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Shiebler chrysanthemum cigar lighter lamp

N9416 Shiebler Sterling Cigar Lamp Circa 1900

A Shiebler antique sterling cigar lamp with applied chrysanthemum flowers. The cap secured with a chain pulls off revealing a wick and the decorated lid pulls off for filling. Weight 3.3 troy oz. Length 4'. Height 2".

Price: $1,100.00

Gorham antique sterling hammered and mixed metals cigar lighter

N9415 Gorham Sterling Mixed Metals Cigar Lighter Circa 1880

A Gorham hand hammered sterling and mixed metals cigar lighter lamp. Three dimensional dragon handle and applied copper frog and water lilies on the reverse. A small copper bug is off to one side of the reverse. Excellent condition. Weight 5.6 troy oz. 2 1/2" tall. 5" across.


Whiting sterling and cranberry antique cigar lighter

N9507 Whiting Cranberry Glass and Sterling Cigar Lighter

An unusual Whiting antique sterling cigar lighter with cranberry glass blown through the gaps in the silver. The gold wash high spots are worn showing more silver. Otherwise good condition. Marks worn. Height 2 1/2". Diameter 2 1/4". Wick in the hole with original cap on chain.


Indian antique silver rose water sprinkler elephant form

N9478 Indian Antique Silver Rose Water Sprinkler Circa 1890

A fine quality Indian antique silver rose-water sprinkler with screw off flower form cap and elephant body. The front of the elephant has applied flowers and the body of the elephant is hand engraved showing considerable detail. Circa 1890. Most of these figural rose-water sprinklers are from the Kutch region of India. This one has no marks. Excellent condition.

Height 9".

Weight 7.45 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

English silver button hook giant bird head red glass eyes London 1891

N9558 English Silver Bird Head Button Hook London 1891

A giant English silver antique button hook with a three dimensional realistic bird head complete with red glass eyes and chased feathers. The shaft is silver plated steel and the head is hallmarked London 1891 with a maker's mark slightly rubbed. The silver chased head measures 5" and the body 13 1/2" complete including the head.

This item needs to be seen to be believed because of the sheer size and scale.

Price $950.00

Tiffany aesthetic sterling silver hammered boap box

N9410 Tiffany Antique Sterling Soap Box

A two part antique sterling silver hammered soap dish by Tiffany and Company with piercing on the corners of the lid and hammered and etched surfaces. The etched detail on the lid is a three letter monogram. Excellent condition.

4" by 3"by 2 1/2" tall.

Weight 7.15 troy oz.

Price: $2,250.00

Johnnie Walker sterling silver whiskey bottle trompe l'oeil

N9588 Johnnie Walker Sterling Silver Decanter Bottle

A large trompe L'oeil sterling silver whiskey bottle with engraved labels on a satin finshed surface. A realistic screw off cap completes this remarkable item which has a large presence and is a replica of a full size Black Label Johnnie Walker bottle.

Height 11 1/2". Weight 25.20 troy oz. Excellent condition.

Marked on the base with numerous sterling marks. The flask/decanter is extremely well made and is of the highest quality.

Price: $3,750.00

Antique sterling silver and crystal perfume vinaigrette by Henry William Dee London 1869

N9563 Henry William Dee Perfume Vinaigrette London 1869

A Henry Wiliam Dee antique sterling and engraved crystal perfume vinaigrette in excellent condition. The glass is engraved with swags and bows. The bottom door has a thick beveled glass enclosing a finely pierced grill covering the vinaigrette chamber. The top cap opens on a hinge to expose the top of the perfume. The lid secures the top of the perfume with a glass disc insert.

Length 3 1/2"

Maker :Henry William Dee


Art Nouveau antique sterling letter opener paper knife by Graff Washbourne and Dunn

N9468 American Art Nouveau Sterling Letter Opener circa 1903

An American art nouveau antique sterling figural paper knife by Graff Washbourne and Dunn with crisp detail and massive weight. The knife weighs 11.35 troy ounces.

Length 13".

Price: $2,500.00

Tiffany and co heart shaped picture frame with solid oak back and sterling easel

N9564 Tiffany Sterling Heart Shaped Picture Frame Circa 1890

An antique sterling silver and solid oak heart shaped picture frame by Tiffany and Company with the T date letter in excellent condition. All the detail on the front of the frame is cast and applied. Beveled edge heart shaped original glass. Sterling silver easel on the reverse.

8 1/4" by 6".

Check for availability and price

Wood and Hughs neo classical napkin rings

N9516 Wood & Hughes Antique Sterling Napkin Rings

A fine quality pair of napkin rings by Wood and Hughes with detailed cast busts male and female inscribed with the names "John and Annie" on the milled edge discs. Very fine detailed castings. Circa 1870. Weight 4.90 troy ounces. 2 1/4". 1 3/4" tall.

Price: $1.750.00 for the pair

Dutch silver miniature cabinet

N9403 Dutch Miniature Silver Cabinet

An antique Dutch silver miniature cabinet with swing doors and a large sliding drawer with movable handles. A fine quality miniature with excellent detail. Circa 1900. 833 pure.

Height 4 1/4".

Weight 5.45 troy ounces.

Price: $595.00

Tiffany sterling mice salt and peppers London 1962

Tiffany Sterling Mice Salt and Peppers London 1962

A pair of cast sterling mice salt and pepper shakers hallmarked Tiffany & Co London 1962. The shakers open with a hinged door at the base for filling.

Height 2 1/2". Weight 3.75 troy ounces.


Samuel Pemberton satchel form silver vinaigrette

N7783 English Silver Satchel Form Vinaigrette by Samuel Pemberton

A sterling silver vinaigrette in the form of a satchel by Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham dated 1790. Length 7/8" by 5/8" by 1/4" thick. Fine bright cut engraving throughout. Excellent condition.

Price: $395.00

Dutch antique silver figural wager cup

N6710 Dutch Figural Wager Cup Circa 1900

An antique Dutch silver 813 purity wager cup with the top monogrammed cup rotating on two arms. Marked with the Dutch lion mark with the number 2. Circa 1900.

Weight 9.40 troy ounces. Height 8"

Price: $1,200.00

English antique silver grape shears in original fitted case by William Hutton

N9387 English Silver Grape Shears London 1898

An English antique silver grape shears in the original fitted case hallmarked London 1898 by William Hutton and Sons. Pristine condition pierced and engraved floral handles. Length 7". Weight 3.75 troy ounces.

Price: $595.00

Shiebler antique sterling and mixed metals chatelaine clip for perfume flasks

N9375 Shiebler Mixed Metals Chatelaine Circa 1870

A Shiebler antique sterling aesthetic chatelaine clip with applied copper flower at the center and hand engraved detail on all parts of the linked chatelaine. Original clip on the back and mechanical link on the bottom. Excellent condition.

Length 4 1/8"

Price: $695.00

Antique sterling napkin ring hexagonal with applied Egyptian Sphinx

N9365 American Sterling Napkin Ring Circa 1870

A hexagonal antique sterling silver napkin ring marked sterling only with a style number probably manufactured by John Wendt of New York. The sides are engraved with bright cut work and vacant cartouches. The top of the napkin ring has an applied cast sphinx with good detail. There are four applied pointed feet on the square base.

Height 2 3/4". Width 1 7/8".

Weight 2.1 troy ounces.

Price: $375.00

French antique silver wine taster with snake handle and coin

French Silver Wine Taster

An antique French silver wine taster with an inserted coin and snake handle. Exceptionally heavy at 3.45 troy ounces and with a diameter of 3". Length across the handle 4". Marked with the Minerva mark and the maker NH. The purity number is not visible.

Price: $425.00

French antique silver wine taster

French Silver Wine Taster 950/1000 Marc Parrod

A French antique silver wine taster with Merva head mark and 1 for first purity. Engraved handle with venus and ring below hallmarked, Makers mark for Marc Parrod. Inserted coin and chased grapes on the bowl.

Length 3 3/4" Diameter 2 3/4".

Price: $475.00

French antique silver wine taster first standard

French Silver Wine Taster 950/1000 Maker Marc Parrod

A French antique silver wine taster with an inserted silver coin. The handle is engraved with a seated figure and has a ring beneath it. The side of the bowl is chased with grapes and is fluted. Marked with the Minerva head with 1 and additional French silver markings on the handle and on the ring. Diameter 3 1/4". Length 4 1/4" with handle.

Weight 2.8 troy ounces.

Price: $495.00

Tiffany antique sterling wishbone shaped napkin ring circa 1880

N9355 Tiffany Sterling Napkin Ring Circa 1880

An unusual sterling silver Tiffany napkin ring with M mark circa 1880 and acid etched floral detail. Height 2 3/4". the two sides have a wishbone shape.

Diameter of interior 1 3/4".

Weight 4.05 troy ounces.

Price $675.00

Schulz & Fischer napkin ring with calla lilies coin silver California

9356 Schulz & Fischer Napkin Ring

A coin silver napkin ring with pedestal base and three dimensional calla lilies on the sides. Marked on the base with the mark of Schulz & Fischer and the seal of the state of California. Engraved presentation monograms on the top of the ring. Circa 1865. Weight 3.20 troy ounces. Height 2". Length 3".

Price: $575.00

Rare Gorham sterling silver vinaigrette with applied frog and fish

Gorham Sterling Vinaigrette Circa 1880

An unusual and rare two inch Gorham antique sterling vinaigrette with hinged lid. The pierced grille is sealed so the cylinder can only be filled by pouring liquid through the holes in the pierced grille. The exterior has an applied fish and a frog on a surface simulating waves on water.

Price: $395.00

English antique silver filigree spice tower bells and flags London 1900

N9344 English Silver Filigree Spice Tower Judaica item

A fine quality antique English silver spice tower with filigree central container complete with hinged door and bells and flags.

Hallmarked London 1900.

Height 10".

Weight 5.85 troy ounces.



Mary Gage hand made sterling pin brooch

N9358 Mary Gage Sterling Brooch

A large 2 1/2" diameter sterling silver hand made pin by Mary Gage with inset hard stone. The naturalistic leaves on the edge are mounted with silver balls giving the pin an extra dimension. Original pin in fine condition.

Price: $395.00

Large sterling pin with marcasite and green stones

Sterling Marcasite Pin

A sterling silver pin with marcasite and two sprays of floral decoration with green glass stones forming the flowers. Length 2 1/8"by 1 1/8" wide. Good condition. Marked sterling.

Price: $150.00

Unusual Sweetser American sterling double table box with Japanese etched scenes and pagoda handle

NGW2 Sweetser Sterling Double Box

An antique sterling acid etched Japanese style sterling silver double table box with a pagoda shaped handle and Japanese inspired scenes etched on the hinged lids. The maker is Sweetser. Circa 1900. Length 7" by 4 1/2" by 3 3/4" tall at the handle.

Price: $1,500.00

English antique silver toast rack Birmingham 1905

GW14 English Silver Swan Toast Rack

An English hallmarked silver toast rack dated 1905 hallmarked in Birmingham. Weight 6.15 troy ounces. Length 5 3/4". Height 4 1/4"

Price: $950.00

American Sterling Mesh Purse

An American sterling silver chain mesh purse with rope wrist strap and blue cabochon in the clasp. Length of purse from the top of the clasp to the middle ball 7 1/2"; width 3"; length strap 5 3/4". Good condition.

Weight 3.65 troy oz.

Price: $275.00

Janna Mexico shell shaped caviar box gold washed interior

N9319 Unusual Janna Shell Shaped Caviar Serving Box

A two part sterling silver shell shaped caviar server with heavily gold washed interior and intricate applied fins on a cast shell showing incredible detail. Maker Janna of Mexico. Weight 32.55 toz. Width 7". Height 5"

Price: $2,950.00

antique sterling silve calling card case by Gorham in the original fitted box

Gorham Sterling Card Case

An early Gorham antique sterling silver card case with engraved decoration in original fitted box. The box has a name written on the front. The name "ELLA" in engraved in the cartouche on the front of the silver case. The top of the card case opens on a hinge for the insertion of cards. 3 7/8" by 2 1/4".

Price: $125.00

Tiffany and Co hammered sterling silver  perfume flask gourd shaped with chain acid etched

N9292 Tiffany Hammered Gourd Shaped Perfume Flask

A Tiffany antique hammered sterling silver perfume flask circa 1880 with acid etched gold washed monogram and date of 1882. The hammered cap screws off the top for opening and filling. Origial chain with ring handle.

Length 3 1/4". Length with chain 4 3/4".

Price: $1,195.00

Shiebler antique sterling napkin ring with applied copper bug

N9304 Rare Shiebler Sterling Mixed Metal Napkin Ring Circa 1880

A rare free standing antique sterling hammered napkin ring by George Shiebler with applied grapes and a copper bug. Monogrammed with a large "M" on the base and marked inside the ring with the Shiebler logo and style number.

2" diameter. Weight 3.9 toz.


hand hammered antique French silver first purity wine taster

N9231 French Silver Wine Taster Hammered 1st Purity

An antique silver first purity hammered wine taster with a cast leaf handle. Clearly marked on the ring handle and the side of the bowl. Inscribed on the upper edge on one side. Decorated with grapes and with two applied bunches of grapes on the handle side. Diameter 3". Length 4". Weight 2.6 toz.

Price: $325.00

Large Peer Smed sterling silver hand wrought pin in the shape of a calla lily

N9261 Peer Smed Sterling Hammered Pin

A large sterling silver pin by Peer Smed in original condition, hand made in the form of a calla lily complete with sterling stamen at the center. Original pin and catch. Length 4 1/2". Weight 1.25 toz.

Price: $750.00

French silver wine taster with mask handle and coin

N9231 French Silver Wine Taster Circa 1890

A French antique silver wine taster maked on the handle with the Minerva head.

Length across the handle 4". Diameter of the bowl 2 3/4". Weight 1.5 toz.

Price: $195.00

German figure antique 13 silver granny figure on a chair

N9230 German Antique Silver Figure on Chair 13 purity

A large German silver figurine seated in a chair with an engraved silver pillow behind her. Finely detailed the granny figurine wears glasses and has a bonnet on her head. The figurine is decorated on front and back.

Height 5 1/4"

Weight 16.20 toz.

Price: $1,750.00

Reed and Barton antique art nouveau nut dishes flowers

N9154 Reed & Barton Sterling Art Nouveau Nut Dishes

Six Reed & Barton art nouveau nut dishes in the shape of flowers marked on the side with the names of each flower. Width 3 1/2".

Price: $495.00 for the set of six

pair of sterling silver bird pepper shakers

Pair of Sterling Bird Pepper Shakers

A pair of sterling bird shaped pepper shakers with pull off heads measuring 3 1/8" tall. Weight 2.55 toz.

Price: $395.00 pair

Gorham cherub napkin ring antique sterling

N9185 Gorham Parcel Gilded Sterling Napkin Ring with Nautical Theme

A hefty sterling silver parcel gilded napkin ring with a band of decoration around the mid section depicting putti riding a whale and putti blowing a horn with a trident in its hand. Width 1 7/8"; diameter 1 3/4"; weight 2.50 troy oz. Good condition with a satin finish. Never monogrammed.

Price: $495.00

French Minerva head silver wine taster

N9163 French Silver Wine Taster

A French silver wine taster with a minerva head mark on the back of the bowl.

Length 4". Weight 1.7 toz.

Price: $195.00

Queen Victoria diamond jubilee match safe antique sterling 1897

N9181 Queen Victoria Sterling Match Safe 1897

A sterling silver English hallmarked match safe or vesta case with the head of Queen Victoria. The date is the date of her diamond jubilee in 1897. Made in Birmingham.

Length 2".

Price: $295.00

Set of seven Tiffany sterling open salts different forms

N9140 Tiffany Antique sterling Salts Circa 1880

Seven antique Tiffany sterling salts with applied feet and gold washed interiors. Hammered surfaces. Length 1 1/2". Height 1/2". Circa 1880.

Price: $1,250.00 for the seven

Gorham sterling engraved child's plate

N9099 Gorham Sterling Engraved Plate

A Gorham sterling silver child's plate with beautifully engraved 'grandpa' and child in the central area. "Grandpa's Watch" is engraved on the edge of the plate. The back is inscribed with a presentation and dated May 21st 1881. Diameter 7"; weight 5.25 troy oz. Very good condition.

Price: $475.00

Gorham antique sterling silver grape shears with foxes on the handle

N9122 Gorham Antique Sterling Grape Shears Circa 1900

A heavy quality cast Gorham grape shears with two foxes on the handles and grapes and vines on the handle. All made in two long pieces, the one side having a steel blade screwed into the handle for good cutting. Length 6 7/8". Weight 6 toz.

Price: $595.00

Gorhan antique sterling silver cast grape shears

N9085 Gorham Sterling Cast Grape Shears

A fine quality antique sterling silver grape shears by the Gorham Company circa 1880 in fine condition. The two halves are cast in great detail showing grapes and vines and a steel blade bolted to the half for superior cutting. Length 6 1/4". Weight 5.4 toz.

Price: $495.00

Dutch antique silver peppermint box in the form of a cabinet

N9051 Dutch Peppermint Box Circa 1911

A Dutch antique silver peppermint box with hinged lid in the form of a cabinet. Marked with the date letter for 1911 and Dutch marks on the base.

1 3/4" tall.

Price: $295.00

Georg Jensen Sterling Pin

A sterling silver modernist pin by Georg Jensen of Copenhagen, Denmark marked with style number 342. Post 1940.

Length 3" by 1 3/4" wide

Price: $175.00

Russian antique silver kiddush cup Moscow 1874

N8906 Russian Silver Kiddush Cup 4 1/4" tall

A small Russian 4 1/4" tall antique silver kiddush cup with Moscow 1874 marks. Hand engraved decoration. Monogrammed "JB". Weight 1.45 toz.

Price: $225.00

English antique silver footed pomander by William Comyns

N8863 Large English Footed Pomander by William Comyns

A large impressive Edwardian footed English antique silver pomander by William Comyns hallmarked London 1903. The hinged lid has a cast scene of a bridal carriage with wedding bells on either side. Dimensions 7" by 4 1/2" by 4 1/4" tall. Weight 12.35 toz. Engraved Margarita on the front in script.

Price: $1,595.00

William Comyns antique silver mounted pomander basket London 1911

N8864 William Comyns Pomander Basket London 1911

An English antique silver mounted rock crystal cut glass basket with silver swing handle. Dated London 1911. Length 5 1/2". 2 3/4" wide. Height 2 1/4"

Price: $595.00

Lebkuecher hardsone box sterling

N8946 Lebkuecher Hardstone Mechanical Box

An antique hardstone mechanical cigarette box with rooster finial and sterling mounts by Lebkuecher circa 1896-1909. Measures 6 1/2". Excellent condition.

Price: $3,500.00

Dutch antique silver fish shaped spice box

N8851 Dutch Silver Fish Spice Box

An interesting Dutch antique silver flat fish spice box with red stone eyes. Length 4". Date letter 1903.

Price: $1,500.00

German antique silver fish shaped spice container

N8852 German Fish Spice Box

A German antique silver fish spice box with marks in the head. French import marks. Length 5"

Price: $950.00

American coin silver posy holder

N8681 American Coin Silver Posy Holder Engraved 1858

A three dimensional American coin silver posy holder dated 1858 with ivy leaves and a pull out pin. Length 5 3/4"

Price: $475.00

rare Shiebler antique sterling nutmeg grater

N8765 Shiebler Nutmeg Grater

A rare Shiebler antique sterling silver nutmeg grater in the shape of a piece of nutmeg with a surface pierced from the inside serving as a grater. The two parts are hinged together and there is a clip on the side to hold the two parts in place. Length 1 7/8".

Price: $595.00

Cameo carved shell

Cameo Carved Shell

A hand engraved shell advertising Walter Smith who sold marine products in New York. Beautifully engraved and the shell is in excellent condition. Length 3 1/4". Circa 1900

Price: $150.00

German 800 silver cornucopia vase on wheels

N8642 German 800 Silver Vase

A German antique 800 silver small cornucopia vase on wheels with a cast applied cherub and three wheels for movement on a table. Marked on the bar holding the wheels. Height 4"

Price $695.00

Albert Coles mixed metals snuff box

MM8519 Albert Coles Mixed Metals Snuff Box

An antique Japanese style sterling silver snuff box by Albert Coles with mixed metals applied including a small copper cat, horse head and bird. Dated and inscribed 1890. The reverse engraved with a group of Japanese motifs. 3" by 2" by 3/4".

Price: $750.00

English silver wine funnel John Cramer London 1810

N8584 English Silver Wine Funnel c1810

A heavy, good quality English sterling silver wine funnel by John Cramer marked for London and dated 1810. The crest reads 'libertas et Natale Solum.'

Height 6"; weight 7.15 troy oz.

Excellent condition.

Price: $1,500.00

English antique silver youth christening set London 1881

N8525 English Silver Youth Set in Box

A finely hand engraved antique gold washed and satin finished youth set in original fitted case. The engraving is done in the Japanese taste and is very crisp. There is a crest and monogram on each piece. The cup is 3 1/2" tall and the knife is 7 1/4" long. London 1881.

Price: $2,250.00

Dominick and Haff pair of figural pepper shakers

N8515 Pair of Salt Shakers

A pair of Dominick & Haff antique sterling silver figural salt and pepper shakers. Weight 7.3 toz. Height 4". The bottom has a silver pull our stopper for filling.

Price: $1,750.00 pair

Fuchs american sterling silver picture frame

N8503 Fuchs American Sterling Frame

An antique sterling silver picture frame by Fuchs circa 1900. Monogrammed on the back of the frame. 8 3/4" by 6". Takes a post card size picture. Sterling hinged easel.

Price: $695.00

pair of Tiffany antique sterling silver repousse salts with gold washed interior

N8182 Tiffany Antique Sterling Silver Open Salts Circa 1880

A pair of 1880s Tiffany sterling silver open salts with gold washed interiors and repousse sides. Each salt has four applied paw feet. Weight 6.05 troy ounces. Height 1 1/2". Diameter 2 1/2".

Price: $475.00 for the pair

AJohn Wendt sterling perfume flask with chatelaine

N8153 John Wendt American Sterling Perfume Chatelaine Circa 1870

An antique sterling silver perfume flask on the original chatelaine marked on the clip and engraved with 1870s style Japanese engraved decoration. The silver has a satin finish throughout. The flask measures 3 1/4". Extended measurement is 9 1/4". The cap unscrews to open.

Price: $750.00

Tiffany antique set of twelve salts with matching spoonsSet 12 Tiffany sterling open salts with spoons

N8070 Tiffany Sterling Salts with Spoons Circa 1880

A set of twelve small Tiffany antique sterling silver open salts with twelve spoons in excellent condition. The set is monogrammed with matching monograms on the spoons dating form 1880 with the large letter M. The salts are raised on ball feet and have gilded interiors and ruffled edges. A good quality complete original set of twelve Tiffany salts with spoons.

Diameter 1 5/8"; height 3/4"; length spoon 2 1/4"; total weight 8.50 troy oz.

Price: $2,000.00 for the set

German 800 silver bird spice box

N7910 German 800 Bird Silver Spice Box

A fancy German 800 silver bird spice box with pull off head and grill insert set with realistic blue stones as eyes and with hinged wings. The edges of the feathers have been twisted to give a three dimensional appearance. Marked on the back of the head. Circa 1900.


Nathaniel Mills antique silver vinaigrette

N7782 Nathaniel Mills Vinaigrette

A Nathaniel Mills antique sterling silver vinaigrette with engraved cross hatched decoration in perfect condition. The interior gilted hallmarked Birmingham 1838. 1 3/8" by 3/4". Good clear hallmarks. Closes nicely.

Price: $355.00

Dominick & Haff sterling chamber stick figural

N7996 Rare Important Dominick & Haff Candle Holder

A most unusual and rare antique sterling arts and crafts candle holder by Dominick and Haff of New York dated 1881. Entirely hand hammered from the feet up with a heart shaped platform with ruffled edge measuring 12 1/2" tall and terminating in a comical two sided head with pony tail.

The candle is held in position with a flat bar which has a spring pushing against the candle from the rear in a ring extended from an arm and resting on the base. A large sterling arts and crafts example weighing 23.25 troy ounces making it the largest and most substantial piece of Dominick & Haff in this hand hammered series we have ever seen in 40 years.

Please inquire

Samuel Pembertoon 1790 bright cut engraved vinaigrette

N7779 Samuel Pemberton Small Vinaigrette 1790

An early hand engraved vinaigrette by Samuel Pemberton hallmarked 1790 Birmingham. The bright cut oval cartouche on the lid has two engraved birds at the center. Gilt interior with pierced grill. 1" by 3/4".

Price: $425.00

Joseph Willmore silver vinaigrette

N7781 Joseph Willmore Antique Silver Vinaigrette

An antique silver vinaigrette by Joseph Willmore of Birmingham hallmarked 1817. The rectangular box has applied cast decoration and engraved radiating lines with a central cartouche. Monogrammed. Ornate fine quality pierced grill. 1 1/2" by 1"

Price: $525.00

Pair Ford sterling silver open salts

N7833 Pair Antique American Open Salts

A pair of American sterling open salts by Ford with gold washed interior and satin finished exterior. Two rings are applied to the body and three vertical rods form the legs. Marked Ford, sterling. Height 2"; diameter 2"; depth of bowl 1 1/8"; total weight 5.45 troy oz.

Price: $595.00 for the pair

Tiffany antique sterling silver mustard pot

N7836 Tiffany Antique Sterling Mustard Pot

A heavy sterling silver mustard pot with ornate die rolled band of decoration at the center and gadrooning at the rim and on the pedestal base. 2 1/2" tall. Weight 3.15 troy ounces.

Price: $695.00

Russian Niello silver cup

N7611 Russian Niello Silver Cup

A Russian silver cup with nielo buildings and cross hatched engraved decoration. 2 1/4" tall. Date mark obscured. St George and the dragon mark for Moscow. Circa 1870.

Price: $235.00

pair of German silver shoes with romantic scenes by Neresheimer retailed by Berthold Mueller

N7947 Pair of German Silver Shoes Matching Circa 1898/1902

A large pair of matching antique sterling silver shoes by the Neresheimer Company of Hanau imported into Britain by Berthold Mueller in 1898 and 1902 and import marked accordingly. Decorated with figural romantic scenes and with a weight of 14.75 troy ounces. Length of matching shoes 7 3/4"

Price: $2,500.00 for the pair

John Wendt sterling silver master salts with wall and applied ivy

N7899 Pair John Wendt Sterling Master Salts

A superb pair of large master salts by John Wendt of New York with a stone wall motif and applied ivy. Gilted interior. Hand chased base with small leaves. Diameter 2 1/4". Weight 7 troy ounces. Height 1 3/4"

Price: $1,950.00 for the pair

Rawlings and Sumner English silver vinaigrette

N7786 Rawlings & Sumner Antique Silver Vinaigrette

A pristine English silver engraved vinaigrette by Rawlings and Sumner. London 1847. The surfaces hand engraved with a detailed pattern and a small scene in a cartouche on the lid. A quality item by a special maker. 1 3/8" by 1 1/8".

Price: $950.00

English silver vinaigrette John Tongue Birmingham 1893

N7607 English Silver Vinaigrette

An English silver vinaigrette engraved with scrolls with a monogrammed central cartouche on the lid. The maker is John Tongue dated for Birmingham 1893. Very good condition.

Price: $595.00

Gorham sterling garbage can mustard pot

N7684 Gorham Sterling Mustard Pot

A Gorham sterling mustard pot in the form of a garbage can with paneled body and twisted rope around the top edge extending down to form the handle. The lid pulls out. Marked with Gorham hallmarks and a date letter M for 1880. Good condition and monogrammed on the base. Height 4"; weight 3.90 troy oz.

Price: $475.00

Tiffany antique sterling hammered mustard pot with Japanese style monogram

N7687 Tiffany Hammered Mustard Pot

An antique sterling silver hand hammered mustard pot by Tiffany with a Japanese style monogram on the front. Lid hinges back to open. French import mark. 3" tall.

Price: $595.00

Boxed set o sterlingf Asprey & Co wine bottle stoppers bulls and bears

N7584 Boxed Set of Asprey Wine Bottle Stoppers BULLS AND BEARS

A novelty boxed set of modern English silver wine bottle stoppers with figural bull and bear attached to cork and finished off with a sterling plaque with hallmarks and one has the words Asprey. One is dated for London 1996 and one for 1998. They have the maker's mark of the individual craftsman at Asprey & Co., each one different but with full hallmarks (see detailed pictures.) Length of bear stopper 3 1/4" and bull 3".

Price: $795.00

Redlich antique sterling paper knife with chickens

N7531 Redlich Sterling Letter Opener / Paper Knife

Monogrammed and with a 1912 presentation date this antique sterling silver paper knife is by Redlich and has twin chicks as the terminal with a wood simulated shaft. Length 7 1/2".

Price: $595.00

Indian silver chased high relief cigarette case

N7480 Indian Silver Cigarette Case

An antique silver Indian cigarette case of exceptional quality and the finest high relief chasing. The scene depicts people in costume with monkeys in the foreground. 3 1/4" by 3". 3.90 ozt.

Price: $595.00

Silver and copper art nouveau seal

N7423 American Mixed Metals Sterling Seal Circa 1900

A silver and copper art nouveau seal with engraved initial seal. Maker Probably La Pierre but only marked silver and copper as are many of these pieces. Length 3 3/4".

Price: $495.00

pair large Gorham sterling repousse open salts

N2189 Pair Gorham Large Repousse Open Salts

A pair of large Gorham repousse sterling open salts with curled rim and three applied feet. Diameter 4"; height 2"; combined weight 12.50 troy oz. Marked with Gorham's logo, sterling and style number 3045.

Price: $250.00 each 1 available

English silver novelty tongs c1885

N7271 English Silver Novelty Tongs

English sterling silver sugar tongs, the top in the form of a Chinese male and the back with a pony tail. Length 3".

Marked for Sheffield 1885 and maker EH.

Price: $450.00

antique English vinaigrette horn shape S Mordan London 1872

N7057 Large Victorian S Mordan Antique Sterling Vinaigrette Perfume

A large horn shaped antique sterling vinaigrette perfume by S Mordan dated London 1872 and in excellent condition. Length 4 1/4". The lid opens to reveal a hinged pierced grill. The decoration comprises applied ornate silver bands on the lid and body.

Price: $1,795.00

Large Italian sterling decorative shoe

N7026 Large 925 Sterling Decorative Shoe 7 oz

A large Italian sterling silver hand made decorative shoe with gold washed interior. Length 7 1/2"; weight 7.10 troy oz. Signed on the heal and marked 925 with Italian hallmarks. Maker unknown.

Price: $550.00

Marshall Fields sterling silver arts and crafts napkin ring Colonial

N6979 Marshall Fields Arts and Crafts Sterling Napkin Ring

An Arts and Crafts sterling silver napkin ring by Marshall Fields with a combination of acid etching and hand hammering. Length 1 1/4"; diameter 1 3/4"; weight 1.30 troy oz. Monogrammed. Marked with the Marshall Fields logo, sterling and Colonial.

Price: $175.00

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