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RH215 J E Caldwell Unusual Mining Presentation Inkwell

A rare one of a kind custom ordered antique silver trompe l'oeil inkwell from J E Caldwell of Philadelphia with a pair of barrels forming the inkwells on a wood grain platform. Cast applied mining implements are attached to the side of the scaffolding which would hold a pen. Perfect condition. Original glass inkwell liners intact inside. The bands over the sides of the barrels are gold and have nuts and bolts "holding" them together. Read more about the parties involved by clicking on the picture here.

The Presentation:

1904 to John Brockman ( a Silver City banker ) who mined the Commonwealth mine from A Y Smith and D T Swatling who leased the mine in 1904. The mine had a long turbulent history of success and failure. Looking at the quality and scale of this piece it must have a considerable price tag in 1904.

Marked J E Caldwell & Co only

Weight 60 troy oz

Height 4 3/4" Length 6" by 4"

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Chesterfield, MO 63006
Tel. (636) 256-7069
e-mail: silverperfect@aol.com

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