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English hallmarked silver asparagus tongs in original fitted box

8749 English Hallmarked Silver Individual Asparagus Tongs

A set of twelve individual asparagus tongs in the original fitted box hallmarked by William Hutton in 1901. Length 4 3/4".

Price: $2,500.00

Gorham lotus pie server

8896 Gorham Lotus Sterling Silver Pie Server

A good Gorham antique sterling silver pie server with engraving in the bowl and in excellent condition.

Length 10 1/2".

Weight 2.9 toz.

Price: $295.00

Large American sterling silver serving fork

Massive Sterling American Serving Fork circa 1890

A large three tine serving fork with an ornate handle. The fork has the mark of a fleur des lis and is marked sterling.

Length 10 1/4" Weight 5.85 toz.

Price: $375.00

Gorham antique coin silver seal top spoon

Gorham Coin Silver Seal Top Spoon

A 9 3/4" Gorham antique coin silver serving spoon with a milled edge seal top terminal. A heavy quality item which feels good in the hand and weighs 2.25 toz.

Price: $295.00

Russain silver antique fish slice

8719 Russian Silver Fish Slice circa 1892

An antique Russian silver pierced fish slice dated 1892 with the St Petersburg mark. Mark of Mikail Grachev. Length 12 3/4".

Price: $275.00

English antique silver fish slice London 1802

8722 John Emes Fish Slice London 1802

An antique English silver fish server with pierced blade and hollow handle dated London 1802 with an engraved crest and wreath on the blade.

Length 11 1/2".

Price $235.00

English antique silver fish slice London 1791 Michael Plummer

8721 English Silver Fish Slice London1791

An antique silver fish slice by Michael Plummer dated 1791 with pierced and engraved blade and hallmarked hollow handle. Length 11"

Price: $275.00

American sterling and coin silver mustard ladles

American Sterling and Coin Silver Mustard Ladles

From l to r: Gorham Medallion sterling mustard ladle length 5 1/4", marked lion, anchor, G, sterling, Pat. 1864. Monogrammed on the back W.A.
Wood & Hughes Medallion coin silver retailed by A Prontaut & Son, length 5", gold washed bowl and shaft. No monogram. SOLD
Wood & Hughes Louvre sterling with ruffled bowl, length 5". No monogram. SOLD
F A Bunnell & Co., Syracuse, NY coin silver with fox head on the handle, monogrammed "Mary." Length 5 1/4". SOLD

Price: $95.00 each

8720 Coin Silver Fish Slice Circa 1814-1817

An antique American coin silver fish slice with all silver pierced blade and hollow handle.

Length 11". Monogrammed on the handle. Maker Baldwin and Gardiner of Philadelphia.

Price: $195.00

eighteen Bailey & Kitchen coin silver forks fiddle shell pattern

8687 Bailey & Kitchen Coin Forks 37 toz

Eighteen 7 1/2" long Bailey & Kitchen coin silver forks in the fiddle shell pattern monogrammed on the front of the handles. Total weight 37 toz.

Price: $1,195.00

antique sterling bright cut engraved serving spoon

8179 Antique Sterling Engraved Spoon

A large antique sterling hand engraved serving spoon with Japanese style engraving on the bowl and handle. Monogrammed. Length 9 7/8". Marked Sterling and with a retailer Henningen Bates.

Price: $295.00

Kinsey coin silver soup ladle

8205 E & D Kinsey Coin Silver Soup Ladle

A heavy coin silver soup ladle by E & D Kinsey of Cincinnati, Ohio in the Fiddle pattern. Length 12 1/2"; weight 7.60 troy oz. Lightly monogrammed on the front of the handle. Marked E & D Kinsey.

Price: $375.00

Hildeburn & Watson coin silver tongs

Hildeburn & Watson Coin Silver Tongs

Coin silver tongs with shell bowls in good condition with a lightly engraved script monogram. Length 6".

Price: $195.00

C Johnson of Albany NY coin silver tablespoon in the Basket of Flowers pattern

C4166 Coin Silver Basket of Flowers Tablespoon

Coin silver tablespoon in the Basket of Flowers pattern in very good condition. Length 9". Maker C Johnson, Albany, NY. c1835.

Price: $159.00

Bailey & Kitchen coin silver tongs

C4398 Bailey and Kitchen Coin Silver Tongs

A 6 3/4" coin silver pair of tongs by Bailey and Kitchen of Philadelphia with cast claw tongs. Pre 1848. Weight: 1.95 troy oz. Monogrammed.

Price: $125.00

Coin silver berry spoon with chased bowl

Coin Silver Berry Serving Spoon

A crisp antique coin silver berry spoon with engine turned decoration on the handle, a twisted mid section, and a detailed embossed bowl. The gold washed bowl is chased with various fruits including a pineapple, pear and grapes and vines. Monogrammed. Circa 1860 Length 8 3/4".

Price: $325.00

six coin silver tablespoons in King'spattern by Curry & Preston of Newburgh NY

Coin Silver Tablespoons c1849

Six matching coin silver tablespoons in excellent condition in King's pattern. Monogrammed on the front of the handles. Marked C & P for Curry & Preston of Newburgh, NY c1849. Combined weight 18 oz troy. Length 9".

Price: $1,295.00 for the set six

William Faber for T Nowlan coin silver fish slice

C6114 Coin Silver Engine Turned Fish Slice

An antique American coin silver fish server with engine turned decoration and crisp detail marked with the manufacturer's mark for William Faber and a retailer T Nowlan. Length: 11 3/4" Weight: 3.4 troy ounces.

Price: $395.00

T C garrett Philadelphia two piece coin silver fish set

C6160 T C Garrett Coin Silver Fish Set

A two piece coin silver fish serving set with the mark of T C Garrett of Philadelphia. The set is solid and has engine turned decoration on the front and on the reverse of the handle. Monogrammed in the cartouche on the handle. 11 3/4" and 9 1/2". Weight: 6.20 troy ounces.

Price: $950.00 for the set

Set 12 coin silver dinner forks by J B Jones of Boston

C7574 Set of 12 Coin Silver Dinner Forks J B Jones Boston

A wonderful set of twelve coin silver dinner forks by J B Jones of Boston, MA. in the Kings pattern, struck on both front and back. Length 8"; combined weight 35.75 troy oz. Excellent condition. Monogrammed on the back of each fork.

Price: $1,500.00

A Rumrill & Co two piece coin silver fish serving set

C7762 Antique American Coin Silver Fish Set

A coin silver two piece fish serving set marked A Rumrill & Co and coin. The fish form blade is engraved with scales and a fish face and the tines of the fork have an engraved fish. Monogrammed on the handles. 11" & 9 1/2". Weight 7.4 troy ounces.

Price: $950.00

GWC coin silver pair twisted butter knives

C7858 Pair Coin Silver Twisted Butter Knives

A pair of coin silver right angle butter knives with an ornate pattern on the both sides of the handle, one side bearing a monogram. Marked G.W.C. Length 7 1/8"; weight 3.90 troy oz combined.

Price: $650.00 the pair

Ball Black coin silver Kings pattern asparagus tongs

7888 Coin Silver Asparagus Tongs King's Pattern Ball Black & Co.

Coin silver asparagus tongs in King's pattern retailed by Ball, Black & Co. with pierced and engraved blades and a yoke holding the two arms in place. Monogrammed on the curve and on the yoke. Length 9 1/2"; weight 5.55 troy oz.

Price: $495.00

Caldwell sterling bright cut engraved asparagus fork

7047 Caldwell Bright Cut Engraved Sterling Asparagus Fork

A sterling asparagus serving fork by J E Caldwell & Co. of Philadelphia with bright cut decoration on the handle and on the gold washed tines. Never monogrammed.

Length 10"; good weight 4.95 troy oz.

Price: $375.00

Bigelow Kennard and Co giant crested marrow scoop

N5480 Massive American Sterling Marrow Scoop

A huge antique American sterling crested marrow scoop by Bigelow Kennard and Co measuring 12 3/4" long with a weight of 3.45 troy ounces. Long deep bowl measures 3 1/4" long. Circa 1890.

Price: $675.00

International Vision sterling silver salad set

6106 International Vision Sterling Salad Set

A salad serving set in the Vision pattern by International Silver Company from the 1960s. Length: 9". Weight: 5.6 troy ounces

Price: $395.00 for the set

Pierced silver gilt ice spoon by Hayward and Sweet

6029 Hayward and Sweet Pierced Sterling Ice Spoon

A large silver gilt pierced ice spoon by Hayward and Sweet in the original box measuring 10 1/2". Weight: 3.85 troy ounces. Inscribed "Parke". Twist handle, cast applied decoration.

Price: $425.00

Caldwell sterling pie server in original box

5333 Caldwell Sterling Pie Server in Box

An engraved antique sterling pie server in the original J E Caldwell box. Length 9 1/8"; weight 2.15 oz troy. Monogrammed on the front of the handle. The server is marked J E Caldwell & Co. and 925 in an oval.

Price: $425.00

Kirder antique sterling hand engraved sugar spoon

Krider Hand Engraved Antique Sugar Spoon

A heavy hand engraved antique sterling silver sugar spoon by Krider with a satin finished bright cut fluted bowl. the handle is hand engraved and chased with an ornate decoration and is monogrammed in the cartouche at the top of the handle. Marked with the Krider hallmark and sterling. Circa 1875. L 6 1/2". Weight: 1.30 troy ounces.

Price: $159.00

Frank Smith boxed sterling fish set

2691 Frank Smith Sterling Engraved Two Piece Fish Serving Set

A two piece sterling silver fish serving set by Frank Smith with engraved blade and tines. The quality of the engraving is quite special and the fish is very realistic. Please view the pictures by clicking on the picture for details. Combined weight: 7.85 troy ounces. Length: 12" and 9" respectively. Monogrammed on the front of the handle.

Price: $775.00 set

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