Austrian silver and enamel casket silver antique
Austrian antique silver casket with enamel scenes
lid open of Austrian antique silver enamel box
side view of Austrian silver and enamel casket
lid of Austrian silver enamel box
Austrian antique silver and enamel casket

N9523 Austrian Antique Silver Gilt and Enamel Casket

Circa 1900

An exceptional antique Austrian silver gilt and enamel casket with Japanese panels on all sides and on the hinged lid. In superb condition. The interior lined with blue velvet. Opens with pressure on a small switch on the base.

Length 5 1/2". Width 3 3/4". Height 3 1/4"

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P O Box 6019
Chesterfield, MO 63006
Tel. (636) 256-7069

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