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Gorham Lady Flatware

Gorham Lady sterling ladles

FH36 Two Gorham Lady Ladles

Two Gorham lady antique sterling ladles, one a cream ladle and the other a gravy ladle. Both ladles monogrammed on the disc below the ribbon. The gold wash quite pristine, as is the condition of the ladles. Lengths 8 1/4" and 6 3/4"

Price: $850.00 and $475.00

Gorham Lady Sterling flat sshovel

FH21 Gorham Lady Sterling Silver Shovel

A Gorham sterling silver shovel in the Lady pattern monogrammed with a script letter in the center of the bright cut decorated disc applied to the handle, decorated with a cast bow. Circa 1867. Marked on the back of the handle which also has a female hand at the junction with the bowl. Length: 10". Weight: 2.95 troy ounces.


gorham lady antique silver scoop

Gorham Lady Fruit Scoop

A Gorham sterling silver fruit scoop measuring 10" with gold washed shovel shaped bowl. The disc on the handle has never been monogrammed. Excellent condition. This is a rare scoop in excellent condition. Weight: 3.35 troy ounces.

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