best view of antique sterling hammered compote Dominick and Haff hammered mixed metals Japanese influenced
side view of tipped over Domin8ick and Haff compote hammered mixed metals
top view of hammered friot stand or cake plate dominick and Haff
applied copper mixed metals butterfly and Japanese motifs on Dominick and Haff compote
Dominick & Haff antique sterling hammered compote tazza mixed metals circa 1880

RH9329 Dominick & Haff Hammered Cake Stand

Circa 1880

A large hand hammered antique sterling cake stand by Dominick and Haff with an 1880 date stamp. The surfaces decorated with applied mixed metals Japanese motifs popular at the time of manufacture. A large impressive centerpiece with uniform hammering and exceptional detail on the copper butterfly using different color metals on the wings.

Weight 30.95 toz.

Height 5 1/2".

Width 9" square at the top. 4 1/2" square at the pedestal


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