Britannia Fine Antique Silver

Rare Hollowware

German 800 silver vase Lazarus Posen lions lapis lazuli enamel

Large German 800 Silver Vase by Posen Circa 1900

A magnificent antique 800 silver vase by Lazarus Posen with double skinned detail and bands of reticulated detail interspersed with cast lion's heads holding rings. There are three upright lions holding lapis lazuli shields making up the feet supporting a base with vines splashed with colored enamel. Marked on the base 800 Posen with half moon and crown German marks.

Height 10 3/4"

Weight 60.70 troy oz.

Price: $5,950.00

Dominick & Haff sterling pond pitcher hammered antique sterling silver

RH790 Dominick & Haff Sterling Pitcher Circa 1880

A Dominick & Haff sterling silver pitcher with intaglio style chasing against a hammered background. The chasing is of pond plants and creatures such as dragon flies and leaves. Good clean condition. The hammered handle has chased detail.

Height 7"

Weight 18.65 troy oz.

Price: $3,950.00

Stuart Devlin sterling silver ice bucket London 1972

RH781 Stuart Devlin Sterling Ice Bucket London 1972

A Stuart Devlin sterling silver ice bucket with glass liner and pull off lid. Gilt textured finial and sides of the bucket in the Devlin style. Hallmarked on the base London 1972 and on the edge of the lid.

Weight of the sterling only 38.95 troy oz.

Height 7" at the finial.

Diameter 6 1/4"


Tiffany antique sterling silver compote with elephant handles

RH751 Tiffany Elephant Head Sterling Compote Circa 1875

A Tiffany antique sterling silver compote with ornate cast elephant head handles. The side of the bowl has a dense geometric pattern and there is a small band applied to the pedestal base. Two large ornate elephant heads are applied to the sides of the compote. The date of the item from the numbers on the base is 1875-1876. Diameter 10 1/4" Height 4 3/8". Weight 36.6 troy oz.

Price: $6,250.00

rare Whiting antique sterling silver ice bowl with polar bear and   inuitWhiting polar bear ice boalWhiting antique sterling whaling boat ice bowl polar

RH9650 Whiting Antique Sterling Polar Ice Bowl Circa 1870 49 troy oz.

A large rare and important American Whiting sterling silver gold washed ice bowl in the form of a whaling boat with a polar bear on one side and an Inuit kneeling hunter on the other. The boat is on a section of chased ice rocks and the edge of the canoe has cast applied icicles.

Length 13.1"

Weight 49 troy oz.


Gale & Hayden coin silver ewer hand chased antique silver

RH775 American Antique Coin Silver Ewer Circa 1845-1849

A fine hand chased American coin silver ewer by Gale & Hayden of New York in perfect condition. Never inscribed or monogrammed.

Height 15 1/2"

Weight 34.40 troy oz.

Price: $3,950.00

antique Chinese export silver covered dish with snake handle

RH768 Chinese Export Silver Covered Dish with snake finial 1800-1850 Linchong of Canton

A heavy good quality early Chinese antique silver tureen with a snake form handle monogrammed on the lid on one side only. Very heavy with an applied beaded band on the base and lid. Marked with pseudo Chinese marks of Linchong of Canton. Weight 62.95 troy oz. 11" by 8" by 4 1/2" tall at the finial.

Price: $3,950.00

early English Queen Annr two handled cup Richard Greene 1704 London Britannia standard

Early English Britannia Standard Queen Anne Cup London 1704

An antique Britannia standard two handled cup dated 1704 by Richard Greene from the reign on Queen Anne in fine condition. Monogrammed in the cartouche. Good clear hallmarks on the side of the cup.

Height 4 1/4" Weight 12.4 troy oz.

Price: $1,895.00

antique sterling candlesticks by Marshall Fields Chicago

RH358 Marshall Fields Sterling Candlesticks

A pair of monumental sterling silver ornate candlesticks with cast cherubs and extraordinary detail. These huge candlesticks are in perfect condition.

Height 18"

Weight 105 troy oz.

Price: $5,950.00

RH737 Gorham Special Order Cake Basket Masks and Busts

A special order Gorham antique sterling silver ornate cake basket with solid swing handle, busts on the handle and masks surrounded by sheafs of wheat on each end of the basket. The border has pierced and applied decoration. There are four feet with cherub heads applied to the top of the feet. Monogrammed on handle and dated 1919. Retailed by Bailey, Banks & Biddle.

Weight a hefty 80 troy oz.

Length 16 1/4" by 11 3/4"; Height 4 1/2" without the handle

Price: $7,500.00

Tiffany hammereed aesthetic salver footed with applied seaweed and spot hammering

RH747 Tiffany Hammered Sterling Footed Salver Circa 1888

A circular antique sterling hand hammered Tiffany & Company salver with applied cast seaweed and a magnificent hand engraved special monogram. The feet are all hammered and applied with seaweed. Marked on the base with the Tiffany mark and dated 1888 by the numbers. An unusual Tiffany sterling item of hollowware well preserved and with interesting techniques involved in the making.

Diameter 12 1/4"

Weight 42.5 troy oz.

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Tiffany sterling hand hammered special hand work centerpiece bowl

RH664 Tiffany Sterling Special Hand Work Centerpiece Bowl Circa 1918

A large impressive antique hand hammered sterling silver centerpiece fruit bowl by Tiffany & Company dated 1918 from the numbers in the mark on the base. Excellent condition.

Diameter 15.25". Weight 57.30 troy oz. Height 5"

Price: $7,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling silver pitcher applied and etched

Rare Tiffany Sterling Silver Pitcher Circa 1885

A Tiffany antique sterling silver pitcher with applied decoration and acid etched detail on the body. Monogrammed on the front of the pitcher. Dated 1885 on the base through the numbers. The pitcher has a weight of 38 troy ounces.

Height 10"

Price: $5,950.00

Gorham sterling gold washed polar ice bowl dated 1872

Rare Gorham Sterling Polar Bear Ice Bowl Circa 1872

A Gorham antique sterling gilted polar bear ice bowl dated 1872 with two polar bears mounted on the edges of the elongated oval shaped bowl. The body is chased with ice cube forms and icicles. There is a small chased ice cube pedestal base bearing the marks as shown with the E date letter for 1872.

Weight 25.10 troy oz.

Length 10 1/4" Depth 6 1/4" Height 6 1/2"

Please inquire

Tiffany sterling and enamel bowl

RH744 Tiffany Sterling Enamel Bowl Circa 1926

A small rare 6 3/4" diameter Tiffany sterling silver bowl on an applied ring pedestal base clearly marked with Tiffany marks for 1926. The multicolored enamel is well done in pretty blues and mustard colors together with green and turquoise.

Weight 9.10 troy oz.

Price: $3,250.00

Gorham Martele pitcher silver fish and mermaid

RH726 Gorham Martele Silver Pitcher 1903

A Gorham Martele silver pitcher dated December 11th 1903 by William Hughes involving 90 hours of chasing and selling at $240 way back in 1902. An important pitcher with high quality chasing. Weight 61.75 troy oz. FND marked on the inside of a leg. The pitcher is chased with multiple fish and a large mermaid in the Art Nouveau style of the period.

Height 12 1/2" at the handle


Peer Smed sterling hand hammered teapot

Peer Smed Hammered Sterling Teapot

A fine hand hammered sterling teapot by Peer Smed with a cala lily blossom finial on the pull off lid. The interior has a monogrammed pierced strainer behind the spout. Circa 1930.

Height 7 3/4"

Weight 25.90 troy oz.

Price: $3,500.00

English hallmarked antique silver double salt with stag and lion fighting by Hunt and Roskell

RH643 Hunt & Roskell English Sterling Double Salt London 1850

A rare and unusual double master salt with a fighting lion and stag by Hunt & Roskell hallmarked London 1850 in perfect condition. The interior of the bowls are gold washed.

Weight 30.55 troy oz.

Length 7" by 4" deep by 5" tall

Please inquire

rare English Stephen Smith flagon applied stags antique sterling silver

RH646 English Antique Silver Flagon Circa 1881

An enormous English antique silver presentation lidded ewer or flagon with a hinged lid and applied multiple stags throughout. Superb three dimensional chasing of trees and flora including exotic ferns. Pairs of applied paw feet to support the base. The inscription in the cartouche is dated 1886. Dated London 1881. The maker is Stephen Smith.

Height 21"

Weight 134 troy oz.

Please inquire

antique sterling Tiffany tureen chased in the Indian style with whippet finial 1875/6

Rarest Tiffany Indian Style Tureen Circa 1875

A superb hand chased Tiffany sterling tureen dated 1875 in the Indian style with a large cast whippet finial in pristine condition. The chasing resembles Paisley designs executed in sterling silver. We date this tureen using the number in the mark to 1875. Museum worthy without any doubt.

Weight 84 troy oz.

Length 16 1/2" across the handles

Please inquire

Gorham sterling engraved vase wit gilt highlights

RH630 Gorham Sterling Engraved Vase Circa 1878

A 7 1/4" tall antique sterling vase by the Gorham Company with engraved gold washed detail and a fine "crackled" engraved surface. There is a large gold washed bird in flight on the front and floral detail on the reverse. Engraved on the neck with a presentation.

Date letter N for 1878

Weight 6.60 troy ounces.

Price: $3,500.00

Tiffany sterling water pitcher special hand work

RH9951 Tiffany & Co Special Hand Work Sterling Pitcher

A superb oversized hand hammered faceted pitcher by Tiffany and Co marked with the Tiffany mark and with the "Special Handwork" mark. In pristine condition, never monogrammed.

Height 8"

Weight 39.05 troy oz.

Price: $5,500.00

S Kirk & Son Co sterling silver teapot in the Frenvh Empire style

RH624 S Kirk & Son Co Sterling Teapot 1903-1924

A sterling S Kirk & Son Co teapot in the French Empire style with a wood handle and a pull off disc lid. An unusual style for S Kirk of Baltimore with a dog head spout.

Weight 19.65

Length 8". Height 6" at the handle.

Price: $1,350.00

William F Ladd New York coin silver antique wine ewer with Neptune and sailing ship

RH599 William F Ladd Coin Silver Wine Ewer

A superb early antique coin silver wine ewer by William F Ladd of New York chased with the figure of Neptune on one side and with a sailing ship and American flag on the reverse. Mounted on three cast fish form feet surrounding a conch shell at the center, all bolted to the base with the original silver nuts. The hinged lid has a large cast floral finial. A coronet is engraved in the cartouche on the front of the ewer.

Height 14 1/2"

Weight 46.80 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Rsare Whiting shell seaweed sterling silver antique bowl on four feet

RH152 Rare Whiting Antique Sterling Shell Seaweed Bowl Circa 1880

A large Whiting antique sterling silver bowl on four feet monogrammed in the interior of the bowl. The sides of the circular bowl are chased with large impressive multiple shells with seaweed against a finely stippled background. Excellent condition.

Weight 31 troy oz.

Diameter 10 5/8"

Height 5 1/4"

Please inquire

Gorham antique sterling mixed metals fruit bowl

RH584 Gorham Sterling and Mixed Metals Fruit Bowl

A Gorham antique sterling and applied mixed metals fruit bowl. Applications include fruit with hand made leaves and copper branches and a butterfly and large copper bird in flight. Date letter for 1881.

Diameter 8 1/4"

Weight 20.75 troy oz.

Price: $4,950.00

pir of Whiting marine influenced sterling silver bowls with applied crabs shells and gold washed detailWhitibg sterling marine theme bowls with shells crab starfish

RH130 Pair of Whiting Sterling Marine Theme Bowls Circa 1880

A pair of rare superb important Whiting circular bowls with shells, starfish and marine creatures including an applied crab. The surface is partially gold washed and the center of each bowl is spot hammered.

Retailed by J E Caldwell of Philadelphia.

Diameter of each bowl 9"

Total weight 28.5 troy oz.

Please inquire


Rare Gorham antique sterling silver hand chased centerpiece bowl

RH558 Gorham Antique Sterling Silver Bowl dated 1894

A large impressive antique sterling silver bowl with hand chased Indian influenced decoration and ornate feet. The interior has a large custom monogram and is gold washed. Excellent condition.

Weight 70.75 troy oz.

Length 15" by 12" by 5 1/2" tall

Price: $7,500.00

Tiffany antique sterling 1907 two handle vase acid etched

RH559 Tiffany Acid Etched Two Handle Vase Circa 1907

An antique Tiffany sterling 91 troy oz vase with acid etched floral detail and two handles on the sides. The vase dates to 1907 from the numbers on the Tiffany mark on the base.

Height 11 1/2"

Price: $7,950.00

S Kirk & Son antique sterling silver tea and coffee set landscape pattern hand chased

RH453 S Kirk & Son Sterling Landscape Tea & Coffee Set 169 troy oz.

A Samuel Kirk landscape hand chased tea and coffee set comprising a kettle on stand with two pots, a covered sugar bowl and a cream pitcher. All with landscape or castle scenes chased on both sides of each item.

Total weight 169.05 troy oz.

Height of kettle 13 1/2". Pot 13"

Please inquire

Eoff & Shepard for Ball Black coin silver engraved tankard

RH486 American Coin Silver Tankard Eoff & Shepard

A large engraved antique coin silver tankard with engraved crest in the cartouche and an engraved lid opening on a hinge. Excellent condition. The handle terminates in a face at the bottom with applied beading in the center. Marked with the mark of Eoff & Shepard on the base together with the retailer Ball Black & Co New York.

Height 8 1/4"

Weight 36.05 troy oz.

Price: $4,950.00

A E Warner antique coin silver ewer landscape hand chased early

RH473 A E Warner Baltimore Coin Silver Landscape Ewer

An early tall coin silver ewer with a landscape scene on both sides and a crest in the cartouche. The buildings chased are from the Orient. Marked on the base. The handle terminates in a cast ram's head. There is a light presentation inscription on the inside lip of the circular base dated 1865. Excellent condition.

Weight 53.90 troy oz.

Height 16 1/4"

Please inquire

Tiffany Moore sugar and creamer antique sterling silver applied birds and ivy

Tiffany Sterling Sugar & Creamer

An antique Tiffany sterling silver sugar and cream pitcher with applied ivy and birds. Monogrammed in the cartouche. Gold washed interior. Marked on the base of each piece.

Weight 20.30 troy oz.

Height of pitcher 5 3/4"

Price: $2,950.00 for the set

Whiting mixed metals sterling hammered pitcher and tray

MM246 Whiting Mixed Metals Pitcher Engraved 1882

A Whiting Japanese style antique sterling silver pitcher with applied mixed metals holly complete with original matching tray. There is a spot hammered surface on both pieces. The handle is also spot hammered. There is a large applied dragonfly on the reverse of the pitcher. Engraved presentation on both pieces on the bases.

Diameter of tray 8"

Height of pitcher 7 1/4"

Weight 40.10 troy oz.

Please inquire

Gorham mixed metals sterling silver bowl applied fish

MM105 Gorham Mixed Metals Sterling Bowl Date letter 1880

A Gorham sterling hammered and mixed metals bowl with a diameter of 4 1/2". Height 1 1/2". Weight 6.35 troy oz. The applied interior has multiple fish and lily pads and the exterior of the bowl has an applied plant and other copper application.

Price: $2,650.00

Rare Whiting miniature Japanese antique silver and mixed metals teapot circa 1880

9275 Rare Whiting Mixed Metals Teapot Circa 1880

A rare miniature Whiting Japanese style sterling and mixed metals teapot with a hand hammered swinging handle. The square leaf form lid pulls off and has an applied silver and copper fly. On a spot hammered surface with applied long leaves there are applied copper leaf extensions. There is an additional applied fly on the reverse side on the teapot. In excellent condition. Weight 10 toz. Height 5" with the handle.

Please inquire

antique copper and silver mixed metals table oil lamp

RH288 Rare Gorham Mixed Metals Table Oil Lamp Circa 1870

A rare copper and silver lamp by Gorham with applied silver decoration in the Japanese taste. The top of the lamp pulls out and the Gorham mark is on the base of that pull out part. There are two silver bugs applied to the lamp, one on the leaves and the other on the top of the base.

Height 18" without the brass fitting at the top which unscrews.

Please check for availability


Peter N Orr antique silver cups and saucersP Orr Madras Indian silver set of 12 cups and saucers

RH9961 P Orr Indian Silver Cups and Saucers

A rare set of twelve Indian antique silver cups and saucers by Peter Orr Madras India. engraved by hand with Hindu deities on all 24 pieces. The numbers engraved on the saucers match the cups. Peter Orr was a premier Indian silver maker. Diameter of saucers 5". Height of cups 2 3/4". Cast applied snake handles. Diameter of cups 2 1/2". Gold washed interiors.

Total weight 95 troy oz.

Please inquire

Black Starr and Frost whiskey decanter on long horn sheep horn stand

007 Black Starr & Frost Rare Long Horn Sheep Silver Mounted Liquor Stand Circa 1900

A rare antique circa 1900 whiskey decanter on a silver mounted horn stand with crystal glasses. The base is mounted with the silver cast head of a fish and the top has a detailed tail of a fish. The tail has a silver basket to hold a cut crystal decanter with a silver clad stopper. There are six sterling rings on a bar screwed to the side of the horn to hold crystal glasses.

Total height with decanter (6 3/4") 13 1/2"

Condition: Decanter and 4 glasses perfect. Two glasses damaged.

Please inquire

pair of antique silver tazzas London 1873 Robert Garrard

RH271 Pair of Robert Garrard Tazzas with Engraved Crests London 1873

A pair of fine quality antique English silver tazzas by Robert Garrard dated London 1873 in excellent condition. The bases have lion faces and are cast. The tops are reticulated and unscrew.

Weight 50.6 troy oz. Height 7 3/4"

Price: $3,950.00 for the pair

Tiffany sterling vase with applied ivy and roses

RH233 Tiffany Sterling Art Nouveau Vase 43.45 troy oz.

A large magnificent stylish Tiffany antique art nouveau sterling silver vase in excellent condition with applied roses and chased ivy vines with leaves. The base has a chased band of decoration and the rim has an applied die rolled band. The interior has the original gold washed finish, a sign of very good quality.

We have the original cloth bag.

Height 15"

Weight 43.45 troy oz.

Please inquire and check for availability

Janna Thomas amazing sterling pineapple container

RH070 Janna Thomas Mexico Sterling Pineapple Container Circa 1980 190 troy oz

Made by Janna Thomas for Neiman Marcus this amazing and spectacular pineapple box is an engineering marvel. The pieces are individually cast and assembled with remarkable detail. There is a special satin finish on the surfaces giving off a special effect of a natural look. Fit for a museum of modern art this seems to be quite a rare item and not too many on this scale seem to have been made. The interior is double skinned and the craftsmanship of the construction shows through. There is a special pin to lock the top into place when it is put on. The weight is 190 troy oz and it not meant to be moved around too much.

Height 12"

Please inquire

Irish antique silver charger by John Smyth for the Duke of Somerset Dublin 1869

RH084 Irish Antique Silver Charger Dublin 1869

An Irish antique silver charger set with original horticultural and agricultural medals awarded to Thomas Seymour who is a descended from the Seymour family, brother of Jane Seymour, wife of Henry VIII. Each medal is set into the plate as a coin would be and the engraved presentations on the reverse of the medals are visible on the back of the plate. There are applied feet on the bottom. Deaquisitioned property of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Engraved at the center with the arts of the Seymour family, the Dukes of Somerset. Applied beaded edge and engraved border.

Weight 83 troy oz. Diameter 16"

Price: $8,750.00

Tiffany hammered and etched antique sterling aesthetic inkwell

N020 Tiffany Sterling Inkwell

A Tiffany antique sterling aesthetic hammered and etched inkwell. The center box has two sliding drawers for stamps and there in an ink jar and a sander . There are etched ferns and applied ferns on the platform and a custom monogram on the removable plate covering the two stamp drawers. There are four applied Japanesque feet. 9 1/2" by 5 3/4". Weight 19.20 troy oz.

Price: $5,900.00

pair of Ferench antique silver 950 pure condiment pots maker Odiot Paris

RH9858 French Silver Pair Rococco Condiment Pots by Odiot Paris

A pair of ornate cast French antique 950 silver (First Purity) condiment pots with removable silver liners and matching spoons. Monogrammed on the front of each pot. The cast bases bolted to the pots. Lightly gold washed interiors.

Height 4 1/2"

Weight 37.85 troy oz.

Length of base 6"

Please inquire

Shiebler antique sterling bug grape basket mixed metals circa 1880

MM9976 Shiebler Antique Sterling Mixed Metals Grape Basket Circa 1880

A Shiebler antique sterling grape basket with an applied copper bug and applied grapes on the canopy handle. The body is in a leaf form complete with veins. In superb condition. Gold washed interior.

Weight 17.30 troy oz. 9 1/2" by 5 1/2" by 3" tall.

Please inquire

Rare 1940 English silver art deco centerpiece and plateau by Harold Stabler for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths

Rare 1940s English Art Deco Silver Centerpiece

An important English silver bowl and matching plateau by Harold Stabler London 1940 for the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. The bowl weighs 79 troy ounces without the plateau. The base is lined with wood and has a black glass disc held in place with four wood pins. Monogrammed on one side of the bowl. Matching hallmarks on both pieces. Decorated rings hanging from two arms on the rim of the bowl. Plateau 14" diameter. 1 1/2" tall. Bowl 10" diameter. 5 1/2" tall.

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Gorham large mixed metals hammered sterling fruit punch bowl

9891 Gorham Mixed Metals Large Fruit /Punch Bowl Dated 1882

A large important Gorham bowl on a copper branch form base with applied grape leaves and bunches together with copper and silver vines. A rare mixed metals hand hammered sterling silver bowl in perfect condition. Marked on the base with the date letter for 1882 and sterling and other metals together with the Gorham logo.

Weight 101.7 troy ounces. Across handles 16" Height 7"

Please inquire

Austrian Wiener Werkstatte large pair of candelabra Bruder Frank

RH9281/9716 Austrian Arts and Crafts Silver Pair of Candelabra

A large pair of Austrian 800 silver candelabra, hand hammered by the maker Bruder Frank in the Wiener Werkstatte style. Both hallmarked.

Height 12". Width 13 1/2".

Combined weight 110 troy oz.

Please inquire

Gorham amtique sterling mixed metals sugar and creamer

9503 Gorham Mixed Metals Sterling Sugar and Creamer Circa 1881

A Gorham antique sterling silver mixed metals hammered sugar and creamer. Both pieces are heavy decorated with applied three dimensional leaves, cherries bugs and branches. Monogrammed "S" on the outside. There is an applied ornate decorative die rolled band at the top of each piece. Very fine faceted hammering and applied basket handles. Fine condition.. Combined weight 14.30 troy oz. Height 2 1/2". Length 5" across handles. Date letter for 1881.

Price: $4,500.00 for the pair

Dominick & Haff antique sterling hammered pond pattern chased after dinner coffee pot for Caldwell

RH9840 Rare Sterling After Dinner Coffee Pot Circa 1888

A Dominick & Haff antique sterling hammered and chased after dinner coffee pot circa 1888 in pristine condition. There are numerous flowers chased in addition to a large dragon fly near the spout. Retailed by Caldwell of Philadelphia. Monogrammed on the base.

Height 10 1/4".

Weight 20.65 troy oz.

Please check for availability

Rare Gorham antique sterling fruit bowl on stand with silver gilt fox and grape vines and grapes

RH97474 Gorham Centerpiece Compote Bowl with Fox and Vines Circa 1870

A pristine antique sterling silver boat shaped centerpiece bowl with silver gilt cast applied fox on cast applied vines and grapes. The theme most likely based on Aesop's Fables having the fox eye the bunch of grapes just out of reach. The workmanship by Gorham is extremely fine and intricate and the interior is gold washed. Marked with the Gorham logo on the base and the retailed George Shreve & Co. The base has the date letter of 1870.

Weight 40.2 troy oz. Height 13"

Please inquire

R & W Wilson Philadelphia antique coin silver ewer

RH9621 R & W Wilson Antique Coin Silver Ewer

A large impressive antique coin silver ewer hand chased with flowers and acanthus leaves and engraved on the neck of the ewer. There are four detailed cast claw feet on the base.

In outstanding condition.

Weight 65.9 troy oz.

Height 18 4" at the handle.

Circa 1840.

Price: $8,750.00

Large Shiebler cabbage leaf sterling bowl grapes and bug mixed metals

RH9605 Shiebler Antique Leaf Form Bowl Circa 1880

A rare large antique sterling silver leaf form bowl with applied textured leaves. One leaf with an applied copper bug. A large hand made silver bunch of grapes is suspended from a branch above a handle on the rear side of the bowl. Circa 1880. Marked with the Shiebler logo and sterling together with a style number.

Weight 45 troy oz. 12" by 11" by 6" tall at the grapes.

Please inquire

Tiffany antique sterling silver iris etched vase and hammered surface

RH 9422 Tiffany Antique Sterling Vase Etched and Hammered Circa 1902-1907

An antique Tiffany sterling silver flower vase with an unusual combination of hand hammering together with acid etched floral decoration. The flowers are orchids. The vase has the C mark for 1902-1907 and a scratch weight of 23 troy ounces. Excellent condition.

Height 10 1/4"

Please inquire

Benjamin Smith English silver wine cooler c1827

RH9399 English Silver Wine Cooler Benjamin Smith 161 troy oz.

London 1827

A superb English silver wine cooler by Benjamin Smith II with ornate panels of rosettes of flowers on stylized shells, the lower section and handles cast and chased with foliage. The tapering lobe shaped cooler has a diapered middle section and the top resembles ruffled fabric. The liner has an engraved crest.

Height 10 3/4"; weight 160.85 troy oz. Dated for London 1827. A work of art in excellent condition.

Please inquire

Gorham sterling punch bowl with grapes and vines and ladlegorham serling punch bowl and ladle 120 oz

RH9343 Important Gorham Sterling Punch Bowl with Ladle c1883

An important unusual square hand hammered antique sterling silver punch bowl with matching punch ladle by Gorham with applied with grape vines, leaves and large realistic bunches of grapes. There are four cast and applied ornate feet and the interior is perfectly preserved with the original gold wash. Inscribed on the base "from Samuel Wormser" with a script monogram. In addition to the Gorham logo and sterling the date letter P is for 1883.

Total weight: 121.70 troy oz.

Height 9 1/2"; length of ladle 15 1/2"

Width 15" across the grape handles

Please check for availability and price

Dominick & Haff Theodore B Starr mixed metals pitcher hammered and applied with salamander

Mixed Metals Sterling Hammered Pitcher T B Starr

Marked with the mark of the retailer Theodore B Starr this pitcher looks like the work of Dominick & Haff of New York who had a close association with that particular retailer. The pitcher is in perfect condition with pristine graduated spot hammering extending to the lip and the base. Circa 1880. Applications include exotic plants, butterflies and birds. Best of all there is a poised salamander on the hammered handle. Quite a fun piece.

A full size pitcher measuring 7 1/2" with a weight of 29 troy ounces.

Please check for availability

Guild of Handicrafts rare hand hammered 1934 hinged tea caddy

RH9216 Rare Guild Of Handicrafts Tea Caddy London 1934-1935

A massive hinged hand hammered octagonal tea caddy hallmarked with the mark of Goldsmiths and Silversmiths 1934-1935 in pristine condition with an unpolished surface.

Height 8" at the finial.

Weight 29.45 toz.

Please inquire

Tiffany mixed metals and hammered sterling bowl copper applied lobster

8982 Tiffany Hammered Mixed Metal Large Fruit Bowl Circa 1880

A large antique sterling silver hammered fruit bowl with applied decoration with mixed metal inlay and a large applied copper lobster on the pedestal base. There are engraved tendrils linking the applied leaves.

Height 7". Diameter 11 1/4". Diameter of base 7". Weight 59.25 toz.

Please inquire

pair of Scottish English hand chased vases antique silver

RH9076 Pair of British Antique Silver Massive Vases

A huge pair of hand chased antique sterling silver vases with acanthus leaves and floral bands of chasing. The vases measure 16" tall with a weight of 120 toz. The interiors are gold washed. Hallmarked as follows: 1 Edinburgh 1892 Brook & Son. 2. London 1892 Charles Stuart Harris. These vases have a huge presence and are in excellent condition.

Please inquire

Tiffany Japanesque srterling pitcher with applied fish

RH8936 Tiffany Antique Sterling Pitcher

A rare tall Tiffany antique sterling silver pitcher with a Japanese influenced motifs including multiple applied detailed cast fish and engraved seaweed on a satin finished area. Bordered by ornate applied die rolled bands. The base and rim are smooth for a very effective contrast. A fine early example of the Japanese movement by Tiffany & Company. Circa 1876. Height 9 3/8" tall. Weight 37 toz.

Please inquire

Rare large Gorham martele vase

RH8640 Rare Early Gorham Martele Vase 18"

A rare Gorham Martele sample vase with delicate floral chasing and four dolphin face feet. Chased in panels on a hammered background.

Weight 78.45 troy ounces.

Height 18"

Please inquire

Shiebler cabbage leaf salad bowl with canopy and grapes

RH8644 Shiebler 'Cabbage Leaf' Serving Bowl Circa 1880

A rare Shiebler naturalistic cabbage leaf sterling bowl with canopy, looped handle and applied bunch of grapes on one side. Length 8" by 5 3/4" wide; height 4 1/2"; weight 17.90 troy oz. Retailed by Theodore Starr. Style 287.

Please inquire

Shiebler antique sterling leaf bowl with applied bug and matching spoon with copper bug

RH8647 Shiebler Sterling Leaf Bowl Circa 1880 with applied bug on the leaf foot below the handle. Weight 22 toz. 11" by 6" by 2 1/2" tall.

Please inquire

8648 Shiebler Spoon with leaf bowl, wire handle and a copper bug on leaf at the terminal. Length 10" Price: $1,875.00

Gorham mixed metals and sterling tea caddy hammered with applied spider

8510 Gorham Tea Caddy

A rare Gorham hammered and applied mixed metals tea caddy with a large applied spider and berries. On the other side is a large intricate spider web with an insect at the center. Deliberate indentations give the tea caddy added dimension. The lid pulls off. The base has a leaf applied with a date of presentation. Circa 1879. Height 4 1/4'. Weight 8.55 toz.

Please check for availability

Tiffany sterling bird and ivy centerpiece early Moore

RH8332 Tiffany Centerpiece Compote

A rare and important Tiffany antique sterling silver compote centerpiece with applied ivy and three dimensional birds in incredible detail. Marked with the M for Moore mark for Tiffany and Company, circa 1875. Height 11 1/2" at the handle. Weight 65 troy ounces.

Please inquire

Whiting sterling hammered bowl with applied bird and mixed metal berries

MM8293 Whiting Sterling Mixed Metals Bowl Ca 1881

A small antique sterling hand hammered fruit bowl on a pedestal applied with a large bird and branches with copper cherries. A copper bug is applied to the reverse with an engraved inscription dated 1881 from Aunt Alice. Additional fruit applied to the base together with a mixed metals bug. Weight 14.25 troy ounces. 6 3/4" diameter. 3 3/4" tall.

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Carl Poul Petersen sterling tazas

RH8284 Petersen Sterling Bon Bon Compotes

A hand hammered antique sterling pair of bon bon compotes with handles by Carl Poul Petersen of Montreal Canada. Height 8" Weight 36 troy ounces.

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Gorham antique sterling hand hammered mixed metals fruit bowl with dragon fly and frog

RH7753 Gorham Sterling and Mixed Metals Bowl

A Gorham antique sterling hand hammered fruit bowl with applied mixed metals. Motifs include a large dragon fly, bird and a large impressive branch bearing fruit with small applied frog. Weight 16 troy ounces. 8" diameter. 3 1/8" tall.

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Gorham mixed metals chocolate pot

RH7519 Gorham Sterling & Mixed Metals Chocolate Pot Circa 1881

A sterling and mixed metals chocolate pot with applied copper Japanese motifs in abundance. Combined with hand engraved detail between the applied copper such as a strand above the spider and other engraved landscapes between the Japanese figures. Other applications include insects and birds. 7" tall. Weight 16 troy ounces. Circa 1881

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Gorham mixed metals punch bowl with matching ladle

Rare Gorham Sterling and Mixed Metals Punch Bowl with Ladle

A large important antique hand hammered Gorham sterling and mixed metals punch bowl. Applied copper and brass cherries and leaves. Matching ladle. Click on picture for more details. 77 troy ounces.

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Important Tiffany sterling vase

RH6889 Important Tiffany Antique Sterling Vase

An exceptional Tiffany sterling vase attributed to Curran with applied, etched and chased detail. The two handles terminate in a cast rosette which is also applied to the base on the underside. Exceptional detail, and a remarkable effort on the part of Tiffany & Company to produce a unique piece of silver during the gilded age. Height 12 3/4" tall. Weight 106.9 troy oz. The diameter of the top opening is 6"

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Peer Smed sterling cup with handle

RH7263 Peer Smed Sterling Cup

A hand wrought sterling silver cup with applied handle and chased decoration around the base by the renowned silversmith Peer Smed. Chased into the foot is a name Susan Hockathon or similar. Height 3 1/4"; weight 3.65 troy oz.

Price: $595.00

Tiffany antique sterling Japanese style salad bowl and matching servers

RH7244 Tiffany Hammered Salad Bowl with Custom Matching Salad Set

A Japanese style antique hand hammered sterling salad bowl with servers by Tiffany & Company c1880, in perfect condition. Applied custom monogram on all three pieces together with insects and oak leaves joined by engraved tendrils. Gold washed interior. Diameter 8 3/4". Salad set 9 3/4" long. Combined weight 32.60 troy ounces.

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Tiffany mixed metals pitcher

RH9949 Tiffany Larger Size Sterling and Mixed Metals Pitcher

A large Tiffany antique sterling hammered pitcher in the Japanese style with applied mixed metals and sterling. The applied motifs include oak leaves and butterflies. The applications are connected by engraved tendrils on the hammering. Perfect condition. Weight 28 troy ounces. Height 8"

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Whiting antique sterling and mixed metals bowl

RH7752 Whiting Sterling and Mixed Metals Bowl

A hand hammered Japanese influenced fruit bowl with applied copper fish and applied silver lily pads on the reverse. Marked on the base with the Whiting logo and sterling. Diameter 9" Height 2 5/8". Weight 21.15 troy ounces. Circa 1880.

Price: $3,500.00

Tiffany sterling hexagonal hammered tray

RH6440 Tiffany Hexagonal Hammered Sterling Tray

A substantial antique Tiffany sterling hammered hexagonal tray with a large acid etched monogram on the front. Six applied feet on the corners. Marked with Tiffany marks and M. Circa 1875.

Weight 60 troy ounces. Width 15"

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