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Shiebler sterling applied hand hammered belt

N696 Unmarked American Sterling Japanesque Belt 31" 10.35 troy oz.

A hand hammered and applied unmarked sterling silver belt with applied Japanesque motifs in the manner of Shiebler. the belt measures 31" and weighs 10.35 troy oz.


French silver wine taster

N673 French Silver Wine Taster First Purity 950/1000

A small French silver wine taster marked with the Minerva head on the handle. First purity.

Diameter 3 1/4"

Weight 2.25 toz.

Price: $225.00

antiquye silver Dutch Netherlands circular box hinged lid

N703 Large Dutch Silver Box

An antique silver Dutch circular box with hinged lid. On the lid is a large chased face with a wreath of flowers. Never monogrammed. Marked with Dutch silver marks on the base with the first purity upright lion mark.

Height 3"

Weight 10.70 troy oz.

Diameter 4 1/2"

Price: $750.00

Ahrendt and Taylor sterling silver ice chest circa 1920

NN649 Ahrendt & Taylor Ice Chest sterling silver circa 1920 8 1/2" tall

An unusual circa 1920 large sterling silver ice chest with hinged lid for the purpose of storing and serving ice by Ahrendt and Taylor of Newark New Jersey. The front of the chest is realistically embossed with the hinges and door parts of a fridge.

Height 8 1/2"

Width 5 1/4"

Weight 33.3 troy oz.

Price: $4,250.00

Christina Y Smith sterling teapot on stand with chairs

N611 Christina Y Smith Sterling Textured Teapot on base

A sterling silver teapot on a rectangular bed of loose silver cast beads with a handle encompassing a male figure with outstretched arms. Christina Smith born 1951 is a Los Angeles based metalworker who made the teapot in 1997 and called it "I Give up". Property of the Estate of Shirley Baskin and exhibited at the Frank Lloyd Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

Weight 60 troy oz.

Height 9 1/4"

Price: $3,500.00

N434 German 800 Silver Polo Players Circa 1900

A pair of antique 800 silver German horse and rider figures depicting polo players. The maker is Neresheimer of Hanau. Excellent condition.

Height 6" Length 6 1/2".

Weight 26.70 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00 for the pair

English antique silver basket weave wine bottle caddy Pembrook & Dickins Birmingham 1898

N618 English Silver Wine Caddy For Tiffany & Co 1898

A rare English antique sterling silver wine caddy with basketweave sides and solid handles. In perfect condition. Marked on the back with Tiffany & Co and with English hallmarks for Birmingham 1898 and the maker Pembrook & Dickins who only worked from 1896-1899.

Weight 35.75 troy oz. Length 9" by 4 " wide and 7 1/2" tall at the handle.

Price: $5.900.00

Gorham sterling silver olive dish  antique silver

N586 Gorham Antique Sterling Olive Dish date letter 1892

An antique sterling silver olive dish with gold washed lining and applied leaves. The exterior of the bowl has a textured finish. Monogrammed inside the bowl. Inscribed with the date 1895 and a name on the base. Length 5 1/2" Width 3 1/4" Height 1 1/2" Weight 4.85 troy oz.

Price: $835.00

antique silver Germany cow creamer

N553 Large German Silver (800) Cow Creamer Circa 1900

A large nicely formed antique silver cow creamer made in Germany Circa 1900 with all the right curves in the right places. A great example and a substantial creamer. Length 8". Height 5" at the horns. Weight 9.25 troy ounces. The cow is much bigger than it looks in the pictures. Marked on the belly of the cow.

Price: $1,750.00

Jenkins & Jenkins sterling silver repousse flask with hunting scene man and dog

N588 Jenkins & Jenkins Baltimore Repousse Flask Circa 1900

A repousse antique sterling silver flask chased with a hunting scene depicting a hunter and his dog. Unusually the reverse is plain and flat allowing for an easy pocketing of the flask. Marked sterling with Jenkins & Jenkins on the neck. The top cap opens on a swivel with a bayonet mechanism.

Length 6 1/4"

Weight 6.30 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

900 silver spice containerr bird

N562 900 Silver Spice Container

A 900 antique silver spice container in the form of a parrot with the top plume on the head unscrewing on a thread to access the chamber inside the bird. Marked 900 only on the pedestal base.

Length 8 1/2" Weight 7.45 troy oz.

Price: $750.00

Austrian antique bronze and enamel bulldog

N561 Austrian Bronze Enamel Bulldog

A Bronze enamel bulldog with detailed glass eyes.

Length 7"

Height 4"

Price: $695.00

English 1824 antique London silver snuff box engine turned

English Silver Antique Snuff Box London 1824

A heavy fine quality pristine engine turned Georgian English silver snuff box, never monogrammed.

Length 3 1/2" Width 1 3/4" Height 1 1/8" Weight 5.9 troy oz.

Price $725.00

Antique silver cow creamer

N535 Antique Silver Cow Creamer

An antique silver cow creamer marked on the base and with French control mark on the tail. Door opens on a hinge for filling.

Length 5 1/2"

Weight 4.5 troy oz.

Price: $950.00

Mappin and Webb sterling silver London figures dated 1973

Mappin & Webb London 1973 Figurines

Five assorted sterling silver hallmarked figurines with remarkable detail dated 1973. Marked with import marks on the base of each figure.

Height 4 3/4"

Price: $2,250.00 for the group of five

Wood & Hughes antique coin silver figural salts

N482 Pair of Figural Coin Silver Salts by Wood & Hughes New York

A fine quality coin silver Wood & Hughes salts with cast figures and finely detailed cast winged paw feet. In excellent condition.

Height 5 1/2"

Weight 9.70 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00 for the pair

Japanese paper knife all silver turtle and fish on handle

N352 Rare Japanese Meiji Silver Paper Knife Circa 1880

A rare fine Japanese silver paper knife with applied gold turtle and band on the handle and multiple fish on the reverse. Marked in Japanese letters translating to pure silver on the edge of the block handle.

Length 9"

Weight 5.95 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

English antique silver elephant pin cushion

English Silver Pin Cushion Birmingham 1909

An English antique silver elephant shaped pin cushion hallmarked Birmingham 1909. Maker W J Myatt & Co.

Length 2 1/4". Height 1 3/4".

Price: $225.00

Whiting antique sterling silver flask hammered etched

Whiting Antique Etched and Hammered Flask Circa 1880

A Whiting antique sterling hammered flask with etched floral detail and with depressions for the fingers to fit into on the body of the flask. The floral motif is in the Japanese taste.

Length 6"

Weight 5.95 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

English antique silver card case with repousse stag

N426 English Silver Card Case with Stag Birmingham 1902

An English silver card case dated Birmingham 1902 with a stag on the front and repousse design on the reverse. The top opens on a hinge.

4" by 2 3/4"

Price: $395.00

W Adams New York antique coin silver mustard pot

N437 W Adams Coin Silver Mustard Pot Circa 1860

An antique coin silver mustard pot by W Adams of New York with chased floral motifs. Hinged lid.

Weight 5.55 troy oz.

Height 4"

Price: $650.00

pair of Unger Brothers sterling silver art nouveau chambersticks

Unger Brothers Sterling Pair of Chambersticks Water Lilies

A pair of matching antique art nouveau sterling silver chambersticks by Unger Brothers in excellent condition marked on the reverse of each chamberstick. Diameter of the base 5 1/2". Height 1 3/4".

The bases and handles have water lilies chased in high relief detail.

Weight 3.8 troy oz each.

Price: $975.00 for the pair

Silver Jubilee miniature silver coach London 1977

English Silver Hallmarked Miniature Coronation Coach 1977 Silver Jubilee

Made by Toye Kenning & Spencer, makers of masonic regalia in London for the Silver Jubilee in 1977.

Coach length 3". Height 1 1/4"

Price: $325.00

English antique silver vinaigrette Joseph Willmore

English Silver Vinaigrette Joseph Willmore Birmingham 1813

An English antique silver vinaigrette by Joseph Willmore of Birmingham with pierced hinged grill and engraved case.

Price: $165.00

pair of Indian antique silver Kutch region napkin rings

N367 Kutch Region Indian Silver Napkin Rings

A pair of Indian antique silver napkin rings from the Kutch region hand chased and with a vacant cartouche.

Width 1 3/4". Weight 2.65 troy oz.

Price: $120.00 for the pair

Whiting antique sterling silver heart shaped box

N386 Whiting Heart Shaped Box

An antique sterling silver heart shaped box with two chased horses on the removable lid. Decorated with a chased heart shaped wreath.

Weight 5.10 troy oz.

4 1/2" by 4 1/2"

Price: $375.00

Germany peacock sterling and enamel pin set with marcasite

N387 Marcasite Sterling and Enamel Peacock Pin

A sterling enamel peacock pin set with marcasite making quite a splash.

1 7/8" across.


Price: $175.00

George Sharp antique sterling silver calla lily and cherub vase

N390 George Sharp Antique Sterling Vase

An unusual antique sterling silver vase circa 1870 with a cherub and a calla lily together with detailed foliage and ground cover on the pedestal base.

Diameter of the base 3 1/4"

Height 4"

Weight 5.70 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00

Birmingham 1839 Silver vinaigrette antique Gervase Wheeler

N208 Castle Top English Silver Vinaigrette Birmingham 1839

A pristine English antique silver vinaigrette with a castle top. The pierced grill is of the highest quality. The gold wash is quite perfect also. Marked Birmingham 1839. Maker Gervase Wheeler. 1" by 1 5/8".

Price: $1,500.00

Gorham antique sterling silver stamp box

Gorham Sterling Stamp Box Circa 1890

A special novelty Gorham antique sterling silver stamp box with a special applied handle of a piano tuning fork inscribed by the Piano Manufacturing Association of New York. The sides are chased with ornate decoration and the hinged lid opened reveals a double chamber to hold stamps.

Weight 4.4 troy oz. 3 1/4" by 2 1/4" by 1 5/8" tall.

Price: $425.00

Gorham distressed surface Japanesque sterling silver antique card case with chain

N347 Gorham Antique Sterling Card Case

A rare Gorham antique sterling silver card case with a specially distressed surface and applied Japanesque motifs. The chain has the same distressed motif. There is a glorious three letter engraved monogram in a cartouche among the textured surface.

Weight 2.85 troy oz.

3 3/4" by 2 1/2"

Price: $ 900.00

Edwardian English silver perfume vinaigrette London 1909

English Edwardian Silver Perfume Vinaigrette London 1909

An English antique silver perfume and vinaigrette in an urn shaped chased figural bottle hallmarked London 1909. Retailed by R H Halford, 41 Pall Mall, London. The pull off dome shaped lid has a red enamel top and holes for the vinaigrette to vent. The handles have two masks on the sides of the bottle and there are two romantic figural chased scenes on the sides of the urn.

Height 3"

Weight 2.2 troy oz.

Price: $1,150.00

N291A Dutch Antique Peppermint Box Circa 1880

A Dutch antique silver peppermint box with hinged lid and chain. The body of the box is engraved with decoration and has an applied cartouche. Circa 1880.

Height 1 3/4" tall

Price: $225.00

English antique engine turned silver vinaigrette London 1817

N291 English Silver Vinaigrette London 1817

An engine turned antique English silver vinaigrette with monogram on the lid and an ornate gold washed grill pierced with flowers. Hallmarked London 1817.

1 1/4" long by 3/4" wide by 1/4" tall. Maker slightly obscured.

Price: $325.00

English hallmarked cow medals

N284 English Silver Cow Medals

Two hallmarked silver cow medals, one silver gilt and the other silver with the head of a cow on one side of each. Diameter 1 3/4". Weight 1.25 troy oz. each.

Price: $95.00 each

English set of 12 antique miniature tankards liquor Viscount Valentia William Gibson John Langman

N241 Twelve Unusual Miniature Tankards London 1897

A set of twelve thimble size miniature tankards with superbly engraved crests belonging to the Annesley family in the person of the 11th Viscount Valentia. Hallmarked by William Gibson and John Langman in 1897. Weight 10.10 troy oz. Height 1 1/4". Probably for a liquor to be enjoyed at the table of the 11th Viscount Valentia.

Price: $1,750.00 for the set

Indian silver Kutch region cream pitcher elephant finial hinged lid

N214 Indian Silver Kutch Cream Jug Elephant Finial

An Indian antique silver Kutch region cream jug with a hinged lid and elephant finial. There are four cast applied feet on the base. The square handle has ornate decoration on the outside.

Weight 5.65 troy oz.

Height 3 1/2"

Price: $475.00

Kutch region Indian silver mustard pot with snake handle

N213 Indian (Kutch) Silver Mustard Pot

A fine quality ornate hand chased mustard pot from the Kutch region with a cobra snake handle and chased hinged lid. The base of the mustard pot has an engraved crest and monogram complete with a coronet indicating high rank of original owner.

Height 4"

Weight 4.45 troy oz.

Price: $475.00

signed Queen Elizabeth photographs with Philip

Pair of Diplomatic Signed Leather Framed Original Royal Photographs 1976

In excellent condition this pair of signed photographs was given by Queen Elizabeth on her bicentennial visit to America in 1976. The frames have the royal cyphers embossed in gold. Signatures are clear and bold. The pair was presented to the diplomatic service representative from the State Department who escorted the couple around the United States on that trip. Navy blue leather frames. 12 1/2" by 9". The photo with mount 9 3/4" by 7".

Price: $5.500.00 for the pair

English antique Nathaniel Mills vinaigrette castle top

N076 Nathaniel Mills Castle Top Silver Vinaigrette

An antique silver English castle top vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills Birmingham 1842 in excellent condition.

1 1/2" by 1"

Price: $1,500.00

triple English silver landscape chased box by William Comyns London 1885

N064 English Silver Triple Trinket Box by William Comyns London 1885

A triple sterling silver box with landscape chasing by William Comyns London 1885. Fully marked. Each box opens individually. Weight 6.95 troy oz. Length 6". Large box 2 1/4" square; smaller boxes 1 3/4" square.

Price: $950.00

English silver pen b oxT H Hazelwood & Co long English antique silver pen box 1905 wildboar chase

N063 English Silver Pen Box 1905

An English silver chased pen/pencil case chased with a wild boar hunt scene on the hinged lid. Maker T H Hazelwood of Birmingham hallmarked for 1905. Length 8 1/4". Weight 4 troy oz.

Price: $675.00

Gorham special order ashtray with hands up

N060 Gorham Special Order Sterling Ashtray "Hands Up"

A Gorham sterling ashtray with chased zeppelin, locomotive and ship on the border and a sad looking cowboy in the center.

Diameter 6 1/2"

Weight 7.25 troy oz.

Price: $695.00

Tiffany hammered and etched antique sterling aesthetic inkwell

N020 Tiffany Sterling Inkwell

A Tiffany antique sterling aesthetic hammered and etched inkwell. The center box has two sliding drawers for stamps and there in an ink jar and a sander . There are etched ferns and applied ferns on the platform and a custom monogram on the removable plate covering the two stamp drawers. There are four applied Japanesque feet. 9 1/2" by 5 3/4". Weight 19.20 troy oz.

Price: $5,900.00

Shiebler Etruscan sterling silver pin

N048 Shiebler Etruscan Antique Sterling Silver Pin

A Shiebler sterling silver antique pin with Roman inscription in perfect condition with original pin. Length 3 1/4". Weight 0.60 t o.

Price: $495.00

Shiebler Etruscan sterling silver pin

N049 Shiebler Etruscan Antique Sterling Pin

A Shiebler Etruscan antique sterling silver pin engraved "Roma" in perfect condition with original pin and sharp hammering and engraved detail. Length 3 1/4". Weight .60 t o.

Price: $450.00

Shiebler etruscan sterling silver pin

N050 Shiebler Antique Sterling Silver Etruscan Pin

A large Shiebler antique sterling Etruscan pin with two large medallion.

Length 2"

Height 1 1/2"

Weight .65 troy oz.

Price: $350.00

Gorham sterling bon bon spoon H47

N3171 Gorham Bon Bon Spoon H47

A cast sterling silver bon bon spoon by Gorham circa 1900 retailed by William Wise & Son. Length: 5". Weight: 1.45 troy oz. Full Gorham marks and numbered H47 from their H series.

Price: $125.00

Gorham congratulations spoons sterling silver circa 1890

N9872 Gorham Congratulations Sterling Spoons Circa 1890

A complete set of antique sterling silver spoons by Gorham circa 1890 with parcel gilded letters at the top of each spoon. When laid out together these spoons spell out "Congratulations". In perfect condition. Length 4 1/4".

Price: $1,595.00 for the set

French sterling silver purse with amethysts and garnets

M47 Antique French Silver Mesh Purse with Amethysts and Garnets

An antique French hallmarked silver chain mesh purse with hand reticulated frame on both sides, the front frame containing amethysts and garnets set into the frame. Central divider for separating the interior compartments. Frame 6" across by 5 1/4" long without the drops. Condition: One amethyst is chipped and a four or five rings missing from the mesh but no tears and the mesh is firmly on the frame. Marked with the maker's mark Alexandre Vaguer c1910. Weight 7.0 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Scottish antique silver medal for English at Madras Academy Fife Scotland

N9629 Madras College Fife Scotland Silver Medal Circa 1888

An unmarked antique silver academic medal dated 1888 awarded to James Loutit exquisitely executed with a three dimensional badge on the front and hand engraved presentation on the reverse. In superb condition. We found James Loutit on line who grew up in Scotland at that time and moved to Australia.

Weight 2.10 troy oz.

3 1/4" by 2 3/8"

Price: $750.00

Indian antique silver rose water sprinkler elephant form

N9478 Indian Antique Silver Rose Water Sprinkler Circa 1890

A fine quality Indian antique silver rose-water sprinkler with screw off flower form cap and elephant body. The front of the elephant has applied flowers and the body of the elephant is hand engraved showing considerable detail. Circa 1890. Most of these figural rose-water sprinklers are from the Kutch region of India. This one has no marks. Excellent condition.

Height 9".

Weight 7.45 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00

Huge Wood & Hughes Medallion napkin rings

N9516 Wood & Hughes Antique Sterling Napkin Rings

A fine quality pair of napkin rings by Wood and Hughes with detailed cast busts male and female inscribed with the names "John and Annie" on the milled edge discs. Very fine detailed castings. Circa 1870. Weight 4.90 troy ounces. 2 1/4". 1 3/4" tall.

Price: $1.750.00 for the pair

Dutch silver miniature cabinet

N9403 Dutch Miniature Silver Cabinet

An antique Dutch silver miniature cabinet with swing doors and a large sliding drawer with movable handles. A fine quality miniature with excellent detail. Circa 1900. 833 pure.

Height 4 1/4".

Weight 5.45 troy ounces.

Price: $595.00

Dutch antique silver figural wager cup

N6710 Dutch Figural Wager Cup Circa 1900

An antique Dutch silver 813 purity wager cup with the top monogrammed cup rotating on two arms. Marked with the Dutch lion mark with the number 2. Circa 1900.

Weight 9.40 troy ounces. Height 8"

Price: $1,200.00

English antique silver grape shears in original fitted case by William Hutton

N9387 English Silver Grape Shears London 1898

An English antique silver grape shears in the original fitted case hallmarked London 1898 by William Hutton and Sons. Pristine condition pierced and engraved floral handles. Length 7". Weight 3.75 troy ounces.

Price: $595.00

Tiffany antique sterling wishbone shaped napkin ring circa 1880

N9355 Tiffany Sterling Napkin Ring Circa 1880

An unusual sterling silver Tiffany napkin ring with M mark circa 1880 and acid etched floral detail. Height 2 3/4". the two sides have a wishbone shape.

Diameter of interior 1 3/4".

Weight 4.05 troy ounces.

Price $675.00

Schulz & Fischer napkin ring with calla lilies coin silver California

9356 Schulz & Fischer Napkin Ring

A coin silver napkin ring with pedestal base and three dimensional calla lilies on the sides. Marked on the base with the mark of Schulz & Fischer and the seal of the state of California. Engraved presentation monograms on the top of the ring. Circa 1865. Weight 3.20 troy ounces. Height 2". Length 3".

Price: $475.00

Gorham antique sterling silver grape shears with foxes on the handle

N9122 Gorham Antique Sterling Grape Shears with Fox Circa 1900

A heavy quality cast Gorham grape shears with two foxes on the handles and grapes and vines on the handle. All made in two long pieces, the one side having a steel blade screwed into the handle for good cutting. Length 6 7/8". Weight 6 toz.

Price: $595.00

Gorhan antique sterling silver cast grape shears

N9085 Gorham Sterling Cast Grape Shears

A fine quality antique sterling silver grape shears by the Gorham Company circa 1880 in fine condition. The two halves are cast in great detail showing grapes and vines and a steel blade bolted to the half for superior cutting. Length 6 1/4". Weight 5.4 toz.

Price: $495.00

Georg Jensen Sterling Pin

A sterling silver modernist pin by Georg Jensen of Copenhagen, Denmark marked with style number 342. Post 1940.

Length 3" by 1 3/4" wide

Price: $175.00

Dominick and Haff pair of figural pepper shakers

N8515 Pair of Dominick & Haff Figural Sterling Salt Shakers

A pair of Dominick & Haff antique sterling silver figural salt and pepper shakers. Weight 7.3 toz. Height 4". The bottom has a silver pull out stopper for filling.

Price: $1,750.00 pair

Dominick & Haff sterling chamber stick figural

N7996 Rare Important Dominick & Haff Candle Holder

A most unusual and rare antique sterling arts and crafts candle holder by Dominick and Haff of New York dated 1881. Entirely hand hammered from the feet up with a heart shaped platform with ruffled edge measuring 12 1/2" tall and terminating in a comical two sided head with pony tail.

The candle is held in position with a flat bar which has a spring pushing against the candle from the rear in a ring extended from an arm and resting on the base. A large sterling arts and crafts example weighing 23.25 troy ounces making it the largest and most substantial piece of Dominick & Haff in this hand hammered series we have ever seen in 40 years.

Please inquire

Joseph Willmore silver vinaigrette

N7781 Joseph Willmore Antique Silver Vinaigrette

An antique silver vinaigrette by Joseph Willmore of Birmingham hallmarked 1817. The rectangular box has applied cast decoration and engraved radiating lines with a central cartouche. Monogrammed. Ornate fine quality pierced grill. 1 1/2" by 1"

Price: $525.00

Pair Ford sterling silver open salts

N7833 Pair Antique American Open Salts

A pair of American sterling open salts by Ford with gold washed interior and satin finished exterior. Two rings are applied to the body and three vertical rods form the legs. Marked Ford, sterling. Height 2"; diameter 2"; depth of bowl 1 1/8"; total weight 5.45 troy oz.

Price: $595.00 for the pair

pair of German silver shoes with romantic scenes by Neresheimer retailed by Berthold Mueller

N7947 Pair of German Silver Shoes Matching Circa 1898/1902

A large pair of matching antique sterling silver shoes by the Neresheimer Company of Hanau imported into Britain by Berthold Mueller in 1898 and 1902 and import marked accordingly. Decorated with figural romantic scenes and with a weight of 14.75 troy ounces. Length of matching shoes 7 3/4"

Price: $2,500.00 for the pair

Rawlings and Sumner English silver vinaigrette

N7786 Rawlings & Sumner Antique Silver Vinaigrette

A pristine English silver engraved vinaigrette by Rawlings and Sumner. London 1847. The surfaces hand engraved with a detailed pattern and a small scene in a cartouche on the lid. A quality item by a special maker. 1 3/8" by 1 1/8".

Price: $950.00

English silver novelty tongs c1885

N7271 English Silver Novelty Tongs

English sterling silver sugar tongs, the top in the form of a Chinese male and the back with a pony tail. Length 3".

Marked for Sheffield 1885 and maker EH.

Price: $395.00

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