Unusual Gorham gold washed pill box with semi precious stones
reverse of Gorham pill box showing script monogram on base
interview of Gorham antique sterling gold washed patch box set with semi precious stones
View of ring on reverse of Gorham antique sterling pill box set with stones
Gorham hallmark on lip of pill box

N9386 Gorham Rare Sterling Patch Box

Circa 1880

A rare Gorham 1880s patch or pill box set with semi precious stones and with an unusual distressed gold washed surface. The textured surface is made in the same way as the match safes made by Gorham in the same period with applied folds and a satin gold washed finish. There is a ring on the back of the box for use on a chain or a chatelaine.

Diameter 1 1/2"

Height 3/4"


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