Black Starr & Frost whiskey decanter and glasses long horn sheep
rare antique silver and long horn decanter whiskey
close up of fish head cast sterling on Black Starr Frost decanter
decanter from long horn sheep whisket holder
m,ark of Black Starr & Frost

007 Black Starr & Frost Rare Long Horn Sheep Silver Mounted Liquor Stand

Circa 1900

A rare antique circa 1900 whiskey decanter on a silver mounted horn stand with crystal glasses. The base is mounted with the silver cast head of a fish and the top has a detailed tail of a fish. The tail has a silver basket to hold a cut crystal decanter with a silver clad stopper. There are six sterling rings on a bar screwed to the side of the horn to hold crystal glasses.

Total height with decanter (6 3/4") 13 1/2"

Condition: Decanter and 4 glasses perfect. Two glasses damaged.

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Chesterfield, MO 63006
Tel. (636) 256-7069

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