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German 800 silver enamel spoons 4"

German Boxed Set of Silver and Enamel Spoons

A set of twelve enamel and silver spoons in the original box marked Eduard Foehr of Stuttgart Germany. Marked 800 silver.

Length 4"

Price: $950.00

English silver sugar tongs by Thomas Wallis II

English Georgian Silver Sugar Tongs

A sterling silver Georgian silver twisted sugar tongs by Thomas Wallis II dated London 1797. Length 5 5/8"; weight 1.20 troy oz. Monogrammed on the curve of the tongs. Very good condition.

Price: $110.00

Russian St Petersburg antique silver soup ladle 1850

684 Huge Russian Silver Soup Ladle St Petersburg 1850

A massive antique soup ladle hallmarked St Petersburg 1850 with gold washed bowl. Full clear Russian hallmarks on the back of the handle.

Length 15 1/4"

Weight 10.60 troy oz

Price: $595.00

Asprey sterling silver gumbo spoons

753 English Silver Gumbo Spoons Asprey London 1920

Eighteen sterling silver heavy gumbo soup spoons with round bowls by the posh London company Asprey of Bond Street.

Length 8"

Weight 49.20 troy oz.

Price $159.00 each

English sterling silver fish set in box

688 English Silver Fish Set in Box 1964/1983

A 24 piece sterling silver hollow handle fish set in a box with hallmarks of Walter H Willson London 1964 and 1983. 8 of each are hallmarked 1964 and four of each 1983.

Length 8 1/2" (knife) 7 1/8" (fork)

Weight 42.6 troy oz.

Price: $2,500.00 for the set

729 Paul Storr 13" Ladle Stag Hunt

A stag hunt pattern 13" ladle by Paul Storr hallmarked London 1819 with an engraved crest in the cartouche at the back of the handle.

Weight 11.05 troy oz.

Price: $2,750.00

English silver table knives 9 1/2" King's pattern hallmarked silver handles

663 English Silver 9 1/2" Knives set of 12

Twelve matching table knives measuring 9 1/2" retailed by Harrods of London with Sheffield hallmarks for Gee & Holmes 1966


English antique silver basting spoon by Hester Bateman London 1778

674 Hester Bateman Stuffing Spoon London 1778

A crisp antique silver stuffing or basting spoon by Hester Bateman London 1778. Very clear hallmarks on the stem and feathered edge bright cut engraving on the edge of the handle. There is an engraved crest on the top of the handle. Perfectly formed bowl.

Length 12"

Weight 3.40 troy oz.

Price: $495.00

W W Harrison & Co Sheffield 1911 youth set engraved in box

494 English Youth Set In Box Sheffield 1911

Made by W W Harrison & Co of Sheffield a two piece sterling youth set dated 1911 engraved throughout with a leaf pattern this set is in the original fitted case. The items measure 6 1/4" in length. Retailed by an Edinburgh store. Weight 2.45 troy oz.

Price: $295.00

English antique silver gilt dessert set London 1905 Charlie Jacques

493 English Silver Gilt 24 pc Dessert Set London 1905

An English antique silver gilt dessert service in original fitted case dated London 1905 by Charlie Jacques. There are 12 knives and 12 forks with ornate handles, sterling blades and tines and a "B" monogram on the handle in the cartouche.

Length 7 1/2" and 6 3/4".

Price: $2,950.00 for the set

Scottish silver Edinburgh dessert set

442 Scottish Silver Dessert Set 24 pc

A Scottish silver dessert set by Wilson and Sharp of Edinburgh dated 1908 comprising 12 dessert spoons and 12 dessert forks. Length 7" and 6 3/4" (forks). Weight 35.4 troy oz.

Price: $1,450.00 for the set of 24

English antique silver salt spoons Sheffield 1879 pierced handles

446 English Silver Salt Spoons Sheffield 1879

Four matching salt spoons hallmarked for Sheffield 1879 with pierced handles and deep bowls. Length 3". Maker Jehoiada Alsop Rhodes.

Price: $235.00 for the four

Irish antique silver divided stuffing spoon Dublin 1804

416 Irish Stuffing Spoon Dublin 1804

An Irish antique silver stuffing spoon with a divider in the bowl dated 1804 Dublin. The maker is Arthur Murphy. The hallmarks are very crisp and the bright cut engraving with light monogram very bold and clear.

Length 13 1/4"

Weight 4.55 troy oz.

Price: $525.00

Russian antique silver niello gilt spoonsSet of 18 Russian silver niello spoons

252 Russian Antique Silver Niello Spoons Circa 1895

Eighteen antique Russian silver niello spoons circa 1895 measuring 4 1/4" long. The spoons are partially gilted and have the Moscow mark of St George and the dragon. The maker is Vasily Andreyev or Vasily Akimov. The spoons are in perfect condition with fine detail. The niello decoration extends to the handles. . Good clear marks..

Price: $2,950.00 for the eighteen

Antique English silver gilt dessert set chased vine London 1910

Antique Silver Chased Vine Dessert Set London 1910

An English antique silver gilt dessert set hallmarked London 1910 in the chased vine pattern in perfect condition. There are twelve shovel shaped individual spoons and one large shovel shaped server. Maker Holland Aldwinckle and Slater.

Length 10" and 5 1/2".

Weight 26.2 troy oz.

Price: $3,950.00 for the set

twelve antique siilver English Bacchanalian pattern dessert forks

280 English Silver Bacchanalian Forks London 1825

Twelve chunky antique sterling Bacchanalian dessert forks by Charles Eley London 1825. Engraved crests on the reverse of the handles in the cartouche.

Length 7"

Weight 35 troy oz.

Price: $2,950.00

Mappin and webb antique sterling hallmarked ram heads coffee spoons in box

254 Mappin & Webb Coffee Spoons Unusual Figural 1895

Six matching 1895 sterling silver coffee spoons with cast ram head terminals in the original fitted velvet case. Each spoon is 4 1/8" long. Weight .55 each spoon.

Price: $950.00

pair of Francis Higgins spoons English antique silver London 1885

230 Pair of English Silver Spoons London 1885

An unusual pair of English antique silver spoons by Francis Higgins with deep gold washed bowls monogrammed in a shield shaped cartouche on the front. Hallmarked London 1885.

Length 8". Weight 4.55 troy oz.

Price: $595.00 for the pair

London 1821 William Bateman King's pattern Union shell heel set of flatware Antique English silver

English Silver Set of Cutlery #125 London 1821

An English hallmarked set of flatware comprising 24 of each piece in the King's pattern with union shell heel. The large dinner knives have steel blades by Hunt & Roskell with Francis Higgins handles. Click on thumbnail for details. Marked with London hallmarks of William Bateman London 1821. Weight 353 troy oz.

Please inquire

Six English silver king's husk tablespoons crested London 1832

English Silver Tablespoons London 1832

Six hefty William Eley silver tablespoons hallmarked London 1832 with the name Lamb stamped on the handle, a possible retailer. Excellent condition with an engraved crest on the reverse of the terminals. Length 8 3/4". Weight 19.10 troy oz.

Price: $1,500.00 for the set

twelve heavy English silver dinner forks London 1903 Charles Boyton

9925 Twelve English Kings Pattern Dinner Forks

An assembled set of twelve heavy dinner forks in the King's pattern, six by Charles Boyton dated London1903 and 6 by Josiah Williams & Co. London 1891. All of the forks have the same Gothic style monogram in the cartouche on the front of the handles.

Total weight 38.25 troy oz.

Length of Boyton forks 8 1/4"
Length of Williams forks 8 1/2"

Price: $1,895.00 for the set of 12

Ten Irish antique silver table forks Dublin 1829 by Edward Power

9922 Ten Irish Fiddle Pattern Table Forks Dublin 1829

Ten heavy Fiddle pattern antique silver Irish table forks hallmarked by Edward Power Dublin 1829 in fine condition with a large crest engraved on the handles. The forks measure 8" and weigh 20.65 troy ounces for the lot.

Price: $1,500.00 for the ten

English antique silver London 1918 set of silver gilt dessert stag hunt

9864 English Stag Hunt 18 Piece Sterling Dessert Set

An eighteen piece English sterling silver dessert set in the Stag Hunt pattern composed of six dessert forks (7 1/8"), six dessert spoons (7 3/8") and six all silver dessert knives with embossed blades (8 3/8"). Hallmarked with the maker Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co., London 1917. Total weight 43.70 troy oz. Good condition. The forks and spoons are monogrammed on the back of the handles.

Price: $5,500.00 for the set

French 950 silver asparagus server

5596 French 950/1000 Silver Pierced Asparagus Lifter

A fine quality pierced and engraved French 950/1000 silver asparagus lifter with a hollow handle. Excellent condition. The shaft joining the handle to the blade is solid silver. Marked with the Minerva head and the maker Jules Monney of 77 Rue du Temple, Paris.

Length: 10 1/2"

Price: $475.00

Irish antique silver stuffing spoon John Power Dublin 1806

9616 Irish Silver Stuffing Spoon Dublin 1806

An Irish antique silver stuffing spoon marked John Power, Dublin 1806 in the fiddle patern with engraved crest and D monogram on the handle.

Length 12 1/2".

Weight 4.5 troy oz.

Price: $275.00

London 1908 Sebastian Garrard silver ladle crest Fiddle shell and thread

English silver Sauce Ladle London 1908 Sebastian Garrard

A heavy quality English silver sauce ladle by Sebastian Garrard London 1908 in the Fiddle Shell and Thread pattern. Engraved with a crest on the handle.

Length 61/4". Weight 2.8 troy ounces.

Price: $175.00

Martin & Hall antique Sheffield 1912 stuffing spoon Shell & Thread fiddle pattern engraved crest souble dragon

Large Martin & Hall English Silver Stuffing Spoon Sheffield 1912

A large heavy Fiddle Thread & Shell pattern stuffing spoon hallmarked Sheffield 1912 with the mark of Martin and Hall. Engraved with a double dragon crest on the front of the handle and in excellent condition.

Length 12 1/2". Weight 6.15 troy ounces.

Price: $325.00

Antique shell and thread dinner forks silver William Eley Fearn and Chawner London 1813

Eleven Shell and Thread Dinner Forks London 1813 William Eley Fearn & Chawner

Eleven matching antique silver dinner forks hallmarked London 1813 William Eley Fearn & Chawner. The reverse of the handle has an engraved crest. Each fork measures 7 7/8" and weighs 2.9 troy ounces.

Price $125.00 each

Elizabeth Eaton antique silver tablespoons London 1846 Fiddle shell and thread

Elizabeth Eaton Three Tablespoons London 1846

Three antique hallmarked silver tablespoons by Elizabeth Eaton London 1846 in the Fiddle shell and thread pattern engraved with crests. Length 8 1/2". Weight 10 troy ounces.

Price: $395.00 for the three

pair of English antique silver London 1820 sauce ladles fiddle shell and thread pattern by William Eley & Fearn

Fiddle Shell and Thread pair of Sauce Ladles London 1820

A pair of crested antique silver sauce ladles in the Fiddle Shell & Thread pattern by William Eley & Fearn London 1820.

Length 7". Weight 5.7 troy ounces.

Price: $275.00 pair

Pair of William Eley Scroll Rosette pattern sauce ladles London 1844

Scroll Rosette Pattern pair of Sauce Ladles London 1844

A pair of antique silver sauce ladles in the Scroll Rosette pattern by William Eley dated London 1844 with finely engraved crests on the handles.

Length 7 1/4".

Weight 6.5 troy ounces.

Price: $295.00 for the pair

English silver naturalistic master salt spoons by Joseph Willmore

Two English Silver Master Salt Spoons Joseph Willmore

Two naturalistic English silver salt spoons by Joseph Willmore of Birmingham dated 1838. The flower form bowls are gilded and the handles are twisted vines with leaves. Length 3 7/8"

Price: $125.00 each

English sterling fish serving set with fisherman

5341 English Sterling Silver Fish Serving Set

A massive beautifully pierced and engraved sterling fish serving set by Martin and Hall of Sheffield, England. Dated 1858. The filled handles are engraved with crests and have an embossed face. The slice is engraved with a fisherman holding his catch in the center and finely engraved and pierced detail on the entire blade. Length 14 1/4" and 11" respectively.

Price: $975.00 for the set

English silver Mappin & Webb fish servers with pierced fan shaped blade

8997 English Fish Set by Mappin & Webb Sheffield 1905

An English antique sterling silver fish set by Mappin & Webb circa 1905 with a large Japonesque fan shaped blade finely pierced and engraved with multiple fish forms. Length 14 1/2" and 10 1/2". Hollow handles embossed with a marine design on both sides

Price: $3,500.00

twelve William Chawner Onslow luncheon forks

8785 Twelve Onslow Lunch Forks London 1823

Twelve excellent antique silver lunch forks by William Chawner in the Onslow pattern. Hallmarked London 1823 with a later presentation in 1937 lightly engraved. Length 6 1/2". Weight 15.05 toz.

Price: $1,500.00 for the dozen

English antique silver dinner forks in the Onslow pattern London 1803

8786 Six Onslow Pattern antique Dinner Forks 8"

Six hallmarked English silver dinner forks measuring 8" in length with a weight of 10.8 toz. Onslow pattern. Maker's mark illegible. Crisp condition.

Price: $795.00

Hilliard and Thomason two piece fish serving set with lily pads Birmingham 1851

EX7662 Hilliard & Thomas Sterling Fish Servers Birmingham 1851

A pair of Hilliard and Thomason silver fish servers with chased lily pads and engraved highlights. Hollow handles and all sterling blades in pristine condition. Hallmarked 1851, the same year as the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace. 12 3/4" and 10" long.

Price: $2,800.00

English silver salad set Plantagenet pattern c1897

0014 English Silver Salad Set Plantagenet Pattern

An English silver two piece salad serving set in the Plantagenet pattern by Brindley Slater, Alfred Thomas Slater and Henry Holland, London 1897. Length 11 1/8"; weight 9.65 troy oz. Each piece has a crest on the handle.

Price: $895.00

English silver hallmarked fish set 23 pieces

6829 English Hallmarked Silver Fish Knives and Forks

A set of twenty three (11 knives and 12 forks) Engish hallmarked silver fish set with pierced and bright cut engraved blades and tines, the knives with an engraved fish on the blade. They are dated for London 1887, 1889, 1890 and 1892 and makers are John Aldwinckle & Thomas Slater and Elkington & Co. Ltd. Length knives 8 1/8"; length forks 7 1/2". Total weight 40.95 troy ounces.

Price: $1,895.00

English sterling silver antique grape shears

5572 English Silver Solid Grape Shears

An all sterling silver grape shears with cast decoration of grapes on the handles in excellent condition. London 1851 by Charles Rawlings and William Summers.

Length: 7 1/2"

Weight: 4.7 troy ounces

Price: $495.00

Austrian pierced silver fish server

5465 Austrian Silver Pierced Antique Fish Slice

A very finely pierced Austrian silver fish slice in superb condition with a hollow unweighted handle bearing a monogram. Circa 1850.

Weight: 5.8 troy ounces.

Price: $495.00

English antique silver asparagus tongs

5207 English Sterling Silver Asparagus Tongs 1831

A London sterling silver asparagus tongs in the King's pattern by William Chawner with very clear hallmarks for 1831. Monogrammed on the curve of the handle. The upper and lower blades are pierced and there is a thread pattern around the edges. Excellent condition.

Length: 10". Weight: 6.95 troy ounces.

Price: $695.00

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