"

Weight 3.9 troy oz.

Price: $1,250.00

pair of Unger Brothers sterling silver art nouveau chambersticks

Unger Brothers Sterling Pair of Chambersticks Water Lilies

A pair of matching antique art nouveau sterling silver chambersticks by Unger Brothers in excellent condition marked on the reverse of each chamberstick. Diameter of the base 5 1/2". Height 1 3/4".

The bases and handles have water lilies chased in high relief detail.

Weight 3.8 troy oz each.

Price: $975.00 for the pair

Frank Whiting sterling silv er serving set in fitted box

Frank Whiting Boxed Sterling Set

A Frank Whiting sterling silver serving set in the original fitted box with grapes vines and leaves on the handles.

Length 9"

Weight 6 troy oz.

Price: $295.00 for the set

Silver Jubilee miniature silver coach London 1977

English Silver Hallmarked Miniature Coronation Coach 1977 Silver Jubilee

Made by Toye Kenning & Spencer, makers of masonic regalia in London for the Silver Jubilee in 1977.

Coach length 3". Height 1 1/4"

Price: $325.00

Wood & Hughes sterling serving spoon with applied leaf

9583 Wood & Hughes Aesthetic Serving Spoon with Applied Leaf

A Wood & Hughes sterling serving spoon with gold washed satin finished bowl, naturalistic branch handle and applied leaf with vines. Length 10 3/4"; weight 3.10 troy oz.

Price: $485.00

Irish antique silver divided stuffing spoon Dublin 1804

416 Irish Stuffing Spoon Dublin 1804

An Irish antique silver stuffing spoon with a divider in the bowl dated 1804 Dublin. The maker is Arthur Murphy. The hallmarks are very crisp and the bright cut engraving with light monogram very bold and clear.

Length 13 1/4"

Weight 4.55 troy oz.

Price: $525.00

pair of Indian antique silver Kutch region napkin rings

N367 Kutch Region Indian Silver Napkin Rings

A pair of Indian antique silver napkin rings from the Kutch region hand chased and with a vacant cartouche.

Width 1 3/4". Weight 2.65 troy oz.

Price: $150.00 for the pair

twelve heavy English silver dinner forks London 1903 Charles Boyton

9925 Twelve English Kings Pattern Dinner Forks

An assembled set of twelve heavy dinner forks in the King's pattern, six by Charles Boyton dated London1903 and 6 by Josiah Williams & Co. London 1891. All of the forks have the same Gothic style monogram in the cartouche on the front of the handles.

Total weight 38.25 troy oz.

Length of Boyton forks 8 1/4"
Length of Williams forks 8 1/2"

Price: $1,895.00 for the set of 12

English antique silver vinaigrette Joseph Willmore

English Silver Vinaigrette Joseph Willmore Birmingham 1813

An English antique silver vinaigrette by Joseph Willmore of Birmingham with pierced hinged grill and engraved case.

Price: $165.00

Tiffany Olympian antique sterling silver serving spoon

384 Tiffany Olympian Sterling Serving Spoon Never Monogrammed

A Tiffany Olympian antique sterling serving spoon with a kidney shaped bowl, never monogrammed. Marked with a C period stamp

Length 9 1/2'

Weight 3.45 troy oz.

Price: $495.00

Tiffany sterling silver tray with applied gadroon border

H383 Tiffany Sterling Tray with Applied Gadroon Border Circa 1935

A good size sterling silver tray by Tiffany & Company with applied gadroon border. Never monogrammed. Dated 1935 from the numbers on the back with the Tiffany mark. Good condition the result of gentle use only.

Weight 74 troy oz.

20" by 15"

Price: $3,750.00

T370 Fradley Sterling Tea ball

A chased and engraved sterling silver antique tea ball by Fradley.

Diameter 1 1/2"

Price: $195.00

Tane Mexico sterling silver double neck pitcher

H368 Tane Mexico Sterling Pitcher

A Mexican sterling pitcher with a double spout to pour out of either end by Tane. The two necks are joined by a handle. Excellent quality by a fine Mexican manufacturer.

Height 8 1/2"

Weight 25.5 troy oz.

Price: $2,750.00

Gorham rare set of six sterling cocktail forks bric a brac

EX335 Gorham Bric-a-Brac Sterling Cocktail Forks Circa 1881

A rare set of six pristine antique sterling cocktail forks in the bric-a-brac series by the Gorham Company dated 1881. The motifs include Egyptian, mixed metal, and other terminals with the finest of Gorham's engraving.

Length 8"

Price: $2,950.00 for the set of six

Whiting antique sterling silver heart shaped box

N386 Whiting Heart Shaped Box

An antique sterling silver heart shaped box with two chased horses on the removable lid. Decorated with a chased heart shaped wreath.

Weight 5.10 troy oz.

4 1/2" by 4 1/2"

Price: $525.00

Germany peacock sterling and enamel pin set with marcasite

N387 Marcasite Sterling and Enamel Peacock Pin

A sterling enamel peacock pin set with marcasite making quite a splash.

1 7/8" across.


Price: $175.00

800 silver antique German sugar and creamer by Posen

H391 Posen Germany 800 Silver Sugar & Creamer

A hand made gold washed 800 silver sugar and creamer by Posen in perfect condition with wire decoration applied.

Weight 4.10 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Marshall Fields sterling hand hammered tea strainer

H406 Marshall Fields Sterling Tea Strainer Arts and Crafts hammered sterling silver

A Marshall Fields Chicago hammered sterling silver arts and crafts tea strainer. Solid construction with bold hammering.

Length across handles 4 1/2". Diameter of bowl 2 3/8".

Weight 1.90 troy oz.

Price: $225.00

Whiting antique sterling silver sifter spoon irises

EX407 Whiting Sterling Sifter Spoon Circa 1875

An antique sterling silver sifter spoon by Whiting with irises on the handle and a gold washed satin finished pierced bowl. Never monogrammed. Pristine condition. Marked sterling and 13A with no maker but the work of the Whiting Company.

Length 8 3/4"

Weight 1.80 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Whiting fuschia serving spoon

EX397 Antique Fuschia Sterling Serving Spoon circa 1870

A 10" long spoon probably by Whiting with fuschia on the handle and a gold washed satin finished bowl. Marked sterling and 8 on the handle. Pristine condition.

Weight 2.55 troy oz.

Price: $475.00

antique sterling hammered English silver flask by Deakin & Francis Birmingham 1869

N401 Deakin & Francis Solid Victorian Silver Flask 1869

A heavy hammered antique sterling silver flask by Deakin & Francis of Birmingham England with a monogrammed cartouche. The bottom fitted cup pulls off and the top opens on a bayonet style fitting. Hallmarked on the body, neck and cup with the 1869 date. A really good solid Victorian flask.

Weight 8.20 troy oz.

Length 6"

Width 3"

Price: $950.00

pair of Jenkins and Jenkins sterling silver repousse baskets with swing handles

H374 Jenkins & Jenkins Repousse Sweetmeat Baskets

A pair of antique sterling silver rectangular baskets with ornate swing handles. The borders are chased with ornate foliage and the centers have never been monogrammed. Marked on the base with the mark of Jenkins & Jenkins of Baltimore Maryland. Excellent condition.

7 by 6:"

Weight 18.015 troy oz.

Price: $1,750.00 for the pair.

George Sharp antique sterling silver calla lily and cherub vase

N390 George Sharp Antique Sterling Vase

An unusual antique sterling silver vase circa 1870 with a cherub and a calla lily together with detailed foliage and ground cover on the pedestal base.

Diameter of the base 3 1/4"

Height 4"

Weight 5.70 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00

antique sterling silver square diapered salver footed

H385 Repousse Sterling Square Salver

An antique sterling silver square salver with an engraved diapered center and a band of floral repousse. Applied cast feet. Monogrammed in the cartouche at the center.

Weight 14.20 troy oz.

8" by 8"

Price: $795.00

Birmingham 1839 Silver vinaigrette antique Gervase Wheeler

N208 Castle Top English Silver Vinaigrette Birmingham 1839

A pristine English antique silver vinaigrette with a castle top. The pierced grill is of the highest quality. The gold wash is quite perfect also. Marked Birmingham 1839. Maker Gervase Wheeler. 1" by 1 5/8".

Price: $1,500.00

rare dove shaped English hallmarked silver compact by Goldsmiths and Silversmiths London 1929

N362 Rare 1929 Sterling Dove Form English Silver Compact London 1929

A rare English silver compact in the shape of a dove hallmarked 1929 by the maker Goldsmiths and Silversmiths. The compact is heavy with engraved detail. The interior has a hinged lipstick holder.

Length 5". Weight 7.15 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

Shreve San Francisco sterling Louis XVI pitcher

H354 Shreve Antique Sterling Pitcher

An antique sterling silver pitcher by Shreve of San Francisco with reticulated applied swags in the Louis XVI pattern. Monogrammed with a single letter S. Excellent condition, with great weight.

Weight 48.65 troy oz.

Height 13 1/2"

Price: $4,500.00

Gorham set of twelve mixed metals and sterling antique number 5 knives

351 Gorham Set of Mixed Metals Fruit Knives

A set of twelve Gorham number 5 sterling and mixed metals fruit knives circa 1870 in excellent condition. The satin finished blades are engraved with Japanese scenes on both sides.

Length 8"

Price: $4,500.00 for the set of 12

Gorham H series antique sterling hand hammered salad serving set

Gorham Hammered Sterling Salad Set

A Gorham hand hammered H series number 841 salad serving set. The handles have an art deco leaf motif with pierced detail.

Length 10"

Weight 9.10 troy oz.

Price: $795.00

Cox coin silver tetapot antique American coin silver

H359 Coin Silver Teapot Circa 1850

An antique American coin silver teapot by J & I Cox of New York in fine condition.

Height 11"

Weight 40 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00

antique Chinese export silver goblet by Cumwo of Hong Kong

H357 Chinese Export Silver Goblet

An antique silver Chinese goblet by Cumwo of Queen's Rd Hong Kong marked on the base. Chased decoration of birds and bamboo with bamboo supports forming the base.

Height 6 1/8"

Weight 6.95 troy oz.

Price: $1,595.00

Swan German 925 sterling silver with glass insert centerpiece

German 925 Sterling Swan Centerpiece

A large highly detailed sterling silver swan centerpiece with German markings and I Freeman & Son London retailer mark. The head of the swan has glass eyes and the large body has the original glass insert. The feet are cast and applied to the rear of the base.

Weight 35 troy oz. Length 10". Height 9 1/4" without the glass insert.

Price: $4,500.00

Tiffany antique Union Square silver salver with griffins and planets

H343 Tiffany Antique Sterling Union Square Salver Footed

An unusual Tiffany Union Square period footed antique sterling silver salver with griffins and planets in an ornate wide band border. Monogrammed at the center. The salver has an ornate applied edge beyond the fancy border, and four stylish applied feet for support. The planets look like Saturn complete with rings.

Diameter 121/4"

Weight 28.30 troy oz

Price: $3,950.00

Kirk sterling repousse pair of candlesticks

H342 Kirk Repousse Sterling Candlesticks

A pair of weighted Kirk sterling silver candlesticks numbered 88 in fine condition.

Height 10"

Price: $2,495.00

Gorham antique sterling silver stamp box

Gorham Sterling Stamp Box Circa 1890

A special novelty Gorham antique sterling silver stamp box with a special applied handle of a piano tuning fork inscribed by the Piano Manufacturing Association of New York. The sides are chased with ornate decoration and the hinged lid opened reveals a double chamber to hold stamps.

Weight 4.4 troy oz. 3 1/4" by 2 1/4" by 1 5/8" tall.

Price: $425.00

Joseph Heinrich letter rack mixed metals

Heinrich Letter Rack Fox and Horse Head with Pine Cones

A rare copper and silver mixed metals letter rack by Joseph Heinrich with a large horse head with silver pine cones and a fox head on the top layer. Marked silver and copper on the base. The pine cone decoration is possibly by Gorham since we have seen other pieces with these applications marked Gorham.

Height 7 1/2"

Price: $4,500.00

Shiebler Etruscan Homeric sterling silver antique spoon

SH169 Shiebler Etruscan Antique Sterling Serving Spoon 9"

A 9" long antique sterling silver serving spoon by George Shiebler with a hand hammered surface and Roman heads on the handle and the bowl. Hand engraved detail in the Etruscan style. Marked with the Shiebler logo and sterling.

Weight 4.65 troy ounces.

Price: $1,895.00

Tiffany modern sterling silver fruit bowl

H345 Tiffany Sterling Fruit Bowl 48 troy oz.

A Tiffany sterling silver modern fruit bowl with openings cut into the rim and pushed sections between the openings. A plain bowl marked with the Tiffany mark.

Weight 48.35 troy oz.

Height 5"

Diameter 9"

Price: $3,750.00

Russian antique silver niello gilt spoonsSet of 18 Russian silver niello spoons

252 Russian Antique Silver Niello Spoons Circa 1895

Eighteen antique Russian silver niello spoons circa 1895 measuring 4 1/4" long. The spoons are partially gilted and have the Moscow mark of St George and the dragon. The maker is Vasily Andreyev or Vasily Akimov. The spoons are in perfect condition with fine detail. The niello decoration extends to the handles. . Good clear marks..

Price: $2,950.00 for the eighteen

antique copper and silver mixed metals table oil lamp

RH288 Rare Gorham Mixed Metals Table Oil Lamp Circa 1870

A rare copper and silver lamp by Gorham with applied silver decoration in the Japanese taste. The top of the lamp pulls out and the Gorham mark is on the base of that pull out part. There are two silver bugs applied to the lamp, one on the leaves and the other on the top of the base.

Height 18" without the brass fitting at the top which unscrews.

Please check for availability


Reed & Barton antique sterling silver salad serving set six flowers pattern

RB273 Reed & Barton Les Six Fleurs Salad Set Circa 1900

A sterling silver salad serving set by Reed & Barton in the Six Flowers pattern in pristine condition with the most amazing satin finished patina showing the extraordinary detail of this art nouveau pattern. Gold washed bowls.

Length 10 3/4"

Weight 12.9 troy oz.

Price; $975.00

Shiebler Flora sterling silver luncheon forks

249 Shiebler Flora Sterling Luncheon Forks

Twelve matching monogrammed antique sterling silver luncheon forks in the Flora pattern by Shiebler.

Length 7 1/4"

Weight 21.60 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00 for the twelve

Shiebler Flora sterling silver dessert spoons twelve

250 Shiebler Flora Sterling Dessert Spoons

Twelve matching monogrammed antique sterling dessert or oval soup spoons in the Flora pattern.

Length 7"

Weight 21.45 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00 for the twelve

Wood & Hughes sterling aesthetic napkin ring

N336 Wood & Hughes Sterling Napkin Ring Circa 1870 New York

A fine quality Aesthetic sterling silver napkin ring by Wood & Hughes of New York. Perfect condition with a spot hammered background and an applied artist palette. Delicate Japanesque engraving throughout the front and sides with an applied die rolled ornate band on each side of the front.

Depth 1". 2" square.

Weight 2.65 troy oz.

Price: $435.00

Gorham distressed surface Japanesque sterling silver antique card case with chain

N347 Gorham Antique Sterling Card Case

A rare Gorham antique sterling silver card case with a specially distressed surface and applied Japanesque motifs. The chain has the same distressed motif. There is a glorious three letter engraved monogram in a cartouche among the textured surface.

Weight 2.85 troy oz.

3 3/4" by 2 1/2"

Price: $900.00

Reed and Barton sterling silver coffee pot

H292 Reed & Barton Art Nouveau Coffee Pot Circa 1900

An antique sterling silver coffee pot by Reed and Barton decorated with chrysanthemums and scrolls with a fancy ornate monogram in the cartouche.

Height 11"

Weight 40.6 troy oz.

Price: $2,750.00

Gorham antique sterling silver berry spoon

BN340 Gorham Bird's Nest Berry Spoon

A Gorham antique sterling silver berry serving spoon in the Bird's Nest pattern.

Length 9"

Weight 2.50 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00

Peter N Orr antique silver cups and saucersP Orr Madras Indian silver set of 12 cups and saucers

RH9961 P Orr Indian Silver Cups and Saucers

A rare set of twelve Indian antique silver cups and saucers by Peter Orr Madras India. engraved by hand with Hindu deities on all 24 pieces. The numbers engraved on the saucers match the cups. Peter Orr was a premier Indian silver maker. Diameter of saucers 5". Height of cups 2 3/4". Cast applied snake handles. Diameter of cups 2 1/2". Gold washed interiors.

Total weight 95 troy oz.

Please inquire

Randal Chicago hand hammered sterling pitcher

H071 Randahl Chicago Sterling Pitcher

A hand hammered arts and crafts sterling pitcher by Randahl of Chicago in perfect condition. The handle has some applied work and there is a lip to catch ice when pouring from the pitcher. Marked Randahl, sterling, 383, 4 pts.

Height 7 1/4"

Weight 23.95 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00

pair of English antique silver stuffing spoons by Savory London 1832

330 Pair Fiddle Shell and Thread Pr Stuffing Spoons London 1832

A heavy fine quality pair of English antique silver stuffing spoons by Adey Bellamy Savory dated 1832 with engraved crests and French import marks.

Length 12 1/4"

Weight 11.65 troy oz.

Price: $950.00 pair

Tiffany antique sterling silver butterfly salts with spoons

N327 Tiffany Sterling Butterfly Salts with Spoons Circa 1880

A set of six Tiffany butterfly shaped open salts with spoons circa 1880 in perfect condition. All six salts marked on the reverse and the spoons with engraved seaweed and full marks on the reverse. Gold washed interiors. 1 3/8" across. Spoons 2 1/8" long.

Combined weight 3.25 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00 for the set

Gorham polar bear sterling silver ice bowl

Rare Museum Worthy Gorham Polar Bear Ice Bowl Circa 1872

A rare and important Gorham antique sterling silver gold washed ice bowl with two applied polar bears at the top and applied cast icicles throughout and chased ice cubes on the pedestal base and body. Dated 1872 with the E date letter. Marked with the Gorham logo.

Weight 25.10 troy oz. Height 6 3/4". Length 10 1/2".

Please inquire

Cohr Danish sterling silver pitcher signed by Hans Bunde c1950

H9340 Cohr Sterling Pitcher Hans Bunde

A Danish sterling silver pitcher by Cohr signed by Hans Bunde circa 1950. Triangular shape. Excellent condition and never monogrammed.

Height 7"; gross weight 17.15 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver gold washed teaset

Unusual Tiffany Sterling Tea set Circa 1878

An unusual three piece Tiffany antique sterling silver tea set gold washed with piercing on the swing handle of the teapot and the handles of the sugar and creamer. Marked with the Tiffany mark and the number dated to 1878. Weight 37.2 troy oz. Height of teapot 61/2". Length 8 1/2". All parts including the lids have French control marks.

Price: $5,950.00

Black Starr and Frost whiskey decanter on long horn sheep horn stand

007 Black Starr & Frost Rare Long Horn Sheep Silver Mounted Liquor Stand Circa 1900

A rare antique circa 1900 whiskey decanter on a silver mounted horn stand with crystal glasses. The base is mounted with the silver cast head of a fish and the top has a detailed tail of a fish. The tail has a silver basket to hold a cut crystal decanter with a silver clad stopper. There are six sterling rings on a bar screwed to the side of the horn to hold crystal glasses.

Condition: Decanter and 4 glasses perfect. Two glasses damaged.

Height of decanter alone 6 3/4"

Total height 13 1/2"

Please inquire

Howard sterling fox letter opener paper knife

Howard Sterling Paper Knife Circa 1900

A Howard New York antique sterling silver cast fox paper knife measuring 7 1/4" in length with a weight of 4 troy oz.

Price: $750.00


Giant Indian colonial silver padlock dated 1912

Giant Indian Colonial Silver Padlock Circa 1912

A giant Indian colonial silver padlock with the original key in full working order dated 1912. Inscribed and unmarked. Surprisingly good condition.

Length 4 1/2"

Width 3"

Weight 10.6 troy oz.

Price: $750.00

Edwardian English silver perfume vinaigrette London 1909

English Edwardian Silver Perfume Vinaigrette London 1909

An English antique silver perfume and vinaigrette in an urn shaped chased figural bottle hallmarked London 1909. Retailed by R H Halford, 41 Pall Mall, London. The pull off dome shaped lid has a red enamel top and holes for the vinaigrette to vent. The handles have two masks on the sides of the bottle and there are two romantic figural chased scenes on the sides of the urn.

Height 3"

Weight 2.2 troy oz.

Price: $1,150.00

Bigelow Kennard Boston coin silver salver

H290 Large Oval Coin Silver Engraved Tray 120 troy oz.

A large impressive hand engraved antique American coin silver footed tray with delicate engraving and a superb engraved crest at the center of the large cartouche. Marked Bigelow Kennard Pure Coin Silver. Extremely fine condition.

A large tray with a weight of 120 troy ounces. 24" by 20".

Price: $5,950.00

Gorham sterling and champleve enamel dessert spoons

EX150 Set of Twelve Gorham Sterling and Champleve Enamel Dessert Spoons

A rare set of twelve Gorham sterling silver and champleve enamel dessert spoons with bright cut gilded bowls. Length of each spoon 6 1/4"; total weight 12.25 troy oz. Marked with Gorham's logo lion, anchor, G, sterling and 365. Pristine condition. Circa 1880.

Price: $3,500.00

Antique English silver gilt dessert set chased vine London 1910

Antique Silver Chased Vine Dessert Set London 1910

An English antique silver gilt dessert set hallmarked London 1910 in the chased vine pattern in perfect condition. There are twelve shovel shaped individual spoons and one large shovel shaped server. Maker Holland Aldwinckle and Slater.

Length 10" and 5 1/2".

Weight 26.2 troy oz.

Price: $3,950.00 for the set

N291A Dutch Antique Peppermint Box Circa 1880

A Dutch antique silver peppermint box with hinged lid and chain. The body of the box is engraved with decoration and has an applied cartouche. Circa 1880.

Height 1 3/4" tall

Price: $225.00

English antique engine turned silver vinaigrette London 1817

N291 English Silver Vinaigrette London 1817

An engine turned antique English silver vinaigrette with monogram on the lid and an ornate gold washed grill pierced with flowers. Hallmarked London 1817.

1 1/4" long by 3/4" wide by 1/4" tall. Maker slightly obscured.

Price: $325.00

Durgin New Art asparagus fork sterling silver

287 Durgin Sterling Asparagus Fork Circa 1900 New Art Pattern

A pristine Durgin sterling silver art nouveau asparagus fork with lightly gold washed tines. The pattern is New Art. Never monogrammed.

Length 10"

Weight 7.10 troy oz.

Price: $1,395.00

Shiebler Etgruscan Homeric sardine fork

EX172 Shiebler Homeric Sardine Fork

A Shiebler hammered sterling silver sardine fork with Etruscan medallion on the handle. Length 7 1/4"; weight 2.05 troy oz. Excellent condition. Marked with the Shiebler wings and sterling.

Price: $975.00

twelve antique siilver English Bacchanalian pattern dessert forks

280 English Silver Bacchanalian Forks London 1825

Twelve chunky antique sterling Bacchanalian dessert forks by Charles Eley London 1825. Engraved crests on the reverse of the handles in the cartouche.

Length 7"

Weight 35 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00

Tiffany Olympian antique sterling silver serving spoon

TOL277 Tiffany Olympian Sterling Large Serving Spoon

A large pristine Tiffany Olympian serving spoon with gold washed bowl, Never monogrammed.

Length 9"

Weight 4.10 troy oz.

Small letter m mark.

Price: $575.00

English antique silver mug Aesop's Fables London 1858

RH278 Rare English Silver Mug by Joseph Angel London 1858

A rare important mug by Joseph Angel London 1858 with the theme of Aesop's Fables. The interior cup is covered with an exterior canopy of finely cast detail depicting the stories of Aesop's Fables held in place by two screws. To highlight the detail the interior cup has engraved detail to fill in the gaps. An extaordinary fine item.

Height 5"

Weight 13.35 troy oz.

Price: $7,500.00

Unusual Tiffany Japanese sterling long handle fork

TJ275 Tiffany Japanese Long Handle Serving Fork

A long handle Tiffany sterling silver fork with rose gold washed bowl, crisp detail and an elaborate Victorian monogram in the cartouche. Fully marked. We never found an example of this form in the Tiffany flatware book and so we think this is quite unusual even though it is probably half a salad serving set.

Length 10 1/4"

Weight 3.60 troy oz.

Price: $1,950.00

English hallmarked cow medals

N284 English Silver Cow Medals

Two hallmarked silver cow medals, one silver gilt and the other silver with the head of a cow on one side of each. Diameter 1 3/4". Weight 1.25 troy oz. each.

Price: $95.00 each

Blackinton sterling art nouveau mesh purse antique silver

Blackinton Art Nouveau Sterling Purse

A mesh art nouveau purse by Blackinton in excellent condition with a length of 8" and a weight of 8.05 troy oz.

Circa 1900.

Price: $475.00

Whiting mixed metals sterling hammered pitcher and tray

MM246 Whiting Mixed Metals Pitcher Engraved 1882

A Whiting Japanese style antique sterling silver pitcher with applied mixed metals holly complete with original matching tray. There is a spot hammered surface on both pieces. The handle is also spot hammered. There is a large applied dragonfly on the reverse of the pitcher. Engraved presentation on both pieces on the bases.

Diameter of tray 8"

Height of pitcher 7 1/4"

Weight 40.10 troy oz.

Please inquire

pair of antique silver tazzas London 1873 Robert Garrard

RH271 Pair of Robert Garrard Tazzas with Engraved Crests London 1873

A pair of fine quality antique English silver tazzas by Robert Garrard dated London 1873 in excellent condition. The bases have lion faces and are cast. The tops are reticulated and unscrew.

Weight 50.6 troy oz. Height 7 3/4"

Price: $4,750.00 for the pair

Gorham antique sterling silver tall basket

H268 Gorham Large Sterling Bride's Basket Circa 1900

A tall antique sterling silver basket by Gorham with a swing handle and reticulated sides. Never monogrammed and in excellent condition.

Weight 41.50 troy oz.

Height 16" with the handle raised.

Price: $2,950.00

18 English antique silver Hanoverian table forks London 1828

261 Group of 18 Large Table Forks London 1828 Jonathan Hayne

A group of eighteen large heavy antique silver table forks in the Hanoverian pattern by Jonathan Hayne London 1828. Engraved crest of the Fletcher Clan on the back of each fork

Length 8"

Weight 37.55 troy oz.

Price: $125.00 each 12 available

Black Starr & Frost pair of candlesticks antique sterling silver

H267 Pair of Black Starr & Frost Sterling Candlesticks

An ornate pair of stering circa 1900 candlesticks with large paw feet and chased decoration. The bobeches are silver plated rather than sterling. The sterling silver sticks are partly weighted but the base is entirely open and not weighted. Marked with the mark of Black Starr & Frost of New York.

Height 11 1/4"

Please inquire

large round circular sterling silver Porter Blanchard dish hand hammered

Large Porter Blanchard Sterling Bowl

A large circular unusual form sterling silver hand hammered bowl with a height of 2 1/4" and a diameter of 13 1/2" in excellent condition. Weight 35.05 troy oz. Maker Porter Blanchard.

Price: $2,975.00

BSC sterling antique coffee pot hand hammered

H265 Sterling Hammered Antique Coffee Pot Barbour Silver Company Hartford Ct.

An antique sterling silver art nouveau coffee pot in excellent condition with stylish decoration on a hand hammered surface. Maker BSC

Height 8 3/4"

Weight 16.80 troy oz.

Price: $1,100.00

Whiting antique sterling fish and fishnet fish serving set

WH154 Whiting Fish Serving Set Sterling Circa 1880

A two piece Whiting antique sterling silver fish serving set each piece with an applied fish covered by an applied fishnet. Expertly monogrammed with the original family monogram on the reverse of the handles. Length 12 1/4" and 9". Combined weight 8.9 troy oz.

Price: $950.00

English antique silver tablespoons Bateman London 1816

259 Group of 17 Fletcher Family Silver Tablespoons Old English Pattern

By various makers William Bateman, Peter Ann & William Bateman. Mostly Circa 1816 with an engraved crest from the Fletcher Clan on the front of every spoon measuring 8 1/2" Total weight 34.3 troy oz.

Price: $1,595.00 for the group of 17 spoons

Mappin and webb antique sterling hallmarked ram heads coffee spoons in box

254 Mappin & Webb Coffee Spoons Unusual Figural 1895

Six matching 1895 sterling silver coffee spoons with cast ram head terminals in the original fitted velvet case. Each spoon is 4 1/8" long. Weight .55 each spoon.

Price: $950.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver asparagus tray pierced liner original

H7966 Tiffany Sterling Asparagus Tray Circa 1895

An antique sterling silver asparagus tray by Tiffany and Co with original pierced and engraved sterling silver liner. Mounted on four cast applied ornate feet and with an ornate cast applied border. Weight 40 troy oz. Length 14" by 10 1/2".

Price: $3,950.00

English silver bon bon dish William Comyns London 1968

H228 William Comyns English Silver Dish London 1968

A small 4 1/4" diameter English silver dish with hallmarks for London 1968 and the maker William Comyns.

Weight 3.10 troy oz.

Price: $135.00

pair of Francis Higgins spoons English antique silver London 1885

230 Pair of English Silver Spoons London 1885

An unusual pair of English antique silver spoons by Francis Higgins with deep gold washed bowls monogrammed in a shield shaped cartouche on the front. Hallmarked London 1885.

Length 8". Weight 4.55 troy oz.

Price: $595.00 for the pair

German 800 silver fish set for eight antique German silver

229 German Antique 800 Silver Fish Set for Eight

Eight fish knives and forks in 800 silver with German marks circa 1880 in pristine condition. The blades are finely hand engraved with fish to compliment the ornate satin finished handles. Sixteen pieces in total with a weight of 23.45 troy ounces. Length 8 7/8" and 7 1/4". Excellent condition.

Price: $1,200.00 for the 16 piece set

Gorham antique sterling silver 18709 double condiment with Victorian child

H243 Gorham Antique Sterling Condiment

Circa 1870

A double antique sterling silver condiment with male child at the center with two bowls on a monogrammed platform. All the original wingnuts secure the drums and figure. Marked on the base with the Gorham logo, sterling and the date letter C for 1870.

Length 7" Height 5". Weight 13.15 troy oz.

Price $2,950.00

English set of 12 antique miniature tankards liquor Viscount Valentia William Gibson John Langman

N241 Twelve Unusual Miniature Tankards London 1897

A set of twelve thimble size miniature tankards with superbly engraved crests belonging to the Annesley family in the person of the 11th Viscount Valentia. Hallmarked by William Gibson and John Langman in 1897. Weight 10.10 troy oz. Height 1 1/4". Probably for a liquor to be enjoyed at the table of the 11th Viscount Valentia.

Price: $1,750.00 for the set

antique German silver tea caddy

T237 German Antique Silver Tea Caddy Circa 1900

An antique silver tea caddy with romantic scenes on all four sides and a lion finial on a pull off cap. Marked with pseudo marks on the lip of the neck. Circa 1900

Height 5 1/4"

Weight 6.50 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Gorham Eglantine sterling silver bowl with applied cast roses

RH247 Unusual Gorham Antique Sterling Silver Bowl Circa 1880

An unusual Gorham sterling silver bowl with cast applied roses and hand chased rose leaves in a band at the top. Hand wrapped silver straps on the handles and through small holes at the rim of the bowl. Date letter for 1880 with the Gorham marks on the base. Weight 29.25 troy oz.

Height 4 1/2" Length 10 1/2" across the handles

Price: $2,950.00

Sheibler antique sterling silver sardine fork with seaweed fish and octopus

SH146 Shiebler Sterling Sardine Fork Circa 1880

A rare Shiebler antique sterling silver sardine fork with cast applied fish octopus and seaweed combined, Marked with the Shiebler logo and sterling.

Weight 2.10 troy oz.

Length 6 1/4"

Price: $1,750.00

Tiffany sterling vase with applied ivy and roses

RH233 Tiffany Sterling Art Nouveau Vase 43.45 troy oz.

A large magnificent stylish Tiffany antique art nouveau sterling silver vase in excellent condition with applied roses and chased ivy vines with leaves. The base has a chased band of decoration and the rim has an applied die rolled band. The interior has the original gold washed finish, a sign of very good quality.

We have the original cloth bag.

Height 15"

Weight 43.45 troy oz.

Please inquire and check for availability

Gorham antique sterling silver tea caddy mixed metals spider iron fly

MM165 Rare Gorham Sterling Mixed Metals Tea Caddy dated 1885

A rare antique sterling silver tea caddy by the Gorham Company with applied silver and copper dragon fly, spider and cattails. The applications are all applied to a spot hammered surface and the lid is finely hand hammered. Applications include a copper and silver spider, spider web, cat tails, a goose and a large dragon fly. The special bonus is an small iron fly that screws into the plant on one side. The date letter on the case is the boar head for 1885.

Height 4 1/4"

Weight 8.50 troy oz.

Please inquire

large Whiting antique acid etched sterling silver table box

H224 Large Whiting Etched Sterling Table Box Circa 1880

A large impressive acid etched sterling silver table box with a cast griffin finial on the decorated hinged lid. The sides of the box and the lid are decorated with floral acid etching and applied ornate die rolled bands. Made by the Whiting Company circa 1880. Lined with red velvet. 38 troy oz.

Length 8" by 5 1/4" deep by 5 1/2" tall at the finial.

Price: $4.500.00

Gorham eight engraved bright cut luncheon forks

Gorham Bright Cut Sterling Luncheon Forks #230

Eight absolutely pristine monogrammed bright cut sterling silver luncheon forks by the Gorham Company. Retailed by Caldwell.

Length 6 7/8"

Weight 9.95 troy oz.

Price: $495.00 for the eight

Shiebler applied Japanesque serving spoon

SH182 Large Shiebler Sterling Serving Spoon Circa 1880

A large antique sterling silver serving spoon by George Shiebler circa 1880 applied with gold washed Japanese motifs including a crane, bug and flowers. The large oval bowl is gold washed and has a satin finish. Single letter monogram on the reverse of the handle.

Length 11 1/2"

Weight 5.10 troy oz.

Price: $1,895.00

Gorham hammered antique sterling and applied crabs soup ladle

EX156 Gorham Sterling Aesthetic Crab Applied Soup Ladle

A hand hammered pristine sterling silver soup ladle with perfect gold washed bowl and applied multiple crabs on the handle. Never monogrammed.

Length 12"

Weight 7.45 troy oz.

Price: $1,950.00

Kutch region Indian silver mustard pot with snake handle

N213 Indian (Kutch) Silver Mustard Pot

A fine quality ornate hand chased mustard pot from the Kutch region with a cobra snake handle and chased hinged lid. The base of the mustard pot has an engraved crest and monogram complete with a coronet indicating high rank of original owner.

Height 4"

Weight 4.45 troy oz.

Price: $475.00

Indian silver Kutch region cream pitcher elephant finial hinged lid

N214 Indian Silver Kutch Cream Jug Elephant Finial

An Indian antique silver Kutch region cream jug with a hinged lid and elephant finial. There are four cast applied feet on the base. The square handle has ornate decoration on the outside.

Weight 5.65 troy oz.

Height 3 1/2"

Price: $475.00

English hallmarked sterling silver tea strainer

T230 English Hallmarked Sterling Tea Strainer 1968

An English hallmarked silver tea strainer marked 1968, London with the maker Richards and Knight. There is delicate feather edge engraving on the edges and the bowl has a pattern on the lip.

Length 6 1/4"

Weight 1.75 troy oz.

Price: $185.00

Hotchkiss & Scchreuder medallion pie server engraved blade

8485 Hotchkiss & Schreuder Medallion Engraved Pie Server

A coin silver engraved antique pie server by Hotchkiss & Schreuder with a medallion at the terminal and deep fine engraving on the blade. Circa 1860. Length 10". Weight 2.90 troy ounces.

Price: $350.00

English silver nugget shaped perfume flask in fitted case Chester 1902 George WattsEnglish antique silver nugget shaped gold washed perfume flask

N211 English Antque Silver Nugget Shaped Perfume Flask

Chester 1902 George Watts

An English antique silver gold washed perfume flask in the shape of a gold nugget with screw off cap.

The perfume flask remains in the original velvet lined leather fitted case.

Hallmarked with Chester marks.

Length 3"

Price: $1,350.00

Sterling antique grape motif punch ladle with partially gold washed bowl and leaves

EX136 Rare Sterling Punch Ladle Grape and Vine Motif Circa 1870

A superb partially gold washed antique sterling silver punch ladle. The handle has applied grapes and leaves all in remarkable detail and the branch naturalistic handle is engraved with realistic looking detail. The bowl has a lip on one side and has a satin finished gold washed surface.

Length 11 3/4"

Weight 7.55 troy oz.

Price: $3,500.00

Dominick & Haff sterling antique pond pattern footed bowl

RH192 Dominick & Haff Sterling Pond Pattern Bowl Circa 1880

A sterling silver pond pattern hand hammered and chased footed bowl with pond insects and plants. Hand hammered applied handles. The feet are in the form of snails.

Diameter 8" Length across handles 10 1/2". Height 3 1/4". Weight 28.90 troy oz.

Please inquire

Whiting antique sterling long handle mixed metals copper salad set crabs

164 Whiting Mixed Metals Salad Set Circa 1880

An antique Whiting sterling long handle salad serving set with applied crab containing a copper shell. Spot hammered handle and gold washed bowls. Applied and engraved decoration on the handle. Monogrammed on the reverse of the handles.

Excellent condition.

Length 12 1/2"

Weight 10.25 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00 for the pair

William Hutton and Son English antique silver London 1913 covered ginger jar chased with flowers

H203 English Antique Silver Ornate Covered Jar London 1913

An English antique sterling silver jar with pull off lid chased with high relief flowers in excellent condition. Hallmarked for William Hutton and Sons, London 1913.

Height 8"

Weight 18.45 troy oz.

Please inquire

London 1821 William Bateman King's pattern Union shell heel set of flatware Antique English silver

English Silver Set of Cutlery #125 London 1821

An English hallmarked set of flatware comprising 24 of each piece in the King's pattern with union shell heel. The large dinner knives have blades by Hunt & Roskell and have Francis Higgins handles. Click on thumbnail for details. Marked with London hallmarks of William Bateman London 1821.

144 pieces in the set

Please inquire

Galt brothers antique sterling grape motif tea caddy for Howard & Co New York

T198 Antique Sterling Tea Caddy

An antique sterling hand chased tea caddy with grape motif and naturalistic branch borders, monogrammed on the top edge and with a pull off cap. Marked with the mark of Galt Brothers and retailed by Howard & Co of New York.

Height 5 1/2"

Weight 6.90 troy oz.

Price: $625.00

signed Queen Elizabeth photographs with Philip

Pair of Diplomatic Signed Leather Framed Original Royal Photographs 1976

In excellent condition this pair of signed photographs was given by Queen Elizabeth on her bicentennial visit to America in 1976. The frames have the royal cyphers embossed in gold. Signatures are clear and bold. The pair was presented to the diplomatic service representative from the State Department who escorted the couple around the United States on that trip. Navy blue leather frames. 12 1/2" by 9". The photo with mount 9 3/4" by 7".

Price: $5.500.00 for the pair

Janna Thomas amazing sterling pineapple container

RH070 Janna Thomas Mexico Sterling Pineapple Container Circa 1980 190 troy oz

Made by Janna Thomas for Neiman Marcus this amazing and spectacular pineapple box is an engineering marvel. The pieces are individually cast and assembled with remarkable detail. There is a special satin finish on the surfaces giving off a special effect of a natural look. Fit for a museum of modern art this seems to be quite a rare item and not too many on this scale seem to have been made. The interior is double skinned and the craftsmanship of the construction shows through. There is a special pin to lock the top into place when it is put on. The weight is 190 troy oz and it not meant to be moved around too much.

Height 12"

Please inquire

English antique Nathaniel Mills vinaigrette castle top

N076 Nathaniel Mills Castle Top Silver Vinaigrette

An antique silver English castle top vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills Birmingham 1842 in excellent condition.

1 1/2" by 1"

Price: $1,500.00

Shiebler Dolp;hin sterling fish set

EX086 Shiebler Sterling Fish Serving Set

An antique sterling silver fish serving set with cast fish form handles and exquisite engraved blades and tines. Pristine condition.

Length 13" & 10 1/2"

Weight 16 troy oz.

Please inquire

Gorham mixed metals sterling silver bowl applied fish

MM105 Gorham Mixed Metals Sterling Bowl Date letter 1880

A Gorham sterling hammered and mixed metals bowl with a diameter of 4 1/2". Height 1 1/2". Weight 6.35 troy oz. The applied interior has multiple fish and lily pads and the exterior of the bowl has an applied plant and other copper application. Excellent condition.

Price: $2,650.00

Hungchong Shanghai antique Chinese export silver bowl with applied birds

H107 Chinese Export Silver Fruit Bowl Hungchong Shanghai

A well decorated Chinese silver bowl by Hungchong of Shanghai with applied cherry blossoms and many birds in crisp detail. The applied base has some pierced decoration. The bowl weighs 18.60 troy oz. Marked as shown on the base.

Diameter 7 1/4". Height 4".

Price: $2,950.00

Wood and Hughes sterling hammered tea caddy

T035 Wood & Hughes Sterling Tea Caddy Circa 1870

A Wood & Hughes sterling aesthetic hand hammered tea caddy with applied flower and leaves on the pull off lid. Applied beaded band at the base. Monogrammed on the lid.

Height 5"

Weight 10.70 troy oz.

Price: $1,495.00

triple English silver landscape chased box by William Comyns London 1885

N064 English Silver Triple Trinket Box by William Comyns London 1885

A triple sterling silver box with landscape chasing by William Comyns London 1885. Fully marked. Each box opens individually. Weight 6.95 troy oz. Length 6". Large box 2 1/4" square; smaller boxes 1 3/4" square.

Price: $950.00

Gianmaria Buccellati sterling silver bowl

H089 Gianmaria Buccellati Sterling Centerpiece Bowl

A large sterling silver hand made centerpiece bowl by Gianmaria Buccellati with applied large leaf forms on the pedestal base and on the sides of the bowl. The bowl is oval and has a pleated textured hand made finish under the applications. Marked 925 and Gianmaria Buccellati. In good condition.

Weight 48.45 troy oz. Height 7 1/4".

10" by 8"

In stock, please inquire

Irish antique silver charger by John Smyth for the Duke of Somerset Dublin 1869

H084 Irish Antique Silver Charger Dublin 1869

An Irish antique silver charger set with original horticultural and agricultural medals awarded to Thomas Seymour who is a descended from the Seymour family, brother of Jane Seymour, wife of Henry VIII. Each medal is set into the plate as a coin would be and the engraved presentations on the reverse of the medals are visible on the back of the plate. There are applied feet on the bottom. Deaquisitioned property of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Engraved at the center with the arts of the Seymour family, the Dukes of Somerset. Applied beaded edge and engraved border.

Weight 83 troy oz. Diameter 16"

Price: $8,750.00

Italian mid century modern 800 silver pitcher by Luigi Genazzi of Milan

H101 Italian Mid Century Modern 800 Silver Pitcher

An Italian mid century modern 800 silver pitcher with a special technique of frosted and clear surfaces intermingled giving the appearance of a silver colored liquid dripping from the neck downwards towards the textured bulbous body of the pitcher. Where the downward formations terminate the silversmith has pushed out or chased a small dome to accentuate the three dimensional appearance. There is a special black finish inside the pitcher. Genazzi's mark was first entered May 15th 1935 in Milan. This is a piece that could be exhibited in a museum of modern art. It has the most stunning presence.

Weight 21.7 troy oz.

Height 8"

Price: $2,750.00

English antique silver covered bowl with handles chased with birds London 1915 Daniel and John Willby

H085 English Silver Covered Two Handle Bowl London 1915

An excellent quality antique sterling silver covered two handle chased bowl decorated with fruits and birds on both sides. London 1915 by Daniel & John Willby.

Height 7 1/4". Length across handles 8 1/4". Diameter 5 1/4".

Weight 30.60 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

Pair of English silver pierced dishes London 1911

H051 English Silver Pierced Baskets London 1911

A pair of the finest pierced English silver dishes with engraved crest on both sides in mint condition. The intricate piercing has additional engraving and the feet and borders are all cast and applied. Hallmarked Wakeley & Wheeler London 1911. Retailed by Thomas of Bond Street. Weight 24.45 troy oz. Length 8 1/2". Width 5". Height 3 1/4".

Price: $2,250.00

Liberty sterling silver coffee pot hand hammered London 1935 Silver Jubilee mark

H091 Liberty Sterling Hand Hammered Coffee Pot London 1935

A Liberty sterling silver hand hammered coffee pot with wood finial and handle. Marked with the Jubilee mark of 1935 for George V. Great color and patina.

Height 7 1/2"

Weight 19.35 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

Gorham Japanese sterling silver fish set

055 Gorham Japanese Sterling Fish Serving Set

A Gorham antique sterling silver fish set in the Japanese pattern in mint condition. The blades and tines are engraved with Mount Fuji and other Japanese motifs.

Length 12 and 9 1/4". Weight 5.95 troy oz.

Price: $1,495.00

Mauser antique sterling silver terrapin forks with lobster and terrapin on handles

EX068 Mauser Sterling Set of Terrapin Forks

Twelve fine antique sterling terrapin forks by Mauser with lobster on the front and terrapins on the reverse of the handles. Beautifully engraved art nouveau "G" monogram on the reverse of the bowls.

Length 5 7/8"

Weight 16.15 troy oz.

Price: $3,500.00 for the set of twelve

English silver pen b oxT H Hazelwood & Co long English antique silver pen box 1905 wildboar chase

N063 English Silver Pen Box 1905

An English silver chased pen/pencil case chased with a wild boar hunt scene on the hinged lid. Maker T H Hazelwood of Birmingham hallmarked for 1905. Length 8 1/4". Weight 4 troy oz.

Price: $675.00

Victorian diamond jubilee sterling salt and pepper set

N061 Victorian Silver Salt & Peppers Victoria's Diamond Jubilee 1897

A pair of amazing quality sterling silver antique salt and peppers to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897 by Garrards.

Height 5"

Weight 12 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00 pair

Gorham special order ashtray with hands up

N060 Gorham Special Order Sterling Ashtray "Hands Up"

A Gorham sterling ashtray with chased zeppelin, locomotive and ship on the border and a sad looking cowboy in the center.

Diameter 6 1/2"

Weight 7.25 troy oz.

Price: $695.00

Gorham estate sterling silver vase 1931 with etched design on the rim

H058 Gorham Sterling Vase Dated 1931

A stylish American art deco sterling silver vase by the Gorham Company of Providence RI in excellent condition with a script monogram on one side. The top lip of the vase has an etched modern design.

Fully marked with date symbol on the base.

Height 10"

Weight 22.90 troy oz.

Diameter of the opening 4"

Price: $1,750.00

Tiffany hammered and etched antique sterling aesthetic inkwell

N020 Tiffany Aesthetic Sterling Inkwell

A Tiffany antique sterling aesthetic hammered and etched inkwell. The center box has two sliding drawers for stamps and there in an ink jar and a sander . There are etched ferns and applied ferns on the platform and a custom monogram on the removable plate covering the two stamp drawers. There are four applied Japanesque feet. 9 1/2" by 5 3/4". Weight 19.20 troy oz.

Price: $5,900.00

Dutch antique silver tea caddy London 1891 import marked

T026 Dutch Antique Silver Tea Caddy Import Marked 1891

A Dutch antique silver tea caddy with engraved crest and hinged lid. London import marked 1891.

Height 4 1/2"

Weight 9.45 troy oz.

Price: $795.00

Gorham sterling bon bon spoon H47

N3171 Gorham Bon Bon Spoon H47

A cast sterling silver bon bon spoon by Gorham circa 1900 retailed by William Wise & Son. Length: 5". Weight: 1.45 troy oz. Full Gorham marks and numbered H47 from their H series.

Price: $125.00

American repousse antique sterling diapered engraved square footed salver

H011 Large American Sterling Sqaure Footed Salver 38.6 troy oz.

A large antique sterling repousse square footed salver retailed by Bailey Banks and Biddle. The base also has the maker's mark of Durgin. The ornate chased border is 2 1/4" wide and has ferns and flowers specifically roses with a rope border.

Weight 38.60 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

English antique silver tea caddy London 1782 by Charles Aldridge and Henry Green

T047 English Silver Tea Caddy London 1782

An engraved English antique silver tea caddy by Charles Aldridge and Henry Green dated London 1782 with a cast mandarin finial on the hinged lid. Engraved with csrest on both cartouches and a script monogram on the one side.

Weight 15.85 troy oz.

Height 5 1/2" to the finial.

Price: $2,500.00

Shiebler Etruscan sterling silver pin

N049 Shiebler Etruscan Antique Sterling Pin

A Shiebler Etruscan antique sterling silver pin engraved "Roma" in perfect condition with original pin and sharp hammering and engraved detail. Length 3 1/4". Weight .60 t o.

Price: $450.00

Shiebler Etruscan sterling silver pin

N048 Shiebler Etruscan Antique Sterling Silver Pin

A Shiebler sterling silver antique pin with Roman inscription in perfect condition with original pin. Length 3 1/4". Weight 0.60 t o.

Price: $495.00

Shiebler etruscan sterling silver pin

N050 Shiebler Antique Sterling Silver Etruscan Pin

A large Shiebler antique sterling Etruscan pin with two large medallion.

Length 2"

Height 1 1/2"

Weight .65 troy oz.

Price: $350.00

Howard & Co New York sterling silver box

N042 Howard & Co 1893 Repousse Sterling Box

An antique sterling silver footed box with four applied bun feet and wood lined interior. Dated 1893. Howard & Co were quality makers in New York. Good condition.

Height 2 3/4". Length 4 1/2". Depth 2 3/4"

Price: $1,250.00

Gorham antique sterling silver bowl with handles

Gorham Centerpiece Bowl circa 1881

A pristine oval antique sterling centerpiece bowl with handles and an ornate die rolled band of decoration at the rim. Dated 1881. On four lobed ball feet. Length 12 1/4" across handles. Weight 27.40 troy oz. Height 3 1/2". Width 6".

Price: $2,750.00

S Kiek & Son 11 ounce sugar bowl with handles and lid

H9999 S Kirk 11 Oz Mark Repousse Sugar Bowl Circa 1865

A Samuel Kirk repousse 11oz. silver sugar basket with loose lid and handles. Fine condition.

Weight 12.8 troy oz.

Price: $975.00

S Kirk & Son ocal silver platter repousse border

H10000 S Kirk 11 oz Mark Oval Platter circa 1860

An antique silver oval platter with repousse border by S Kirk and Son with 11 oz mark circa 1865, never monogrammed.

Weight 34.20 troy oz.

Price: $1,595.00

pair of Ferench antique silver 950 pure condiment pots maker Odiot Paris

RH9858 French Silver Pair Rococco Condiment Pots by Odiot Paris

A pair of ornate cast French antique 950 silver (First Purity) condiment pots with removable silver liners and matching spoons. Monogrammed on the front of each pot. The cast bases bolted to the pots. Lightly gold washed interiors.

Height 4 1/2"

Weight 37.85 troy oz.

Length of base 6"

Please inquire

English antique silver cake basket william hutton Sheffield 1902 pierced decoration

H9997 Pierced English Silver Cake Basket Sheffield 1902

A pierced antique sterling silver cake basket by William Hutton hallmarked 1902 Sheffield in excellent condition. Cast applied feet with mask. Applied ornate border with faces at either end. Swing handle.

Weight 40.65 troy oz.

Length 13" by 10" deep

Price: $3,500.00

Gorham applied sterling silver antique crumb knife

EX9938 Gorham Sterling Crumb Knife Circa 1870

A Gorham antique sterling silver hammered and applied crumb knife. The blade has a large Victorian engraved monogram at the center. Fully marked with the Gorham logo.

Length 12 1/2"

Weight 5.40 troy oz.

Price: $595.00

Gorham bird's nest pie server engraved blade

BN9958 Gorham Bird's Nest Pie Server

A Gorham antique sterling silver pie server with engraved blade and bird applied to nest at the terminal.

Length 10 7/8"

Weight 3.10 troy oz.

Price: $1,895.00

Shiebler leaf and bug mixed metals spoon

SH8648 Shiebler Leaf & Bug Spoon Circa 1880

A full size antique sterling serving spoon with leaf shaped bowl and a copper bug on the leaf terminal. Gold washed bowl. Length 10". Weight 2.70 troy oz.

Price: $1,875.00

Gorham Narragansett punch ladle marine life antique sterling silver

EX9934 Gorham Narragansett Punch Ladle

A Gorham Narragansett antique sterling silver punch ladle with partially gilded highlights. Cast marine life including shells, fish and seaweed with marine sand applied to a central rod. In pristine condition with unusually strong elements.

Length 14 1/2"

Weight 9.30 troy oz.

Please inquire

Pair of Rasmussen Danish sterling silver candlesticks two arm

H6175 Rasmussen Danish Sterling Candelabra

A pair of two arm candelabra by the Danish silversmith Rasmussen, all solid sterling in a mid century modern design not weighted. Very good condition.

Weight: 34.80 troy ounces. Height: 6 3/4"

Price: $1,750.00

Tiffany lap over edge cream ladle with ruffled edge to the bowl French import marked

Tiffany Lap Over Edge Ruffled Bowl Cream Ladle

A Tiffany antique sterling sauce ladle with a ruffled edge to the bowl. Marked only with a French control mark and engraved with a large "N" monogram.

Length 7 1/4"

Weight 1.35 troy oz.

Price: $425.00

Ravissant sterling silver angular tureen with black wood handles

H9975 Ravissant Angular Sterling Silver Tureen

An unusual modern sterling silver tureen by the posh Indian silver maker Ravissant. The handles are made of wood. The lid pulls off the tureen. Marked on the base with the Ravissant mark.

Weight 45.10 troy oz.

Price: $4,950.00

Ravissant India sterling silver modern pot with hinged lid

H9975 Ravissant 925 Sterling Jug

An abstract sterling silver pitcher with hinged lid by Ravissant of India with curved surfaces in a very modern design. A striking design and amazing piece of craftsmanship.

Height 10"

Weight 33.40 troy oz.

Price: $3,500.00

S Kirk sterling silver charger with roses and thistles

H9984 S Kirk 925/1000 Sterling Charger

A sterling silver circular charger by Kirk with applied monogram and hand chased roses and thistles in perfect condition. There is an additional three dimensional cast applied border of thistles.

Diameter 14 inches.

Weight 37.60 troy oz.

Price: $2,750.00

Tiffany lap over edge grape motif acid etched punch ladle

Tiffany Lap Over Edge Punch Ladle 14 1/2"

A large Tiffany antique sterling silver punch ladle in the lap over edge pattern. The grapes are acid etched and the reverse is engraved with the "grape" description of the motif. Excellent condition. The punch ladle has a button on the reverse. Never monogrammed.

Length 14 1/2". Weight 7.95 troy oz.

Price: $3,500.00

Tiffany & Co special hand work hammered sterling silver faceted pitcher

RH9951 Tiffany & Co Special Hand Work Sterling Pitcher

A superb oversized hand hammered faceted pitcher by Tiffany and Co marked with the Tiffany mark and with the "Special Handwork" mark. In pristine condition, never monogrammed.

Height 8"

Weight 39.05 troy oz.

Please inquire

Shiebler antique sterling bug grape basket mixed metals circa 1880

MM9976 Shiebler Antique Sterling Mixed Metals Grape Basket Circa 1880

A Shiebler antique sterling grape basket with an applied copper bug and applied grapes on the canopy handle. The body is in a leaf form complete with veins. In superb condition. Gold washed interior.

Weight 17.30 troy-oz. 9 1/2" by 5 1/2" by 3" tall.

Please inquire

Wood & Hughes long handle sterling salad set in Celestial pattern

Wood & Hughes Long Handle Sterling Salad Set

A long handle sterling silver salad serving set in the Celestial pattern by Wood & Hughes of New York in perfect condition. The gold washed bowls are decorated with bright cut engraving, have a satin finish and are pristine. Never monogrammed.

Length 12 3/4"; Weight 7.45 troy oz.

Price: $1,800.00 for the set

Tiffany Olympian sterling silver asparagus tongs

Tiffany Olympian Asparagus Tongs Sterling Silver

A rare Tiffany Olympian pattern yolked antique sterling silver asparagus tongs in excellent condition. The pierced blades have gold washed surfaces. The detail of the pattern is crisp and clear. Marked inside with the Tiffany mark and M with patent date of 1878.

Weight 8.45 troy oz.

Length 9 5/8".

Price: $3,750.00

English antique silver snuff box Phipps and Robinson London 1809

Phipps & Robinson English Silver Snuff Box London 1809

A fine quality English silver snuff box by Thomas Phipps and Edward Robinson with engine turned decoration and a gold washed surface. Interior gold washed. London 1809.

2 3/4" by 2". Weight 3.60 troy oz.

Price: $1,575.00

English 1824 antique London silver snuff box engine turned

English Silver Antique Snuff Box London 1824

A heavy fine quality pristine engine turned Georgian English silver snuff box, never monogrammed.

Length 3 1/2" Width 1 3/4" Height 1 1/8" Weight 5.9 troy oz.

Price $1,850.00

Rare 1940 English silver art deco centerpiece and plateau by Harold Stabler for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths

Rare 1940s English Art Deco Silver Centerpiece

An important English silver bowl and matching plateau by Harold Stabler London 1940 for the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. The bowl weighs 79 troy ounces without the plateau. The base is lined with wood and has a black glass disc held in place with four wood pins. Monogrammed on one side of the bowl. Matching hallmarks on both pieces. Decorated rings hanging from two arms on the rim of the bowl. Plateau 14" diameter. 1 1/2" tall. Bowl 10" diameter. 5 1/2" tall.

Please inquire

English oval antique silver tea caddy by Martin and Hall of Sheffield

T9946 English Antique Sterling Silver Tea Caddy Sheffield 1861

An antique engraved English silver tea caddy by Martin and Hall of Sheffield dated 1861 in excellent condition. There are two lion mask handles with rings and engraved swags and bands of bright cut engraved work around the oval body of the caddy

Weight 13.3 troy oz.

Price $1,595.00

Lebolt antique sterling pitcher hand hammered and chased

H9933 Lebolt Sterling Hammered and Chased Pitcher 30.30 troy ounces.

An unusual Lebolt antique sterling hand wrought large pitcher. The pitcher has an applied monogram on the front and amazing three dimensional hand chasing on the body. Excellent condition and crisp detail. The hammering is very clear.

Weight 30.30 troy ounces.

Height 10"

Price: $2,950.00

Gorham antique sterling silver centerpiece circa 1874

RH9945 Gorham Sterling Centerpiece Dated 1874

A fine quality Gorham antique sterling silver centerpiece with a central cherub on a platform beneath three supporting arms. The arms have reticulated detailed attachments and terminate with female masks in crisp detail. The bowl itself unscrews with a bayonet mechanism. All the original wing nuts are intact and the base is clearly marked with the G date letter for 1874 and sterling with the Gorham logo.

Weight 66 troy oz. Height 10 3/4". Diameter 11"

Please inquire

French antique silver first purity sauceboat on stand

H9910 French Silver Sauce boat on Stand 52 troy ounces

An antique French silver sauce boat on a stand with a removable liner and applied crests. The sauceboat comes off the stand and has a removable liner. Weight 52 troy ounces. Marked with the first purity minerva mark and Lebrun. the base is 9 1/2" by 7". Assembled the height is 6"

Price: $2,950.00

Ten Irish antique silver table forks Dublin 1829 by Edward Power

9922 Ten Irish Fiddle Pattern Table Forks Dublin 1829

Ten heavy Fiddle pattern antique silver Irish table forks hallmarked by Edward Power, Dublin 1829 in fine condition with a large crest engraved on the handles. The forks measure 8" and weigh 20.65 troy ounces for the lot.

Price: $1,500.00 for the ten

English 1934 sterling silver teaset by William Neale & Son Ltd Birmingham 1934

T9900 English Silver Art Deco Tea Set Birmingham 1934

A fine quality sterling silver art deco tea set hallmarked Birmingham England 1934 by William Neale & Son Ltd in excellent condition. The tray is also sterling and has matching handles. Never monogrammed.

Total weight 157 troy ounces.

The tray measures 14 3/8" by 21" long. Tallest pot is 8 1/2". Smaller pot is 7" tall.

Price: $7,950.00

Chinese export silver tray maker Zeewo

H9911 Chinese Export Silver Tray by Zeewo 57 troy ounces

A good size Chinese silver tray by Zeewo with bamboo style handles large enough to hold a three or four piece tea set. The surface is slightly textured and the cartouche is vacant.

Weight 57.5 troy ounces. Measurement 22" across the handles. The tray measures 18" by 12". The interior surface measures 14" by 9". There are four applied half ball shaped feet applied to the base of the tray.

Price: $3,250.00

LS1 Lona Shaeffer Hand Hammered Sterling Pie Server Blossom Handle

A perfect hand hammered antique sterling pie server by Lona Shaeffer in the blossom pattern with a hand assembled blossom at the terminal of the handle. Marked on the handle and also with Shreve Crump and Low retailer stamp on the blade.

Length 11 1/4"

Weight 5.05 troy oz.

Price: $1,350.00

Gorham large mixed metals hammered sterling fruit punch bowl

9891 Gorham Mixed Metals Large Fruit /Punch Bowl Dated 1882

A large important Gorham bowl on a copper branch form base with applied grape leaves and bunches together with copper and silver vines. A rare mixed metals hand hammered sterling silver bowl in perfect condition. Marked on the base with the date letter for 1882 and sterling and other metals together with the Gorham logo.

Weight 101.7 troy ounces. Across handles 16" Height 7"

Please inquire

Indo Portuguese Goa filigree early covered bowl

RH9708 Indo Portuguese Filigree Silver Covered Bowl

A rare 18th Century Indo Portuguese filigree covered bowl from the Goa region of India. The Goa region was once under Portuguese control and even today the food there has Portuguese origins. This extremely high quality filigree was produced in the region.

Height 6". Diameter of opening 4"

Weight 20.25 troy ounces

Please check for availability and price

Chailey lambert model of Spitfire London 1992 sterling silver on base Rolls Royce presentation

N9867 Sterling Spitfire Model London 1992 Rolls Royce Presentation

A London 1973 Chailey Lambert model of a Spitfire on a wooden base with a presentation plaque on the base "Presented by Rolls Royce plc to Westinghouse Electric Corporation in inaugurate a power generation joint venture September 1992" in Orlando Florida. Excellent condition. Extraordinary detail and various textures created through etching and engraving. Aircraft length 8". Base measures 8". A rare and originally pricey article created by an expert in Watford England in this case for Rolls Royce to present. the propeller is gold washed and rotates.

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English antique silver London 1918 set of silver gilt dessert stag hunt

9864 English Stag Hunt 18 Piece Sterling Dessert Set

An eighteen piece English sterling silver dessert set in the Stag Hunt pattern composed of six dessert forks (7 1/8"), six dessert spoons (7 3/8") and six all silver dessert knives with embossed blades (8 3/8"). Hallmarked with the maker Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co., London 1917. Total weight 43.70 troy oz. Good condition. The forks and spoons are monogrammed on the back of the handles.

Price: $5,500.00 for the set

Gorham congratulations spoons sterling silver circa 1890

N9872 Gorham Congratulations Sterling Spoons Circa 1890

A complete set of antique sterling silver spoons by Gorham circa 1890 with parcel gilded letters at the top of each spoon. When laid out together these spoons spell out "Congratulations". In perfect condition. Length 4 1/4".

Price: $1,595.00 for the set

German 925 sterling silver pitcher

H9874 German 925 Modern Pitcher

A fine quality German 925 sterling silver pitcher with a sweeping forward leaning design. The design of the top of the handle flows into the neck of the pitcher.

Height 8 3/4". Weight 22.25 troy oz.

Maker is Heck & Burgschneider of Pforzheim.

Price: $1,750.00

pair of English antique silver sauceboats by Harold Child London 1905 retailed by Child & Child

H9887 English Sterling Pair of Sauce-boats London 1905

An excellent pair of antique sterling hallmarked silver sauce-boats by Harold Child for Child & Child. Never monogrammed with an applied gadrooned border. Hallmarked for London 1905 with the marker's mark and in fine condition.

Weight 27.15 troy oz.

Length 8 1/4". Height 4 3/4".

Price: $2,250.00

POlish antique silver sugar box with bows and swags

H9881 Polish Antique Silver Sugar Box Circa 1890

A fine quality Polish antique silver sugar box with swags and bows chased and lobed base. Clear hallmarks on the base and the hinged lid.

Weight 14.75 troy oz.

Length 6". Height 5 1/4" at the finial.

Price: $1,100.00

Karl Leinonen hand hammered sterling silver sauceboat on tray

H9879 Karl Leinonen Boston Mass Sauce Boat

A fine quality hand hammered antique sterling sauce boat on tray by Karl Leinonen of Boston Mass In excellent condition.

Length 8 1/2". Weight 20.85 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00

French sterling silver purse with amethysts and garnets

M47 Antique French Silver Mesh Purse with Amethysts and Garnets

An antique French hallmarked silver chain mesh purse with hand reticulated frame on both sides, the front frame containing amethysts and garnets set into the frame. Central divider for separating the interior compartments. Frame 6" across by 5 1/4" long without the drops. Condition: One amethyst is chipped and a four or five rings missing from the mesh but no tears and the mesh is firmly on the frame. Marked with the maker's mark Alexandre Vaguer c1910. Weight 7.0 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

rare Gorham Paris Exposition 1900 sterling silver bowl with rams heads and swags

RH9855 Gorham Sample Sterling Bowl Circa 1900 Paris Exposition

A heavy cast and applied antique sterling silver bowl by Gorham with applied floral swags and rams heads. Lightly gold washed in the lobed interior. Excellent condition. See detailed page for more details.

Weight 74.25 troy oz. Height 5 1/2". Diameter 13".

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S Kirk early antique coin silver ewer with lid and dog on handle

H9427 S Kirk Coin Silver Early Lidded Jug Circa 1840

A large hand chased antique circa 1840 S Kirk 11 oz ewer with a hinged lid. There is a dog on the top of the handle and a chased and applied floral finial on the lid.

Marked S.K 11 oz.

Height 14 1/2"

Weight 56.5 troy oz.

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Pair Gorham six arm sterling candelabra

RH9862 Gorham pair of Antique Sterling Candelabra Circa 1890

A pair of Gorham sterling silver candelabra with ornate bases. Extremely heavy quality with excellent workmanship, the six arms solid and free of repairs. Marked with the Gorham logo, the date letter for 1890 and retailed by Spaulding of Chicago.

Height 13" without the top finial insert. Weight 185 troy oz.

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English silver and etched glass decanter by William and George Sissons 1870

H8773 English Antique Silver Wine Carafe

Circa 1870

An antique English silver and etched glass carafe by William and George Sissons of Sheffield circa 1870 in superb condition with a rampant lion crest in the cartouche. The decoration of the silver is done by hand and includes chasing and engraving. The decoration on the glass is very finely executed and depicts a Roman chariot with swags and bows in concentric bands.

Height 10 1/2".

Price: $2,250.00

Austrian Wiener Werkstatte large pair of candelabra Bruder Frank

RH9281/9716 Austrian Arts and Crafts Silver Pair of Candelabra

A large pair of Austrian 800 silver candelabra, hand hammered by the maker Bruder Frank in the Wiener Werkstatte style. Both hallmarked.

Height 12". Width 13 1/2". Combined weight 110 troy oz.

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Gorham amtique sterling mixed metals sugar and creamer

9503 Gorham Mixed Metals Sterling Sugar and Creamer Circa 1881

A Gorham antique sterling silver mixed metals hammered sugar and creamer. Both pieces are heavy decorated with applied three dimensional leaves, cherries bugs and branches. Monogrammed "S" on the outside. There is an applied ornate decorative die rolled band at the top of each piece. Very fine faceted hammering and applied basket handles. Fine condition.. Combined weight 14.30 troy oz. Height 2 1/2". Length 5" across handles. Date letter for 1881.

Price: $4,500.00 for the pair

Dominick & Haff antique sterling hammered pond pattern chased after dinner coffee pot for Caldwell

RH9840 Rare Sterling After Dinner Coffee Pot Circa 1888

A Dominick & Haff antique sterling hammered and chased after dinner coffee pot circa 1888 in pristine condition. There are numerous flowers chased in addition to a large dragon fly near the spout. Retailed by Caldwell of Philadelphia. Monogrammed on the base.

Height 10 1/4".

Weight 20.65 troy oz.

Please check for availability

English antique silver tea caddy by Henry Chawner London 1788

T9738 Early English Antique Silver Tea Caddy Circa 1788

An oval large antique sterling English silver tea caddy hallmarked for 1788 in London by Henry Chawner with superbly engraved decoration and crests engraved in the cartouches on both sides.

Height 5 1/4".

Weight 12.05 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

T9739 Dominick & Haff Sterling Tea Caddy Circa 1902

A heavy quality antique silver tea caddy by Dominick and Haff with the date of 1902 incorporated into the mark and retailed by Bigelow Kennard & Co of Boston. Solid construction with a tight fitting lid. Lightly monogrammed in the cartouche.

Height 4 1/2"

Weight 8.40 troy oz

Price $975.00

Rare Gorham antique sterling fruit bowl on stand with silver gilt fox and grape vines and grapes

RH9747 Gorham Centerpiece Compote Bowl with Fox and Vines Circa 1870

A pristine antique sterling silver boat shaped centerpiece bowl with silver gilt cast applied fox on cast applied vines and grapes. The theme most likely based on Aesop's Fables having the fox eye the bunch of grapes just out of reach. The workmanship by Gorham is extremely fine and intricate and the interior is gold washed. Marked with the Gorham logo on the base and the retailed George Sheve & Co. The base has the date letter of 1870.

Weight 40.2 troy oz. Height 13"

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Pair of antique silver English London 1852 Charles and George Fox reticulated bowls

H9750 Pair of Antique English Silver Bowls London 1852 Charles & George Fox 70 ozt

A pair of very heavy antique sterling silver compotes by Charles and George Fox, London 1852. The pair have reticulated wavy bowls with applied cast floral swags.

Weight 70 troy oz. Height 9".

Price: $4,800.00 for the pair

Gebelein sterling silver hand hammered bowl

H9727 Gebelein Sterling Hand Hammered Fruit Bowl Circa 1931

A large hand hammered sterling silver bowl with the mark of Gebelein of Boston. The business is not in existence now but we have the original tag and it is dated 1931. The bowl is very well hammered and has a wonderful color. Weight 43.95 troy oz. Diameter 11". Height 5 1/2".

Price: $2,400.00

Wood & Hughes antique sterling pie server neo classical cast figural handle

9710 Wood & Hughes Antique Sterling Pie Server

An antique sterling silver three dimensional pie server circa 1870 by Wood & Hughes in perfect condition.

The cast handle is in the form of a neo classical female bust with considerable detail. The serving blade comprises a satin finished gold washed border with a clear gold washed central plain. A large impressive piece with a weight of 4.30 troy ounces and length of 10 1/2".

Price: $795.00

Wendt antique sterling centerpiece with calla lilies

H9633 John Wendt Sterling Centerpiece Circa 1870

An antique sterling oval centerpiece fruit bowl with an ornate base and finely cast calla lilies bolted to each side. Monogrammed on one side only. Very fine condition with original frosted gold washed interior. 11 1/2" by 6" by 6" tall at the highest points. The stamens of the calla lilies are gold washed and they screw into the petals. Weight 25.65 troy oz.

Price: $3,500.00

Bigelow Kennard Co antique sterling aesthetic after dinner coffee pot applied bug

RH9492 Bigelow Kennard Sterling After Dinner Coffee Pot

An aesthetic antique sterling hand hammered after dinner coffee pot with a large applied beetle and a small ladybug on the hinged domed lid of the pot. The two sides of the coffee pot have applied blossoms in the Japanese style.

Length 7 3/4"

Weight 10.45 troy oz.

Please inquire

R & W Wilson Philadelphia antique coin silver ewer

RH9621 R & W Wilson Antique Coin Silver Ewer

A large impressive antique coin silver ewer hand chased with flowers and acanthus leaves and engraved on the neck of the ewer. There are four detailed cast claw feet on the base.

In outstanding condition.

Weight 65.9 troy oz.

Height 18 4" at the handle.

Circa 1840.

Price: $8,750.00

Scottish antique silver medal for English at Madras Academy Fife Scotland

N9629 Madras College Fife Scotland Silver Medal Circa 1888

An unmarked antique silver academic medal dated 1888 awarded to James Loutit exquisitely executed with a three dimensional badge on the front and hand engraved presentation on the reverse. In superb condition. We found James Loutit on line who grew up in Scotland at that time and moved to Australia.

Weight 2.10 troy oz.

3 1/4" by 2 3/8"

Price: $750.00

Shiebler antique sterling silver leaf form bowl with mixed metal bug and grapes

RH9605 Shiebler Antique Leaf Form Bowl Circa 1880

A rare large antique sterling silver leaf form bowl with applied textured leaves. One leaf with an applied copper bug. A large hand made silver bunch of grapes is suspended from a branch above a handle on the rear side of the bowl. Circa 1880. Marked with the Shiebler logo and sterling together with a style number.

Weight 45 troy oz. 12" by 11" by 6" tall at the grapes.

Please inquire

J Orr silver teaset Indian antique silver

T9476 P Orr Indian Silver Tea Set

A very fine quality Indian silver tea set by Peter Orr of Madras of exceptional weight with fine castings of elephants and lions as handles and spouts. The surfaces of the vessels are finely chased with different Indian figures spaced between finely chased trees around the circumferences. Perfect condition and all fully marked.

Height of teapot 5". Length 7 1/2".

Weight 28.90 troy ounces.

Price: $4,500.00 for the tea set

S Kirk early antique silver engraved salver tray

H9609 S Kirk Early Silver Salver Circa 1840

An early antique silver salver by Samuel Kirk of Baltimore Maryland in excellent condition with an engraved G monogram in the central cartouche. The rim is decorated with a finely cast applied border. Four cast winged hoof feet support the tray. The S Kirk mark dates to 1830-1846.

Diameter 14".

Weight 48 troy oz.

Price: $3,500.00

Theodore B Starr antique sterling silver loving cup three handle

H9597 Antique Sterling Three Handle Loving Cup Circa 1897

A large impressive antique sterling ornate three handle loving cup/vase in excellent unpolished condition. Monogrammed in two cartouches and inscribed with a presentation date on the third cartouche 1897. Height 11". Weight 59 troy ounces. Marked on the base Theodore B Starr and sterling.

Price: $4,900.00

Gorham sterling pie server

Gorham Sterling Pie Server

A Gorham sterling silver pie server with gilded bright cut blade, twisted stem and "fan" handle. Length 9 1/2"; weight 2.65 troy oz. Very good condition. Monogrammed D on the back of the handle.

Price: $250.00

Coin silver stuffing spoon by Taylor and Hinsdale pre 1830

9591 Coin Silver Large Stuffing Spoon Taylor and Hinsdale Pre 1830 Length 12 3/4"

A very fine antique American coin silver stuffing spoon by Taylor & Hinsdale in absolutely pristine condition with a script monogram in the cartouche.

Length 12 3/4".

Weight 4.55 troy oz. Perfect condition with clear hallmarks.

The silversmith Taylor and Hinsdale dates pre 1830 in New York.

Price: $495.00

Lona Schaeffer sterling silver salad set hand hammered

EX9599 Lona Schaeffer Salad Set Hand Wrought Sterling

A pair of hand hammered sterling silver salad servers by Lona Schaeffer daughter of Peer Smed and who carried on his style and design. Chunky, heavy and in excellent condition the servers have an applied blossom at the terminal. Fully marked and with the retailer stamp of Shreve Crump and Low Co, Boston.

Weight 10.05 troy oz. Length 10"

Price; $2,850.00 for the set

Indian antique silver rose water sprinkler elephant form

N9478 Indian Antique Silver Rose Water Sprinkler Circa 1890

A fine quality Indian antique silver rose-water sprinkler with screw off flower form cap and elephant body. The front of the elephant has applied flowers and the body of the elephant is hand engraved showing considerable detail. Circa 1890. Most of these figural rose-water sprinklers are from the Kutch region of India. This one has no marks. Excellent condition.

Height 9".

Weight 7.45 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

Duhme antique coin silver ladle with gold washed bowl and bust terminal

EX9579 Duhme Coin Silver Large Ladle circa 1860

A large 12 1/4" soup ladle in pristine condition with gold washed bowl and cast bust terminal. Monogrammed with a single letter A on the front of the handle below the bust. Weight 6.30 troy ounces.

Price: $950.00

German antique silver tankard with lid and inset British silver coins

RH9414 German Antique Silver Lidded Tankard

An unusual antique silver German tankard with inset English silver crowns from Charles II and James II through to George III. In fine condition with an engraved crown on the top of the lid. There are assay wheel marks in two places on the base. No other hallmarks.

Height 7 3/4".

Weight 24 troy ounces.

Price: $3,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver iris etched vase and hammered surface

RH 9422 Tiffany Antique Sterling Vase Etched and Hammered Circa 1902-1907

An antique Tiffany sterling silver flower vase with an unusual combination of hand hammering together with acid etched floral decoration. The flowers are orchids. The vase has the C mark for 1902-1907 and a scratch weight of 23 troy ounces. Excellent condition.

Height 10 1/4"

Please inquire

Benjamin Smith English silver wine cooler c1827

RH9399 English Silver Wine Cooler Benjamin Smith 161 troy oz.

London 1827

A superb English silver wine cooler by Benjamin Smith II with ornate panels of rosettes of flowers on stylized shells, the lower section and handles cast and chased with foliage. The tapering lobe shaped cooler has a diapered middle section and the top resembles ruffled fabric. The liner has an engraved crest.

Height 10 3/4"; weight 160.85 troy oz. Dated for London 1827. A work of art in excellent condition.

Please inquire

Gorham massive antique sterling silver punch ladle with applied bacchus and grapes with leaves and cherub

EX9394 Important Gorham Sterling Punch Ladle Date letter 1895

A massive Gorham antique sterling silver punch ladle with applied grapes, vines, a cherub and Bacchus face complete with orange peel finish. Monogrammed on the reverse and with a gold washed bowl. There is a small cluster of leaves on the back of the handle acting as a stopper button to prevent the ladle from sliding forward. The date letter on the reverse is the half moon for 1895. Monogrammed on the back of the handle. A perfect example of over the top gilded age extravagance.

The ladle weighs a hefty 23.15 troy oz.

Length 18"

Please inquire

Samuel Pemberton satchel form silver vinaigrette

N7783 English Silver Satchel Form Vinaigrette by Samuel Pemberton

A sterling silver vinaigrette in the form of a satchel by Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham dated 1790. Length 7/8" by 5/8" by 1/4" thick. Fine bright cut engraving throughout. Excellent condition.

Price: $325.00

Gorham sterling punch bowl with grapes and vines and ladlegorham serling punch bowl and ladle 120 oz

RH9343 Important Gorham Sterling Punch Bowl with Ladle c1883

An important unusual square hand hammered antique sterling silver punch bowl with matching punch ladle by Gorham with applied with grape vines, leaves and large realistic bunches of grapes. There are four cast and applied ornate feet and the interior is perfectly preserved with the original gold wash. Inscribed on the base "from Samuel Wormser" with a script monogram. In addition to the Gorham logo and sterling the date letter P is for 1883.

Total weight: 121.70 troy oz.

Height 9 1/2"; length of ladle 15 1/2"

Width 15" across the grape handles

Please check for availability and price

English antique silver grape shears in original fitted case by William Hutton

N9387 English Silver Grape Shears London 1898

An English antique silver grape shears in the original fitted case hallmarked London 1898 by William Hutton and Sons. Pristine condition pierced and engraved floral handles. Length 7". Weight 3.75 troy ounces.

Price: $595.00

gorham Donals Colflesh Modernist sterling bowl

H8327 Gorham Sterling 'Delta' Bowl by Donald Colflesh Circa 1960

Designed by Donald Colflesh for the Gorham Company with ebony feet this modern sterling silver bowl has wonderful design features including the triangular shape and the ebony feet. Length 12" across; Height 4 1/2". Good condition.

Price: $3,750.00

Guild of Handicrafts rare hand hammered 1934 hinged tea caddy

RH9216 Rare Guild Of Handicrafts Tea Caddy London 1934-1935

A massive hinged hand hammered octagonal tea caddy hallmarked with the mark of Goldsmiths and Silversmiths 1934-1935 in pristine condition with an unpolished surface.

Height 8" at the finial.

Weight 29.45 toz.

Please inquire

Rare Whiting miniature Japanese antique silver and mixed metals teapot circa 1880

9275 Rare Whiting Mixed Metals Teapot Circa 1880

A rare miniature Whiting Japanese style sterling and mixed metals teapot with a hand hammered swinging handle. The square leaf form lid pulls off and has an applied silver and copper fly. On a spot hammered surface with applied long leaves there are applied copper leaf extensions. There is an additional applied fly on the reverse side on the teapot. In excellent condition. Weight 10 toz. Height 5" with the handle.

Please inquire

Rare Wood & Hughes antique sterling acid etched loobster salad set

EX9284 Wood & Hughes Salad Set Circa 1880

A very rare Wood & Hughes antique sterling hand hammered and engraved salad serving set. The set has acid etched detail on the reverse and etched lobsters on the bowls. Extraordinary weight and thickness resembling Shiebler Etruscan or Homeric detail and technique. Marked unusually on the sides of the handles.

Length 10 1/4". Weight 10.4 toz.

Please check for availability

Peer Smed sterling silver hand hammered pie server

9260 Peer Smed Sterling Silver Hammered Pie Server

A Peer Smed hand hammered pie server with calla lily terminal measuring 11 3/4".

Weight 7.10 toz.

Price: $1,800.00

Indian antique silver tea caddy Madras Daday Kahn

T9263 Indian Silver Antique Tea Caddy Madras Region

An Indian antique silver tea caddy from the Madras region by Daday Khan, marked on the base of the tea caddy. The cast finial is attached to a hinged lid. Chased with multiple figures on all four sides.

Weight 10.20 toz. Height 5 3/4". Width 4"

Price: $1,500.00

Whiting Amderican sterling silver antique footed centerpiece bowl

H9235 Whiting Antique Sterling Bowl Circa 1880

A Whiting antique sterling circular fruit bowl on four neo classical feet. The side is a die rolled ornate floral band and the interior has a satin finished gold washed surface. The center although gold washed is a clear contrasting surface. The bowl is large enough to serve as a small centerpiece with a diameter of 8 1/2". Height 3 3/4". Weight 23.5 toz.

Price: $1,100.00

George Roth hanau German silver large box with rams heads and hoof feet

George Roth hanau German silver large box with rams heads and hoof feet

H9220 German Antique Silver Box Circa 1890

A massive 65 toz German hand chased footed box by George Roth of Hanau. The box has applied rams heads holding wreaths and hoof feet and a chased hinged lid. The interior is gold washed and the key is also silver with ornate decoration. The lid of the box is hand chased with romantic figures. The side has a basket of flowers and other ornate chasing against a finely hammered background.

Height 4 1/2" tall.

Length 12".

Please inquire

Whiting antique sterling hammered mixed metals tea caddy

9139 Whiting Antique sterling Mixed Metals Tea Caddy Circa 1880

A rare Whiting hand hammered antique sterling tea caddy with mixed metals application in the Japanese style. Applied flowers and copper branches are mixed with engraved highlights of grass and leaves. The lid pulls off. Circa 1880. Height 4 3/4". Weight 10.05 toz.

Please inquire

Tiffany Japanesque srterling pitcher with applied fish

RH8936 Tiffany Antique Sterling Pitcher

A rare tall Tiffany antique sterling silver pitcher with a Japanese influenced motifs including multiple applied detailed cast fish and engraved seaweed on a satin finished area. Bordered by ornate applied die rolled bands. The base and rim are smooth for a very effective contrast. A fine early example of the Japanese movement by Tiffany & Company. Circa 1876. Height 9 3/8" tall. Weight 37 toz.

Please inquire

Gorham mixed metals and sterling tea caddy hammered with applied spider

8510 Gorham Tea Caddy

A rare Gorham hammered and applied mixed metals tea caddy with a large applied spider and berries. On the other side is a large intricate spider web with an insect at the center. Deliberate indentations give the tea caddy added dimension. The lid pulls off. The base has a leaf applied with a date of presentation. Circa 1879. Height 4 1/4'. Weight 8.55 toz.

Please check for availability

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