antique silver Dutch house with slot for charity money
sliding silver panels on Dutch charity box house form with chased figures
base of Dutch silver charity box with hallmarks
Base of Netherlands silver money bank showing elevated house and showing support mechanism to lift house up off base
Dutch or Netherlands silver hallmarks lion and maker
  Netherlands antique silver money bank or charity box on four feet

Netherlands Antique Silver Money Bank

A rare novelty antique Netherlands silver money bank circa 1900 in the shape of a house chased with figures and scenes. The entire house lifts off the base on a central section which is mounted on a platform on four figural cast feet.

Coins are inserted through the slot between the roof while the house is elevated and drop into a secret compartment. The panels of the roof slide down to open like a tea caddy.

4 5/8" tall. 4 1/4" wide. 4" deep. Weight 17 toz.

Price: $3,250.00

P O Box 6019
Chesterfield, MO 63006
Tel. (636) 256-7069

Please mention item number when making an inquiry

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