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Shiebler antique sterling silver youth fork with applied Japanese motifs

EX5869 Shiebler Applied Youth Fork Circa 1880

An antique sterling silver youth fork by George Shiebler with applied Japanese motifs including a crane and other Japanese plants and leaves. Satin finished handle.

Length: 6 1/4"

Weight: 1.30 troy ounces

Price: $295.00

EX2601 Four Gorham Applied Hammered Fruit Forks

Four sterling silver two tine hammered fruit forks with applied fish and other sea creatures. Circa 1880. Length: 6 1/8"

Price: $225.00 each

Calla Llily sterling serving spoons

Three Sterling Calla Lily Serving Spoons

Three fine sterling silver serving spoons measuring 10 1/2". The bowls are satin finished and gold washed. The cast stamens in the cala lilies are also gold washed. Marked sterling only but known to us to be the work of Whiting, circa 1875.

Price: $595.00


Gorham set of 12 gold washed sterling ice cream spoons with ivy

EX2464 Interesting set of 12 spoons by Gorham circa 1880

A set of 12 fruit spoons with gold washed bowls by Gorham with ornate Gothic style monograms on an applied shield at the top of the handle. The bowls are shaped in the form of a leaf and the wire handles have a ivy vine wrapped around the length of the handle terminating in an applied shield. The Gorham hallmarks, sterling and the number 44 are stamped on the back of each shield. Length: 6".

Price: $950.00 set of 12

Gorham aesthetic sterling punch ladle

Gorham Sterling Ladle 14 1/4"

An unusual Gorham ladle with hollow handle and gold washed bowl. Circa 1875. Excellent condition. The terminal has two flowers and a vine leaf at the back of the handle. Fine satin finish. Weight: 4.85 troy. The "tail" of the handle extends into the bowl.

Price: $1,250.00

gorham mixed metals serving spoon

Large Gorham Hammered Berry Serving Spoon

A sterling silver hammered spoon with applied copper and gold washed leaves. The entire surface is hammered. Length: 9". Weight: 3.6 troy ounces. Gold washed bowl.

Price: $675.00

Gorham antique sterling olive spear

EX5101 Gorham Olive Fork and Spoon

An antique sterling olive fork and spoon by Gorham with applied leaves and olive on a twisted handle. Pierced gold washed satin finished leaf form bowl.

Length: 9 3/4"

Price: $275.00

Shiebler Japanese style applied sterling silver spoon circa 1880

EX5284 Large Shiebler Antique Sterling Spoon dated 1886

An antique sterling silver spoon by George Shiebler with applied Japanese motifs on the handle. Monogrammed on the reverse of the handle and dated 1886.

Length: 9 3/4". Weight: 3.85 troy ounces.

Price: $650.00

Six Gorham coffee spoons circa 1880 number 334

EX5263 Six Gorham number 334 Coffee Spoons

Set of Six rare Gorham 334 sterling silver coffee spoons in excellent condition with original gilding and hand crafted handles. Length: 4 1/4". Circa 1880.

Price: $795.00 Set

2691 Frank Smith Sterling Engraved Two Piece Fish Serving Set

A two piece sterling silver fish serving set by Frank Smith with engraved blade and tines. The quality of the engraving is quite special and the fish is very realistic. Please view the pictures by clicking on the picture for details. Combined weight: 7.85 troy ounces. Length: 12" and 9" respectively. Monogrammed on the front of the handle. In the original box.

Price: $695.00 set

gorham dresden enamel porcelain and sterling fruit knives

EX5188 Five Gorham Sterling and Porcelain Fruit Knives

Five unusual Gorham sterling silver gold washed fruit knives with Dresden enamel porcelain handles. The front and back of the porcelain handles have gold fleurs de lis and pink and blue flowers. The sides are burgundy and gold. The blades are marked Gorham M'f.g. Co. Length 8".

Price: $60.00 each THREE AVAILABLE

gorham sterling and dresden enamel porcelain fruit forks

EX5188 Six Gorham Sterling and Porcelain Fruit Forks

Six Gorham sterling silver gold washed fruit forks with Dresden enamel porcelain handles. The front and back of the porcelain handles have gold fleurs de lis and pink and blue flowers. The sides are burgundy and gold. Marked lion, anchor, G, Sterling on the back of the tines. Length 7 1/4".

Price: $60.00 each FOUR AVAILABLE

Whiting Gibney fish serving set

2667 Whiting Gibney Two Piece Fish Serving Set

A two piece fish serving set retailed by Ball Black of New York and patented 1867. The blades and tines are engraved and pierced. This pattern is listed in Turner as a Whiting pattern called Gibney. Combined weight: 8.9 troy ounces. Length: 12 1/8" and 9 1/2 (fork). Never monogrammed. Magnificently engraved blades.

Price: $1,150.00

Huge Caldwell sterling engraved fish set aesthetic movement

Oversize Two Piece Hand Engraved Fish Serving Set

Two piece sterling silver fish set circa 1880 finely bright cut and engraved measuring 13 1/4" and 12" respectively. Additional fine hand hammering on the handles superimposed with Japanese style engraving of bamboo and blossoms. Retailed by Caldwell. Weight 11.8 troy ounces.

Price: $1,500.00

Dominick and Haff mixed metals fruit knives

EX5024 Dominick and Haff Sterling Mixed Metals Fruit Knives

Six knives with hand hammered handles containing copper applications of bugs and other Japanese motifs on both sides. Circa 1880. The blades are all silver and are marked with the logo and the Dominick and Haff mark. Length: 7 7/8" . Combined weight: 11.4 troy ounces.

Price: $395.00 each

Wood and Hughes antique sterling almond scoop

EX4755 Wood and Hughes Antique Sterling Almond Scoop

An antique sterling silver almond scoop by Wood and Hughes of New York in pristine condition with original gilding in the scoop shaped bowl. The handle is a cast leaf with cast and applied lily of the valley. There is some additional applied cast leaf decoration on the handle. Circa 1870. Length: 8" Weight: 1.05 troy oz.

Price: $495.00

Gorham mixed metals cocktail forks

EX3443 Gorham Sterling and Mixed Metals Cocktail Forks

Seven Gorham sterling silver hammered cocktail forks applied with copper and silver decoration. The applications include fish, cherubs, plants and butterfly mostly Japanese influenced. length: 6 1/8". Four monogrammed.

Price: $1,500.00 set

Wood & Hughes sterling silver scoop with applied leaf and vine

EX3633/6671 Wood & Hughes Sterling Serving Scoop

Large sterling silver fruit scoop by Wood & Hughes with a naturalistic branch handle with vines and applied leaves. The bowl is gold washed and satin finished. Never monogrammed. Length 11"; weight 3.25 troy ounces.

Price: $795.00

gorham mixed metals spoon

Gorham Mixed Metals Youth Spoon

A Gorham sterling silver youth spoon engraved "Marjory" , circa 1870. Applied copper bird and leaves with applied silver sand on the front of the handle. Marked with the Gorham mark and Sterling and other metals. Gold washed bowl. Length: 6". Weight: .85 troy oz.

Price: $395.00

Gorham sterling number 333 spoon

EX6362 Gorham Sterling #333 Spoon Circa 1880

An antique sterling silver spoon measuring 5" long with a Japanese naturalistic motif, entirely hand made with a bowl in the form of a flower.

The spoon is one of a series numbered 333.

Price: $375.00

Duhme coffee spoons with chain handles

EX6542 Six Duhme Coffee Spoons with Chain Handles

Six unusual sterling coffee spoons, the handles in the form of a chain linked together and gold washed embossed bowls. Length 4 1/8". Marked on the back of the bowls Duhme & Co., Sterling.

Price: $325.00 for the set of six

Pierced silver gilt ice spoon by Hayward and Sweet

6029 Hayward and Sweet Pierced Sterling Ice Spoon

A large silver gilt pierced ice spoon by Hayward and Sweet in the original box measuring 10 1/2". Weight: 3.85 troy ounces. Inscribed "Parke". Twist handle, cast applied decoration.

Price: $425.00

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