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Gorham Isis Flatware

Gorham Isis sardine fork

8431 Gorham Isis Sardine Fork

An antique Gorham Isis pattern pierced sardine fork with hand engraved detail and monogrammed on the block handle. Length 6 1/2".

Price: $375.00

Gorham Isis pierced fork

FH41 Gorham Isis Pierced Serving Fork

A pristine Gorham Isis serving fork with original gilding on the pierced engraved bowl. Length 9 1/4"

Price: $1,250.00

Gorham Isis pierced ice spoon

FH42 Gorham Isis Pierced Ice Spoon

A Gorham Isis pierced ice serving spoon in perfect condition monogrammed with an ornate Victorian monogram on the block handle. Length 9 1/2".

Price: $1,100.00

Gorham Isis sterling silver sifter spoon pierced

6017 Gorham Isis Sterling Sifter Spoon

A pierced sifter by Gorham with a gold washed bowl in the Isis Egyptian influenced pattern circa 1865. Monogrammed on the block handle and in excellent condition. Length 7".

Price: $395.00

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