Tifft & Whiting coin silver set of twelve tea knives
hand engraved scene of house on blade of one of twelve Tifft & Whiting coin silver antique breakfast knives
Cartouche engraved Julia on handle of coin silver knife by Tifft & Whiting
reverse of coin silver breakfast knife by Tifft & Whiting
Mark of Tifft & Whiting on blade of coin silver breakfast or tea knife

EX9282 Set of Twelve All Silver Coin Tea Knives by Tifft and Whiting

Circa 1860

Twelve hand engraved heavy coin silver tea knives by Tifft and Whiting marked on the silver blades and engraved with a rural scene on each blade. The handles are ornate and have the name Julia in the cartouche.

Total weight 17.6 toz.

Length 8 1/8".

Price: $1,395.00 for the set of twelve

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