sterling silver Johnnie Walker bottle whiskey trompe l'oeil'
sterling silver whiskey bottle Johnnie Walker Black Label
reverse plain side of Trompe L'oeil whiskey bottle Johnnie Walker
label on sterling silver trompe l'oeil Johnnie Walker bottle
screw top cap of sterling silver whiskey bottle Johnnie Walker

N9588 Johnnie Walker Sterling Silver Decanter Bottle

A large trompe L'oeil sterling silver whiskey bottle with engraved labels on a satin finished surface. A realistic screw off cap completes this remarkable item which has a large presence and is a full scale replica of a Black Label Johnnie Walker bottle.

Height 11 1/2". Weight 25.20 troy oz. Excellent condition.

Marked on the base with numerous sterling marks. The flask/decanter is extremely well made and is of the highest quality.

Price: $3,750.00

P O Box 6019
Chesterfield, MO 63006
Tel. (636) 256-7069

Please mention item number when making an inquiry

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