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Gorham sterling silver hatchet

1075 Gorham Sterling Silver Hatchet Circa 1880

An ice cream hatchet by Gorham in sterling silver with a gold washed band of Indian style decoration.

Length 9 3/4"

Weight 4.35 troy oz.

Price: $1,895.00

Duhme Lobster Salad Set

1081 Duhme Coin Silver Salad Set with applied lobsters Circa 1870

A Duhme Cincinnati coin silver salad serving set with applied cast lobsters on the handles. The bowls and handles have fine engraved detail on the front and the bowls are gold washed.

Length 11 1/2"

Weight 7.6 troy oz.


antique sterling Englisdh Francis Higgins fish serving set

EX1115 Rare Special English Fish Serving Set Francis Higgins London 1882

An antique sterling silver pierced and engraved fish serving set in a custom made fine quality box. The slice has a pierced monogram and a mermaid riding on a fish. The handle has a face incorporated into the design on front and back.

Length 10 1/2" and 13"

Weight 15.65 troy oz.

Price: $5,500.00

antique sterling floral punch ladle by Fuchs Co

EX973 Fuchs Sterling Punch Ladle

An over the top American antique art nouveau sterling silver punch ladle by Fuchs with decoration on the front of the handle of a large carnation at the terminal with buds and leaves. Gold washed Bowl. Mint condition.

Length 16"

Weight 8.10 troy oz.

Price: $1,250.00

six assembled Tiffany Japonesque fruit knives applied and engraved

EX840 Tiffany Applied and Engraved assembled set of 6 knives

Six assorted Tiffany Japonesque engraved and applied sterling silver dessert knives with French and Russian import marks. All marked with the Tiffany mark. The handles are applied with bugs and fish with bamboo and other Japanese symbols and the blades are hand engraved to compliment the handles. Silver and silver gilt.

Length 8 1/8"

Weight 12.55 troy oz.

Price: $5,900.00

Gorham Japanesque mixed metals engravbed sterling fruit knives number 5

EX818 Rare Gorham Fruit Knives and Forks Circa 1870

A rare set of 24 antique sterling and mixed metals number 5 fruit knives and forks with engraved tines and blades. The set comprises 12 knives and 12 forks. Excellent condition. The handles are decorated on front and back.

Length Knives 7 3/4"

Forks 6 7/8"

Please inquire

EX926 Shiebler Etruscan Sterling Salad Set

A Shiebler Etruscan sterling silver and 14K salad serving set with medallions on the handles and in the bowl of the serving spoon. Engraved detail simulating cracks on the bowls and decorating the handles below the 14k heads. Marked on the back of the handles and inscribed HURD on each handle.

Length 9"

Weight 8.10 troy oz.

Price: $2,750.00 for the set

Gorham Narragansett blue point cocktail forks twelve

EX845 Gorham Blue Point Cocktail Forks

A rare set of twelve antique sterling cocktail forks by Gorham circa 1880 in the Blue Point pattern similar to the Narragansett pattern. The decoration involved applying individual cast marine life castings to the central shaft. Length 5 3/8". Weight 7.80 troy oz.

Please check for availability

English all sterling silver fish set by Hilliard & Thomason 1851 with lily pads

EX7662 Hilliard & Thomason Sterling Fish Servers Birmingham 1851

A pair of Hilliard and Thomason silver fish servers with chased lily pads and engraved highlights. Hollow handles and all sterling blades in pristine condition. Hallmarked 1851, the same year as the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace. 12 3/4" and 10" long.

Price: $2,500.00

Wood & Hughes sterling Etruscan medallions salad servers with etched lobsters

EX789 Wood & Hughes Sterling Salad Servers

A heavy antique sterling silver salad serving set by Wood & Hughes with acid etched lobsters in the bowls and Roman centurion heads stamped on the handles. The reverse has additional etching. Monogrammed on the reverse of the handles. Marked on the side of the servers.

Length 9 1/2"

Weight 12.75 troy oz.

Price: $3,950.00

Gorham Martele 950 silver iced tea spoons set of 12

12 Gorham Martele Sterling Iced Tea Spoons

Rare Gorham Martele Art Nouveau sterling silver (actually higher purity of 950 silver) iced tea spoons. Length 7 5/8"; Each spoon is monogrammed S on the front of the handle. Marked lion, anchor, G, .9584 and the retailer W.W. Wattles & Sons.

Price: $295.00 each 2 sold

Gorham Narragansett sterling silver punch  ladle

EX509 Gorham Narragansett Sterling Punch Ladle Circa 1880

A superb pristine antique sterling silver punch ladle by the Gorham Company circa 1880. The cast applications are marine creatures and plants combined with shells. The ornate applied detail extends to the reverse of the ladle and the back is just as impressive as the front. The shell form bowl retains the original gold washed surface. This is our second Narragansett ladle to be entered into stock. This one has a slightly smaller shell bowl. Both are fully marked.

Length 14 1/4"

Weight 8.4 troy oz.

Price on request

Whiting antique sterling spoon bird on nest

Whiting Sterling Serving Spoon

A Whiting antique sterling and gold washed serving spoon with the terminal depicting a bird on a nest in excellent condition.

Length 10 1/4"

Weight 2.45 troy oz.

Price: $435.00

Shiebler antique sterling silver gold washed sardine fork

EX601 Shiebler Sardine Fork Circa 1880

A fine sterling silver antique gold washed sardine fork in the Florentine design with hand wrapped twisted wire around the handle and a cast reticulated insert in the blade. The terminal is a Venetian winged lion. Marked with the Shiebler mark on the blade.

Weight 2.50 troy oz.

Length 7 1/2"

Price: $950.00

Unusual Frank Whiting salad serving set hand hammered marine theme

517 Frank Whiting Co Massive Sterling Salad Serving Set

A hand hammered arts and crafts marine theme salad serving set with applied fish and Neptune's trident on the handle. Completely hand hammered.

Weight 14.35 troy oz.

Length 11"

Price: $1,500.00 for the set

Gorham antique sterling H series ornage or citrus spoons

506 Gorham H Series Orange Spoons

Six matching Gorham H series orange or citrus spoons with perfect gold washed pointed bowls. Partially gold washed oranges in the cast handles. Circa 1900.

Length 5 5/8"

Weight 6.30 troy oz.

Price: $875.00 for the set

Shiebler Etruscan antique sterling silver cheese scoop

SH176 Shiebler Etruscan Sterling Cheese Scoop Circa 1880

A massive heavy antique sterling silver cheese scoop in the Etruscan pattern by George Shiebler circa 1880 in perfect condition. Original monogram "S" on the reverse of the handle.

Length 8 1/2"

Weight 4.45 troy oz.

Price: $1,250.00

Set 12 Shiebler cocktail forks with Asian motifs

Set 12 Shiebler Hammered Sterling Cocktail Forks Asian Motifs

A rare set of 12 Shiebler aesthetic sterling silver hand hammered cocktail forks with unusual Asian motifs on two applied rectangular plaques on the handles. Length 6 3/8"; total weight 7.75 troy oz,  Excellent condition and never monogrammed. Marked with the Shiebler wings, sterling and B. Circa 1880.

Price: $1,750.00

Gorham 334 set of aesthetic sterling silver coffee spoons

Rare Gorham Set of Coffee Spoons Circa 1880

A rare set of six sterling silver coffee spoons with shell shaped gold washed bowls and abstract designed handles. The spoons are numbered 334 and are marked with the Gorham logo and sterling.

Length 3 7/8"

Weight 1.5 troy oz.

Price: $795.00

Gorham rare set of six sterling cocktail forks bric a brac

EX335 Gorham Bric a Brac Sterling Cocktail Forks Circa 1881

A rare set of six pristine antique sterling cocktail forks in the bric a brac series by the Gorham Company dated 1881. The motifs include Egyptian, mixed metal, and other terminals with the finest of Gorham's engraving.

Length 8"

Price: $2,950.00 for the set of six

Whiting antique sterling silver sifter spoon irises

EX407 Whiting Sterling Sifter Spoon Circa 1875

An antique sterling silver sifter spoon by Whiting with irises on the handle and a gold washed satin finished pierced bowl. Never monogrammed. Pristine condition. Marked sterling and 13A with no maker but the work of the Whiting Company.

Length 8 3/4"

Weight 1.80 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Whiting fuschia serving spoon

EX397 Antique Fuschia Sterling Serving Spoon circa 1870

A 10" long spoon probably by Whiting with fuschia on the handle and a gold washed satin finished bowl. Marked sterling and 8 on the handle. Pristine condition.

Weight 2.55 troy oz.

Price: $475.00

Gorham set of twelve mixed metals and sterling antique number 5 knives

351 Gorham Set of Mixed Metals Fruit Knives

A set of twelve Gorham number 5 sterling and mixed metals fruit knives circa 1870 in excellent condition. The satin finished blades are engraved with Japanese scenes on both sides.

Length 8"

Price: $4,500.00 for the set of 12

Shiebler Etruscan Homeric sterling silver antique spoon

SH169 Shiebler Etruscan Antique Sterling Serving Spoon 9"

A sterling silver serving spoon by George Shiebler with a hand hammered surface and Roman heads on the handle and the bowl. Hand engraved detail in the Etruscan style. Marked with the Shiebler logo and sterling. Length 9".

Weight 4.65 troy ounces.

Price: $1,895.00

Shiebler Etgruscan Homeric sardine fork

EX172 Shiebler Homeric Sardine Fork

A Shiebler hammered sterling silver sardine fork with Etruscan medallion on the handle. Length 7 1/4"; weight 2.05 troy oz. Excellent condition. Marked with the Shiebler wings and sterling.

Price: $975.00

Shiebler applied Japanesque serving spoon

SH182 Large Shiebler Sterling Serving Spoon Circa 1880

A large antique sterling silver serving spoon by George Shiebler circa 1880 applied with gold washed Japanese motifs including a crane, bug and flowers. The large oval bowl is gold washed and has a satin finish. Single letter monogram on the reverse of the handle.

Length 11 1/2"

Weight 5.10 troy oz.

Price: $1,895.00

Whiting antique sterling long handle mixed metals copper salad set crabs

164 Whiting Mixed Metals Salad Set Circa 1880

An antique Whiting sterling long handle salad serving set with applied crab containing a copper shell. Spot hammered handle and gold washed bowls. Applied and engraved decoration on the handle. Monogrammed on the reverse of the handles. Excellent condition.

Length 12 1/2"

Weight 10.25 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00 for the pair

Gorham hammered antique sterling and applied crabs soup ladle

EX156 Gorham Sterling Aesthetic Crab Applied Soup Ladle

A hand hammered pristine sterling silver soup ladle with perfect gold washed bowl and applied multiple crabs on the handle. Never monogrammed.

Length 12"

Weight 7.45 troy oz.

Price: $1,950.00

Sterling antique grape motif punch ladle with partially gold washed bowl and leaves

EX136 Rare Sterling Punch Ladle Grape and Vine Motif Circa 1870

A superb partially gold washed antique sterling silver punch ladle. The handle has applied grapes and leaves all in remarkable detail and the branch naturalistic handle is engraved with realistic looking detail. The bowl has a lip on one side and has a satin finished gold washed surface.

Length 11 3/4"

Weight 7.55 troy oz.

Price: $3,500.00

Mauser antique sterling silver terrapin forks with lobster and terrapin on handles

EX068 Mauser Sterling Set of Terrapin Forks

Twelve fine antique sterling terrapin forks by Mauser with lobster on the front and terrapins on the reverse of the handles. Beautifully engraved art nouveau "G" monogram on the reverse of the bowls.

Length 5 7/8"

Weight 16.15 troy oz.

Price: $3,500.00 for the set of twelve

Gorham applied sterling silver antique crumb knife

EX9938 Gorham Sterling Crumb Knife Circa 1870

A Gorham antique sterling silver hammered and applied crumb knife. The blade has a large Victorian engraved monogram at the center. Fully marked with the Gorham logo.

Length 12 1/2"

Weight 5.40 troy oz.

Price: $595.00

Gorham Narragansett punch ladle marine life antique sterling silver

EX9934 Gorham Narragansett Punch Ladle

A Gorham Narragansett antique sterling silver punch ladle with partially gilded highlights. Cast marine life including shells, fish and seaweed with marine sand applied to a central rod. In pristine condition with unusually strong elements.

Length 14 1/2"

Weight 9.30 troy oz.

Please inquire

Lona Schaeffer sterling silver salad set hand hammered

EX9599 Lona Schaeffer Salad Set Hand Wrought Sterling

A pair of hand hammered sterling silver salad servers by Lona Schaeffer daughter of Peer Smed and who carried on his style and design. Chunky, heavy and in excellent condition the servers have an applied blossom at the terminal. Fully marked and with the retailer stamp of Shreve Crump and Low Co, Boston.

Weight 10.05 troy oz. Length 10"

Price: $2,850.00 for the set

Gorham antique sterling hammered fish serving set with applied fish

EX9448 Gorham Sterling Fish Set Circa 1880

A Gorham antique sterling silver hammered fish serving set with applied multiple fish on the handles. Marked on the reverse of the handles with the Gorham logo and sterling. Excellent condition.

Length 11 1/2" and 8 1/2". Weight 8.85 troy ounces.

Price: $1,750.00

Gorham massive antique sterling silver punch ladle with applied bacchus and grapes with leaves and cherub

EX9394 Important Gorham Sterling Punch Ladle Date letter 1895

A massive Gorham antique sterling silver punch ladle with applied grapes, vines, a cherub and Bacchus face complete with orange peel finish. Monogrammed on the reverse and with a gold washed bowl. There is a small cluster of leaves on the back of the handle acting as a stopper button to prevent the ladle from sliding forward. The date letter on the reverse is the half moon for 1895. Monogrammed on the back of the handle. A perfect example of over the top gilded age extravagance.

The ladle weighs a hefty 23.15 troy oz.

Length 18"

Please inquire

Whiting antique sterling coffee spoons with applied ivy

Whiting Sterling Coffee Spoons Applied Circa 1890

Six matching antique sterling coffee spoons with applied silver ivy in a Japanese style. Monogrammed with a Japanese style monogram on the reverse of the handles.

Length 4 1/2"

Weight 3.8 troy ounces.

Price: $325.00 for the set

antique coin silver fish servers with engine turned fish decoration twist handle

EX9371 Pair of Coin Silver Fish Servers Philadelphia Circa1860

A large pair of engine turned antique coin silver fish servers with a beautifully engraved fish on the blade. These are quite massive and are in amazingly crisp condition. Monogrammed in the cartouche with a single letter monogram. Maker Perdriaux of Philadelphia.

Length 14" & 12". Weight 12.65 troy ounces.

Price: $1,895.00

Peer Smed sterling silver hand hammered pie server

9260 Peer Smed Sterling Silver Hammered Pie Server

A Peer Smed hand hammered pie server with calla lily terminal measuring 11 3/4". Weight 7.10 toz.

Price: $1,800.00

Rare Wood & Hughes antique sterling acid etched loobster salad set

EX9284 Wood & Hughes Salad Set Circa 1880

A very rare Wood & Hughes antique sterling hand hammered and engraved salad serving set. The set has acid etched detail on the reverse and etched lobsters on the bowls. Extraordinary weight and thickness resembling Shiebler Etruscan or Homeric detail and technique. Marked unusually on the sides of the handles.

Length 10 1/4". Weight 10.4 toz.

Please check for availability

Whiting sterling cattail sserving spoon

Whiting (attributed to) Cattail Serving Spoon

A sterling silver serving spoon with gold washed satin bowl attributed to Whiting and marked sterling and 8 with three dimensional cattail on the top of the handle. The spoon is in good condition. There are a few tiny dings in the bowl. Length 10 1/8"; weight 1.70 troy oz.

Price: $225.00

Whiting cala lily sifter spoon antique sterling silver

EX8885 Whiting Calla Lily Sifter Spoon

A Whiting unmarked (sterling only) pierced sifter spoon with satin finished gold washed bowl. Length 9". Weight 2.10 toz.

Price: $325.00

Antique silver fish slice with pierced and engraved blade

EX8846 Quality American Silver Fish Slice in Original fitted Box

A fine quality American silver fish slice marked sterling on the naturalistic handle and with a pierced and engraved blade depicting a fish. Length 12 1/2". Weight 4.8 toz.

Price: $750.00

George Shiebler antique sterling silver cheese scoop

Shiebler Japonesque Cheese Scoop

An antique sterling silver cheese scoop by George Shiebler with applied gold washed Japanese influenced motifs including a crab, branch and leaves. All in pristine condition and impressive weight. Length 8 3/4". Weight 3.25 troy ounces. Circa 1880.

Please inquire

Rare sterling silver salad forks by Peer Smed hand hammered

EX8118 Rare Peer Smed Forks

Eleven rare sterling hand hammered salad forks by Peer Smed measuring 6 1/4". Weight 1.4 troy ounces each.

Price: $3,250.00 for the eleven

EX8118 Rare Peer Smed Dessert Spoons

Twelve rare Peer Smed hand hammered dessert spoons measuring seven inches long with a weight of 2.05 troy ounces each.

Price: $3,500.00 for the set of twelve

Peer Smed sterling silver coffee spoons

EX8118 Rare Peer Smed Coffee Spoons

Very rare hand hammered sterling silver coffee spoons marked Peer Smed, hand wrought. The spoons measure 4 1/2".

Price: $2,200.00 for the set of twelve

Wood & Hughes sterling serving spoon with cherub finial

FH29 Wood & Hughes Antique Sterling Scoop

A large antique sterling silver scoop circa 1870 by Wood and Hughes of New York with a gold washed bowl and cast cherub terminal.

Length: 10 5/8"

Weight: 4.65 troy oz

Price: $1,250.00

George Sharp bull head serving spoon

EX7991 George Sharp Bull Head Spoon

A large sterling serving spoon by George Sharp for Bailey & Company with a bull head on the handle. Monogrammed on the reverse. The bowl has bright cut decoration and the gilding is in good condition. Weight 4.45 troy oz. Length 11"

Price: $1,950.00

Gorhama aesthetic sterling serrated cake knife

EX7661 Gorham Aesthetic Sterling Serrated Cake Knife

A Gorham sterling serrated cake knife with aesthetic cube at the top of the handle. Monogrammed on the the blade. Length 9 3/4". Weight 2.60 troy oz. Good condition.

Price: $395.00

Wood & Hughes exotic sterling fish set nautical theme

EX7463 Wood & Hughes Sterling Fish Set

A large superb exotic two piece fish serving set by Wood & Hughes monogrammed on the reverse. The blade has a combination of satin finish and plain gilt surfaces. Extremely fine detail. 13" & 11 1/2".

Price: $3,950.00

English sterling fish set with fan shaped blade and fish

George Angel Two Piece Fish Serving Set

A two piece fish set by George Angel with a fan shaped slice. The handles are filled and depict shells, fish and a terminal of a conch shell. The blades are hand pierced and engraved depicting various fish forms among reeds and pierced decoration. London 1870. Excellent condition. Length: 14 3/4" and 11"

Please check for availability and price

Wood & Hughes antique sterling silver long handle serving spoon

EX6763 Wood & Hughes Antique Sterling Serving Spoon Circa 1870

An antique American sterling silver serving spoon with long handle of twisted vines and two applied oak leaves at the terminal. The shovel shaped bowl has a gold wash and a satin finish in the center concave section. Length 11 1/4". Weight 3.20 troy ounces. Circa 1870.

Price: $895.00

Whiting Fuschia three dimensional sifter spoon

EX6261 Three Dimensional Fuschia Sifter Spoon

An exotic beautifully pierced sifter spoon with gold washed satin bowl and three dimensional leaves and fuschia, probably by Whiting and marked only 8C and Sterling. Length 7 3/4".

Please inquire

Gorham Narragansett salad serving set

Gorham Narragansett Salad Serving Set

A superb Gorham Narragansett two piece salad serving set both pieces with a variety of sea creatures including crabs, fish, seaweed, sea sand and shells. The bowl of the spoon is in the form of an oyster shell and the fork is in the form of a trident. Length spoon 11 1/4" length of fork 10 7/8". Combined weight 10 troy oz.


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