Commercial Pacific Cable July 4th 1903 in Tiffany box

N6527 Pacific Ocean Cable Presented by Clarence Mackay in Tiffany Box

Dated July 4th, 1903

A section of cable from the Pacific Ocean Cable Company bound on each end with brass bands, the one engraved 'Commercial Pacific Cable 1902 - 1903' and the other engraved 'Deep Sea Section.' This is in the original leather box marked inside Tiffany & Co., New York, Paris, London and inscribed on top in gold letters. Accompanying this section of cable is a card given by Mr Clarence Mackay, an American financier and the son of John Mackay who started the Commercial Cable Company and is also known for silver mining and the Comstock Lode. John and Marie Louise Mackay commissioned Tiffany to make their 1,250 piece silver service in 1878. Length of cable 3". A unique piece of history made up as gifts for the company by Tiffany and Co


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